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i mean person i think part of it is that they feud putin as an enemy and how dare you take him out of being an enemy because then if he's not an enemy who's going to be an enemy and you know i think it's utterly ridiculous. and why not why is the goal not for quote unquote world peace we're not going to ever have complete peace but really we're better to work with russia as an ally than as an enemy that we constantly have to look over our shoulder at you know what the united states does have a big military budget the biggest military budget in the world want a peace dividend threaten the u.s. military industrial complex to speak of eyes now i read that the e.u. is trying to put their own force together separate from nato good let them do it and then they'll realize how much help we gave how they were able to use their money for great social programs and to take care of their people while we were busy paying for their defense all these years we give an enormous amount of money around
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the world instead we've got fifty thousand homeless veterans we've got cities that have been in absolute turmoil the money hasn't been going to our education department. there is so much that we need to do at home there are so many things wrong in america that we haven't paid attention to because the globalists that were running our countries wanted to expand and really by making you dependent on us because we have that money is that a good thing for those other countries took a job how has the fact here and make sure to tune in on saturday to hear a different analysis by former u.s. green body nominee for vice president a job or occur after the break hearts of blood does reports of yet another british backed saudi bombing of a wedding images we speak to the director of a new documentary that gives an inside look into. the saudi security forces from
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this week's news the housing minister who's hostile to the homeless and the bracks it minister who is power noise about professors all this and more coming up in part two of going underground. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but how would you. agree. if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and three and world cup
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in russia. the special one come on both appreciate me to say the radio. latest edition we go. now if you go through some of the turmoil as donald trump put it on his way to the nato summit today is opec the broadcaster and former liberal democrat the nato summit on today new foreign secretary maybe you know him very well let's go through that i do know him quite well says he does u.k. foreign secretary jeremy stand on middle east issues you might well ask that question because if you look down his history on israel syria yemen he seems to be on both sides he made some criticism of israel but at the same time said we've got to do business with them oh not seeing with our side in twenty seven parting is fairly loose but yes he said. sort of syria and then we look at yemen where
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he's been very critical of the treatment of civilians but said nothing about the fact the u.k. has been arming the very nations resisting getting relevant that twenty million face famine at the moment partly because the blockade of port cynical as you may sound he's a survivor he was never pushed out of that job despite all the pressure on him once again there's a chance that he'll have more of a narrative whether you'd like that narrative or not he could have more of one than his predecessor boris johnson what to resume a needs at the moment is stability this is a loyalist in an important job i bet if she's breathing a sigh of relief let's go to a new brix it man well that's right the entry continues the mirror reports who is dominic rob breck's that secretary branded feminists obnoxious bigots and said through bank users aren't languishing in poverty this is the new britain secretary to replace david davis he's got a lot of explaining to do here. say that at least one of the issues is that he he
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seems rather sympathetic to to food bank users i know those who run food banks and you don't go there for a choice you don't think are well i can't be bothered to go to the shops i want to save a few pennies they do live on what comes from food banks i suspect dominic's never been quite in that position they are they do in fairness to have a cash flow problem but i guess but not just one not episode or it's a million why to morrow if it does cover more of injuries of a willing clued items about if rex it doesn't go that well cash flow problems can meet in britain going to food but he is a campaigner for the underprivileged and for those who are discriminated against men he says that men and i quote him from the cradle to the grave men are getting a raw deal that's what he says so he's got some kind of credentials or campaigning perhaps not the ones you would expect now let's go to the housing new housing minister the grandfather inquiry of course going on i'm sure he'll be looking at that this well. this is
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a continuation of the irony afshan huffington post reports new housing minister kid malthouse admitted making homeless people's lives uncomfortable to me and they were already uncomfortable yes well i think supposed all over well he used to run local authority and not the time he had this campaign to make it really or could to be homeless in his bar or he supported things like getting the police to move the homeless so they could pose down the area he actually said we certainly instituted a policy of making life it sounds counter-intuitive in cruel more uncomfortable that is absolutely right the reason it sounds counter-intuitive and cruel is because it was you know that homelessness is a direct chord in the united kingdom i don't for a moment think that if he implements this great policy across the country he's going to be regarded as a caring conservative i mean he defended it by saying it directed the homeless to seek support a good housing policy and to be run nationally throughout the country but don't get away from these words he said it sounds counter-intuitive and cruel not my words
