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tv   News  RT  July 12, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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that sort of see. the trumps to start a controversial four day visit to new created day with large protests expected in central london because of it. also seems more news programs are being followed have been promoted by facebook now as a tries to battle fake news but it's also raised questions about censorship. and in the world cup. i. crocheted makes it through to the final and i start to take on france in the trophy that fans are wrapped up with joy when the team defeated england two one in extra time. but that was.
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very good morning just turned eleven am here in moscow right now they're starting to national with me kevin zero in thirty minutes of world news and sport to come first the donald trump stew in the u.k. today for the first time as u.s. president meantime the u.s. embassy in britain is currently worried about the safety of americans during the visit in fact it's issued an alert warning people to be cautious and urging them to keep a low profile as large protests are expected to be held in london and this is said churkin are reports. the day has come donald trump's first official visit to the u.k. starts this thursday could be wining and dining with theresa may in her ministers visiting scotland and meeting the queen one police will be avoiding for the next couple of days though is central london as thousands are expected on to the streets to protest his visit the number of police being mobilized is in the thousands to reportedly the largest number since the twenty eleven riots.
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and activists have crowd funded cash for gigantic baby balloon and trump's likeness to amplify the message that the u.s. president is not welcome here i don't want to me. is not welcome i don't have any time or respect for him. why you coming come he can come i'm just not interested what he has to say is i don't think he's a popular guy over here you know but. if you've got to come. home like you've still why not. he's got money so it's. best to anyways so do you think the u.k. is not really excited to have him here and be waiting to hear this he's president elected president of the united states so i think. on the level of diplomacy due respect is given to each head of state john
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a trump are you excited you know why not use a disgrace to america donald trump visiting the u.k. what do you think of it are you looking forward to it you know but i would like to see him see the giant baby you know and like you know. what do you think about donald trump visiting are you excited not really no i don't really like him much what do you think about this crowd funded giant balloon that looks like a baby trump floating over london do you think it's a good idea or. why people might think it's a good idea i think that he personally deserves the crying baby and the people. we have to remember that we don't want to pull over them or. elsewhere today in the modern world there's more information circulating in the news now before isn't there but don't worry the tech giants are stepping up to help us all through the deluge facebook for one thousand more funding for online projects to tackle fake news because caleb maupin explains. there are growing concerns that freedom of
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speech is being eroded at the same time these book twitter and other social media giants have long maintained that they are simply neutral networking tools when it comes to news they say that they have no agenda but it turns out that they do profile is buzz feed's new interview project and it's sponsored by facebook we're creating a dedicated section for news shows produced exclusively for facebook by news publishes at this point facebook is investing millions of dollars into news programming and the lineup doesn't just stop at buzz feed there's a.b.c. news c.n.n. and fox news and this fits a growing trend of social media outlets trying to influence news and politics notice how apple just launched a section of its website dedicated to coverage of the upcoming midterm elections the twenty thousand meter election section helps readers follow the latest on their actions from reliable sources selected by apple news team of experience and tears
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only reliable sources they tell us so nothing to fear meanwhile you tube is now funding what they call authoritative news sources and google sounds almost messianic we announce funding to support the future of news through tediousness is essential to viewers so we've been investing in new product features to prominently surface of three t.t. sources does this mean that you tube is more than just a platform that it's taking on a new form well according to its parent company google it's not we're not a newspaper we're a platform for sharing of information this is a platform from which can be read from news source those who fund programming have a lot of ability to influence it worst case scenario it boils down to an existential threat this is how julian assange put it burgeoning digital superstate such as google facebook and the chinese equivalents. who integrated with the
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existing order have moved to reestablish discourse control this is not simply a corrective action undetectible my social influence by artificial intelligence is an existential threat to humanity the usa presents itself as a democracy in which the will of the people prevails but who voted for mark zuckerberg who voted for bill gates these individuals are pretty far beyond washington d.c. and they're far less accountable to the public cable mopp and r t new york. the point where we spoke to t.v. host and political come to the steve malzberg of things that take china to use fake news as a way to censor their feeds they want to control content when it comes to news they're using the term fake news and the outcry against fate news as an excuse to monitor and basically censor what their users see and what is quality journalism it's whatever google decides it is in the end they're going to
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censor what they want to censor and any kind of censorship is wrong they're going to pick the news that they think their people should be seeing and promote it it's good to be liberal left wing democrat viewpoints and conservative viewpoints will be pushed aside that's what this is all about. football now croatia advances to the final of the world cup twenty eighteen beating england two one last night and the nail biting much that went into extra time. thanks. again.
