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i think about all the time i haven't seen my kids in two years you know like i'm missing their entire life and they're missing growing up with. their dad the hardest thing for work when he left was you know leaving his family leaving his children. a that broke his heart. by let me go on your part and i think it was two thousand and five and i want to work for the palm beach county sheriff's office well let me just one of the. community united states. there was a good reason why. you know lived there for a long time it's because he is with people like him who are billionaires his big
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home called mar-a lago in central eastern palm beach county. the best are still on there. there are many many many people have. palm beach county and everybody is rich i think the smallest market right now is. the smallest one and you probably have to. and there is some houses on the market for forty five to ninety million dollars. camera. roughly once they showed some to pay you for the. future uncool videos during the world cup this summer with the broccoli string out . more unstring i don't roughly don't t.v.
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good. p.r. against any kind of presidents of the united states you know region if they want to continue their. for you know any policy being really against of their doing all region in the region if you're in a region that's quote. i understand there were an eagle the president. of the united states is trying to be you know region you are against any kind of expansionism in any kind of way the only way you know it is that i or any other country.
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you look at the sheriff's office. the sheriff's office has a half a billion dollar budget i don't think it's too many departments that have somewhere around five hundred fifty or five hundred and. you know the budget. that's a pretty lucrative budget. you talking about a lot of money involved you're talking about. a lot of power and if you're not in there click then you're then you're a problem now the sheriff sheriff job. and this is not a written anywhere in a contract but my feeling is that the sheriff's job is to protect the rich people pay for his campaigns to be. from us from the normal bradshaw says his crime fighting days are far from over for the people beach county think
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that i'm doing a good enough job to be able to have a great grandchild was sworn in for the fourth time that beach county sheriff. sheriff there with. the sheriff bradshaw is an interesting man he's been involved in so many cover ups of death and other things and i mean it's it's really hard you can take a look at the number of the number of on shootings we've had this count we've had more in this county then some states have had collected the sheriff has a lot of written untold powers can the sheriff the sheriff can go to market go and see. hey we've got a problem here let's. scene the sheriff and donald trump together before their friends. rick bradshaw had a chance to talk to president trouble about his local call your duties and concerns the two meetings
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a day all of this cowboy is going to cowboy from way back when i know all the officers that work with him at the city of west palm beach. and there was nothing for him to use the n. word the word nigger came out of his mouth like you say hello now with president trump. being elected and living here part time in palm beach. there's there's a lot of politics involved there is a lot of money and power involved sheriff rick bradshaw although he is a true real law enforcement person because he was a police officer for a long time. he's also a political person and he needs to be elected you don't want to be elected passed through one of your cops just killed some guy for no good reason the theory. that. isn't true really if he would think it was very good.
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if you're going to interview. the video was horrifying it was really i've only seen a couple of their video is in my life were that brutal as far as cops and suspects looks definitely in the top five. votes for first term last may just be. pretty much. just. for. it's an extremely emotional time for him as soon as i'm sure you can just begin to imagine oh. no. no i am the strength to walk and. complete
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a lot of hanging around my. mess. kit was not a threat and in time somebody is moot. wait a minute are not a threat. how much of a threat is. nice you had me should some guy in the back will probably get arrested you can't shoot people in the back was their fleet you got to shoot them from the front with these turn the person before he shoots. them through the putting a little they move hundreds and some to the story of something my own. talk about the swine about. this because it's. something you know gives us the me traumatized well the situation. oh i don't really talk about it. all you have to do is
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a cop say i thought he was reaching for something in his waistband all you have to say and you're free from prosecution the sheriff shows up this is a good shooting dontrelle stevens is a drug dealer a bomb bomb bomb who cares if he's a drug dealer it doesn't matter i will kill you i was. i thought to get out of police work because you know it just wasn't what i expected it wasn't what i wanted to do after i left police work i was determined to start
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exposing you know what they were hiding from the regular american people. of a website called p.b.s. so talk it was a site where police officers from comics county could come on and post things that were happening in their department and post with absolute anonymity because one of the important things that i wanted to do or make it impossible for anybody to find out who was exposing these crimes so this is the prom page of p.b.s. so talk and it's not just the sheriff's office you see down here now people are welcome to post again about any law enforcement agency city of west palm beach police department jupiter point b. for instance this topic here is the admission from a confidential informant to a detective on how the highest ranking people in the in palm beach county not just
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the sheriff's office but judges and other people were visiting a place prosecution it was a breath of fresh air for a lot of deputies because he did what a lot of people wanted to do but didn't have the heart or the intestinal fortitude to do i mean he found a platform to expose the corruption. if you if you look at it from a little analogy marc was. the david when he was fighting the lion what i have done what he didn't know what i also don't see anything wrong with people trying to let other people know the truth you understand what i mean. we all know that when you fight the powers that be and you get rid of some of their you know some of the veil that covers up their actions they get a little put the shits on you keep tossing these guys they've got a five hundred million dollar budget going to squash you like a bug you know which it's not. and then he said and i'm like mr i believe what i'm
