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these factors. are happy for the banks. about assignments of regulation right on that so in that case they were definitely they were protecting the population of the u.k. which we've already covered fracking over and over but i also want to look over at the u.s. where we also have a very big story in the news and that is means friend donald trump has had this immigration policy where he separate you try to separate these families took little three year old kids and two year old kids and diapers and but them in prison and their own little immigration center all run by private companies by the way and i mean i even saw reports that little two or three year old kids were brought up by their own with their lawyer public defender in front of a judge in front of a judge like explain that. day care to go. visit daddy a work day well they went to court and they had to answer for themselves why they
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cross the border and one of the kids climbed up on the counter and the judge's desk into didn't know better but nevertheless prison operators could cash in on trunk zero tolerance immigration policy the biggest private prison operators which have poor money into republican coffers than to make a windfall from president donald trump zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration that has pushed thousands of undocumented immigrants into detention so core civic is one of the biggest groups and their shares are up seventy nine percent since the twenty sixteen presidential election and geo shares have are up eighty five percent but just like the fracking just like all the horrible stuff like these and this is the same sort of grotesque lobbying that are basically able to plunder the population with a good test very well there it's a horrible environmental disaster or horrible humanitarian disaster of taking babies from their mothers and putting them in front of a court to answer for their actions it is go to scary as you point out. and that
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kind of american style grotesquery is going to be more prevalent in the u.k. now without the mitigating influence of the e.u. and the regulations are already saying that the fracking industry and in these other industries and it's going to get worse and so you going to take a population that's being victimized by corpore corporatism which is like a nice way to say fascism or grotesque very grotesque areas i'm feeling good thing to come out of this would be like music good music maybe punk rock songs but many johnny rotten john life and comes back and starts cutting new record to get out of the butter selling business. and i can sell it for sit.
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this out the sad part of his life getting taliban was that. the enough afghanistan. you guard their wife's their sisters as a. human being i mean that's historically like that but unfortunately due to the title but not on you know physically about it structures were kind of broken but most associated social values were damaged not only this one. damaged our structures that structures but it unfortunately.
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welcome back to the kaiser part imax geyser and let us welcome back into the stadia founder of gold money and a deep thinker or i so much welcome back thanks for having me again all right i use this in the first conversation and i think i must now begin to talk about over the last people just freak out here so this is as i mentioned twenty four karat gold investment jewelry it's from a company common a which is a company that you founded you started and it's fascinating because is investment jewelry it is priced in a way that fluctuates exactly with the spot price of gold and you're educating a whole world all with the whole western world about how gold is actually bought and sold in the eastern world by weight correct that's the key so you've launched this thing into the site business is really taken off people have taken to this quite rapidly how's it going it's going really well you know i think that you know
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i'm very passionate about gold it's what led to the founding of gold money in which was originally known as big gold and it feeds into what we talked about earlier you know at the end of the day instead of all the elaborate conversations we just had you can always simplify it that politicians are always going want to want to screw you over in a few money system and so gold is your way of preserving your purchasing power with gold money we did. a financial service an institution that allowed you to hold your wealth in gold but to really help people and broaden access to physical gold which is which is really the key here physical gold i recognized about two years ago that i had to disrupt the jewelry industry the jurors who consumes most of the mine gold about one hundred fifty billion dollars a year flows directly into jewellery and what i found was that the eastern jewellery markets were quite efficient they were. actually engaging and dealing with jewelry in the same manner that people have been dealing with jewelry for
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thousands of years since the beginning of time jewelry is generally made out of twenty four karat gold which just means the way gold is found in nature when you go and find gold in iraq it's not eighteen carat or fourteen carat that's an invention a human invention an alloy where the pure gold is taking in diluted down when you find jewelry in the east it's twenty four carat and it's sold by weight and it generally is devoid of any gems or diamonds stones so the goal is the jewelry is really a weight of objective value it can be bought it can be sold it can be exchanged you know forever i know i was you know one that bought into the myth that you can't own twenty four carat gold is too soft yeah but this is twenty four carat all it is pliable adjustable but it's not in any way you know too soft it's soft for a metal but it's still a metal and that's the key you know people that repeat that myth it's generally a lie perpetuated by the western jewelry industry right so if we got it when i
