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the physical point of view they will not react but their spirit the spirit of of the small country that is not expected to be there the players are ready for sure they are ready to give everything. a good month has in it and hopefully then for the crack it tomorrow thank you for watching today will hand you back to me. it's another beautiful day we're going to miss the days when the world cup has gone the biggest full of english is the same it's been an emotional roller coaster anticipation for the friends tracy came on sunday first to say that is sky high see but that's tomorrow today about the fans because the fans it's what that's what makes that the world cup for me and for many others as well for many of them that visit to russia win or lose it's really been a triple never forget i think it was probably a pretty good atmosphere in the found zone near the st petersburg stadium on their return because that let's cross over to him russia's northern capital is saying goodbye to the world cup but i'll tell you what was special after the game that
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just finished there whenever i saw people coming out they were all walking towards me with smiles on their faces and it didn't matter whether they were cheering for belgium or england i think it was a big game compared to the earlier game they had the one zero win it was just i think it was a more exciting game here we're. very proud of the players i think it's been a fun toss a tournament obviously the result was not what we wanted today but from this of the learning going to grow now we're going to get better and i think we can really challenging. we have a beautiful team and we believe in the future so what does your team have to do to make sure that in four years you know they have a better result. good question that's all the training. what do you think. i think i should just continue as they do know it will be the best team spirit some would think this will make us win yes.
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well you would have loved to beat france obviously and be in the final i think it was in a unique opportunity to get to the final. but ok well this is a nice compensation yes we're just we're just living people are being absolutely fantastic with us if you will prove to worse than my friends. thank you brown spots to both spots the boat years we've also had the legendary ivory coast striker didier drogba here in the studio today very excising it's all part of our special coverage this saturday truck bomb played some of his best football while marino was his manager at chelsea and he had a very warm message for his old boss a couple of hours ago i thought over the years they spent working together you were one of the best managers of them of the modern era josie marino because what you say because we're about to go live to him in manchester in a moment. a message back. i gave
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you. the biggest opportunity of his career to change from march to to the premier league so i gave him something very important but he gave me his sweat and his loads every minute he was on the pitch for me so. my kid is my kid in spite of he looks older than me. going to say anything ok good stuff this year's final it's a repeat of a classic semi from back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight another case in france for now two one when this was on home soil and he seems gracious point let it go even after twenty years with the memory of french defender leant around equalising then giving france the lead still holding that they even wanted to double check that he'd surround would be playing tomorrow they posted a message on twitter the fronts national team then responded on twitter asking qureshi if they would leave out their former star striker. both teams if that
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they're looking forward to what they hope is that they're willing final as we all are joined as an obvious top studio today as well as didier drogba who we thought having a little heart felt moments with there is a move. because the two legendary strikers impressions about the tournament in russia. we're having a fine old art i'm not sure a lot of people predicted you know france against question and. well the big the big teams they face of course the outs and i think it's good for football and you can see that now there's no small teams normal hope of got my history running scored in a champions league final yes yet you insist you'll be a fan is again by me yes the man of the match that should be basic knowledge and. also the school you'll countries first have a goal in the world cup but i don't see how do those competitors mean this is as high as you get as a football and how does it can paddle the sensation scoring the first of
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a go feel country in a world where when i score the goal what is going to in you so i don't really think about it but later when you do you realize that you've been the first player from my request what was going to work for you will you say to yourself i think it's it's quite an achievement you know to make the story for our small country like like ivory coast and to be dying to speak competition on these big teams. there's a lot to be thought of. football is for dream the life is for dream and dream come true and of course all creation is exciting all people around the world from california to australia a lot of variation communities outside of creation and we really enjoy and that's time to enjoy and i'm sure tomorrow we can be tired or we can be injured but you see the players against england some believe or been so proud of my players or my coach and my friends you played against us you could be ten minute to get to the