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but it moulton says now sometimes in politics impressions are everything so we start with the man who back in two thousand and eight admitted apparently counter-intuitive and cruel policy towards the homeless not necessarily the best thing to do when you've got the labor party snapping at their heels in the polls let's go to another junior appointment in the bronx a department of all of this well he's a new junior minister but a giant old euro skeptic the guardian reports universities deplore mccarthyism as m.p. demands list of tutors lecturing on this is before he's become a junior minister in the breaks of the public this week this was a story from last year but this gentleman chris heaton harris wrote out to universities are asking if he could get a list of professors who were lecturing about european affairs was wrong with that well i'll tell you what's wrong with that professor kevin featherstone who's head of the european institute at the n.s.c. says and these are his words not mine the letter reflects a past. mccarthyite nature in other words he said jesting there's something very
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ominous about wanting to see the syllabus which is being taught to these innocent impressionable students who you might think could be persuaded hoodwinked into being pro your opinion of government control all education right down to the last full stop all the faster every element of the syllabus if that's your attitude why did you apply for a job as a minister her baggage and i tell you the war time generation this country went along with it or we should go back to is a bit of half a news education written for number ten i think we have some actually that's not what he said necessarily saying but it is true a lot of the universities do get grants from european union could be biased there it's actually breaks it by its sounds like this gentleman's already done this job he's persuaded you which could mean that theories made might be calling you next one thing you can see the common theme in all of these appointments is an attempt at getting loyalty to her cabal there and she's perhaps succeeded in the top jobs but in so doing she's got all these contradictions coming in as well replacing one set of problems with another the showboats together now but let's see how soon
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people start start jumping ship out of this one well i haven't received a call yet from number ten i'm sure you will before i need you thank you very much limit. well from examining the post resignation destabilization of the british conservative government to a film that examines terror groups from the nato destabilize middle east path of blood is a new film from bafta award winning director john of america you can go and watch the film in the u.k. and the united states from the thirteenth of july and on demand from the sixteenth of july john of the joins me now thanks so much for coming on it is such a powerful film i have to say just begin with the first scene in the documentary so you have a martyrdom bomb a suicide bomber he's with his gun and he's trying to say he's being interviewed basically yes and so what you've struck what you've got here in this opening is a suicide bombers outtakes and it revealed. degree to which he's being manipulated
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by the man behind the camera and the degree to which he really doesn't have any profound understanding of what it is he's doing he keeps asking questions like i don't really understand what it is you're asking me either and they say you're doing it for this cause on you and he goes no way you short a word i don't understand and so it really comes across i think and that's what we open the film with we have that as the beginning of the film is it is that it illustrates the extent to which these kids don't really have a coherent set of ideas what they're being involved in is. because they don't really understand they enjoy the camaraderie they enjoy to be dissin pull sense that they're following the rules that somebody else has given them. following desk there and some kind of religious destiny that have been told to leave they've been recruited into the mainstream narratives here are these are all evil absolutely convinced of what the doing to coin a phrase you you blow up a myth in this film what we're trying to do in the film is trying to show that
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these people are human beings and some people even say that likable some of the people have watched it and that's not to say that we want to give them all but it's important we can use that footage to empathize with them to to try and understand where they're coming from understand the psychological appeal of the ideology that working with and i think that does come across in the in the in the foot i don't think anyone could accuse this young film of being zone get a recruiting sergeant for these guys of atrocities so where did you get the footage from well i mean i wish i could take the credit for getting the footage but the executive producers on the show who are two respected middle eastern journalists managed to convince the ministry of interior to release it it wasn't just the al qaida footage that they got they also got footage of. the security services c.s.i. type the tape which they were shooting as a matter of procedure of bomb aftermath of bomb explosions of shootouts with the. with the terrorists and so on and it was because we had both sets of footage we
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were able to cut it together like a story and and then so once we had that once we knew we had that we were able to construct a proper narrative because it together like a thriller or a bafta award winning director you'd be able to do that but surely one of the concerns was were you greetings i'm going to propaganda yourself given that you know i mean one of the bia they don't have very closely associated with the saudi government but i think my thing is i think even though you may not be yes exactly so i think that one of the consideration we want to absolutely avoid any accusations of propaganda so. one of the reasons that we used virtually no commentary for the top of it was that was that all of the great actors or melinda's yeah there is yes we so we use a very small amount of. neuration in between the scenes so that the scenes would stand for themselves you didn't have to try and explain the footage each scene was open to deal with unimpeded on interpreted you know we were trying to put together a point of view we were trying to tell a story albeit that of course missing from the film is the connections between the
