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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 14, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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even pulling berlin for working together with russia here's the reaction we heard from mr putin's press secretary to that. let's not forget that north stream too is an international project it's not even russian german or german russian it's a multinational enterprise which has many shareholders among them very big companies from various countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany with sanctions if this project goes further these threats are a big concern and speaking of the enormous amounts of work in terms of perhaps by both administrations the press secretary admitted that the agenda is far from being for here's mr patched up with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing it will be created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the full version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary of the russian
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president on monday just several hours before donald trump and. me and helsinki. british police say they found the source of the nerve agent who killed a woman in the turn of a mystery left a partner in a critical condition they say a bottle was retrieved from the house of the survivor and is being analyzed at nearby military lab porton down. on wednesday july eleventh a small bottle was recovered during searches of charlie rose's house in amesbury it was taken to porton down for tests following those tests scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the bottle is novacek please continue to investigate whether there's any link between the amesbury incident and the script poisoning in seoul's brain back in march house in amesbury where the chalk was found is still cordoned off this morning officials say there is no wider threat to the public we heard from dave cullen professor of organic chemistry at
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cornell university he says the fact that are highly toxic agent was apparently kept in a bottle is surprising. it's impossible to make a connection and there been no data presented so you're at the mercy of the authorities assuring us what they found and what they know what it is and you know how bottle ended up and there was as and that matter whether or not they actually were poisoned by not which uk if you're allowed to get down to find it suspicious that there carding no overt check around in in what's called a bottle i would think the container they use might be a little easier than a bottle so but we have no information that so but it's yet i find the whole thing suspicious. a mass militants have fired more than a dozen rockets into israel it comes in retaliation to israeli airstrike that hit several targets in gaza there are no reports of casualties the i.d.f. say the strikes targeted a hamas tunnel and other military sites in the southern gaza strip israel claims
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that it took action after palestinian protesters started to throw explosive devices and fire bombs at troops on the border earlier a fifteen year old palestinian boy was killed in clashes on the israel gaza border one is what the soldier was also injured in the unrest there to. the. the. was. friday's riot sparked a hundred days now since the start of the so-called march of return palestinians have been rallying at the border fence every week commuting is relevant keep paying their ancestral lands throughout the day demonstrators burn tires and hold rocks it is when he forces who responded with tear gas and live bullets reports from the border so i am only one hundred meters away from the fence that separates does
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a strip with israel and as you see palestinian tel testers are trying to approach a friend and break it but every time there was an attempt. the israeli forces are every act back with live ammunition and tear got palestinians as you see still come to to the protest are very close to the fence and are burning tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers palestinians are still motivated and still passionate of the about the great march of return demanding the right of return and demanding breaking the bloke aid on the gaza strip that has been imposed for more than eleven years palestinians today are also protesting expel expressing their brains and anger against the demolishing of the israelis to find a motive but when village the israelis are also imposing more restrictions on procedures on the gaza strip while they're going to close them shalom crossing which they're not allowing any imports oil exports to gaza strip and they're only
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allowing the humanitarian needs you can see the palestinians. angry and expressing their anger at the palestinians say that this is the only way they can achieve their demands expressing their anger and spread the race of the whole world palestinians continue to raise the palestinian flag up high during the protests and as you see the palestinians are very very close to the fence while they know that there are have fairly weapons states soldiers stationed along the fence this is one of the injuries that came from the fence just right now. with. them since the beginning of the march eighteenth children were directly shot dad and they are the two including the one hundred thirty eight palestinians killed since the beginning of the march. who could and could do that at the border
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reporting for us you're watching up to world news looking forward to the pujas week and the world cup football coming up after this quick break. was a change agent writes about as a nice way to say he's crazy believe anyone is going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch was exactly what is needed for the united states because the united states was very poorly position to
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head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on the chess board and star playing checkers i mean and start all over again. and again as president trump wraps up the official part of his controversial u.k. to a question still hang over a new trade deal between london and washington caleb maupin explains more this morning. in the lead up to the meeting between the two leaders we saw the publishing of an interview with donald trump that suggested he was harshly critical of the prime minister of the united kingdom if they do a deal like that it will most likely because we'll be dealing with the. european
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union instead of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably kill the deal with if they do that deal with us is probably not good but i think they do have to strike it is not what the people voted on it was not the deal that was in the referendum and though they have a lot of resignations so a lot of people don't like it now but it will definitely affect trade with the united states unfortunate negative way however when donald trump was speaking alongside to resume he argued that this interview was essentially he called it fake news he said that his words were taken out of context and that he actually has a very positive view of the british leader and that the relationship is doing just fine and like trump theresa may was also optimistic give our relationship terms of grade the highest level of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner with there is really something very special not an excellent discussion here
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there was something something very special this incredible woman right here she's a very smart very tough very capable person the broadest. security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship a long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job. this isn't so much a question of donald trump's goodwill or teresa mayes goodwill the special relationship this is a question of international law if you've committed to maintaining the rule book as you put it i believe that that's what be. a white paper suggests then you're not going to be able to form nimble trade agreements dynamic trade agreements with other countries because you're going to be stuck with a regulation although theresa may says otherwise so i think that's very confusing it's a little bit misleading to the public. reaction from large sections of the british
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public to trump's visit stood in stark contrast the reception to reason may gave him tens of thousands of people took to the streets of london to crying trump stansell migration and bricks it. was. like to think that. well we're here today because we're rejecting the politics that trump represents with cheese as far as we can see and mr cheney stick at sheetz with women in the sixty's and it didn't but he has been the ran the racist comments continuously the way that he treats immigrants and refugees he's had to scrape. they saying that the kind is free for all for corporations in and
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big business deregulation of the markets and he's going to think that she hurts working people all across the globe and both a saying to our own government that they shouldn't be throwing their arms open and welcoming and rolling the red carpet out for somebody like this they need to be standing up and taking principled decisions and making a principled stand against which i'm pretty dense and they're just not doing that scene from the british prime minister tree's a man he's been criticized after she expressed her support for england's team for some the gesture didn't seem sincere enough after a government boycotted the games here in russia.
