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if you have. any data that i'm not right you know i was. i. was. israel air force launches massive air strikes against hamas targets in gaza almost four years after a huge military operation there that resulted in thousands of deaths. some of the white house says donald trump is inviting the russian president to the u.s. later this year indignation in the american media. but to washington top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that
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the president of the united states is inviting you to her second summit in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house. the bodies of more than twelve hundred civilians are found in mass graves in the syria city of raka amid claims they are the victims of coalition air strikes. broadcasting live there at foster's in moscow this is r t international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us after a day of massive airstrikes on hamas positions in gaza by the israeli air force both sides have agreed to a cease fire that's according to a spokesman artie's policy has details on how the attacks on full. they have been a massive strike some of the biggest since the last war back in two thousand and fourteen you know we did hear from the country. defense minister avigdor lieberman
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he threatened a large and painful military operation he said that israel would go to if the kites and believes that are constantly flown from gaza into israel and has been for the past few weeks do not cease now the deadline given was friday afternoon and of course that deadline has passed because it's continued and that again will be a contributory reason as to why are we witnessing this flare up in violence israeli army has threatened that it will respond harshly and it continues to blame her musts for the flare up in violence the i.d.f. use today the whole store activity is treated by hamas throughout the last month with great severity hamas chose to escape the security situation and move the consequences for its actions israeli civilians who live along the gaza border have been ordered to remain near bomb shelters at the same time the hamas military wing has been evacuating military posts as well as commandos in anticipation that there will be an even stronger response from the israeli side only in the week there was
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a massive israeli air strike the biggest since the two thousand and fourteen war and that followed the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatening that he would strike back at her must during the sabbath we hit hard our policy is clear when anyone seeks to harm us we will strike back with great force as i mentioned earlier the last time we saw such a flare up in violence was back in two thousand and fourteen in the operation protective edge which started roughly round about now and that was a war there witnessed more than two thousand palestinians killed and saw some seventy three israeli civilians die so of course the situation on the ground is extremely tense there's a lot of concern that we could be witnessing another full frontal confrontation. other four palestinians were killed on friday and more than one hundred twenty injured the total number of those killed since the start of the great march of return protest is now more than one hundred thirty the i.d.f. claims an israeli soldier also died during the clashes with
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a local journalist and has more from israel gaza border nearly one hundred fifty meters away from carney the fans and as you see the policy news protesters are describing and expressing expressing their rage by climbing this fans i have to say that this is one of the hardest days we have been covering. the protests on we keep bases for lloyd than five months and this is one of the hardest days today we saw explosions on both sides scores were injured we have been also hearing airstrikes artillery shell tell every targets we have been also hearing explosions on the both sides and today is a very very hard day it's very dangerous and this was one of the toughest days we have ever witnessed by live ammunition tear gas air strikes and a lot to know lots of more weapons the israelis have been using against the palestinians. to friends and political commentator i mean oren and the former
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director of the palestinian non-governmental organization network. ramadan share their views on the recent conflict. hundreds of palestinians if you accumulate the numbers have either died or been injured at the demonstrations but this is not happened because israel has used force. to the contrary israel only reacted and israel tried to keep the entire border quiet it is not in its interest to try and repair hundred. number of but the scene and will show did differ on that is that you disorder does without any dangers. from time to there is are you to serve as the just that is saying slogans and it is saying voices and asking the international community. to intercede and get of movement on
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commodities to the for the senior to live as not people. in the human being and live in. with the dust not even settled on the trump putin summit in helsinki the u.s. president has stirred it all up again announcing he's inviting his russian counterpart to washington later and here second meeting potentially with with. is that in the works is it planned has it and you know i would say it's in the works we had a tremendous discussion on many things but fact is we got along very well that i could have a good relationship with you so far the kremlin has neither accepted or rejected the invitation the decision to invite putin has once again sparked outrage in the media. man that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down he's been biting him to washington so let's collude again that we did last
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top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second summit in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president works or is donald trump white house press secretary sarah sanders confirmed the invitation on twitter. in helsinki president of the united states agreed to go in working level dialogue between the two security council staffs president trump asked john bolton to invite president putin to washington in the fall and those discussions already on the way we have the announcement from sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary this comes in the aftermath of quite a bit of media hysteria in response to donald trump's a meeting in helsinki with the russian president if you look at time magazine or the new yorker there's been quite a bit of hysteria in u.s.