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started to learn about the western georgia show it was really appalled to see that in the old days you could find tiffany selling you jewelry by weight but nowadays the jewelry industry is really incentivized by wall street and by their own greed to have minimal working capital which means that they try to generate very high returns on their capital and try to generate the highest margins and they've been engaging in this game of how much margins could we charge a customer for the last forty years so when you buy something from cartier tiffany's or even pandora which is a lower cost jewelry brand ninety percent of what you're paying for is b.s. it's basically the brand they call it the brand but of course when you leave the store you can't sell it for that value so really you're just paying a very small amount of money for the intrinsic metal value and what we're doing with minae is we're turning that equation one hundred eighty degrees where inverting it so that when you buy. piece of men a jewelry ninety percent of the value eighty to ninety is going towards intrinsic metal value and only ten percent is going to design and all of our pieces are pure
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gold pure platinum the prices change every single day when gold goes up an item is the website yes a this this item i think is called the torque to give you the current spot price of this item and you can i believe actually if you wanted to i could go to benet and sell it for the spot price minus a fake there's a whole platform once you buy it and you can actually track its performance just like a stock you could sell and sell it we send you an envelope just like the old netflix you throw it in it's fully insured we ship to eighty countries around the world you can gift items you can even do something called mini harvest where you pay towards an item walk in the price at the time of purchase and once you fully paid we ship it to you so it's a really really cool way what people do and i get these i see they make a video and they turn them on the scale and they see it actually is the exact weight that advertised and occasionally someone will say oh my god it's actually a fraction of a gram over and they're like static and and now you've got these these are
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interesting these that all charms because they are pure twenty four carat gold and they're easily to collect and you know this is obviously appeals to folks i just want to get in on the on the goal action in a starter kit speak but it's quite quite lovely so now let's transition to the big picture here because people are buying gold and they say they're storing gold and gold money and then you've got countries like russia that are buying frick and hundreds of tons of gold because they see something happening in the global picture what's happening there why is why is russia by so much gulf well i think that everyone is recognizing that you know we're not going to be living in a u.s. dollar centric world for much longer and i think that the wise countries are preparing for this by establishing some other alternate medium of exchange. or store a value and when you go through the periodic table this is what i always say you find that there's really only one way to supplement and
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a form of trade remember you can't predict what type of trade you're going to have in the future russia can't predict if it's going to so china a lot of oil a lot of grains a lot of bush goodall's but what it can do is it can stock up on an intermediate commodity that has the same cost inputs as any other good or service and those inputs are energy labor and time and gold happens to do a very good job of absorbing a lot of those inputs and then storing them for a subsequent transaction that's all it does so as i study the periodic table the predictable of elements yes right so gold is number. seventy nine seventy nine i often use that myself by proving my high school chemistry class and hopefully in a correct and i know your partner josh comes from a geology background loves to get into the actual good deal geological properties of gold and that it has all the unique characteristics that make it perfect for
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money and so we are saying is only macroeconomic world russia is recognising that if you take labor you take energy it stores it's it can be is for trade but is there a fear now that we are reaching the end of this us dollar gemini of the us dollar as world reserve currency if trump as we've discussed earlier is going in redrawing all the trade negotiations is there a thought that we need to protect ourselves against having all this stuff going going going awry and we're you know heading back to the very basic trade trade in goal i think it's a real possibility because first of all if you're not living in the us you're. a great disadvantage today in terms of the chess game trump is really ahead of everyone
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a spear for moves and i think that there are only way for europe so you're a kid in gauging reciprocal trade so what that what does that do to the euro does a euro survive russia can engage in reciprocal trade with united states but at the moment that doesn't seem to be an option for them and i think russia has much more important trading partners like china i think that the way people should think about it is they should always be allocating a portion of their savings to gold and that portion that they are likely to gold will always be available to them in the form of purchasing power the same equivalent purchasing power doesn't always work every year but it works really really well if you stretch the arrow of time there's a wonderful book about this it's called the golden constant by roy jost from who is a harvard economist and it really shows how gold maintains its purchasing power over thousands of years you know one of the one of the nice ways that he does it is he says a roman senator's toga was one ounce of gold a brooks brothers suit in one thousand nine hundred was one ounce of gold and
