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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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no compensation. for the suffering. from once again flip flops on russia's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election branding it true in a television interview. i would say that that is true. and informed and wild speculation security minister dismisses media reports the police have identified the perpetrators of the script think attack. manual cronies and pressure after his aides called beating a protester to the ground.
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that evening and welcome you watching international. seems that the further the getting from the. putin the more he's flip flopping on allegations of russian meddling. president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. ben i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. you agree with u.s. intelligence. russia meddled in the election twenty sixteen i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country. it was his life to your correspondent killed him open is a new york kid it was a double negative a positive a negative what exactly is the interim saying now well if you look at his
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most recent tweet on the subject he says that the meeting went very well and he even said he was looking forward to a second meeting with the russian president now we also saw his interview with c.b.s. where he was saying that russia had indeed meddled in the united states in their elections he seems to be going back and forth which is not something very unfamiliar to those who follow the president of the united states and his positions on various issues most recently we also saw him saying that russia was not targeting the united states and then a response from the u.s. state department let's take a listen. russia. is russia still targeting the president. you know. i talked to the president he wasn't answering that question he was saying no he's not taking questions now in the aftermath of trump's meeting
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with the russian president others been quite a bit of hysteria in the u.s. media the cover of time magazine is one example but all throughout u.s. media there have been a lot of allegations on outrage that president trump met with lattimer putin now furthermore it's important to note that the russian president actually did touch on this issue in a speech on monday and he warned about individuals that are essentially force feeding false accounts of the of the meeting in order to serve their own political ends this is russia's president speaking about his meeting with president trump. there are forces in the us ready to easily sacrifice russia u.s. relations for their political ambitions are satirical novelists once wrote about these sorts of people as beautiful and prophetic but these people here are another pitiful nor pathetic on the contrary they are pretty powerful if they can force feed such illogical stories to millions of the citizens and they can't.
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so in the aftermath of the meeting in helsinki we've seen all sorts of hysterical denunciations of president trump but we've also heard president trump make some rather contradictory statements so people are glued to their t.v. screens waiting to see what next he will say about russia as it's quite hard to predict. more than bringing the latest live from new york thank you. on to other news now the u.k. security minister has slammed media reports the police have identified those behind the poisoning of the script informed wild speculation on thursday the press association news agency citing the source close to the probe claimed the perpetrators had been found and it's the media a bus police investigating this particular incident back in march believe that they do have the identity of two suspects the press association says police believe they have identified those who carried out the novel chocolate sark in salzburg police
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in britain are reported to have identified several people they believe were behind the nerve agent attack on the former russian spy service cripple and his daughter yulia on the media frenzy was sparked by just one tweet from a news agency cited a source claiming u.k. police identified the suspects behind the script poisoning police explains a source with knowledge of the probe told press association investigators believe they have a dental fight the suspected perpetrators behind the novacek attack on the script files. well this is all allegedly come from a source close to the police investigation into the original attack against the script powells back in march and this source has spoken to the press association they're the ones reporting it and they've said that investigators are apparently closing in on the suspected perpetrators of the attack and the police have allegedly been looking at c.c.t.v. footage and they've been examining it and also looking at records of people who had
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entered and left the country around the time of the attack against the script piles in march because the bomb shell really in all these reports that is that these suspects are allegedly russian it is important to note that these are unconfirmed reports as yet so far it's just come from this one article by the press association but it's done the rounds and it's pretty big headline news here in the u.k. even though we haven't had any updates from the police or the oath or a tease in regards to the investigation that hasn't stopped the press speculation though just to give you an example the sun newspaper has elaborated on the story saying that scotland yard apparently believes that it was a two man hit team that carried out the attack on the script files and that they did it on the orders of the kremlin and furthermore that the pair are thought to have left the u.k. for russia the morning after the attack and to quote the newspaper thought to be
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under the protection of president vladimir putin so that's the source of reports that are in the press here right now. has consistently denied any claims of wrongdoing even though the british government pointed the finger squarely at the kremlin in the days after the attack saying that it's highly likely that russia or did the poisoning and now following these new unconfirmed reports the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yack event. has already responded take a listen. you. know we see only leaks to british media and official statements from the interior ministry or scotland yard and nobody in this world has official information concerning what exactly happened in the u.k. . and in a way there you can see the russian diplomat really upping the ante saying well go on then give us these names if you're going to make these allegations we want to
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see evidence of it and we've just got a line from the russian foreign ministry as well they've said that if the u.k. keeps these alleged russian suspects classified if this case becomes secret well then moscow will regard it as a cover up of the perpetrators so there's clearly a sense of increasing frustration here i would say from the russian side that the british media can sort of go on making these allegations almost indefinitely without a shred of evidence from the or thora season without any official statements from the police investigation to back it up. french president or on your microphone is under pressure after a top open school beating up a student protests the incident took place at an anti-government rally in mode and was captured on camera by an activist.
