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many of these programs limit is limited to the security in the places which there is security and safety you can see these prove this what i meant by american efforts to undermine women's rights in afghanistan was they have investment in the mujahideen group and i think it is fair to say that they specifically sought back in the eighty's to weaponize that culture of aggressive masculinity and intolerance towards education especially education among the girls now that was kept under certain restrictions while the soviet troops were still in big cities as you pointed out but once they withdrew i think the taliban took over very quickly and from what i understand from your biography you were already a young strong educated woman at a time what was it like for you to see all those gains reversed almost not overnight but i assume over a matter of a couple of months absolutely it was not
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a nice moment to see a lot of. young women in afghanistan young girls are deprived of their basic basic rights like their rights to get out of your home and go to see a doctor it was something that money hundreds of women in afghanistan hundreds of thousands of women experience if you're good to see a doctor you had to be accompanied by a male company and from your family now can you imagine those women who are either not. their families they never managed to go to see a doctor so it's true the other today is that doing the mojahedin. when they were joined in were fighting against the soviets backed regime in kabul a lot of money came was i was invested for much. from the western countries and the united states without as you rightly said without putting some benchmarks in terms of human rights and women's rights situation. as
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a result the money was spent to support groups by some of the intelligence of the neighboring country on one hand on the other hand this money partly was used also to support other extremism that equalize groups in the region which literally eventually they came to afghanistan and afghanistan as a country that has a history of civilization was eventually used by different networks of radical groups that you know women were the main defense of their policies now i want to ask you something perhaps personal because we all assume that liberties are something that once you once you try them you start taking them for granted why do you think the afghan society is all those fathers and has burns who have been sending their daughters to school or who saw that wives going to work why do you think they all turned their back on that well that was the sub part of it the sad part of it is after life during taliban was that. the leader of afghanistan
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always guard their wives their sisters as a value able. to human being in their families that's historically like that that's why women and men in afghanistan are so protective towards the woman of the family but unfortunately due to the taleban not only that we had a physical structures were kind of broken and the government was physically you know not a strong government but brutal government but also socially our social values were damaged i remember for instance going in the streets of kabul when a woman was beaten up by taliban her husband denied the relationship just to be said to save himself not only this war and conflict actually damaged our structures and infrastructures but it unfortunately damaged our values too well madam kofi we have to take a very short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned.
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i think more doogan is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay if you look at it from the book. mark was the day that when he was five. going to his being the sheriff's most contentious could take the he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it seems like a bad it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively drug and went to his website began featuring comments about gold his family the sheriff's wife then i'm going to squash you like
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a bug you know i wish you'd stop then you should stay on the left and stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral boating. did p.b.s. and critics do going to town as. i snuck out of the united states. into russia. political asylum. men they know bad wolf. who watched the futurama or the jetsons they are traveling inside troops. they have a concept like that there were several implementations that were in the ninety's in the sixty's. so when he also was my dear and he was too busy with space if you want someone else to pick it up.
