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good food russia sharing. a year after islamic state is run out of the iraqi city of mosul it still remains in ruins we hear from a local resident about life after liberation. or two bodies still down there and their feet bodies in that house behind us still inside stench coming from them these very strong children are getting sick of the cause of this. also this hour a shaky cease fire is restored between hamas militants and israel after violent clashes on the gaza border raising fears of a full blown conflict in the region. and students at a university in england removed a famous poem by british trying to read your kipling from a campus wall claiming he was a racist who stood against their ideals we asked people in london what they think about them it. is
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a mother's time. and you've got to accept that that was their time it should be acknowledged and it should be they're open for discussion but the for the each of these sons and. this is our two international bring you your live news update with me jack and welcome to the program. it's been a year since the iraqi city of mosul was fully liberated from islamic state the city had been the terror group's de facto capital in the country for nearly three years. video agency visit the city and spoke to a local resident. there are two bodies still down there and there are full bodies in that house behind us there's still inside the stench coming from them is very strong our children are getting sick because of this.
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sit in a fog there were six of us my daughter was killed we lived in that house after the airstrikes i just couldn't live there anymore. i don't know him. they said we're not going to treat her priority is the finances we can give her an injection so she dies immediately but of her to die at home the u.s. led coalition air strikes left the city of mosul and ruins and one year on it still remains devastated here's a look back at how the battle of mosul unfold. iraqi security forces launch a counterattack to liberate mosul from iceland also known as stage. this operation to regain control of iraq's second largest city will likely continue for weeks possibly long.
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stream a concern for the safety of up to one point five million people living in mosul who may be impacted by military operations to retake the city for once. i think the operation itself hopeful that we could put the city or the. you cannot just fire at everybody everybody in the city you have to be very careful john again i would just have an empty it couldn't go no monica sadly the magnitude
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and the mastermind amounted to the. math that was going to be the last this is a classic street in the liberated parts of mosul lifeless devastated it all spittle empty. calculus bodies buried and the all this rubble and no one knows how long it'll take to get to the war rubble the buildings and even that it's mixed with unexploded bombs and decaying bodies all the time. she got a. picture of them divided. it up and.
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to pull you out of teaching or a fact of life you want to liberate your towns and cities it comes at a price and avoidable part of war. we spoke to the middle east operations manager for doctors without borders says people are returning to find death everywhere in their city i think it will be unfair to say that nothing has changed but what we what we called for is that the change should happen more quickly or we see that's the level of destruction that happened a year ago is to a very visible evident infrastructure hasn't been repaired yet or spills haven't been reopened yes there's a lack of water and there's a lack of electricity going back and potentially finding their bodies in your house in your street i mean that's that's george appears very dangerous stating because once again you're confronted to it's all those horrible things that happened in mosul increasing number of people return but there's no access to it due to health
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care there is no. emergency room physician or surgical facilities there's not enough hospital beds and yet there are still people that are good wounded from. collapsing houses the horrors of war can also be seen in the syrian city of raka the bodies of more than one thousand two hundred civilians the majority of them women and children have been discovered in three mass graves there it's claimed most of them were killed when the u.s. led coalition bombed the area firing nearly thirty thousand rounds and launching thousands of air strikes during the course of a few months. as the details. tobar will mark exactly one year since i saw defeat in their caliphate self-proclaimed capital rocker and months after the u.s. coalition's victory restored or freed of torment the syrian city is still not these are the latest pictures from one of three recently discovered mars graves
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these burial sites contain more than one thousand bodies there are three hundred to four hundred bodies in this mass grave grew to four catacombs are completely full of did bodies grief and despair still has the syrian city reeling as relatives time and time again have to identify their loved ones excavated the body of only one of my sisters the other four remain missing and unaware of the birth as they were buried by my uncle now we're looking for the uncle who called to find them the majority of bodies are civilians mostly women and children and let him work twenty four hours a day whether it's a civilian or a fighter we give the body a number well this number is over a thousand now and that's just in the three recently discovered mass graves took the dog to have modern tools we just rely on basic information families help us identify the civilians we identify
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a lot of bodies from here because it does not disintegrate it's a race against time and they're ready to on their more time passes the harder it is to identify the bodies as they rot in the ground nameless and mass graves of raka highlight not only i saw as monstrosity but also what rights groups call america's denial in its responsibility for the city's tragedy because religion has acknowledged a mere twenty three civilian deaths resulting from the more than thirty thousand artillery rounds and several thousand strikes it launched into rocket city the blustery denials a contradicted. by the lived reality of the hundreds of civilians there even contradicted by their own partners on the ground looking at these pictures it's hard to see any real recovery from the post-war horror at all it's even difficult to tell them apart and just in case these were taking only
