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tv   Sophie Co  RT  July 13, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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then to your allies but there you go how's that for friends it's like the phrase goes with friends like these who needs enemies. and next up russia's foreign ministers said that in the absence of any real evidence highly likely now seems to be enough for some western governments to down russia in a multitude of cases so ok lavrov made those comments while speaking exclusively to larry king on r.t. he also touched on this channel's difficulties abroad more quarter has the details . well the interview covered a number of hot button issues regarding russia's relation to the rest of the world and one of which was trump's recent comment at a nato summit where he said that germany was a captive of russia because of merkel's gas dealings with putin now this came after germany and a number of other european countries approved the construction of the nord stream two gas pipeline this is a pipeline that would run directly from russia into the european union now while merkel denied the allegations that germany is
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a captive of anybody lavrov had this to say about it how did you react when the when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia and the quote what the president said when he was president putin this he is in the middle of his friend who said he is compared to a strong competitor but speaking of competition i've always believed in free competition because free market is about free a competition and when the united states. use the period said the north stream. must be stopped and those european countries whose companies would be participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states useful computation of russian oil to repay would you supposed to be. a critical miry congress then sort of sort of but this is not
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because i mean this is no competition this is a deal that now shifting back to america larry king asked surrogate lavrov what he thought about the american intelligence community's conclusion that russia had meddled in the twenty six thousand presidential elections now citing lack of evidence lavrov had this to say about it the and then his conclusion by the entire american intelligence community is that your government influenced the american elections in twenties thing. steen it's a report signed only by three agencies out of a dozen of intelligence agencies who normally would participate in anything called the union of the entire intelligence community of the united states then i saw the report of the senate intelligence committee. assert that you know that russia has been interfering with the elections and then no single factor
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was produced no the investigation of these souls are very poisoning is also going on without any transparent information highly unlikely thing and the assertion that there is no of a credible explanation is becoming a rule on which the west and friends try to brace the policy organization lever also went on to speak about artie's image internationally now r.t. america has already been registered as a foreign agency in the united states and the french government has already announced its plans to put together a blacklist of media organizations it believes contributes to fake news now let's see what lavrov had to say about that we are concerned that our team which is not foreign to you is being labeled by for example the french government as agents of influence. and they say in french government introduced a draft law to be a problem which is intended to compile the blacklist of media outlets.
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suspected of spreading fake news and they would most seriously. blick least would be a company that by combining one at the government level at the legislature level at least of media resources which would be recommended to national regulators of cyberspace as rely. well sources for those notes that is the ship then i don't understand much of this life concerning this program which is on our t.v. and all the sources are to you has never interfered with this show at all never edited us never censored us or anything so i'd gone record as saying that now of course those were only a couple of the major points but you'll be able to see the whole interview tonight on politike king on r t america. how the world cup wrapping up this weekend the fee
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for president has been giving us his thoughts on the tournament that story imo after the break. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars prime stamping each day . eighty five percent of global will you loans to the rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one to show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump the summit is front and center would be a mere photo op or something more. i got from now as anticipation builds ahead of the twenty eight hundred well cup final here in russia has president's been heaping praise on this she has told to it is the best world cup ever. the russians the russian people a big thank you to russia especially about a. pundit peter schmeichel along with been speaking to the head of european football's governing body to get his thoughts on russia twenty eight. a lot of fans
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who around the world change their opinions of the country just because of the power of football the power of the world cup yeah first of all i would like to congratulate feet below sea russian football union and the russian federation i knew the world cup would be organized well but i'm still positively surprised and for me. it's maybe it's a joke but not completely one of the biggest achievement is that even custom is police started to smile. they don't smile anywhere in the world and they say welcome to russia so. i mean pressed and i mean press by the level of. of she's fullness i don't see any aggression i don't see any any extreme fans. walking around the distance is quite big and some of the people who are support were a bit concerned about it before and the world cup started but it proved to be anything manageable so it suits and nice things for