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a new italian suit today's one ounce of gold so the gold is simply preserving purchasing power it's not making you rich and it's certainly allow you to avoid being poor now you speak about trampling forty chess is speak about trump as being mastering the game in a speaking my shop in very positive ways that i would say most amount of america doesn't share they are he's constantly being attacked and he's being vilified and he's being shown by mainstream media as being a character that is reprehensible in many ways and what what what what are people messing about trump because when you talk about shop you know i travel the world and i look at the global economy in the u.s. economy and i share a lot of your views there that he is actually doing some. that makes a lot of sense from sure economics point of view but what is the what is the media getting so wrong about trump and are they you know their looks like they're going
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to fail miserably in the election cycle the twenty twenty like cycle there dedicated to scapegoating russia for the failings of the democrats and hillary and yet if they looked a little bit more closely they would say this guy's actually making some good moves how could you break through that that sound barrier they think is kind of an odd question but i want to be clear a goal money our policy is always to nominate any political comments so i can't make a political comment about trump whether i'm for or against him or not but what i can do is make economic observations and i think it's unequivocal that trumps economic moves are the right moves you know there's a lot of talk about this concept news mercantile ism i'm sure you know a little bit about that and a lot of the austrian economists especially. and the modern keynesians seem to share the same view that mercantile ism is terrible and adam smith proved doesn't
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work in this in that i actually think that mercantile those is exactly the way one should run their country and all it means is that you don't run trade deficits and you accumulate metal bullion or some form of surplus i think that's very sound advice i have personally seen members of my family be very poorly impacted by the policies of the globalists who are twenty and thirty years of people that were involved in the industrial economy in the manufacturing side i have seen a lot of the nonsense and emanate from ivy league schools and think tanks saying that automation and people have to learn new trades and new skills and robots are going to solve everything and scarcity is a manmade invention and all this nonsense that i can given my understanding of economics and observing reality dispute we're producing more steel than ever in the world are producing more oil than ever. we're producing more automobiles and ever there's absolutely no reason why the united states should have seen its
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manufacturing base hollowed out it's good high quality jobs hollowed out hollowed out in lieu of really good khana me service jobs ok so to speak less market sell as i'm you have a mechanism to. periodical a balance the books correct right if a country starting his trade deficit then that some point gold is swapped and the books are balanced correct and so it's a way to put a limiter on what we see the excesses in monetarism where you've got money printing leading to mal investment correct right and it demands of the state the exact same principles we demand of the citizen why is the citizen have to balance their books and the state gets to run deficits and a trade deficit i sometimes i find myself reflecting on this and i think a trade deficit is even worse than a budget deficit especially when you have free flow of capital when you can take
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the capital back and instantly recycle it and then you're not just you're not just hollowing out the manufacturing base but you're also selling your assets to your competitors of course with gold you have individual sovereignty make your own little mark and tell us policy individual sovereignty that's the key and gold money where investors minae as a spin off of gold money and even some other things you're cooking up in the back room of the rice a by brain what you can only talk about next time you're on thank you i would love to us to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guests reisa block of gold money dot com and benet if you want to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report and there's a twitter from an a at many any any some picasso why. woman designs it all i mean how cool is that until next time.
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like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump putin summit is front and center be a mere photo op or something more. a play for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owners and spending through to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy played great so well with. the
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thinks it's going to. for.
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a long while come to worlds apart you secretary of state mike comparable made a surprise visit to afghanistan this week promising its government american support in anding what he referred to as a forty eight year crisis this year indeed marks the fortieth anniversary of the socialist revolution in afghanistan which further exacerbated the tensions between the soviet union and the united states but is that really a starting point for afghanistan's current troubles well to discuss that i'm now joined by fazio koofi a member of the afghan parliament and prominent women's rights activist madame koofi is so great to talk to you think you very much for your time thank you now first of all let me start by getting your reactions to this latest visit by the u.s.