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camera. roughly once the show so move. on with the broccoli string. down on string. welcome back to worlds apart with piracy a koofi a member of the afghan parliament and prominent women's rights activist madam coffey just before the break we were discussing why the gains in women's rights in afghanistan dissipated so quickly once the taliban took over and i personally believe that's because this issue has long been presented as something before and there is a trying to impose on the afghan society first it was the soviets later it was the
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westerners and we can now see some effort that particularly in the west to present the women's issues in afghanistan as part of the me too movement do you think that's actually helpful. to be honest there are a lot of. changes the sense most taleban. changing the perspectives initially yes many people in afghanistan would be guard. support for woman. as an agent that the worst and the u.s. and the national community is in favor because women freedom came along with the fall of taleban. together with this abuse situation americans and they do come to us and so many people enough been so good regard. initially. with the guard woman movement and progress us part. the american or the west kind of intervention and
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support but not all of these things are changing the perspective is changing i think a lot of people will regard this as a. well i guess my problem with the me to movement and globalizing it to such extent is that it is primarily about taking on the male patriarchy reach may be the case for western countries but i think it's a rather limiting perspective for the rest of the world and particularly for afghanistan where as you articulated it's not just an issue of patriarchy it's also a very complex historic political geopolitical even it can and they cannot make a sure because you may educate the girls but at the current moment the afghan economy doesn't have enough troops to sustain that real empowerment don't you think that perhaps the western perspective on how women are treated in afghanistan is a little bit. too narrow many of these campaigns that you mentioned the need to
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which is part of this global climate isn't come in. is very limited to the cities or even among to see this very limited to. a few individuals so the global change about a woman a woman situation actually does not impact the woman of afghanistan's life what i'm trying to say is. right now the people of afghanistan perspective changed their view is in change for instance. when i went to school you know i faced a lot of challenges as a go to go to school but now from the same community that i come from a lot of men come to be asking put to school for girls because the see that there is a woman who is educated she can do something now they want to rule models and examples i think that's why i'm kind of believing that the perspective of people are changing and that's waiting things will not reverse back to the taliban because during taliban. the social media the media as
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a whole people will not see the progress and they have not experienced the levity to the extent that they have experienced now you know the use of media social media etc people now experience that i think yes when it comes to the global kind of standard talk woman rights in afghanistan we're nowhere in the global we still have a long way to go but when it comes to the situation on the ground the fact that there is a lot of a positive view about woman. i just give you an example you know we have according to our constitution we have a quota for women political participation now we do have some woman who have been elected on the juno seat without you know the coup that means that the perspective of the local community is in change in support of women but that of course as i said before need a lot of resources a lot of political commitments and you know it cannot be changed overnight now going back to that issue of talking to the taliban the question is how to do it because both the americans and the westerners more generally have tried different
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approaches back in two thousand and one george w. bush used ultimatums which resulted in a war on the other hand there were times when westerners sort of caved in to the taliban's demands for example back in ninety seven when the female attorney for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees was forced to talk from behind a curtain so they wouldn't see her face which led to even more outrageous demands later on what do you think is the optimal way of engaging this group without losing the chance for reconciliation but also without considering everything in the process absolutely it's a very important question because security and justice are the two process and it will only succeed if the two process is giving it quite a weight and equal importance if you don't give importance to justice to the people voice to the social participation. the end habitants of a country in
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a process just focusing on security which is a priority for us while not through security. as we wanted justice and security must go as a part of. the process and we need to have inclusion of woman at the same taliban that you can give an example of talking to women from behind a curtain you know i would be surprised to see their daughters studying and western capitals in the best universities so it's not. it's not that that they are really really believing in what they do it's all politics and in politics you can always be flexible and i hope the taliban will be flexible in terms of their approach for women participation and i think a woman should be given a voice problem did at the beginning they have to be part of the process because there is this believe among our leaders that you know once everything is settled then we will include women which is a very wrong believe you need to include women because as as you rightly say it
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didn't demand such you for victims of all these conflicts of forty one so i think that gives me some hope with that i think we now have a unique geo political moment when most of the regional players the united states russia china pakistan supported the idea of the talks between the government and the taliban the rather than trying to undermine each other convert me so it really looks like foreign there is at least are tired of this perpetual conflict what about the people within the country have they had and nuff of this war absolutely you know there was a ceasefire announced. by the government. the two days. you wouldn't believe it there was a list clarity about you know what the process would be there was no consultation in the process with. woman's. but you wouldn't believe it the taliban will come