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media now in recent comments the russian president has actually warned the world about the hysteria in the us media and about you know forces that would push false narratives about the meeting in helsinki to advance their own political gain. there are forces in the us ready to easily sacrifice russia u.s. relations for their political ambitions. these sorts of people is pitiful and pathetic but these people who are the pitiful nor pathetic on the contrary they're pretty powerful if they can fool sfi such stories to millions of the citizens and they count in the aftermath of the helsinki meeting which took place on monday we've seen quite a bit of shifts and changes in how the us president has described that meeting his explanation and assessment of the events seems to go back and forth they have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any
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reason why it would be i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative he would agree with u.s. intelligence that. russia meddled in the election twenty sixteen i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country getting along with president putin getting along with russia is a positive not a negative if that doesn't work out i'll be the worst enemy he's ever had the worst he's ever had so this new announcement that trump is indeed planning to invite the president of russia to the united states to the white house for another meeting it fits in with a recent tweet from from he said he was looking forward to a second meeting with the russian president but many people are wondering what will happen next as trump seems to have gone back and forth and as trump faces widespread media hysteria and criticism for the fact that he met with the russian
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head of state. british police have confirmed to charlie a rally one of the victims exposed to the number choked at nerve agent names barry has been released from the hospital his partner dawn street just died there earlier this month artie's politico has more. charlie rowley is the man who along with his partner dawn sturgis was exposed to novacek in the village of amesbury which is close to souls bree back on the thirtieth of june and they were both very ill they were taken to souls redistrict hospital which happens to be the same hospital where a script owl and his daughter junia were treated for exposure to the same agent back in march charlie rose partner dawn sturgis died as a result of this incident on the eighth of july and although he had been in a critical state in hospital for a number of weeks the hospital has now announced that he is well enough to go home
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and that he's been discharged doctors district hospital released a statement saying that charlie has been through an appalling experience that most of us could never imagine but this marks an important milestone in his recovery and they wish him all the best it also goes on to thank the clinical team or wherever two local residents remains unchanged and that is do not pick up any items such as syringes needles cross medics all similar objects made of plastic and metal there is clearly still a degree of mystery about how charlie rose lee and his partner just became exposed to the nerve agent in the first place a week ago the metropolitan police confirmed that they had found a small bottle that they believed was the source of the contamination and that appears to correspond to interviews that charlie rose brother has given to the media saying that when he visited charlie really in hospital he had said that he
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seemed to recall giving his partner a small bottle just before they became very well whether or not that bottle was the source of the nerve agent used to attack the script piles or whether it was from the same batch is still very much unclear. and in recent days there's been intense speculation in the u.k. media about the investigation into that original attack on the script pal's leaks from the police probe claim that investigators have used c.c.t.v. images to identify two russian culprits who allegedly fled the u.k. immediately after the attack on the script files but there hasn't been any official statements from the police tear or from the also receives to back that up in fact the u.k.'s security minister ben wallace has dismissed those leaks about these
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alleged perpetrators being identified as illinformed and wild speculation. the bodies of more than twelve hundred syrian civilians are found in mass graves near the city of rocket this and other news after a short break you are. going to hold to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected . so you want to be present if you. want. to go and. see what. real people. interested always in the war. looks like a comparison. versus the us policies are still. so dollar trump goes to the global
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trading environment with the ability to leverage america's got a leverage in that economy and it can reshape the global economy they even went against the e.u. with no leverage they have a zero leverage against the e.u. therefore they've lost tragically against you and their college being marginalized and isolated as a result of it they completely misstated or misunderstood there at the equation between the u.k. and the e.u. when it comes to business and. this is r t international and the bodies of more than twelve hundred civilians the majority of them women and children have been found in three mass graves in the syrian city of raka by local authorities they were killed during the bombing of the area by the u.s. led coalition to see what's gone up as commentary. tobar will mark exactly one year
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since i saw defeat in their caliphate self-proclaimed capital rocker and months after the u.s. coalition's victory restored or freed of torment the syrian city is still not these are the latest pictures from one of three recently discovered maza graves these burros sites contain more than a thousand bodies and. there are three hundred to four hundred bodies in this mass grave three to four catacombs are completely full of dude bodies grief and despair still has the syrian city reeling as relatives time and time again have to identify their loved ones. excavated the body of only one of my sisters the other four remain missing i don't know where are the birth as we were.


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