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saudi sources of funding for the characters as it were in the film i think that is where did all these guns come from that we see a lot of those guns would've come from. the iraq war i think a lot of gun smuggling and fact gun ownership i think in saudi arabia at that time was extremely high anyway people in the deserts had lots of guns themselves one of your characters is a russian girl but then it was another character is talking about how is the experience was in afghanistan that we know the british and american governments funded back to the mujahideen that would become yes there's no mention of that a little bit no because obviously what we're trying to do is tell a story about what was going on here between two thousand and three and two thousand and six and we did the last sequence is two thousand and one of the videos because hundreds of hours of video yes and no interrogations where they said. what about when so and so was fighting of course with the british back money there was
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no i mean literally if there was that was like a lot of effort is no one arguable hero does go to prince mohammed bin nayef who gets to act in july by mahmoud bin selman just tell me a little bit about his appearance and of course then the devastating footage which long long we talked about but you use it there in the end about the rick suicide bombing against him so he had been he'd been very successful as minister of security within the ministry of interior. and one of the things that it was to his credit was the way in which it cleaned up the way in which the prisons have worked in saudi arabia and it's a human rights groups across the world are against him and of written well know he was one of the i think human rights groups who were against his predecessors he was one of the most important people at reforming the prison system within saudi arabia so he'd made that particular development and then he had been very close in being trained by british police here say that he kind of learnt those practices and then
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he was the person who was in charge of running the campaign against the against al qaeda and and very successful he was too and we see that unfolding within that albeit we saw al qaeda move across the whole of the middle east around the time these interviews are being. done and i suppose i mean we were in iraq with. funded groups in syria which were the groups even on the bonds of iran it was a bloody battle you know and. they worked hard with the security services to track it down and it's not dissimilar to the kind of the counterinsurgency operations that happened all over the middle east and in places like chechnya and so on as well so you know i think one of the challenges you have with fighting isis and al qaida is that they want to die and that the normal rules of warfare become problematic when they when you when you have when you when you're fighting in a opposition who don't obey any rules of warfare it's very difficult and that comes across in the film i think it over he obviously. kills far more people does it in
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any of these al qaeda terrorists in general yes i mean i think a lot of people have been killed in all kinds of fighting across the middle east including in syria with russian jets you know so all kinds of the it is very difficult to fight these forces as we're finding out in in syria and under way for all of these wars that have taken place and also middle east there are no simple easy solutions and i think one of the things that film's trying to do is to try and show that it's not simply a matter of killing the terrorists you've got to defeat the idea you've got to understand the psychology of the terrorists why it is that they want to cling on to these this sense of religious destinated they have what is it is that pills to them about. these fundamentalist simplistic ideas following these kind of distorted versions of islam that being. proposed by their preachers or the nagger thank you and you can go and see the film in the u.k. and u.s. cinemas from the thirty the july and the demand for the sixteenth of july before we
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go on the thirtieth of june going underground broadcast a special episode with pulitzer prize winning reporter seymour hersh the episode in good navigation that the turkish government along with saudi arabia was supplying the basic chemicals for sarin to the terror group al nasra this was the turkish embassies response to the allegations about turkey by seymour hersh in the last segment of the program entitled going on. the ground are completely unfounded contrary to what has been said turkey is a fight for member of the chemical weapons convention regime and any type of nerve agent or similar i mean mission that's a paper by international law is strictly not stored or used by the touching on forces turkey is a key stakeholder in the fight against terrorism has long been at the forefront of efforts to counter terrorist organizations including p k k k c k k y p j al-qaeda and their affiliates is a terrorist organization and turkey has been actively working with its partners to eliminate its elements from syria through international mechanisms such as the geneva understand of processes is bewildering how
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a country that has liberated around four thousand points square in the north of syria from terrorists through operations euphrates and branch can be accused of supporting terrorist organizations. the show will be back on saturday with twenty six team usa vice presidential candidate a job a barrage of talk about doldrums visit to britain social media will be one hundred twenty nine years to the day the people of paris stormed the best deal makers of the two about the significance of the french revolution german mao's first foreign minister joined the line would reportedly have infamously say it was. i didn't think the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars timestamping each. eighty five percent will be well to the old bridge with six percent market thirty
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percent year some with one hundred to five hundred three per circuit first in between rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers over the world. the only number you need to remember it was one you know for a minute the one and only. i was. i. was i. was.
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i. finally encountered those who place france in the final of the world cup twenty eight here in russia. and fans of both teams much right on red square ahead of that crucial encounter many clearly impressed by russian. belief but once people realize hey this is not true much. to russia. plus to some other way for football donald trump and nato allies gather for a summit in brussels what's happening right now the u.s. president demanding more money from. germany is virtually a financial hostage as he put it of russia over gas supplies. but his football first just turned midday this wednesday the eleventh of july life q.