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with. some of these. come to the cities to meet the order of the city people to go to the site places so that is an indication of how to turn. our people is for peace but in the meantime let's also keep in mind that as i indicated before we want to have a peace with justice like just a peace and secure country we had to do it in taleban during taliban afghanistan was absolutely a peaceful country but there was no life there was no freedoms a freedom of speech freedom of movement and no rights for women so yes we won boat we want peace but also we want freedom as a human being now your own personal story i think is a very hard braking and inspiring at the same time when you were born your mother left you all at the century to die because she wanted to have a son but then thankfully she changed her mind and the from what i understand she
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began your biggest champion in life is that an apt metaphor for how afghanistan is treating its daughters. all good this perspective is now changing in some of the families because if you have a daughter your daughter can go to school and she will have an income for the family i have two daughters which i'm very proud of them. to this changing in some of the families but still. afghanistan there are a lot of people a lot of of course woman who want to have a son and the reason for a woman primarily is because women suffered a lot as my mother always gave me this example she suffered as a woman a lot in her life she has faced a lot of discrimination and injustice she didn't want another girl to face as much challenges and problems as she faced and therefore she wanted to have a boy not because she didn't love us a daughter but because. she didn't want another woman in this world to suffer as
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much as she suffered i think that my mother perspective was rather unique because you know she had brother from another mother from my stepmother and my mother also wanted to have a son but this perspective still exists in the us where people want to have son because they believe the sound is the identity hold out of the family. for the family they comprise and the family also when it comes to the property right to have more rights to access property these are all these are people who want to have sons but in the cities and urban areas the perspective is changing very happy about it well and some of those social changes our ready it reflected in the politics as you noted earlier in some localities there are more men than the women register to run in the next fall's elections i wonder you if you have already made up your mind whether you're going to be competing for the parliamentary seat again to
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parliamentary elections definitely i have just said myself and i hope that the. last time i was elected on a general seat and i'm hoping that this time again. the same level of support and trust from my people that i get elected not on a quota but on agenda see then i hope that more women will also from the people from the provinces will get more gender seats that we have more women participation in parliament and i hope that eventually woman will be in the leadership of the parliament why not to have a woman as a speaker of the. parliament or maybe the president of afghanistan i know that the elections are coming up next year anyway madam kofi we have to leave it here thank you very much for being with us today and best of luck in your very difficult job and courage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages and hope to see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump summit is front and center would be a mere photo op or something more.
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i don't look from the first official visit to the u.k. is met with massive protests in london the us president though is convinced of his popularity in britain i believe that the people in the u.k. i think that those people. like me a lot i don't know anybody that likes him i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him here for majority because we don't like him that's why people come out today i think covering up this morning also world cup twenty eighteen reaches its climax in russia this weekend taking on england on saturday for third place in the tournament then that huge final on sunday between france and croatia. did other headlines congressional chaos hearing into an f.b.i.
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agent truck descends into insults and shouting the agent was once part of a russia collusion probe but there was also a familiar suspect in the frame two i strongly believe today's hearing is just another victory. and another milestone in our campaign to tear america part. of a good morning it's eight am here in moscow this friday the thirteenth of july my name is kevin owen you're watching out the international in the headlines and this morning donald trump on his first official visit to the u.k. it's been a little short of a warm welcome from people there with huge crowds gathering to protest against the u.s. president british prime minister trees a may played host of the lavish dinner for him at a stately home on thursday night he's now due to meet a number of you care facials later including the new foreign secretary jeremy hunt
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trump will also be meeting the queen at windsor castle thousands and. expected to protest his visit again and this is of course the general mood here is that these people don't want donald trump to be visiting the u.k. at all these people are force just part of the protests that will be taking place in the u.k. throughout the next couple of days with massive protests expected to take place on friday and indeed this is donald trump official visit t.j. the president. really has official working visit as opposed to the state to just take down the level of pomp that would otherwise be associated with the state leader coming to the u.k. and of course he was up well before he even arrived here the controversy surrounding his visit has been taking place with people protesting that he come here at all with even the amp he's discussing in parliament whether or not he should be allowed to do that following
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a petition online of people saying they don't want him here but of course none of this seems to be changing donald trump who believes he's very much liked in this country protests there there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know i have property in ireland and property all over i think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration well of course our we decided to ask this question to the protesters here and see how much they actually like donald trump i don't know anybody i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him. to think he's going to hear this message of people protesting that's not the point probably not although you never know but we have to protest anyway we can't do nothing. about five people in a row in a tory government the rest of the country. signed up for.