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a couple of months ago and these are back from two thousand and seventeen u.s. led forces came pounded the city with some thirty thousand artillery rounds proclaim victory and then washington apparently chose to simply forget rocca the u.s. coalition caused the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply in clearing the rubble there was that an effect in washington we were directly targeted by the coalition after the recognizance craft filmed us it was a low altitude it was very clear there were no terrorists in the area but there were kids playing in the streets and we were collecting water and i knew that of that i knew that if the aircraft bomb using phosphorus it targets everyone it is not hidden i still the coalition is boman brendan lee if you're sitting at home a bomb may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their residence and they couldn't get out all this happened because of the aircraft the city decayed
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bodies decomposed there's even no estimates on how many more musgrave's are still to be found thousands of people were killed during the battle to retake the city. many were buried asked to leave but also many remain in the rubble or at least in mass graves each one has to be dozens to hundreds of bodies and it was really hard to make such as to beaches but that's what we know who authorities are struggling to cope with the logistical challenges because there are many stuff that catered to conduct examinations because they are landmines around there it is clear from what we have seen on the ground that they are working to exhibit bodies. for more critical. birds until someone answers the pleas of rocker's citizens they must live a murder rubble and stench the stench of decomposing flesh. after a recent spike in violence on the gaza border the militant group hamas says it has
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agreed to a cease fire with israel violence escalated after an israeli soldier was killed that prompted a series of airstrikes on hamas positions and there have been fears of all out confrontation as artie's possibly or explains is an easy calm that has descended along the israel gaza border that ceasefire went into effect at midnight and we have heard from the israeli army that civilians who live along the israel gaza border can return to normal routine we're hearing the same message from the hamas hopes person who says that they have agreed to return to the era of calm between israel and the palestinian factions it follows a night of heavy air strikes conducted by the israeli air force over gaza they say they hit some sixty targets while at the same time three projectiles were fired at israel by palestinian militants and a friday deadline given by israel to her months in which it said that all awesome kites that were flown into israel had to cease came and went with those kites israel says that its actions were merely tell
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a creep and it holds her last responsible the i.d.f. used to do the whole store activity is treated by hamas throughout the last month with great severity hamas chose to the security situation and the consequences for its actions last night strikes were the worst we've seen since two thousand and fourteen were between israel and hamas in that war more than two thousand palestinians were killed and seventy three israelis now there was an israeli airstrike a heavy israeli airstrike earlier in the week we are hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that he will continue to strike back at her mass during the sabbath. god our policy is clear when anyone seeks to harm us we will strike back with great force this is just the second ceasefire in some six days so of course the question is then asked whether or not it will hold egypt and the united nations brokered cease fires and what we have heard from the united nations is that a massive full scale war was averted tensions on the ground however the main tense
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people are easily and the question of course is if and when will be another showdown when i ask people here that question most people believe there will be a showdown is just a question of when. political commentator amir oren and the former director of a palestinian civil rights organization more than our border ahmed and share their views on the recent conflict hundreds of palestinians if you accumulate the numbers have either died or been injured at the demonstrations but this is not happened because israel has used force. to the contrary israel on the reacted and israel tried to keep the entire border quiet it is not in its interest to try and rebuild. a number of but the scene and war show did differ on that is that you the sort of does without any dangers. from them to those are
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you disorders they are just getting slogans and it is the other voices and asking the international community over to brush up to do and that she'd get to feed them of movement and what it does to the buddhist you know to live as normal people. human beings live in the. media outlets funded by the u.s. government has to leave a series of ads placed on facebook targeting american audiences it comes after radio liberty was outed for potentially violating u.s. laws meant to shield citizens from domestic propaganda martin picks up the story. now it turns out that one news outlet has been forced to remove its political ads from facebook was the u.s. government's own radio free europe aka radio liberty here's an extract from their mission statement which of course you can find on their web site which ends in dot gov. a mission is to promote democratic values and institutions by reporting the
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news in countries where free press is banned by the government who are not fully established journalists provide what many people cannot get locally on since that news responsible discussion and open debate perhaps they consider the united states to be one of those countries that doesn't have a free press after all the ads were specifically targeted at americans now facebook says the ads were not political which is rather interesting as they were specifically related to recent controversies regarding trump and to nato. sixty one percent of the surveyed population in twelve countries view nato favorably it's actually illegal for federally funded news outlets under the umbrella of the broadcast board of governors to direct their content at an american audience the only exception is by special request and there was none in the case of radio liberty after new york times journalists raised