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to get her and her. again. i think is an incredible achievement for a country where the league is a minor league where the majority not just a majority i sing almost one hundred percent of the players they don't play in croatia sol they are people like. like myself working abroad and when you work abroad i think you feel your country even in a in a different way so for them to go back to their countries and and to take
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a country like croatia to a world cup final is something amazing england of course they have a reason to cry but they have also a reason to be optimistic. and the team improved a lot in relation to previous appearances and the squad these young and the majority of the players they can play the next world cup talking about creation in a country of only four million people and yet this will be that the state of the street today the second seventy final already. they seem to produce this kind of gritty but very talented very technically a very talented very technical. they leave the country normally very very early. normally the destinations are more closed by more rare player two to leave krisher and come to england for example use them or they go to germany a lot they go to countries in the area where they get some some discipline
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where they get physically more more more powerful they will face france in the final how do you see that play you know i think it is a moment from those having a nice drink in in their rooms or in the bar not celebrating their victory but celebrating the extra time. and celebrating twenty four hours more than them to rest which is seeing is very very unfair. i know. the broadcasters are the ones that that put the millions on the on the table but i seen for a world cup final icing both teams should play the semifinal in the same day we see the world cup the russian world cup it's being quite an amazing world cup on so many levels has it given you a taste for something towards international management at some point have you
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thought to have to do that was i always wanted i always wanted i always told that i have to do it once but especially being in russia and feeling the emotions around it i want to do it since also by my experience point of view discount of short competition i never did it was always about competitions of of eleven months i was always about marathons i was no. sprinter and so i was i i want to have that feeling i lived a knockout i love the knockout i love i love the fact of you when you go through you lose you go home i always loved. the knockout competitions but discussion of short competition like like the euros like the world cup. i think is an experience that i want to have to play one match a month. joining to you this. is not so me at least now
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but one day we will be because i really wanted to i want to do a little. crisis to give a credit somehow in a second off a person there are a lot of pressure for twenty minutes or so if we held on and. but i'll go at a time that just killed a man i'm a bit of. a fool we don't know about a cup which i just read one trade off they're not interested but it appears to me it's something beautiful what has happened to me in the whole team it was probably one of the most special goals in my career and i hope it wasn't the last i really can't describe it. was. were eagerly the glad somebody was doing all right so do you know. you know why i i
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i i i i i mean fast times square in central london on the atmosphere is exactly that's at the moment that and i went to jail defeat is anger and founds but they're still lying the shame is unless costs with crites guys how you feeling after the match i want to say i got it but the same so i'm i'm very very proud. then today you know we gave sausage is for we have a young say you know i place a good football with today it will be the same said an easy virtue where actually you go be was so funny you will see stuff we didn't but yeah i'm so proud i cannot be no last time we got this far as before i was bowled so i'll never seen a french come to give a lot isn't a seam on the cups gives like it and so why give us also as a feature so feeling of unity but he said you were feeling hot for all it is the second hole break up out of this year and i don't know if the first was go but this is way more important to sleep i feel crust bought a worm a show of pride and the shirt was. before i was born bob corning little surfing of
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defeat had also a little bit of feeling of optimism for next time let's try and bring that trait i saw fit you to one and you still turn me on for who fall over again this is the. race of history guys are going to support the race over being number one. i mean they didn't bury it well look back go where we first met. yours her quote worth her. guys was the first time cray share that small european country with a population of just over four million people never made it to the last stage of a world cup tournament they're set to face a very strong french team in the final on sunday now here in moscow before that
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third place will be decided on saturday the playoff will see england take home belgium in some petersburg they met earlier in the tournament when belgium defeated england one nil in the the group face so that with the championship going into its final stages fans from around the globe have been through the mill experiencing all the highs and lows that the world cup got to offer these lifelong football fans are going to introduce you next come from pakistan they can especially to see portugal forward christiane are an elder on the pitch but even when his team was sent packing their infectious enthusiasm for the game was undiminished here they are. this is to say to speed up its appearance six months. i think to put a face out. for us. because. we
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have grown as football fans right from the woods children who have been playing football game been watching football and it was a dream for us that maybe someday we can sit in the stands and watch this match life. that mean what you want to go but much of this day. every saw that on the t.v. people if you thought you'd see that but it was. one hundred times better than what i thought it would be. when i look at looked at the canal and when i look at the piers playing my idol chris down around all the right in front of my eyes it was unreal i couldn't believe my use it was like i was in a dream. yeah ronaldo if you're watching this please know that you've been your fans since childhood and even all these beautiful fans even when you're not playing was good. it is my first time out of the country i'm glad that i came to russia along with my friends. i just say.