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last penalties over one hundred twenty minutes next game also one in twenty minutes against russia and win a on the pounds and then again here in the in moscow one hundred twenty one what's the mood what's the feeling in the camp now me will say they're tired but mood is what i would like to express i'm all old inside but outside of course i'm happy and this but i need a holy day and i'm from the fee for congress here in you know what i mean we're carrying that it's hard working but my players the style but we i feel same one thousand eight hundred one trusts we don't know each day when i signed out. today i don't know it's brains the side of it is the market open as that is looking good there don't go as low you know it's completely one miles just focusing on food bowl and that's very important and look. have nice world cup finals france i think one of the best teams croatia beat argentina
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france beat argentina to make history. it's been absolute pleasure to be here the country is welcome the world and the people are fantastic they're going as a show has been absolutely top shelf they set the bar pretty high for future hosts and it's really been a real great life experience you know my experiences and this definitely takes the box and and my hats off to you know the russian people in the russian organization and being you know as president but you know said the best world cup every night it's very difficult to argue with years ago you came up with the idea that canada should host the world cup you wanted to bring the u.s. and eventually you got mexico in the pit as well and you wanted on the during the thirteen you won the bid many congratulations and thank you yeah so so now you have
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a years to prepare the twenty twenty six world cup so it's going to be maybe covering the biggest distances ever in the world. and we've talked about that this is he in russia so i think the kind of lessons that you've had from from what's happened here in russia what are you going to take on to to your cups i think one of the things as we presented with our bid we're going to have clusters so the travel won't be that difficult so they'll be very similar to what happened you know in russia where you know it's no more than it was two hours it was really the longest flight which is pretty reasonable there always is last and learn that doesn't matter when you put on the bat but i think that to be honest you know the first reaction is they set the bar very high correlation and french fans have been really making themselves during this will come that's pretty much it from moscow for today indeed and want to see nice imposters and i mean i will be back to give us all the analysis on not tomorrow as we now call in. the buildup to the final with my brother in broadcasting us pay to play system of rather than answer my
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phone i think kind of would i ask if that is what's going on is a good to see well it was good to see is that. but thing is that it is the main one more day to go with that if i don't want to make it isn't what i think i'm more they're looking forward to that's twenty twentieth's anyway that's the stay with us . our.
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thanks. camera. roughly once the show is so moved thank you for the. future uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli staring at . me down more on string i don't really don't t.v. . twenty minutes into the program you're back with our international israel has
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launched its most devastating earth strikes against hamas since twenty fourteen forty facilities have been targeted right across. the raids began early on something in response to bomb laden being flown into israel the i.d.f. then stepped off the operation after hamas fired rockets over the border the violence has reportedly left a dozen palestinians on three israelis wounded. is in gaza for us with the latest i am now fifty meters away from the last target the israeli forces targeted with four air strikes and as you see this playground it's more of a picnic people and families play here where this building was targeted with the floor and strikes is right it claims that this building was used to train fighters and the palestinians claim that this is a place in the middle of the city where palestinian families come here as a picnic and this place is on daily bases filled with children and families and as
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you see there's a mosque right next to this building where all of the all the buildings next to this building are severely damaged there are a lot of airstrike still going and we just heard another explosion. it's as collating tel no there are no information about any prior agreements to believe me a member of the candidates it stated that they are going to continue targeting and attacking gaza strip but they're not willing to occupy gaza strip well the latest confrontation comes after a fifteen year old palestinian boy was shot dead on fire during the riots on the israel and downs at border one i.d.f. soldier was also injured.