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i. yes. well politics aside it's the football that counts it's the big finale the world cup weekend is underway here in russia down to spacious building ahead of that huge croatia final on sunday before the belgium will clash with england in some papers but for the third place on saturday both teams are in the chance to take in the main title but with peter of course in those nail biting semifinal matches. i was was. was. was was.
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the was was was. was. was. but the question now is can belgium repeat their victory over england that beat three lines one nail in the group stage we spoke to fans ahead of the game saturday . the. morrow would lose the final. place is not about results he's a very good results i'm proud of england playing a final is more important than play for the third place i think that is the i mean that is unique right but it will be or best result if you get the play so i think absolutely will go for the first and fourth is nothing is it members for the four
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people you remember the first or the second got to the final news yeah definitely. yeah you should be there on the final because we were proud of them proud. are you confident but tomorrow you could start to think you can win trip four zero i guess for sure yeah oh fun i said enough i had the third place playoffs and some papers but we got another fans i feel of russia supernova capital. there are many ways to explore the city of st peters but you can get a rooftop view all you can take one of the many boats schools around the city oh. you can take it all in one of these the cup a cup which is a classic soviet vehicle and.
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this is. my grandma. so it's going to drive us around the city he's going to give us a with pleasure. in this love because i'm joined by brother for results so i'm going to enjoy these sites to get that school going to the school that's. now that brazil out to support in the next in the final in the final probably correct because the dog. i like and then it's all doing something for you but i'm. looking at the size. and the downs this week going to dance. for. you going to the close and. running one of the speed and the sun.
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obviously you've been to the stadium you went to watch the semifinal that's one thing i would do you think it's they do but i'm not into the stadiums is one. of them is. i'm loving all of the really only take home kind of back to the exact of. the football the biggest. it's in just a day away from place croatia for the ultimate title at the luzhniki stadium here in moscow on sunday and that one very talented four legged pundits in no doubt which team will lift the trophy although we think maybe just maybe you had to choose biased.
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well the dog the sixth sense pay off or find out for many of the friends have visited russia win or lose it's been a trip nonetheless they will never forget. what it's about. someone. i'm. right. in the middle not to i'm stupid i'm going to do for you but from the food on the end you know not a number given to the funniest of. people
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on the chair at last because he thought imo yes it will be cool and for those young i love the sun haters on this one idea of one doesn't and will. always lose because to me on this person i do of those i based out of it i love it as you might because of from the kind of coming out from like i need to get into the video games but i'm sometimes. supposed to start that mr straw mr got so much that's going to stop the most. as we put a few of them in some. of the natural and that's not going to. benefit from victoria on the kind of down south that he was in that you had you in as i me go to the next week i don't know yet about a day it was by then and i just i got me but if you're me i'm already has bought a baby food. want you to use
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a little but occasionally she will look is in lieu of luxury and i look as if you are in the. good will but where to. put a legal means to contain the easy mucho macho guys as i do with little bit of what you just mean some but the beautiful syllable pretty cuz i'm just the same be the one you see in the deep sea and fall to the brave and do what it must be i'm feeling the most like you my freedom we know that you feel that it would be. a tiny well i'm not a huge football fan myself but the event has been mazing you. would have missed out if you haven't come it has been really so but anyway that suits me so far i'm kevin owen your moscow one needs for me in half an hour of course a huge weekend of world cup football the great finale that all coming up too we've got a couple of buckets of watching us international for the whole team here have
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a great weekend with your football but oh no. she will camera. roughly once the show and some will pay you for the. future cool videos julie. and someone with the broccoli string at. least one string i don't really don't t.v. . years. you don't care exaggerated night the comedy show we're americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. yes since i was off last week we start out with some good news you can tell oh yes yes all right i got
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the environmental protection agency got breuer it has been forced out amid more scandal but ok i want to draw fault he finally got to play out in his efforts to pave over the country we the people said leave and don't let the screen door hit you in the asphalt on the way out i write. one of the scandals was buying a forty three thousand dollars soundproof both with taxpayer money so he could do is go rob sheehan in peace and quiet. like literally like the whole of the whole that dr hold up everyone's i. guys guy chaotic than allow. how my thoughts of note the planet with this kind of racket going on. well i've come through or got the pink slip or a sound prove booth should we maybe revisit the seven thousand dollars the trumpet