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most of the love. love it yes it was to the public. everybody saw a bit of illinois here we didn't talk at first but it is people are amazing. hopefully i can spread a message of peace and love from pakistan to russia to football and delta or the g.o.p. solution. good as they are do you agree were. nobody will believe i was saying. you know if i get that person every picture right gadget this will do the support i will give you books i love. i know it was worth it. it was
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a great day wouldn't you say that if you don't want. a very bad guy you probably get it. but i think i'm funny about. both but. whatever the western media build this on the beauty about friendship that the people are hard at not having gets all the balls to be the door to my place but when you talk to them when you get them in real you know this wonderful that they try their best to make us you know feel at home in russia.
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what politicians do you sometimes. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to.
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let you go right to be close it's like that before three of them all can't be good . interested always in the water how. they sit. here in moscow let me take you through some of the world news this morning to ukraine's accusing the israeli newspaper ha'aretz of spreading fake news published a report about israel ukrainian neo nazis ukraine cited investigative journalist and frequent guest on our t.v. mike blumenthal as the author of the article he has written extensively on the subject before but is now accused of hiding behind a false name. mux blueman phone is hiding behind the pseudonym of john
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brown and attributed to the authorship of the mention article republished by haaretz it was a big surprise for me that such a respected media as haaretz could publish unverified and biased information i. was not the author of any of the articles exposing this scandal however my research was used by one of the journalists in a separate article by the israeli newspaper ha'aretz a journalist writing under the name john browne also exposed this scandal and the ukrainian ambassador to israel has bizarrely excuse me of being john brown based on zero evidence at all all of my work over the years exposing the rise of neo nazi is an post made on ukraine has been written under my name that's blumenthal and it's the ukrainian ambassador not me who's advancing fake news well the group that allegedly received the has the right wing as self militia on this trending pretty
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you can see weapons which according to the report of the israeli made tavola assault rifle but the ukrainian embassy says it's a co-pay produced on the license a new craig is most blumenfeld again. the as a battalion has posted pictures on its own social media channels of its fighters holding talks or right with your israeli made rifles that cannot be replicated by any other military israel is arming a neo nazi battalion which has been condemned by human rights groups for attacks in eastern ukraine it is ideologically aligned with the violent racist militia they are one of the most important strike forces in ukraine's fight against pro russian separatists in the east and so they need their muscle but at the same time they need to cover up the fact that the ranks of the as an italian are substantially comprised of hardcore neo nazis that would embarrass them in the eyes of the west. until he requested the ukrainian ambassador to israel and the israeli defense
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minister to comment on this we'll keep you updated if we get a response soon. one time a bay prisoners could be kept locked up without charge indefinitely according to u.s. justice department official he was speaking during a bread legal case in which eleven inmates in the u.s. detention center in cuba their appeal for release heard by a court in mainland america they've been held up in a tourist u.s. military facility some for as long as fifteen years without charge the lawyers are demanding that either try to finally release the eleven men were not allowed to listen to the court arguments because the room wasn't big enough to hold them all in all shackled together there at the same time according to authorities anyway lawyers and human rights groups have described imprisonment out when tony mowbray is unconstitutional and against international law pointing to cases like the one of this guy tell feek honey his story is he's a yemeni citizen he's been detained in guantanamo bay for fifteen years on