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it was. was. because i was shocked and very angry i would never have believed it wasn't a policeman and now anyone can wear a uniform interrogate me that won't ease tensions between police and citizens and it raises the question over the legitimacy of law in horsemen is the most worrying thing is when american has been aware of this book through and a half months from the very start so we see in the tent to cover this up and meanwhile a french police unit has filed a lawsuit to find out how much bronze age was able to wear police equipment to an incident to show david kay has more details on how the scandal now that is engulfing the french presidency. well a shocking video that shocked many people in france what you see on the video is
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alexander first of all he is grabbing a woman and charging her down a street he passes the camera that still mean him and then a little bit later we see him once again this time he emerges next to a male protester and what is clearly seen all much is him wrapping up male protesters neck hitting him on the head and then he appears to be stamping him on the stomach as he falls to the ground why was he well he had danced his forces his work at the least a palace he could see the c.r.s. the riot police during the may day protests to see how operations are carried out in regards to see security now he wasn't on a working day he was on a day off and he was only there to. take part in the police action against the protesters and that itself has sparked a huge backlash here in france i've watched the video and i'm shocked just like the whole world the media poses a number of questions to him and. we need
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a commission inquiry what is a private to doing among law enforcement officers this question must be posed to a man who. can't believe this guy is still in the service of the president of the republic so michael tolerates that the film scene is very violent. colleague usurps police insignia and hits a man to the ground you can't want an exemplary republic and let people think that they can be double standards one justice for french citizens and one for presidential workers. if we accept that anyone can pretend to be a police officer we no longer live under state rule of law well who is alexander but what we know about him is that he has been politically active since his twenty's now he was a security aide to some of france's previous ministers but he joined the mcewan presidential campaign back in two thousand and sixteen he is an aide to my chief of
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staff and he is normally the person in charge of security arrangements he's often seen with the president might call active vents just a few meters away it's plenty of you plenty of the two together this is a man who really has the president right next to him almost all the time that he's on official duties now this is the official statement that these a palace has made this morning in regards to the situation he has been suspended for fifteen days without pay he has been relieved of his functions regarding the organization of security for the president's movements this sanction is punishment for unacceptable behavior and constitutes a final warning it is the most serious punishment ever administered to working at the. well an investigation has been opened by the public prosecutor here in paris they are looking at a number of aspects which could lead to formal charges they are violent by
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a public official illegal use of the police in secret because he was wearing a police insignia at one point during that may day protests and also pretending to be a police officer now that charge alone if it's made him if he's found guilty carries a sentence of up to a year in jail and a fifteen thousand euro fine. you all the french president seems to be dodging a response on this growing scandal and brushed off any damage done by the issue he brought the discussion back to marianne the symbol of friends. but you know what you don't want to go from we're going to start a family again at the end of it but it's a different definition of i don't know not that i could be getting ready to you know get out of. the viral video this is america has been parodied by a performer of iraqi descent we spoke to the man behind this is iraq this is a. guy just live another. just lived another. put up with another
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bizarre way. corrupt and every year for whatever reason or seized the real thing we can take every year there are some barrels and barrels or barrels and barrels leave books in the demolished delivered to mission accomplished. i think there's a fuel source issue between america and iraq given the u.s. led invasion of iraq is a major contributing factor to where we are to the i think it was just sort of the group dropped for this trip to be gone on the back of a truck about america when if you manage it it's a bit. better through our politics to agree to do the movie over little something and i feel like we can be pretty good. in the trade itself and just raising awareness and i think that's important i've had people come up to me and it's only an example before of using awareness and getting you know getting them we're familiar with the subject that they want a clue or because they were too young at the time when the when the invasion
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happens of this trick in just one person in a positive manner and sort of get that dialogue and the conversation going then sort of it's achieved at school and i'm in the theater and releasing it. there is not a single peaceful multicultural society in the world there's the shock claim from the dutch foreign minister stef block who is facing a storm of criticism. refugee groups and politicians alike have expressed dismay of a bloc statements where he also dismissed former colony syrian army as a failed state due to ethnic divisions block not only of people who look like me but our whole national history and identity this isn't worth your government official minister block is undermining efforts by this government to make joint
