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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 21, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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working at a homeless shelters it and knitting doilies for the underprivileged who have never yet doing. but no no that's not really what's going down journalist zack harder and paul blumenthal did a little digging and here's what they found is a little where are they now for the obama administration jed johnson obama's head of the department of homeland security and sole proprietor the name jack these days . these days johnson received two hundred ninety thousand dollars a year to serve on the board of lockheed martin the largest american defense contractor and the world's biggest weapons manufacturer the world's biggest merchant of death still much more aggressive than the doily thing i. hear ya obvious to make sure lockheed martin gets government contracts many of which are
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with the department of homeland security his former office how convenient that susie yeah hey ben could you send us lots of money for guns. judge johnson called trump separating children from their parents immoral and un-american he's involved in however he's involved in these super american activity of selling weapons to kill lots of people so i'm not sayin don't attack the trump administration go to town i lie like an ass at a golf course go in there like a midlife crisis trying to get his ball out of the rough as i have. no thanks can't thank you like go to town on drama in lies you're working for a war profiteer you ask. plies. thank plus our buddy judge johnson publishing a pin. in pieces in the washington post the pieces have not disclosed that he works
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for a defense contractor that stands to profit from d.h. s. business so it turns out that johnson's moral high horse is actually an f. thirty five fighter jets. moving on obama's former domestic policy council director melody barnes has said trump doesn't show any basic human decency and i would agree with her if it were coming from someone who also word for a defense contractor earning upwards of two hundred grand a year to destroy the world in fact booz allen hamilton has been helping ice to poor and separate families and getting paid millions to do it while still melody barnes gets to keep her moral outrage her quarter million dollars a year and her hobby of helping destroy families what locky lady i guess i guess i guess women can have it all. foreigners was also hired by hoover and twenty sixteen
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in case you forgot or has had one scandal after another plus recent studies have shown that somewhere between ten and thirty percent of drivers are actually losing money by working the job that's like the worst job ever imagined they have the other you come work your ass off for me and in return seven dollars an hour you'll pay me seven dollars a day. if you work really hard i'll knock it down to three. former transportation secretary ray la hood to join barnes on policy have advisory board and obama's two thousand and eight campaign manager david pluff worked as a senior v.p. at the company. that. revolving doors of obama officials that is a may warning though if you get involved in a revolving door circle. r.g.c.
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take it slow slow have a sponsor wear comfortable shoes i can't stress that enough cannot stress it enough . eric holder was obama's attorney general who refused to prosecute a single banker after the two thousand and eight collapse so you won't be surprised to hear holder is now a partner at the law firm of covington and burling which specializes in work on behalf of the banking industry obama's assistant a.g. lanny breuer is also a partner at covington and burling and on their website this is true he says he works on health things violence navigate financial fraud investigations anti corruption matters money laundering investigations. help. that's like saying i help people navigate sexual harassment if you slap a woman on the ass make sure you pretend you saw a bug. preying mantis i thought i saw you there i just help you navigate
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a me through moment right there if you need help navigating a corpse give me a call i got a wood chipper s.e.c. chair mary shapiro now advises financial firms and serves on the board of morgan stanley and as we mentioned last week former treasury secretary timothy geithner is now president of the private equity firm world bird pincus which owns mariner finance and installment a lender that targets poor families with high interest loans i you know i have expected him to have expected it to go in or around the holidays just grabbing fistfuls of cash out of the salvation army bucket and then just running away as he cackles like was. former white house spokesman jay carney says he worried he's worried about the country's credibility. under trump but that high sense of credibility seemed
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a little blunted when he joined amazon as senior vice president in march twenty fifteen he joined a company that is the appear to be treating their workers like piles of dogs that are then run over by a truck and then the truck crashes into like more a good so there's just jad bodies and dogs everywhere and then jeff bezos walks like welcome to your new home. and carneys job was to publicly attack anyone who said amazon treated their workers like dogs but brad my favorite is obama's secretary of agriculture tom vilsack he's now advocating for some of the country's big is the day we interests including ok i have see taco bell and pizza hut as president of the us dairy export council yeah the guy who used to be in charge of making sure america was healthy and eating