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suspicion of having been a member of al qaeda he's never been charged in fact he was previously cleared by u.s. authorities and granted release papers on no less than three occasions each time that was canceled last minute your mind's in prison right now just like another inmate who made this appeal. i still have feet even after all this time they did judge will see through this to bt the better solution would be deceive the american taxpayer of the eleven million per year to keep me here and maybe nobody but i am a very expensive nobody is going tandem obey detention camp was opened in two thousand and two by president george w. bush since then seven hundred eighty prisoners have been held there as part of america's fight against terrorism human rights groups have decried the treatment of inmates after reports of abuse and torture surfaced despite efforts from the previous administration to shut it down most recently donald trump signed that executive order to keep the camp open indefinitely one former guantanamo prisoners
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described the torment he suffered. torture false imprisonment cruel inhuman degrading treatment something that myself and many others endured but i think the cruelest and most torturous treatment has being detained without charge or trial by a country that claims to be the bastion of freedom and human rights and democracy we already look at looking tortured on mass the americans at it during the. war on torture but what's happening now is that one tunnel. is as american as american pie and i think most people recognize this whether it's bush or by. donald trump all have allowed one tunnel to exist and continue under the presidency . that's today's rather promote screw so far this thursday things to watch and keep in touch with everything from us as ever on our side. check out our up download it if you can go to ready for me kevin though in a great day. all
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the security mechanisms and agencies in the e.u. saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore you got caught up in stomping out aviation companies we mentioned banks stopping out everyone wants to get out because if you don't have the supernatural institutions a cover of the year that will be part of that and he's going to be a separate go it alone island under a large rain cloud swimming in marmite washing some old hag of a crown. in france germany and italy and the rest are saying no we don't want to be a part of the.
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right we're all set started by. nothing in the city you know has a signal. to. me so when i talk about. just the right after the wars explorers were moved would have their. record. to say where people go. oh ok let's rome welcome to sofia until i'm seeing the shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck little.
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come on while come to worlds apart you secretary of state mike compared made a surprise visit to afghanistan this week promising its government american support in and doing what he referred to as a forty eight year crisis this year in deep marks the fortieth anniversary of the socialist revolution in afghanistan which further exacerbated the tensions between the soviet union and the united states but is that really a starting point for afghanistan's current troubles well to discuss that i'm now joined by fazio koofi
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a member of the afghan parliament and prominent women's rights activist madame ku feed so great to talk to you think you very much for your time thank you for having now first of all let me start by getting your reactions to this latest visit by the u.s. secretary of state who not only indorsed president gunnies intention to hold talks with the taliban but actually repeated an offer for the united states to engage directly in those talks do you think that's a good idea what afghanistan is still one of the strategic partner or i mean you can't put it well the sea. would like to stay. in afghanistan the boat in water but also in peace i think good there is. a lot of confusion about the peace process in afghanistan definitely people of afghanistan who have suffered for more than forty years of war and conflict would like to see a country of peace because the country is now at the peak of so many conflict
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security stability also the upcoming elections two people want to see peace and security and. mediation of international community as a good and toured a will ensure further sustainability for peace but the peace process should actually be talks between the one who are fighting in this case the government of afghanistan and the taliban and i know that you are personally very concerned that any concessions to the taliban may reverse the recent gains in the women's rights in your country particularly article twenty two of the constitution which proclaims the equality between men and women is that really what the taliban is after because my impression has been that their main goal is to see the foreign there is out of their country do you think they would prioritise vis a vis social relations and that. we would be very happy to see a change of perspective among the taliban.


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