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a good thing for us to know you'll be heading off and sent to watch belgian england the fourth place left we've been talking about really the significance of this it's what it's like ok against cain is that the most important thing that i made today saying this is for if you look at the sporting it is not really it's not really a mark you've been knocked out of a semifinal you want to do really as a place to call home but i have a suggestion because i know that's a debate with. a new way for if there is any kind of element in there like we have in this game between belgium and in that it's look our quickens came they want to win the gold i think and for this world cup it should be down there in the ritz where one v one ten minutes each side and whoever scores the most goals in that game win the golden boot and then everybody would but what do you think of that i think it's a fantastic idea but it should be you a first of all but we. are the same set them for the world cup final between france and and croatia. sunday but before that of course there is one more game to decide
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who takes third place that's going to be on saturday belgium will meet england for the second time of this tournament this time though in some petersburg the game will also decide who takes home the world cup's golden boot it's between belgium striker though because england's harry kane the england captain is currently the tournament top scorer with six goals to clear head of the car whose scored for. then the luzhniki stadium in moscow will be the center of attention twenty four hours later france will be looking to lift the famous trophy for the second time while it's croatia's first appearance in a final of the championship one carrot has been particularly noticeable with football fans the wolf mascot called zob. the world cup is almost done and dusted and sadly it will soon be time to say good bye to this guy. caught. in the sword just in this month.
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everyone in minnesota look at that no doubt i'm. but who would have thought this charming furry creature or his name could poke the hornet's nest says means. the haka means the one who scores in russia very suitable name for the. charm and confidence but for some a simple explanation like that is just not. always fairly late to the party in terms of making the connection between. all the russian was i have to do with among other things fighting on the recreational use of marijuana to be clear there was inspired by games that had been born. however as we all know know billy gibbons
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speak for mascots or to the town to anyone at the world cup so for. older generation folks to be almost immediately thought of another man let's call it russia style the. town like. this to see a cartoon character. with alcohol and cigarettes is this really the way to go to these kind of thing to make you happy. it was more language related problem was the word city wide can you go with the proposition that case that would mean not to care. or actually not given that it. was. showing a few instances of. that there's no point in talking about all these associations without hearing from foreign fans who've seen.
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first of all. one more try. thomas was. well i think you'd say. oh yeah ok. does time not cool right. that's that's a lot of us who live you have to work with. but that's interesting because of all of those. ok you're going to probably get cut off while that's so good you have a russian background or some. very good. that's a too much bog so what does. this quite a lot of. friends because. that's interesting
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because one of the puppies said well i'll sell my son stephen dalton. maybe legal father you know that. yes i was. like i got a lot more time because. you think this god really leaves kilos and they can you see tell it like such. but however you're really. going to talk about how friendly this world cup is so let's just give him some love while he's still raw. finally that away from the football they helped propel humankind's dream of space exploration to new heights but the iconic launch towers at cape canaveral in the united states have come down to earth with
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a bubble. over the span of more than fifty years those towers have known some of analysis most missions to the moon and to mars but the historic complex has now been demolished the last seven years the towers have been out of service and the cost to remove them is thought to have been around the two million dollar mark make way though for a new space exploration project that aims to establish a lunar colony by twenty twenty two. and of an era that we're going to keep an eye on that huge protests in the west end of london whatever hundred thousand people predicted to be marching to trafalgar square ahead of an early evening rally that city been picking up the pace after that press conference we had earlier pretty extraordinary press conference from to resume and doubled from more on that next hour i'll be here to update you on that on the rest of the of a headline news from. i
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think or do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency it is funny for you to stay if you look at some of the before now and. mark was the day that when he was fighting that alliance. do going to spin the shares some of this contentious critic for a year is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in the east were pretty much one of the first start of the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or things like that it's a nod and a wink wasn't what i wanted to deal. we've
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had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively to gun went to his website began featuring comments about god his family the sheriff's wife and men join us wash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop the nation the end of life and stop i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral letting the f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critics in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia why didn't political find. men they know bad wolf.