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right is a lobbyist for taco bell. everybody is growing children will need lots of vitamin c. . ok they need to loop which is crammed down their pristine faces so they can grow up to be gorditas. and for anyone who says k.f.c. doesn't treat their chickens nicely that is not true oh those are not chickens you . grow more up in a lab without a head's all right there actually you misheard us there chick ends there the second half of the chicken is sick and. i like to laugh like have. going to have to laugh
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a little. and finally let's not forget obama himself in order to get paid for his clubs just she was given for one hundred thousand dollars from wall street for a single speech as a thank you for wall street for letting them abuse the american people every goddamn day for never asking whether there's a better path forward for never oppression a pressuring them to come up with an economy that works for everybody instead of just the rich they said thank you obama here's a bag of cash so to say you get it now is the trouble mr asian corrupt absolutely is the obama administration corrupt absolutely and while they want you all the obama administration that you the people used to be there want you to care about stopping donald trump the last administration or enriching themselves in that how low the halls of war profiteers and wall street banks how do you walk to d.c.
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to thank you. welcome welcome on the only camp now let's take the news from behind as you know i try to avoid whichever stories attract the mainstream media's frantic idiocy each week but i also know that some of you probably want to know who to trust on the latest hysteria does your for example robert waller just indicted twelve russians for supposedly orchestrating a cyber attack on the d.n.c. meanwhile a longtime veteran of the intelligence community and former weapons inspector scott ritter has. list
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a column in troop dig this weekend titled indictment of twelve russians under the shiny wrapping a political act and he points out that there is one major problem with the indictment it doesn't prove that which it asserts and it's not backed up by anything that demonstrates how these connections were made so who to trust well i'd say scott ritter was a weapons inspector in iraq and said loudly and publicly that there were no weapons of mass destruction as you might recall our government then did not listen to him and as you might recall we then went on to kill a million people in iraq totally not cool. we did not play well with others we we would fail kindergarden so hard all the ours is. the robert voller what was he doing in the run up to the iraq war i'm glad you asked. secretary powell presented evidence last week that baghdad has failed to disorder its weapons of mass destruction and willfully attempting to evade and
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deceive the international community. our particular concern is that saddam hussein may supply terrorists with biological chemical or radiological material while. that guy was really wrong he would he was more wrong than the guy who told disney to spend three hundred million on making john cargher. which was ultimately watched by seven people. if you include international nine people. as you saw in that clip robert muller helped us go into iraq hell just kill a million people in iraq you know what i'm not going to take his word ever again that's what i've decided. already you want to do that in fact in fact i don't think anyone should trust that guy on anything even years from. alan he's in
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a retirement home and he tells his son where you have been an important. if i were his son i believe about they had tapioca i. remember the wm do you think. so i hope that helps you all with your analysis of the situation moving on the inter-american court of human rights has ruled in support of julius songes freedom say. day he deserves release and safe passage but that hasn't stopped the british and ecuadorian authorities for entering into talks with the u.s. to a victim julian assigns i'm so sick of people saying from doesn't work with other countries this is this is beautiful this is and our mainstream media and the democrats and the republicans in congress are all in just joyous agreement let's imprison and torture this charla's.
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to give joining together the world's artificial intelligence experts have joined together to sign a pledge aimed at averting a dystopian future with robots flying around and killing everybody. i'm totally with you guys on that i really well let's not do the robot death squads thing i just you know like those in dollar robot that's what intolerable. gun stat right see the problem is despite all these scientists joining together and say exist stop this weapons contractors say let's do the robot death squads thing that will make a lot of money from selling them to authoritarian regimes a and what's the worst that happened. was with the whole killer robots thing there is the problem of who do you prosecute for wrongdoing i mean you can't exactly prosecutor toaster for.