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agreements in europe on the proper reception of refugees apparently the minister is not aware of what is happening in syrian arm our leaders have succeeded over the years to make all ethnic groups peacefully let each other live. what is apologize for the remarks saying that they were meant to spark a debate and not to offend well let's try and do just that and debate this issue now i'm joined by mohammed circle is the u.n. can or coordinator and the director of the chase or youth organization and also independent journalist luke reeve a good evening to you both gentlemen luke what do you think of blocks comments some say that this is just out and now it's racism. it isn't racism i think and block says what most people think if you look at the netherlands the prime minister himself center right just before the last elections
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published full pages in the press to use the populist language saying if migrants are not happy here they can go we'll expel them etc so at some points one elections threaten the center right or center left governments they adopt the talk of the populists and it's maybe what mr block does here and he says things which up and former unfortunately real is that the multicultural societies that were promised us that the perfect twenty first century site is why i don't function in the west at least in western europe. mohammed what do you think of staff blokes common to basically multiculturalism doesn't work with examples he says. thank you for inviting once again on russia today. i'm quite surprised to hear this from the foreign minister that foreign minister knowing his country is a safe haven for the multicultural. people who walk or ride from different are all
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across the world than live in you know peacefully in neverland i'm not sure the definition of him multicultural society is a society's talks about integration of different culture and once it's mighty or he think that we should divide people based on what on on a color or nationality or identity this is the question we do address what is identity that we are not able to live together with if you look at england london is one example for example what a. city that has been able to to world come and able to be a platform for multicultural society we can see the mixture of color the mixture of languages the mixture of even religion that live in and cogs in the u.k. . i think this last remark is just based on i'm sorry to say by that is ignorance
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of how can societies can bring together a big example i can i can i can show we can witness is that what prompts the french team for example look at french team the french team contains a multicultural society from form from areas of the globe from from algeria to morocco to africa that made this team successful otherwise it did make a successful team for multicultural basis luke you can respond to that i can see you didn't agree fully. well ok. beat another team from a small country from the balkans and all the players in this small team of the country of origin so there is no rule to be taken out of that and the french called their football team. there so it is true that also many newspapers said that the victory of the french team was the victory of africa so you see it is used both
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ways it happens too that there is a sort of racialism developed by my an artist present in france with their pride and different things like that to meet the multicultural is that doesn't function is when you have communities living next to each other and not mixing the melting pot which is the dream of america doesn't function in europe the melting pot doesn't function that's the problem what do you think of that does this you know neighbors we backgrounds do do they may have. if we if we if we provide provide the right tools and the right. vision to how we can watch a culture live before we provide the media where we can stereotype one immigrant from another before we stop hyping up the issue of immigration to europe then we can live exist i go back again to u.k. because i lived in the u.k. thirty years and i'm from from middle east and i've noticed how u.k.
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has evolved but there's not dissolved you could have a little walled from from a country that has been dogged for years and to a country that have different. different taste of music different taste of food and culture and they be able to live because they're provided the method and the tool that can exist together if we don't if we can keep segregating the people yes we cannot live we can find a failed states but if we try to work to integrate and find a common interest between us and we can live and exist we've seen this before in history in civilization once again when people go exist together they can create creativity and we need seen that in various places in europe when creativity created from being multicultural society. what do you think of that look. at some other very controversial comments including that it linked to human genetics that that means that ethnic groups can't get along what do you think of that. that went
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too far clearly but you know it nobody tries to create in europe nobody tries to segregate communities they do it themselves and it is very easy for example for asians to. melt in and become members of society but we have some some part of the population that refuses to want to impose their culture in the public space like islam for example that's the main problem if not the only problem in europe that's where we have the issue that's where the people feel there is an issue and the fake news is not what people think it is hiding it by the official press of mr michael and others you know on the fourteenth of july in the evening after the football match was on the show as it is a by the minority people coming from the areas of france where the police doesn't even dare go there were hundreds of cars burnt and not the cars of the rich people
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are the cause of the poor people of the same area this should stop people a voice the idea that singapore was the perfect place where the mixing was perfect to the interests of all times and singapore is perfect but singapore is a very tough democracy the drug dealing there is punished with death penalty and if you attack the walls you spent months cleaning it with a jacket saying i'm a pig so you know if you have a multicultural society you need to be very tough to impose that everybody respects the public space and respects also the culture of the country of origin and it is not the case now and that's why you have so many people in europe who really refuse the society which is proposed by the by the politicians of the classical party is that what you think of the middle east just made of democracies need to be tough in order to have successful multiculturalism. democracy can only be based on