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secretary of state who not only indorsed president gunnies intention to hold talks with the taliban but actually repeated an offer for the united states to engage directly in those talks do you think that's a good idea what's going to. strategic partner or i mean it. would like to stay. in afghanistan the boat in war but also in peace i think could there is a lot of confusion about the peace process in afghanistan definitely people of afghanistan who have suffered for more than forty years of war and conflict would like to see a country of peace because the country is now at the peak of so many conflict security stability also the upcoming elections two people want to see peace and security and. mediation of international community as a good and toured a will ensure further sustainability for peace but the peace process should
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actually be talks between the one who are fighting in this case the government of afghanistan and the taliban and i know that you are personally very concerned that any concessions to the taliban be reverse the recent gains in the women's rights in your country particularly article twenty two of the constitution which proclaims the equality between men and women is that really what the taliban is after because my impression has been that their main goal is to see the foreign there is out of their country do you think they would prioritise vis a vis social relations and that. we would be very happy to see a change of perspective among the taleban. especially when it comes to the view about women's political and social engagement because i remember during the taliban i was living in a kind of sun i remember how brutal their policies were to worse woman as women were deprived of their basic rights of education working. all kinds of basic rights
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. now i'm hearing different views perhaps taliban are divided when it comes to their view on perspective about women and gays minter parties. and in social and political life. right now the woman still are the main target of taleban political kind of perspective because when they talk about peace and negotiation one of their condition is woman islamic rights and their interpretation of islamic writer formally sort of one from the ones who are actually islamic clerks because they don't want women to go to school the leadership when you talk to the soldiers to the food soldiers their perspective is different so what i think is that we need an international do as i said before to make sure that women are in the negotiation table the part of the process because in most of the negotiation
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and the talks women are not included so that's a kind of concerned that if the beginning there is no woman included then of course that's that's what that's what it that's a valid concern hopefully eventually they will come to this understanding that the women of afghanistan have now come very far that they will not be able to reverse if interesting to me that both the americans and to some extent the afghan leadership referred to what is happening in afghanistan right now as the forty year crisis which would cover not only the american intervention there but obviously this obviously one as well from your perspective do you those great power are for raising to your country have anything in common. i think. as somebody who lived in afghanistan all my life there is one difference the difference right now with the. when the soviet invaded afghanistan. and supported the force the government against them which i had in a lot of people ended
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a little afghanistan were supporting whatever he did they were welcoming and supporting and they were giving the space for mujahideen and their children were fighting against the government then support. by soviet union but when it comes to the taliban because people of afghanistan have experienced the taliban and kind of have the decent smell of what they want in this country they don't have a lot of local and popular support at the local community and so therefore in many local communities people would like to see the international forces as a signal is a must search for tolliver not to come to those villages i think that's the difference if i could but i think one of the perhaps most obvious things in common that at least i see in both the how the soviets and the americans in gauging your country is that both try to remake afghanistan in their own image both put a lot of alpha sis on the women's rights because that was also
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a very very major issue for the soviets they believed in the emancipation of women they actually encouraged the women's participation in the labor force and if i'm not mistaken the nine hundred eighty s. actually set the historic record in afghanistan for women in the labor force and i would also argue both have failed in that regard is that how you see it that's true to some extent the truth is that. there are some problems woman of kind of some of our facing that has got diluted in our culture and tradition and it's very difficult to change culture and tradition overnight we need time we need commitment with resources and political commitment of all is essential to change of perspective there are some problems that are made by man these are human made problems for woman especially for instance when women are deprived of going to school. due to the war or during the taliban they were had to stay whole
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that's a program that is created by the politicians by the government and definitely we need somehow international support for those problems to get to the point but i. well you might here would be the changes that the women of afghanistan see today. just. as they should have. come from this society to come to the grassroots level if you go to the communities right now people especially women would like to see their daughters to go to school they would like to think you know that the changes are from the grassroots level and i think that to reverse it to take it back to the taliban preview it is not possible because here this woman of color so i want to see the chain medical care i'm sorry for jumping in but i want to take an issue with what you're just sad that it's not possible to refer to traverse that changes because that's obviously how the soviets approached that issue back in the night and eighty's they believe that those
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changes were natural it was a natural course of history but then. came in and they started undermining many of those efforts by investing heavily in the fundamentalists prefer ganda and it's well documented right now that. there was a concerted american effort to present people who send their daughters to school who are allowed their women to work as infidels don't you think that some of those challenges that we are facing right now are in part to rooted in that effort to preserve and women's rights as alley and to the afghan society is absolutely true i mean a lot of these groups are very fragile. to the international community. will see this or how did the national community was to meet these changes i'm sure is the international community try to exit from afghanistan for instance with. an
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assurance. that to some of these changes will be safeguarded this to history will repeat itself and then we will perhaps face some of those. same situation that we faced after the soviet. withdrawal from afghanistan but in the meantime we have to make it clear that after the soviets withdrawn from afghanistan there was a. civil war and. that basically undermined all the groups that were people of afghanistan in general and a particular woman of afghanistan. basically kind of started to scratch while the woman movement in afghanistan has a very long history of the women participation in social and political life has a very long history of doing this so that also we had a lot of schools there is another small differences but then you have these progresses were limited to the cities and now money of these programs limit is
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limited to the security in the places which there is security and safety you can see these prove this what i meant by american efforts to undermine women's rights in afghanistan was they have investment in the mujahideen group and i think it is fair to say that they specifically saw back in the eighty's to weaponize that culture of aggressive masculinity and intolerance towards education especially education among the girls now that was kept under certain restrictions while the soviet troops were still in big cities as you pointed out but once they withdrew i think the taliban took over very quickly and from what i understand from your biography you were already a young strong educated woman at a time what was it like for you to see all those gains reversed almost not overnight but i assume over a matter of a couple of months absolutely.


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