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so welcome everybody to the stakeholder more. today we've got a true legend our french football mr first and foremost what if you made of france's world cup so far. the best of all so he she says that he is good on this period not on the could he do falls really do if you don't see if it meant to know when to number two to proceed. lizzie keep us down completely she'll. also poorly the school don't risk up is own two more this at u.c.l.a. fozzy could be some instructors who would do school disco for the falls is on the
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money to some oh it will kill him with a committee show mentor not to supposably now speaking of us i mean one of my first memories of world cup football was the great friend saw that i just mentioned the show being in the semifinals ninety ninety two in spain ninety six in mexico of course he won the european championship but your midfield was one of the greatest refuels of all time out about what the name is in french i mean you should translates to be in the magic square luis fernando. michel platini yourself what similarities between that me feel that you guys had and the french midfield of today. will do we know some keep the cut when to cut when it sees us cannot. sit to me to. see from what he or the. from what can be said on those up but really could nor needed. complete closure agree on up on the ticket with you on the
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ballot at on that issue until the equity. exits and then every new me should put in in the existing policy to keep the occident group which will to swim committee difference your mom or me you develop it if it could only keep. it sit if you could a six pm at all sure elitism is a cancer that is pass. difficulty country cancer when this bus and the bad guy who's taken the world cup by storm when he fit into that great french side during the eighties into your side with. us it should and then put the two to sleep or. annoys you. you could call on it illusory trivialities it said that your nearest city is a desert says a bailable from there on there is a capacity needed but all illiberal of our overall gree. to.
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all of you lot for me to come to the zookeeper of tullie. all denmark are so sure city on a weekly can do for us as you well don't. be an oar or know it be illusion if. clinical. or not to to trust sure the yeti dimaggio dispersed it in much of this bus it was our individual among. what i don't we were to do of course policy is a war of quite a relief to experiment equality or only when it is a policy allen dress coming from somebody from a stray who used to watch you as a young boy ten years of age of those what you an itinerary to to be out in to be the absolute pleasure thank you so much messi who.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to mean to people this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities any part of. a locksmith she got she got on the program might be. been basis of us to quote them out of office and while you're not able to lift the bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also much more than it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. debt downwards the one.
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the lord god. tonight is time calling will show comes to be useful made on today if he will not be at the free fall cook for the first time in a long sawing without represents he'd bought famous italian company b. c. the two thousand and eighteen version welcome to pretty neat.
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for brits you know i'm delighted that you can join us here at police headquarters in the center of this is actually the first ever police will give us a little bit of history how panini started and how we got involved in making football stickers the panini family story is a typical italian story of the fifty's and sixty's so after war the search of a new live. for get about the past they started their activity in the publishing area by means of bind a little kiosk in the center of modern era and from there that expanded the activity through the period between one nine hundred forty five and one nine hundred sixty into first a distribution agency and then a reworking. the so-called unsold copies of other publishers
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in into packets called surprise packets it was a success. and that gave is a penny of the eldest brother the idea to generate their first collection and that's where it all started. lovely to meet you want to show us a look we've got you scroll straightaway the three lions are like give us an idea how difficult it is to formulate a squad so far out and how you can manage and to do with working hard creation on the squads. that what is working the most normally is a crystal ball. because in truth of this crystal ball and may be good all the information we have in it why not be information besides all the the work you know or to do if you're in the four years before the event.
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the world still the comic world and of course it's in mexico the azteca stadium so visionary was a fantastic opportunity to sell and the idea of collecting stickers around the world give us an idea of how successful that ended up becoming well. is it to say this was the first album which was conceived to be international so with multilingual captions very simple captions about layers. just hard facts bias and stance and was a big success it was it was. and gave the panini brothers the. confidence to carry on for the future at international level.
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because the world. is our what out there and here we are. quite sometime ok and this is the base for mixing up the baking. confronts us place and yes so what happens next simona that's what we have been mixing up because we mix together that all the course says yes. this o.c.f. budge. so there's the england yes three lawyers poland colombia can see the look like we did in the stone cold we will show the french to have no one to know and yet from the bush joined us on the show we look long seven million. people paying any stickers we produce yeah. yeah i can give you. more. than one hundred. one. and this is it for you son this is
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a complete. let me hold the gaff you will be very in this home all day so we're going to recruit through. every. swell season he will do a low ball girl complained to those. who are on the stick is this going. to have a country in a plane or a different plane a different country different. weather will be here we put this on the pocket. and. yes we. lose it in the gold of the. pressure and after a week out. here we have a counter in the way and we have had the we close the buffy. movie.