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hello and welcome across or all things considered i'm peter lobo like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump putin summit is front and center would be a mere photo op or something more. talking the trump putin summit i'm joined by my guest i reeled in london he is a foreign affairs consultant and analyst in new york we have charles or tell he is
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a private investor and writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday which are also and unlike jackson we have new mcadams he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity are gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate danny let me go to you first and lake jackson let's think about the afterglow of well it was a interesting even entertaining to some degree. of nato this year i'm not sure of anything really is going to stick because we have like mccrone coming out saying well we talked about budget increases but we didn't agree on anything so i don't know what that we know it was a public display and trump style ok and he left a lasting impression as we go into the putin trump summit now where do you think things stand go ahead daniel. well trump said all the right things for the wrong
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reasons yet you missed a lot of the big points but he exposed one thing that's probably the most important thing to come out of the nato summit which is that nato is a racket it's an absolute racket and he exposed that with his comments about germany germany if you are so afraid of russia if russia is about to invade you why are you in richmond then with billions and billions of dollars in trade and not building up your own military he's exposed it for the whole world nato is a racket i think that should be the one thing that comes out of the summit. from what's the perspective from london because that's where the president the united states is right now go ahead. the number one this concerned with snaring donald trump we don't have a serious debate over the. two days ago. but look a form. of the economist. had this exposé in the b.b.c. saying that we need to stick together because i'm not you know crumbling so the general outlook within the political. elite i mean among the politicians and in the
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u.k. is that they don't know i mean they are scared they are scared of you know losing the incentives and everything which has been granted to them so far so we as i said before we don't have a serious debate we have. blame game but we don't have any serious debate which is lucky and it's exposing and i agree with you that in europe i mean . i don't blame donald trump they allow him to you know to play on their nose ok i don't blame donald trump well yeah i mean i agree with daniel let me go to charles right now i think a lot of questions that need to be at answered were never asked but one thing is for sure charles donald trump was true to his avocation he said businessman by american. since by american energy that's his real message it really wasn't called security it was about we want you to buy our stuff here and that was his
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bottom line charles go ahead well i also think that there's a lesson in history when nato was formed western europe lay in ruins and soviet union was a gathering threat very severe gathering threat that was seventy years ago almost and the nations the big nations in europe are very wealthy there's speaking it just as an american based in it here in new york new york a diet hundred fifty two was the manufacturing capital of america was a major export are today new york lays york state is a bloated bureaucracy our manufacturing is in ruin and you know we need to spend money we need to encourage investors to spend money here it absolutely makes no sense across the political spectrum i think in the u.s. to be sending billions and billions of dollars to defend germany against. russia when germany seems very interested in promoting russia's economic interest so it's time to have the grown up talk and it's ridiculous to wait till twenty
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twenty five for these rich european nations to foot their share of the bill. daniel the the interesting thing for me is that you know and i've said this on this program a number of times nato exists because it exists they don't have a reason why except for there's a huge bloated and very comfortably paid bureaucracy there everybody gets a cut of the pie and that's why i mean you know teressa may not even be in power this time next week and she told trump i want you to be tough with putin ok i mean in that's the only card that she gets to play is that and that's the only way she gets to stay closer to europe through this brags that quagmire is to nato is the alliance that gels everything together but it is it's really an emperor with no clothes argument go ahead daniel. well she basically got caught in a lie and she's trying to get other people to help lie the way out of it you know she's desperate for trying to bring up the scruple affair because you know everything that they said about it has completely been undermined by facts you know
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the idea that went over there and and poisoned a former russian spy but the fact of the matter is. you know the germans there's a new poll that's out saying that more germans want americans to leave then to stay and that is such a significant thing europe does not feel threatened by russia at all otherwise they would spend if you had a threatening neighbor next door you may buy a gun you may move you may do something else but if you just sit there and take it then you don't really feel threatened and i think that's the case with with with with jerk with europe and you're right nato is this big monster that exists to exist it's a bureaucracy they built a big scary claw. is their new headquarters i think it cost a billion dollars at least i'm sure other experts anding it to very level and areas funding things like the atlantic council which does nothing but but you try to