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burning you know although i did i did once take a vibrating trial all right but you know funny story actually. you know another time another. however when it's when it's humans committing the crimes you can sometimes actually see justice this week a two year probe by the all party parliamentary group on drones claims that british military personnel could be prosecuted for murder and complicity in alleged war crimes which yeah. it's. it's an exciting development but again i would file that under. this what are you going there just because someone's pushing a bible instead of pulling a trigger it's no longer murder well you know you see it's not murder because i went like this. that. you see you see that you see the
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difference so you did this murder all right this. secretarial work that we have to go by break the law be right that. independence means that you're not going to take instruction from any of the things and we know that in the situation of syria state of agenda the mandate that was given to us is bold it's not targeting one but to put aside to this conflict it is broad it is focusing on identifying investigating person and building five on sunday the most seriously. seventy four design submissions. so cells pilings.
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to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. the russian w.b. a champion of it. and a russian. show you how and why the crimea bridge was built. witnessed the construction when you need to transport operate that will help the crimea to stop most of those you know while google more familiar with it a bit but it's clear. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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right we're all set to start in five yes to the studio house no signal. he's not going to talk about no place just maybe right after the mars explorers want to do the good of their new. record. to say well we know. how to. pull them to sophie and co-op sophie shevardnadze and today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is who've good luck little.
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welcome back welcome back if you didn't think it was possible for wal-mart to sink any lower with its use of overseas slave labor and abysmal treatment of their in-store labor then break out the shovels all right they they recently won a patent for an audio surveillance system that will spy on their employees conversations with customers and i guess they figured while they're all the back prices they might as well roll back privacy rights you know got the roll back machine out for more on this we go to our senior walmart bathroom user now imagine . a great deal of this is this is hard to believe recording workers is pretty standard i mean have you never heard the phrase this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance because as someone who was threatened
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physical violence against comcast customer service i've heard that phrase a lot. though not as much as the phrase you're not allowed within five hundred feet of this comcast office. ok but just because it's already happening doesn't make it ok or less authoritarian will what's the point of this technology other than just to spy on americans that's all there is to increase worker efficiency and wal-mart isn't exactly the beacon of speedy service i mean if they were they wouldn't hire greeters who look like they went to high school with jesus. and they know jesus is the only person that could get you out of a wal-mart checkout line under thirty minutes it's why wal-mart says this audio surveillance technology could be used to monitor the performance of one or more employees at a time and measure one or more metric simultaneously like items per bag and line length blindly think guess creating work any combination anything from an employee
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that isn't simple welcome to wal-mart could slow down the checkout process and. that's why it's important to monitor for problem phrases like how is your day going fellow you man or. do you know you can get this for cheaper at target. or or or. i'll tell you where the walton family can shove their surveillance system . yeah yeah but this isn't a sign of a fish and see it's a slippery slope in a modern slavery just a few months ago amazon patented a wristband that tracks their employee's hand movements and buzzes them if they do something wrong it's a bad dream to you for them in that respect on trump's hand every time you sign an executive order. you know which ones suck because they don't look like you signed them during an earthquake. was. terrible decisions we devoid at work if we have those oh you want to second
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don't know what but. about the press an elevator button that's already been pressed but. using the office microwave to cook any fish. right this guy like he only makes us better know it makes us robots for jobs that could be done by robots and it shows us how much workers rights have dissolved wal-mart amazon workers could unionize they could fight this instead we have corporations who c.e.o.'s make thousands of times more than their employees and normalize whenever bill spyware next thing you'll tell me they have a patent on audio sensors in the bathroom so they can see how long employees take on piss breaks i highly highly doubt that. now when i'm the one who has the patent on school stereo. dear god and as much as my cable
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cuts out i've got conned cast employees are playing. candy crush in the bathroom stall instead of pooping. stop klang games on the throne so i can watch game of thrones now look. back off while i was marshall's and what not to do in ireland has actually shown the world what we should be doing to break this down we sent correspondent john a phone doll in ireland and he filed this report. i lend is a magical country full of wonder. and i'm not just saying that because my last name is o'donnell and as an american in i feel utterly disconnected from. and some overcompensating by romanticizing an idealized in a far off land especially relative to the box of corruption that my country has
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become that's what i'm doing i'm giving credit where credit is due the republic of ireland will become the world's first country to sell off its investments in basel fuel companies after a bill was passed with all party support in the lower house of parliament that's right ireland is the first twenty three in the world poised to divest from fossil fuel that's a big deal because climate change is a real and serious issue. anyway i know it all you news junkies are thinking right now. didn't like norway divest from fossil fuels like last november shun it now. norway's huge one trillion dollars sovereign wealth fund has only partially divested from fossil fuels ya. know.