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respect and his colleague to mention his respect respect of the each other culture respect it comes for also from form not to fear from other people culture from the other society of being not losing sense of belonging that's what we fear in new york they feel they lose the sense of belonging to the own country they think that's because the other societies of the cultures has came to this country trying to change the identity of western europe has not happened and it is not going to happen no one is willing to change someone other than tittie but is bringing in a flavor a different flavors two to one society but maybe if nobody example in malaysia we have multi cultural society we have the hindus we have the chinese we have the muslim we have the malays and we have a different background living together malaysia doesn't have a tough democracy in malaysia but the idea of why we cannot live together is because we fear that the other person doesn't doesn't like us because we don't
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understand of a person if we can open open a dialogue between each other not this dialogue that we see on t.v. between the no but the priest or the mom not with the grassroots dialogue get to know each other culture you will find really rich rich connection between each other even genetically if we be talking about the you know the genes then we can we cannot see how the queen because the other german d.n.a. rule in england for the last five hundred years this is the blood come from germany so the blood is not the issue the issue is how we accept each other and not to fear from each other so this is the issue we need to talk about why the dutch is fair from other multicultural society to get down and to understand is not the issue or if it is from africa is poverty is the issue of or for he doesn't understand the law or the rights of his his existence in europe what do you think of that luke is that all it is at the end of the day it's fear of a language you don't understand religion we don't understand is it is it just
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divisions. and fear. we import misery we have a social security system which is based on the contribution of everyone and the problem is that the millions that come to europe never participated they never contributed and they come with families look at the ship that the talents refused to welcome and that had to go to to spend it one hundred forty young people under the age of eighteen why do you think because the families in africa sent them to europe knowing that there was not be expelled and that the families would be welcome in europe at my expense at your expense at the expense of the people who live in europe that's what people don't want they don't want to pay eternally for imported misery so this is part of the whole thing nobody listens to the poor in europe nobody especially the socialists they should because the revolution is on in a certain way and populist appear everywhere sometimes even in the majority
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mohammed just on the other side of this you concerned about the. volatility so he gone yet. what we're looking sample of africa look at the example of the continent of africa if we have left africa alone would not have enough we can migrate into two to europe and if we have not if we not have sucked the richness of africa there diamond the gold the oil then those people who stayed in their own country there would be years and years no no if you have. been in your is world one the last the world to try to invade other countries and quicker of please countries and then they complain why emigrant come back to europe because you have conquered they conquered those countries and they impose laws they believe come back to with us if you when it's right in england that spring is in migrating they ask you for the black in the sixties to come and work in england same with india this is not people are and how the choice is by force is not a choice if i have to live and stay in my country where the wealth are i would stay
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in my country would not come to europe this is this is not the make sense not to live in my family behind come just to suck your wealth the new york this is good and let's give a little chance to respond to that point in a way too many were. colonial times and did in nine hundred sixty or sixty two and we europeans left these countries of course we should not have been there maybe but we left these countries with cities railways roads and everything airports everything is gone i mean their own elite sets destroyed africa completely and now they want to migrate to europe so europeans don't want it sorry you know minorities are welcome when they are minorities one it is a real invasion in millions they say no and it doesn't stop in our government doesn't see it don't seem to stop it so that's probably one of the reasons why brics it was so successful with more than fifty percent of the british voted for voting for brits it because they saw what happened between turkey and europe and
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the fact that the migration could not be stopped by the european authorities so they said no to europe so really there is a grassroots feeling that we should print. our culture and our identity. when they remain minorities about thirty seconds left to give you the final word on this the brig's that wasn't it wasn't it wasn't because the migration of people african asian because of workers conform to your of that is to clarify this i believe i believe that to live in england for thirty years in europe for thirty five years i believe because the multicultural has made europe as rich of this country and has made the turks has run the german. machines and factories and india that's made the factories in england and build the trucks the wheels and everything and this is what are the import of the multicultural you created this creativity and you made this this revolution that we
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can see is not by wiping someone else and it's not about. you know imposing someone else culture in another i didn't see that i would like to see or read integration more appreciate your time and your forthright opinions thank you so much guys mohammed al you and coordinate with the youth organization. thank you guys. and that wraps things up for this busy news with updates for you in thirty minutes .


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