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destroy journalists who are not on board with the neo con anti russia view so it's become a very mild level an anti freedom organization rather than pro west pro freedom organization you know and drill and. we're going to talk about the some in the second half of the program but i mean did nato come off very well after this summit here because i think we all agree trump questioned a lot of important things but having question what i think is fundamentally you know the reason why the alliance exists in the first place and it was really quite telling dizzee he's the one that said well russia isn't an enemy it's a competitor again this is his mindset this is not the mindset of a bureaucracy a military alliance ok they don't have that mindset because you know the trump wanted you know in the west they build weapons to make money it's a business a country like russia builds primarily weapons for defense it doesn't mean they go
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don't go out on the road and sell them but primarily it's for defense go ahead in london. first of all we have two of the the nato. is a huge business for many people so the new. to industry and to russia industry. it is the glue which which is sticking together the western nations so that's why we're seeing this fear now and the sense of insecurity among among the elite athletes and as you rightly said and what it won't cup two thousand eight hundred mosco proved is that people are not afraid i mean ordinary people are not afraid of russians many citizens of them from all over the world came to russia and they were pleased with. what they saw in moscow in russia all together so it is. said is this forty seven percent of all of the german populace which is unwilling to have. u.s.
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troops on their soil it is only thirty five or thirty four which is still willing to have u.s. troops on or on german soil so if you talk to the you know regular people even in poland in. a republic in france they're not scared of front of russia's kids maybe it is only the elites who those who are you know participating. profiting from from from stigmatizing russia are afraid because what they are going to do and you know whole russia business will collapse yeah you know where they are going well. find work and i know that because they were russian phobia and anti russia it's a it's also a racket ok i mean you can never be you can say anything what you want about russia and be completely wrong and you'll never be punished or charles charles let me just jump in let me just yeah let me just say one quick thing if you happen to have
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a eastern european. and you are willing to smell russia you are a lot of money yeah i remember when i arrived six years. to go to this country and i thought to be working on the research and the house of commons i remember and i will not tell the name of the person but i was assured that if i'm going to participate in this. if i'm going to participate only on the merit of the fact that i'm coming from the eastern europe and a lot of money so it tells a lot about the you know yeah you know it absolutely you know charles i mean i guess kind of looking at the mindset and in the there's these other issue of trade that's on the margin right now is in this conversation is that you know trump sees that the united states was very generous in helping rebuild europe for geopolitical reasons it wasn't just generosity ok and now you have a very rich continent sure it has a lot of problems a lot of the problems are self-induced ok and if they're not happy with the united
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states as a leader of nato why don't they have their own defense alliance they're not poor they have they have technology they have people oh but then again nobody wants to join the german army and i heard there's like only like twelve tanks that run i mean really this is there it's not a military alliance it's a propaganda alliance go ahead charles you know and i think it really needs to be reimagined and repurposed i mean if you look at nato it was effective from forty nine until ninety two but then after the soviet union went away you know what it was what is nato really been doing and is there a need for an alliance of this group of nations to pursue missions internationally or not or should it be a different group of missions the simple fact is that rightly or wrongly united states over time is spent a lot of money on military and has you know our military has sadly a lot of experience fighting around the world so of course you know if you're going to ally with somebody you want to think about allying with the united states
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military i just think this alliance is another at this point globalist bureaucracy that is not regulated properly that is not serving a clear mission and you know i don't see the strong. argument for the u.s. taxpayer which is sorely indebted over twenty one trillion dollars at this point to be throwing money down globalization show the money to building a widower so they need to go and take that money and build a wall gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that job break we'll continue our discussion on the trump summit stayed with us. through watch to futurama or the jetsons they are traveling inside tubes it's pretty normal this thing have come concepts like that there were several in implementations that were planned in the ninety's in the sixty's. so.


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