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you really hear that sends very often it's usually you trump or you wall street or you job and stop swapping out my face cream for salsa coke a so it's gross come on ireland bring me back to my happy place i really was decision to advance the boycott bill could be the tipping point for justice for palestine. ireland said it recently passed the control of economic activity occupied territories bill which bans the importation of all products coming from the illegal israeli occupied territories in jerusalem and there was but a news. meanwhile in america our lawmakers are trying to pass the israel anti boycott act which would criminalize participation in certain political boycotts targeting israel. as so i think it's fair to say we're kind of
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going in the other direction on this one we're going to me repress free speech domestically in order to better prop up an apartheid regime abroad direction it's simple choice bold in its own cowardly sort of way. hey francis black the irish senator who introduced the boycott will knock my socks off the occupied territories is a functor piece of legislation it calls on our land to stand up for international human rights and justice in palestine these settlements built on occupied territory are war crimes they're condemned as illegal by our government and international courts empty rhetoric simply has not worked as long as we buy their stolen goods as long as they stay profitable noting will change day i'm not going to be on our socks were a month to do magin any us politician ever standing up for palestinian rights like
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that even bernie sanders would be like. talk about. i just thought of something in addition to being irish i'm jewish on my mother's side i suddenly feel so toward the way judaism is a nationality it's a religion my family is from romania what do you got for mira mania. tens of thousands protest against corruption in romania. well work on its reporting from our shot of her tactics and. there are your headlines from the future next thursday you'll read. new all of our
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listening bot collects one hundred twenty two thousand employee conversation the first week then takes own life due to boredom. coming up in august. after requests to sell out goes largely unanswered joe biden except twenty five dollar offer to speak of come across on that charge show but i have a lot of comedy shows coming up in indianapolis in denver and right here watching to do seem to enjoy. every detail and probably without regard to night on twitter until next year i'm good i think if i don't. it's hard to imagine to the wall a nazi don't it was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of expose a man convicted of mass murder and slavery and ash was a german company developed through the demise of
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a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during bring them so you. don't have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said he's just got choked on minix of it among victims who have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering. not only want the money i want the revenge. just like a comparison. versus the u.s. policies versus trade so dollar trump goes to the global trading environment with the ability to leverage america's got a leverage in that economy and you can reshape the global economy they eat you can went against the e.u. with no leverage they have a zero leverage against the e.u. therefore they've lost tragically against you and their colleagues being marginalized and isolated as a result of it they completely misstated our misunderstood there at the equation
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between the u.k. and the e.u. when it comes to business and trade. for man or shooting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. here . and even if you had it right now right you know i mean. at. the. end of.
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a shaky cease fire is restored between hamas militants and israel after violent clashes on the gaza border raising fears of a full blown conflict in the region. a year after the complete liberation from islamic state the iraqi city of mosul still lies and ruins humanitarian groups point to a dangerous lack of healthcare for people in the city. we see it extended it was destruction type and your goal is to a very visible. infrastructure hasn't been repaired here those people haven't been reopened get scared. also this hour u.s. government funded radio liberty places an ad on facebook in the united states despite a ban on targeting an american audience.


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