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doing. is like ok you know it's your funeral buddy so in two thousand and twelve i got a call from a bartender i went online and i did a google search for p.b.s. so corruption and mark to give sight came up and i thought well here we go here's a site that's dedicated to this bartender says hey. i have pictures that you have to see. of somebody with the palm beach county sheriff's office. with the prostitute. my name is vincent. and my connection to the gulf in two thousand and five is that i was a bartender and photographer during the tournament. come on over to take a look i thought this guy was joking or you know maybe he was some good looking
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girl. who was a prostitute first he didn't believe me he said no you can't have photos of yeah i do he said i want to see them so i said all right we'll go ahead and go to this you'll see them in the photos on the computer when i open them up i was. told by god that you know who this is. i know who it is and it wasn't just any person with the sheriff's office it was the head of internal affairs. major robert . wasn't with just some random woman he was with a. naked woman in the middle of the golf course yes all those people were from law enforcement there broke in this woman in the middle of
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a golf course. around and buy houses i mean it was just. to think it anybody would actually let their photos taken. the photograph. in front of everybody on the golf course. that determines. the boy who was seventeen at the time he is now a devious or deputy he became a b.b.s. definition at least afterwards he didn't get in any trouble none the sheriff but that under the rug said well you know what these people do with their not one sheriff's office time. is their own business. first of all they figured that i would never release the photos because of who they were because of the power
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positions that they had a hole in one of the most crazy things i ever saw in my life. do. i was a mess when i got here i was a mess i mean i would just like i don't cry i didn't even cry when my mom died. i don't cry when i got here i was. cried. every frickin probably every week i would just breakdown hysterical knowing that and how my kids and missing them. know or.
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what is it. me say. oh it's a g.m. . you say show it. in the. last year around christmas time and you want to live. you know so bad. and. good but then. then somebody has to do it. because if nobody ever stand up against government then the government always going to do whatever they want and you know maybe i didn't make a huge impact but even if i made a little little impact and other people made little impact here and there and only said control them a little bit honestly i don't want to go back to. my country betrayed me but i was the only tree i think for can stab me and they took away my kids basically.
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for nothing more than. basically telling the truth. they burn that bridge with me i don't want to go back. i would go back to see my children. but i don't want to. i have no desire to go back there to live. now in legal in russia lovely russia so big. that even donald trump could build a wall here. thanks guys or financial survive until they save money the bell of. course it is it is the central banks the four diagram is kind of carbon right now so you start to.
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so you will be in the to show not just us do you know that was what gave she doesn't it with the people most of congress are not all what i mean. i thought i can make. the thing. really a lot to get me from him he can see he has nothing in my life. that you're in the form of a really. almost human with them with their baby one with
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a number on the north and even money both of them in the phone while the most i was at the forget. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi domes that was still active and rich in a not in seventies grin a towel head as the chair of its board a man convicted of mess murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company granted telling develop thalidomide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. yeah she said he's just got child arms many solidified victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i not only want the money i want the revenge.
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i was artie headlines in the past few minutes belgium of beaten england to nil in the world cup third place play off the highs and lows of the international football showpiece come to an end tomorrow with the final in moscow crowning either france or croatia twenty eighteen of world champions. and other stories this hour the u.s. charges twelve russians with hacking offenses linked to the twenty sixteen presidential election just days before a highly anticipated summit between president putin. and the israeli military launches its largest air campaign against gaza since twenty forty three hitting tens of hamas facilities across the occupied territories. there is saturday july the forty phone call embrace the new center we're focusing on the football first because it's the weekend of the world cup's been building towards and today seen
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the penultimate match in some petersburg with belgium taking third place after beating england to nil we're going to be there live with our correspondent in a few minutes before the no watching the game for manchester united coach joe same arena who's with andrew from. hello there welcome back to manchester with me on the farm and also joe you say really no demand for you know if. he's been watching that match that we've just taken place belgian securing their best ever finish out of world cup finals be feeling even saying the old jokes they were saying at half time we were hoping things would get better in the end it turned out to be quite an open just the result was not the result that. once but the performance was much better the game was was more a game of
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a sort of fourth place without any kind of pressure india and england was was dominant and had the best chance to score but. as our talent. made it for. neil and looking through the match probably within one second of. the news of the extra time but talking to the performance. and the results in the globality of the world cup a single jim deserves to be sorts. in seven matches belgium won six. and. they lost the guns fronts in the in the semifinal in win seven matches one sri lost sri and drew one and the three matches that england won two of them all against panama and to musea.