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moscow kevin within the team for next thirty minutes for the news of sport on another big day of football straight down to business a big clash and i was an intern in croatia that said to downtown moscow in the guise that michael over to you. good morning beautiful interview. she just sent him off it's nice to see it in the morning like for it to be this michael alongside me so it's the game that alteration all of england and a lot of the world. thinking about if you look ahead to so many hours to go until kickoff lots for us to talk about i was hoping maybe we could talk about midfield battle they sow it because. so many great players in that field as
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a lot of attention but there's more than just into it. look a much is. he's a world class player he's been he's been playing fantastically for for real madrid we know that three consecutive champions league he's been instrumental in winning. this guy is a world class player and he's he's one of those players and you know that. you think he's only just about the football you know when he has the ball into the passing through the dribble he's also really strong competitive and fighting and running midfield player he's not shy of working hard for his team and we saw that in that in the game in such as when they played russia we saw him in the last fifteen minutes of that game still keeping pressure on russia's back for still making sure that brush with it and progress on the page easily and that was quite impressive to see but i think we're all aware of that that he he has got that
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capability and he's got great players next to him and i could see through play for barcelona who i have really been impressed by him he's a guy who in the two panels to shoot up the shoot outs and stepped up and taken both of the last ones. and been very very secure with that's got them through against denmark gotten through against russia this guy is so mentally strong physically strong and he will probably we were trying to muse about this team the game is not in nine hours so it would be a long long long way long time before we get the actual team but we've been trying to sort of fiddle around i think rockets will play with the brush of which today not feel so really strong. and competitive midfield to put an odd city is a fantastic football player in his own right as well how do you fancy that i mean very strong trio you just mentioned that going up against the young lads in england midfield like said alley just feeling god that they like to get forward can they
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much them physically if this becomes you know a battle can they stand their ground playing it in a different way even though the numbers that the it is a little bit different the way that england's been lining up in the game so far as they have the three at the back and the quiet stones and walk and that's worked really well for a good which is it's a surprise but then it's not because these guys are so talented all three of them quickly can all play and you need guys that can do all that if you play three at the back you can have slow players who account play for instance what's the point then so you have that and then means you can have someone like jordan henderson just sat in front of them protect them a little bit not being too aggressive when when there were no end in attacking and then you got young on the left hand side with a little got support and that's a manchester united company and even though they're not the glorious names it has worked out really really well young has not been in the england team for
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a long time and then suddenly he plays left back for manchester united and he solves peristyle skates biggest problem who supply on the left and on the other side you've got trippy. tottenham combination that has worked well as well trippi i think is probably the big surprise in the end in terms of how well he's played he's he's a set piece specialist that says it takes all the corners all the free kicks and all these process has been fantastic and remember that and been scored eight goals from set pieces and obviously chip here is right in the middle of that and then you have the two guys up front kane and sterling and cain of course has to live a sterling hasn't he sterling how do you keep him in the team given that they've been doing so well he's been playing pretty much all of the action are you change would you keep him in that deed to change a winning team so the alternative to stunning is either danny welbeck or marcus
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russell and i think a lot of coaches that includes his club coach joe simmering you. see things that rush isn't ready for for ninety minutes of the backstage game where a lot of fans are saying he is i mean needs to time to develop but not a lot of you know people in charge say they don't think that so have bearing that in mind and also bear in mind that whatever i was so i was great has done in this will come just from of obviously the changes and belgium has worked out for him so this team works so i can't see any reason for changing it and what sterling does give the team is an incredible amount of pace and pence a plane up front so he will chase everything down and he will stay in this position he will come back and defend what he needs to defend it's something that he's picked up over the last eighteen months. from quality old i think he's become
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a much better player obviously in the same side as he play it's kyle walker who also plays for man city so there is some kind of relationship in there as well. but you know he's he's. been the weakest link in the in the in the sense that a lot of the chances that they have produced from open play is falling for him and he has not been able to convert and that could end up being a problem not saying it is a problem if you only get one chance tonight and sterling gets a chance and he doesn't convert then it is a problem and that's when the fans will be turning on him after the competition of it doesn't go to plan so we talked about some of the some of the weapons some of the offensive key players on both sides let's see what r.t. co-host josie marine you had to say about this match. england is fresh and has younger players. had easy group face. were deeply
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true easy matches and the match against belgium they changed every player sold the players that are playing now they they all had one match less than croatia to play because they didn't play against belgium and the majority of the players. are young feats players when i look to the team i sing ashley young said he's three years old just today or yesterday something like that and part of that the players are all very young and and between england and croatia i think croatia has great and i think. a fantastic me to play to control the game in the possession of the game but being run these. is a happy team. england is a happy team and i think i think he's saying that england is the favorite here but
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they're up against a very strong and well supported kharif and team that's been a lot of christian fans in rough and it's just have a look at how they have been enjoying their time. so. we were. all i don't know about that they were in the underdog every play good soccer i think gives a psychological pressure on england team because they have favorites so we don't have nothing to lose. absolutely not. i think. the favorite. support at this point not who's the best team of england supporters they are going to win they're coming out in greater numbers now. in terms of the winner but. they're pretty much so far enjoying the trip to russia
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they set about it. all the way. people absolutely love. it. when some. things that you were hearing about. say. like it's like it's like scary but it's really got to meet my space every. true.


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