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going to spank free. country don't like him that's why people come out today and donald trump said he thinks he's a law. in the u.k. do you think that's true absolutely not. absolutely look at the people. see things like. this is. the perception what. is going to be. so. obviously against. continue. yeah of course ahead of the visit activists crowdfunding campaign for a giant balloon depicting the u.s. president is
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a crying toddler pleased to see that not everyone supported the idea some said indeed it was disrespectful so in turn. raise funds for yet another balloon this time to pick saying the mayor of london said he can as a toddler their anger at his decision to allow the trumpet in the city well free speech and all that we spoke to one of the campaign organizers. but it in response to the donald trump balloon been given permission by city i'm not massive. i think it's doing a good job and i respect him and i think he's definitely welcome to the u.k. and i thought most of the people in the u.k. think and you've seen through the the response of the crowd from the i you know sets up so also saying to you can't you don't get to represent the british people you don't talk on our behalf you know elected to talk on our behalf and it's not what we the majority of the british public feel he's got a personal vendetta there with donald trump and is using his position as mer and it's abusing its position as facts to allow this to go ahead this wouldn't happen if it was
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a baby obama group just wouldn't happen i think it's. like donald trump i think it's disrespect i think it's actually. quite rude and disrespectful to have to play in and i think we should have more dignity would you have endorsed an image of you depicting you for argument's sake as a pig which would be very offensive to muslims would you endorse but if it's peaceful and if it's safe yes really as offensive as rude as ignorant but he did see or life t.v. that he would be up for it so he can't really complain about it so what are things really like is we're going to have looks into what's called the special relationship between the two countries. america and the u.k. have a special thing going a special relationship they called it language culture values defense then came trump but surely he can't ruin it right the special relationship between the u.k. and the us has been strong for many years and will have opportunity to talk about
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a possible future trading relationship really remember barack obama when he came around they couldn't get enough of him everyone wanted to shake his hand and get a picture what a swell guy. trump just doesn't have the charm it seems where barlow was greeted with cheers and applause trump gets protests and outrage even a giant trump baby balloon and americans being told to avoid drawing attention to themselves be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution and
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expect to live in the vicinity of large gatherings keep a low profile. one would imagine a special relationship would be a little friendlier but what do we know who to say hip in this explosive and politically divided age of ours but why they hate ok trump did slap britain and europe with painful tariffs and steal an island minium and mrs me certainly wasn't happy about it expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified decision of the united states to apply terrorists to steal and i'm moving in. it cannot be done by taking unilateral action against our partners then there was the whole iran mess so much effort years of work to get iran to verifiably stop pursuing nuclear weapons and then trump torpedoes it but come on you couldn't have been alone britain's always been there for the states donald
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trump. undermined progress towards normalization of relationships with i have been very clear in a number of conversations with the president of the united states about the belief of the united kingdom the j c p a way the nuclear deal with iran should stay then there's the. maze of government and strategy are in shambles she needs friends the back and who better than the us the people voted. to break it up so i would imagine that's what they'll do but maybe they're taking a little bit of a different route so i don't know that's what they voted for well that wasn't very helpful no trump did offer the u.k. a tariff free trade deal if it really did as the e.u. but goodness me there's very little that special in this relationship aside from
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how fast it's losing its specialness and on top of that trump being trump just had to rub salt in the wound i'm going to a few hot spots we have nato there we have the u.k. and then we have food. and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know but i'm going to a pretty hot spot right now with a lot of rest a lot of resignations come on that's just nasty saying it's easier to talk to putin then to you our allies but they you go how's that for friends it's like the phrase goes with friends like these who needs enemies so this might read he says the donald trump per views the u.k. right now is a disadvantage because of the crisis but be quite impressed that there is such a big turnout just a protester i'm sorry he'll he'll be flattered by all in my.


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