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overall and belgium is a sort of place sure when you talk about that i know when you talk about that defeat against france i sense that you believe that belgium perhaps could be in the final they were that close and all dogs sing the problem. was clearly was clearly that some of the players and the performed in the match where they need to extra perform and i think for the players if they want to be on the street themselves which sometimes they aren't because especially a new generation of players it's easier for them to find excuses everywhere but always run away from their own responsibilities but if they want to be honest i think they would they would feel and seeing. some of the important belgium players they were not there against france because in terms of the talent of the generation the talent of the players. and the quality they showed in all the other matches
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also in the qualification matches belgium is not inferior from sure and even in today's game i felt just watching it as a fan is an observer that it was always to brilliant and has it with making helping take for belgium and they always looked threatening you know from the first minute to the end they always looked that's where the goal was going to come from you know they are they're different players and good complement each other and behind them they have also good players with so. organizes very well then they make a from the team to play with with the three center defenders and to bring the ball out of these woods with the ball the dog is good with that with the ball many a project himself very well from the right side the walk you put a stop of the world and belgium has an incredible generation the sort of position is not is not a surprise and with the way the world cup was of lot with the teams with more
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prestige with more know how we probably more potential going out and out and out when they see themselves in in the quarter final and then. in the semi finals i think they dreamed with. the world title which they could sure a couple of plays you mentioned to get on the scoresheet today is well i think we can see the first goal if we can run that. josie just talk generally about the scouting very early on didn't thomas when you cross through carefully to but the dream start for belgian but obviously your best start for england yeah but in the first twelve as we were saying the game was flat in the second of as we were saying . gary and steve were feeling the same as as we were and the we read the game. in a similar way that we did and they made changes that improve that improve the team
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was was more than. in the second of some good chances. arriving in that position is and a number six of defense midfield player to arrive in their position is the next we're seeing. stones mogwai coming with the ball into the midfield and giving some freedom to other players the rush for. i don't see quality because he didn't have many of quality situations but use happiness. his movement gave. it to the team to england was better in the second half but then belgium was what the majority of the teams wore by their defensive point of view. and you know during the season some managers were criticised by some concepts but the reality is that one words can describe almost every team.
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defensive philosophy compact. every team was compact and i say that. it is the most important thing in. in defense of organisation in football you can become but. you can become part of the back but compact and that was what belgium decided to do and bring all i don't see the eleven players but nine ten players to be compact in the first defensive sort of creating difficulties to england waiting for the right moment to contract out like they did in the second goal and based on the compactness there was solid defensively they were in their one control of the game and in the end. you know in a better england second of the world in control sure and right at the end it was about with nine minutes to go elgin got their second goal was even has out i think
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they've got that we can run the go too but it was a breakaway goal as you would describe it for a breakaway. you find yourself one of the species that happens when a team plays its recent the bags and bags which is the space between the wing back that he's in and taking position and the center back on the right or on the left in this case as i was on the ones one against one situation rejoins johns on balance difficulty to turn with. body movement and then when the facing the keeper the is a kind of guy that is school and he doesn't get nervous in front of the keeper he saw you saw the hole in the first ball stand good by a south end for england i feel just as a fan really because of course i'm certainly against colombia the penalties it was great drama that night you know we got rid of that very day penalty shootout at the world cup and i just feel a bit yeah i think as i think he's the feeling is the feeling because as i was
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saying before the team that this is the sort of than the fourth goes home after two defeats and. the feeling is not good but the reality is that the fourth did better than that than the teams that were knocked out in the quarter final or in the last sixteen but you go home with the feeling of i almost touch the sky and now i go home after two defeats we've no medal and the same i think. what england brings clearly home is. a team with a future i think you can you can feel you can read in the details that the relation between garry steve the players is a good relation so i think they have a good base for continued anomaly in england and the teams when
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they don't get the objectives in the final competitions they change they start from the beginning i think england has all the reasons for not to do that if continue to do to the process believing in the process the three or four players that are not going to be in the next generation can be easily replaced by the other talents that are playing. in the premier league so i think the future can be can be very good so i wouldn't be risking a lot if i say that in the next world cup in in four years time england has conditions and they've done very well over the last two years because i remember see the reaction when they lost in the euros in twenty sixteen to iceland and fans were very angry towards england same in the players but now you all that change there.


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