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where he is this was this one and this one zero zero zero. remember this one because this is a book for the p.f. i love. it was strange because i remember that they turned up to the liverpool trying trying to make just just go on and ok if i switch it was a terrible fog they said i was on a half a man's man. with rubbish. the pictures is so much better and that in the problem pretty stickers there's may white thirteen star eleven pounds some a little bit heavier than the twenty four and robbie fowler and i scored one hundred two goals between us what so say eason's. i can remember this like it was yesterday. oh my goodness. yes some of the stadiums still lend and this is my favorite ever. look at some of these plays for italy got siani betsy ross
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a pitcher of record vault danos off applied well into his forty's. for me. the team that made me want to play for will. say says you know socrates and there's the. look remember fill in these books and it was just. interesting. thank you very much for the memory of. the memories of stickers yes the. way out so the fish will cope in washington times and i. can say we have the beautiful kremlin and red square be hauling balls and she's made my way super excited but it strikes first one france against belgium the
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lowlands again. before nine hundred ninety eight both knocked out south american opposition what she confronts for us well france not of the tournament like real champions i was lucky to get that result to win against australia they've built themselves explode to get saddam hussein and did what they had to do against europe why they're looking very very good build must be feeling bulletproof you talked about south american countries they knocked out the favorites in brazil so they must think that they can beat anyone big decision for a bit about the belgium manager who is he going to play got a tactical right against brazil does he stick with the same table does he get a little bit different but from a i still think france about the edge be decision for de shams as well midfield as you bring about maturity well if you stick with. talented teams i think france will take it out how important is this for the premier league's of the last two or three years everybody talks about ronaldo messi the leader is the best this is a massive shot in the arm when you've got so on for france when you've got kevin de
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bruyne and a lot of these belgian players playing in the premier league for the premier league it's so well close it is the premier league in my opinion is the most entertaining league in the world by fire. wherever it all it's the best is very very difficult to judge but one thing i will say that i would say it goes deeper than any of the league in the world and this is just showing that now the representatives you just mentioned the tottenham players playing for england and that as well and for france you go to the race and people like that it is great for any league or around the world to have players represented at the very highest level and especially at the biggest competition in the world give us your prediction for france against belgium in the. tight game france to take it out probably after extra time right the second one we've. been in the game is that on pride englishman you all preludes you'd never guess it is also. croatian heritage book both semifinals croatia breaching the house valiant effort by the bush but. got past the rockets each and then.
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functions where you didn't tell me what you thought some of those schools have on well first of all most christ is have to hold my hands up to russia forget about it being a great world cup as was spoken by me as if that same perform fantastically well we have a very concerned about the law she's confederations cup as to what would happen for woodruff russian the first awful by father bit same totally deserve the come back into a second half probably just edged it but then once again russia full back and got that equaliser right before the penalty shoot out penalty shoot outs no matter how much you bring it down to a fine saw it still comes down to a little bit of luck we had that luck luck we had the game before against denmark as well but little bit concerned two games hundred twenty minutes and penalties a little bit consider specially playing salty which as you know is very very hot england i thought was a very convincing performance against wade and i thought i should have put colombia way before the last ten minutes or so i thought colombia would pull up until that point but then played really well and made you think why they play that throughout the whole guy you think croatia do do and one of the first times in my life i think
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i can lose because i spent over half my life in england christian heritage which ever way it goes. it doesn't really matter but yes i do believe that england will beat croatia and i'll play france in the final quite incredible to think i'm in france against england is more of a famous than it is a football game but. separated by twenty two miles of the english channel or if you friends french that's both these prediction i want to ask you and pick your brains about goalkeeping there have been lots of penalty shoot outs in this tournament. the psychology of. we've both played the game he missed a big penalty in europe ninety six and he's at psychology seen bald in the england set up he wants to own the process tell us what it's like for a goalkeeper is it much easier than a penalty taika and what goes through your mind when somebody steps could big penalty number one definitely much easier if your opportunity as
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a goalkeeper to be the hero which comes few and far between for a goalkeeper your mentality when a player comes up to take a penalty differs from a shootout than it does from regular place of his regular play you pretty much know who the penalty take is going to be going to be staying calm on that where you'd normally like to go but let's just sort of wait and see in a shootout it's a lot different will it was for me anyway it was like i'm going to be five the ones who are going to be taking two three four or five they're going to be watching you so for those first couple i'm going to stay still for as long as i possibly can and go to the last minute if the people are going to take you have a penalty see moving right he moves very quickly said basically i can put it in my why i can change my mind lightly he'll move if they way and they see watching what you want to do is to make sure that that head goes down of the penalty taker because once the head goes down then it's time to go the non-killing foot is the important thing the vast majority of penalty take is that monkey king four points the way that the penalty is going to go excellent stuff balls as always great
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insights we hear in the last few days of the three four world cup or it is the view of the semifinals will it be france will it be belgium will it be england. take place in the news nicky stadium sunday for the free world cup final. seems wrong but. just don't. get to shape out. active. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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what the saying hold on let's move those jobs back so merica by imposing sour us to equalize the trade picture and move toward a post china extraction model you know where as private equity extracts well using a lot of trials china's but extracting wealth using leverage trade shenanigans so this is just the reverse of that song as i hear it in some people's voices starts to make a little more sense people don't understand that this guy actually understands more than people i'm giving him credit for. trumpy and kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure because critics do have a point when they say trump appears to be harsher with allies than with real or
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imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran is trumped so obsessed with terrain. france reach of the world cup final with a one zero victory over belgium in st petersburg. lies tough told you don't have the time and. the standoff is expected at wednesday's nato summit in brussels after double trump accuses european countries of failing to pay their way in the alliance. and an alleged victim of nerve gas poisoning in the u.k. regains consciousness but remains in critical condition.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios moscow this is our g international front i was really glad to have you with us. france is glued to the final of the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia after defeating belgium one nil in st petersburg it will be the third final for france in twenty years they look to the trophy in one thousand nine hundred eighty and lost on penalties to italy in two thousand and six they will be meeting the winners of wednesday's semifinal croatia one england. france to go marching on to the world cup final said it isn't really what you think . well i think as i was telling you. at the half time. that happened. what we could expect.