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there are. was. the u.s. justice department has charged twelve russians with hocking offenses it's part of an investigation led by special consoled robert muller into alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. the indictment charges twelve russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the twentieth sixteen presidential election. eleven of the defendants are charged with conspiring to hack into computers steal documents and release those documents with the intent to interfere in the election. those charged there are said to be members of russian military intelligence they were accused of hacking democratic party e-mails on
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hillary clinton's presidential campaign however the justice department said there is no evidence that the hiking influenced the come off the election. there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the phone count or affected any election result well moscow claims the announcement was time job a negative impact on monday summit between presidents trump and donald quarter breaks down the story was a mixed moment in u.s. history as the u.k. rolled out the red carpet for president trump officials back home indicted twelve russians for allegedly election hacking but so far the f.b.i. hasn't had the best track record of looking at the hard facts of this investigation then did the d.n.c. provide access for to the f.b.i. for your your technical folks to review what happened. we never got direct access
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to the machines themselves instead they've been taking all of their information from a third party crowd strike cyber security was the company hired by the d.n.c. to look into suspected hacking of its systems but the thing is the d.n.c. never granted the f.b.i. direct access to its physical servers and that's raised questions over the thoroughness of the investigation you did see never turn the server over to law enforcement if you're investigating either from a law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint that hacking by foreign hostile government would you want the server wouldn't that help you number one to who the attacker was if they had turned the server over to either you or director komi maybe you would have no more so i guess what i'm asking you is why would the. not turned over a server to the intelligence community or to law enforcement but that's not the
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only strange part of the whole situation the f.b.i. claims that those indicted are russian intelligence officers which means there's almost no chance they'd come to the u.s. for a trial with no one to defend them it seems almost like an assured victory for mahler one that leaves many questions still unanswered it looks to me as if our f.b.i. our department of justice even under president donald trump remains politicized and hostile to the trump administration so i did something this serious involving allegations that are this profound you'd like to believe that our department of justice aura was acting above the law without partisan interests one way or another and this certainly seems staged to me and the timing of these indictments couldn't have been more convenient they come in the lead up to a highly anticipated summit between donald trump and vladimir putin democrats have already started to demand the meeting be canceled saying it would be an insult to
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democracy but the white house says the summit is still good to go so at any rate we'll just have to see which side will get its way if you're the victim of a crime why would you not want to hand the evidence over to the police the fact of the matter is the company they had doing their security as though it is a politically biased company that was involved involved in all sorts of things and other thing so it is a it is a big question but the other big question really is the timing that once again we have an indictment on a friday before we but not just any weekend this is the weekend before the much anticipated called truth and summit of the political implications of dropping indictments to poison the waters in advance of the trumpet and so on that this is clearly the work of the u.s. state lottery news for now but seeing you through the next few hours here on our national a show and thomas join him at the top of the hour more great programs right ahead.
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i mean more to gain is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be the state if you look at some of the before now and. mark was the day that when he was five. going to be in the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right into the sport pretty much money for starters the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it seems like it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively children went to his website began featuring comments about guns as family the sheriff's wife sonya squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop then you should stay in
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a life and stop i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral boating f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic dude in the house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know battle. against any kind of presence of the united states you know if. you continue their resume when they you know any. we against oh they don't even know region you know region if you already know region. understandable goal because. the united states to be no region. good guess anything of
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the species and anything if you know anybody who is this is any of the. years. you don't hear exaggerate in a write a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. yes since i was off last week we start out with some good news you can tell oh yes yes all right. environmental protection agency chief scott brewer it has been forced out amid more scandals yet on the brothel he finally got to play out in his efforts to pave over the country we the people said leave and don't let the screen door hit you in the
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asphalt on the way out all right. one of the scandals was buying a forty three thousand dollars soundproof both with taxpayer money so he could do his corruption in peace and quiet. like literally like put a hole on a hole that bribe holed up every once in a guy's guy chaotic diallo. how michael said no the planet with this kind of racket going on. well i've come through or got a pink slip or a sound prove booth should we maybe revisit the seven thousand dollars the trumpet ministrations spent on the locks reported john the. doors to our dear leader could make sure he doesn't have to poop with the people are you do not with the on watch the masses no you do not this is what corruption looks like all right this is the definition of corruption in fact information is coming out about trump's corrupt relationship with john. kennedy and his family as you know kennedy did trump