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ministrations spent on a lox reported john. so our dear leader could make sure he doesn't have to poop with the people are you do not with the unwashed masses no you do not this is what corruption looks like all right this is the definition of corruption in fact information is coming out about trump's corrupt relationship with justice kennedy and his family as you know kennedy did trump a solid recently by by creating a supreme court opening right now before the mid-term election so trump has an even better chance of filling the court with vampire bats and genital warts or whatever is. put in there and trump is it seems is doing everything to cement kennedy's legacy in return well now we find out while that deutsche bank justice kennedy's son loan trump one billion dollars wow a billion dollars you say that sounds that sounds like
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a pretty big conflict of interest or is there a huckabee sanders would tell you it's just one billion tiny conflict of interest right. little baby once this is what corruption looks like but of course it's not just trump our government is rotten to the core and that goes for for both of our own. party it goes for both of which are just totally wings of the same bird are two sides of the same target and and scott pruitt has already been replaced by a coal lobbyist to make sure the. destruction continues without pause you see you can chop off the head of the high draw but another. just costing viperous the head will just pop right it's like it's like a has dispenser of heads or rises another one. president or has a head. like a head with heads coming out of its next. point is the change in this country must
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come from the bottom it must be a systemic change a cultural o'grady kidding that's what it has to be. and keep in mind that with corruption comes lies and sometimes those lies are exposed in the end the corrupt quietly skulked back into the shadows for example as we've covered on this show before predator prosecutors had to invent lies to attempt to prosecute two hundred j. twenty protesters the people standing up against the inauguration of donald trump because they got the mic resistance will say they're the resistance until it comes to actually resisting anything and then they go. i would help but tonight is when i get hot and dog with the people who raise my children. anyway last week prosecutors finally dropped all romance charges.
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after failure to prove wrongdoing this time around their attempts to use the criminal justice system as a weapon to crush dissent didn't work didn't work another one of our government's lies fell apart last week that syria used chemical nerve agent on their own people as you recall the pentagon and the trumpet ministration then to use that suppose it chemical attack to bomb syria and reverse course on withdrawing our troops and resources but a report published friday by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons o.p.c. w found no traces of any nerve agent. at the site in the syrian city of duma that's right. we were brought to the brink of world war three on lives and i don't mind being brought to the bring a world war three for you know good reasons like morocco was sitting on your girl.
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sitting next to denmark on an amtrak train and you don't even know i mean it keeps falling asleep on your shoulder like do do do do do on me well. look if we're all going to a blue to rain ourselves in a pathetic volved barbaric show of lunacy then cool i'm down because opera lies and reasons and all of the maze remedial flocked to indorse all these life c.n.n. went so far as to send someone to sniff the area that's real all right thanks. of course if that had been sarin gas that reporter would have immediately fall into the ground. and wolf blitzer would have had an awkward rest of the half hour to fill. c.n.n. doing the doing the real hard hitting journalism our dad dad where our burros here they are investigating whether a volcano erupted in hawaii. and here they are investigating the fukushima nuclear
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disaster. here they are investigating the actors just seriously gotta get in there . and clean this. show the zero zero p.c. w. says they can't prove there was any attack famed journalist seymour hersh john pilger robert fisk have all said there's no evidence so if you're one of the charlatan hacks working at the mainstream media i guess you just think to yourself . why not lie the country into world war three and i've got a little extra time on my hands plus nuclear winter people stay indoors watch t.v. good for ratings or a good good for ratings is a this is what corruption looks like it comes with lies and propaganda but this is nothing new right lying us into war we now know that w. and do you want iraq or i would you knew that years ago we know the gulf of tonkin incident that led us into vietnam didn't actually happen that's according to the
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secretary of defense at the time robert mcnamara he might know something about it also used to create a new cold war with russia in the past few months with the screen fall poisonings in britain i mean only at least there's no doubt on that story russia decided to kill an act by a decade after he defected in a dramatic easily traceable important always during murders in easily traceable manners of a few weeks before russia was set to host the world cup and the entire international community would be watching them that's clearly what happened. no question at all well actually last week even the guardian had to admit there's no evidence of anything as journalism as blumenthal put it three hundred forty two expelled diplomats later a guardian columnist finally concludes that the official story on screen paul is garbage and that the most obvious motive is someone out to embarrass lattimer putin
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well when even the legacy media isn't calling for it anymore your false flag games per. cent manav ties to some training in the offseason something. but when you have an administration and a military industrial complex this corrupts like we do sometimes a corruption starts to coat conflict with each other because they don't have enough people to really coordinate all the corruption that that require hand turns and planners and dry are raised by. origen. you know i got to have online calendars i still understand google calendar. well it's crazy you just do that for using paper and then i try it one time turns out it's shared with my mother for some reason she's asked me why i have an appointment to get my earpiece checked out all right i am here it so much better to. die i know my back to the poor. just this week it came out that the cia is teaming up with the defend.


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