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we knew. one would create some we action. and that happened more space for france to control more initiative from from. seeing the belgium players. they go home with a bad feeling a feeling that we could do more and better. feeling that probably. is out there it because it tried absolutely everything. but many of the players. they kept fighting and a little bit more in the last twenty twenty five minutes but they are much better than that and for being all creations big players and many of the players they were not there in the beagle cajun friends was. who was good on the
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basics things of the game they defended well they were competent. they scored. a goal that probably is. from a near miss match the last man to put the chips but they score and then they try to control of the game which basically they they did we've. a fantastic performance by. and i think a very good performance by bob over the walls was to. play the game weeds with great maturity when we had to hold position and to keep control of the game when bush took off. as usual to bring on z. and paul had more freedom but that freedom to do silly things you had freedom to keep the ball away from the bench was arius to keep to keep the ball to
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a ceased griezmann for a great chance he was very very mature but we can probably see the pictures for the goal now i mean it's another goal from a set piece and this will couples who are set pieces are something. that you can train. your dog damage. more of your physical condition and when you are in a competition like these where the commission the fifty comes you have just to recover then is very difficult to have training sessions of development of tactical situations that creates even more spending of energy. opening the door for more wall injuries so walk in you train said please you don't run. you don't spend any of your and there's attics or sees you do it you do it in
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a relaxed way you do it you do it. yes parts of your. recovering sessions and you go for the set pieces do so he said talking about energy as well i mean getting a bath again shapes and have some tricks and flicks as well he he proved that he is a forty something for the future for france is. this french team is easier you know looks looks. play with twenty years of football but. must be below twenty five. you played his first match with me with eighteen in real madrid that was totals and it's thirteen so he must be no twenty four years old also. is young pole leaves young. and isn't t.t. . three d.
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icing on the lorries as you who'll be three d. they are on the sort this is a very very young team so far so good watching on that does face either croatia all england how do you say you said before the collation were tied how do you see the second and if i'm. you know i think. england is fresher. has younger players heads easy group phase where they plea to easy matches and the match against belgium big changes every player sold the players that are playing the they all had one match less than crewe issue to play because they didn't play against belgium and the majority of the players. are young feed the players when i look to good team i sing for you and. three years old just today or yesterday something like that and part of that the players are all
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very young and between england and croatia i think crewe issue. it has great mentality. a fantastic way to play to control the game in the possession of the game but being run these. is a happy team is a team that you look at them and you see happiness is a team that they went from. even candidate to candidate and i just hope because that's that's what they really need i just hope that they are themselves and operate belgium. the majority of the places they were themselves in big matches you have to be yourself. but the big match can make you a bit better that extra adrenalin that extra.
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feeling of how big i am. can only make you better. as france the guy watching on to the world cup final and for us we crossed to our mustache studio with neil and he. many thanks kate and many thanks joe's a very warm welcome we are here on the rooftop of red square we've just been digesting that semi final. lots of french funds going crazy both here in russia and also of course in france itself let's take a look at what those fans have been getting up to after that final whistle went on france were into that world cup final. exam god. france within touching distance of the coveted
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trophy will they get it or not i'm sure the fans are thrilled just have the chance let's go over the. live to st pete is damani he's outside the stadium and hopefully will see want to see jubilant french fans it's an already in the ball as a side thank. god that these thousands of fans stream away from these st petersburg stadium we've seen a number of actually belgian fans pretty happy i was surprised to see a number of them cheering and shouting belgium belgium of course very proud of their team getting to that semifinal this was a generation of players who always seen as being the so-called golden generation young. hungry players who finally came into their prime but just couldn't do enough to win that game this evening the french france however
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a little common now but i can tell you they were absolutely jubilant with that if it. was . was these fans hugely delighted i can imagine that there will be a party all night here in st petersburg who do you want to do you know do you was was was it was and was and many of them now figuring out how they're going to make their way to moscow they'll be scouring the websites for flights and trains and even figuring out cots how to get up by bus and by car and then the question of how to go.


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