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a solid recently by by creating a supreme court opening right now before the mid-term election so trump has an even better chance of filling the court with vampire bats and genital warts or whatever is. put in there and trump is it seems is doing everything to cement kennedy's legacy in return well now we find out while that deutsche bank justice kennedy's son loaned trump one billion dollars wow a billion dollars you say that sounds that sounds like a pretty big conflict of interest or is there a huckabee sanders would tell you it's just one billion tiny conflict of interest right. little baby once this is what corruption looks like but of course it's not just trump our government is rotten to the core and that goes for for both of our own. party it goes for both of which are just too willing to the same bird are two
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sides of the same target. and scott pruitt has already been replaced by a coal lobbyist to make sure the. destruction continues without pause you see you can chop off the head of the high draw but another discussed thing viperous head will just pop right it's like it's like a pay as dispenser of heads or rises another one. president or has a head. like a head with heads coming out of its next. point is the change of this country must come from the bottom it must be a systemic change a cultural awakening that what it has to be. and keep in mind with corruption comes lies and sometimes those lies are exposed in the end the corrupt quietly skulked back into the shadows for example as. as we've covered on this show
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before predator prosecutors had to invent lies to attempt to prosecute two hundred j. twenty protesters the people standing up against the inauguration of donald trump because then the mic resistance will say they're the resistance until it comes to actually resisting anything and then. i would help but tonight is when i get hot and dog with the people who raise my children. anyway last week prosecutors finally dropped all romance charges. after failure to prove wrongdoing this time around their attempts to use the criminal justice system as a weapon to crush dissent didn't work didn't work another one of our government's lies fell apart last week that syria used chemical nerve agent on their own people as you recall the pentagon and the trumpet ministration then to use that suppose it
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chemical attack to bomb syria and reverse course on withdrawing our troops and resources but a report published friday by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons o.p.c. w. found no traces of any nerve agent at the site in the syrian city of duma that's right. we were brought to the brink of world war three on lives and i don't mind being brought to the bring a world war three for you know good reasons like morocco was sitting on your girl. sitting next to denmark on an amtrak train and you don't even know i mean it keeps falling asleep on your shoulder like do do do do do on me well. look if we're all going to a blue terrain ourselves in a pathetic on no volved barbaric show of lunacy then cool i'm down because opera lies the reasons and all of the maze remedial blocked. to indorse all these lies
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c.n.n. went so far as to send someone to sniff the area that's real all right thanks. of course if that had been sarin gas that reporter would have immediately fall into the ground. and wolf blitzer would have had an awkward rest of the half hour to fill. c.n.n. doing the doing the real hard hitting journalism our dad dad where our burros here they are investigating whether a volcano erupted in hawaii. and here they are investigating the fukushima nuclear disaster. here they are investigating the serial i gotta get. this. show the o.p.c. w. says they can't prove there was any attack famed journalist seymour hersh john pilger robert fisk have all said there's no evidence so if you're one of the
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charlatan hacks working at the mainstream media i guess you just think to yourself . why not lie the country into world war three and i've got a little extra time on my hands plus nuclear winter people stay indoors watch t.v. good for ratings all right good good for writing. this is why corruption looks like it comes with lies and propaganda but this is nothing new right lying us into war we now know that w. and do you want iraq or i would you knew that years ago we know the gulf of tonkin incident that led us into vietnam didn't actually happen that's according to the secretary of defense at the time robert mcnamara he might know something about it also used to create a new cold war with russia in the past few months with the screen fall poisonings in britain i mean only at least there's no doubt on that story russia decided to kill an axe by a decade after he defected in a dramatic easily traceable important always during murders in easily traceable
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manners of a few weeks before russia was set to host the world cup and the entire international community would be watching them that's clearly what happened. no question at all well actually last week even the guardian had to admit there's no evidence of anything as journalism as blumenthal put it three hundred forty two expelled diplomats later a guardian columnist finally concludes that the official story on screen paul is garbage and that the most obvious motive is someone out to embarrass lattimer putin well when even the legacy media isn't falling for it anymore your false flag game is per. cents and ob gyn do some training in the offseason thompson. but when you have an administration and a military industrial complex this corrupts like we do sometimes a corruption starts to coat conflict with each other because they don't have enough
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people to really coordinate all the corruption that that require hand turns and planners and dry raised. origen. you know i got to have online calendars i still understand google calendar. well it's great for using paper and then i try it one time turns out it's shared with my mother for some reason or she's asked me why i have an appointment to get my ear herpes checked out all right yeah right so my better to praise you. know my back to the point. just this week it came out that the cia is teaming up with the defense industry to try to sink trumps peace talks with north korea because they basically just anonymously leak whatever they want to make sure we remain at war there's like anonymous sources. that do a doll drums face. well peace talks are off that's all they are. the military weapons industry have no interest in peace they need peace as much as fish needs
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a sandstorm this is why corruption looks like it's completely unaccountable completely full of completely amoral and like i said this didn't start with donald trump in fact most of the right we did. most of the former obama administration has taken a jump through the revolving door of the revolving door tango right and now they're all on the boards of weapons contractors scandal filled corporations like hoover or working for law firms defending big banks even obama himself has signed a multi-year deal with netflix one can assume it's millions of dollars changing hands with that deal if this were any other country that would be considered a thoroughly corrupt state media deal but in the us. maybe obama will do.


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