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a red flag the board of governors deleted the ads none of the b.b.c. now were should be distributing or promoting our content massacree in order to develop or grow domestic audiences but why would facebook allow ads about nato to begin with this is just after facebook has imposed strict rules regarding commercials with political content in the united states r.t. materials frequently banned and that's even when it's not directed at an american audience. and issue ads on facebook and instagram in the u.s. must be clearly labeled including a paid for by disclosure from the advertiser at the top of the ad it turns out that the rules about what constitutes a political ad are pretty big as far as facebook is concerned any r.t. news related to the usa is a political advert meanwhile a commercial specifically talking about how everyone loves nato is not now russian
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scholar shonda laurie recently tried to promote in an interview about his recently published compendium of coverage of donald trump from russian magazines and newspapers face book shut him down for his book one to prove my it for this book cost apparently what the russian press thinks of trump is dangerous information there's a double standard if you want to break the rules to help defend freedom ok which is which is really not possible it's illogical they've constantly lived in this state of a false reality where. it's ok to propagandize and to blanket the rest of the world with a cia funded message but it's not ok for russia to finance or to partially even finance a great television network that's competitive with the b.b.c. for news and information why is that not ok all this talk about fake news and
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propaganda has put the us political establishment and tech giants like facebook in a pretty difficult spot basically they've been reduced to saying we can't promote it if we don't agree with it caleb oppen r.t. new york. we have our facebook and the broadcasting board of governors to comment on the case so far they have chosen not to respond coming up in the program students at an english university remove a poem from a campus building describing author rendered kipling as a racist their reaction to that story and more of the weekend's news after a short break. but hopes as to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. some want to us. to write for us this is like the. three of you that. i'm interested
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in the war. just like the comparison to the k. breaks and versus the u.s. policies versus global trade so dollars goes to the global trading environment with the ability to leverage america's got a leverage in that economy you can reshape the global economy they eat you can they went against the e.u. with no leverage they have a zero leverage against the e.u. therefore they've lost tragically against you and their colleagues being marginalized and isolated as a result of it they completely misstated our misunderstood there at the equation between the u.k. and the e.u. when it comes to business and.
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come back to the program in the u.k. a poem by british writer rudyard kipling has been removed by students at the university of manchester they claim the author who's best known for writing the jungle book was racist the poem if penned in one thousand nine was displayed in a newly renovated campus building but was quickly criticized by members of the student union who said they should have been consulted beforehand they say kipling sought to legitimize the british empire presence in india and dehumanize people of color a verse from civil rights activist maya angelou still i rise has now replace the poll we asked people in london about the students' initiative. this is it is a man of his time. and you've got to accept that that was his time today maybe don't really do it for so you just if you agree with. free speech on the window if you do enough of us a trick question i'm going to be into it and not kind of thing but to treat the deported if something is really bothering me any case and i don't agree with the
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facing i think there are other ways of protesting the point i think when we're looking back on history and judging people from the framework that they existed in apes a little bit different i think. everything in its period is significant and as i write. you know we can look at those and different views and attitudes now i think we can learn a little bit from that you know that it was a bad thing to do you know it's not right now but still you know it's people doing the past i don't think that we should disregard the most people that watch because of the pain they have the actually i think there are many great artists also in this museum been fired me such a mistake and. problematic people in their private clothes but that doesn't necessarily mean that there are going to be dead bodies but it also can mean that it should be acknowledged and it should be there open for discussion but the date shouldn't be censored. kipling is of course not the only author whose work has been
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criticized recently here's a few examples. with the western material achievement and progress made no dent on the round it's leader of china. wants to forgive me for all of my friends without his ever saying anything they were simply a little something shameful between us like this billion open of the horse a symbol fight. there is a trait in the jewish character that does provoke animosity maybe it's a kind of lack of generosity towards non jews hitler didn't just pick on them for no reason. in the next in the jew in the jews to your empire and you yourselves out judah jew and the big jew has received every nation his word
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. after the white house announced its inviting president putin to washington the media is still trying to come to terms with donald trump style of diplomacy by booker breaks down what's been dubbed the worst week for trump's foreign policy. the u.s. president has upset everyone because she's missed it doesn't do claim to see like this was. true for new order one of the rules of diplomacy on his whistle stop tour of europe went off piste and told the truth don't worry you threw in a you tube it was an astonishing performance he managed to piss european allies and then in the interests of equality he desired citizens to diplomacy is the oh so loony in someone's face but nicely yours is a method not found in any text reg he sobered up opponents and allies with
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a stream of clearly obvious as well finishing the most with a laser guided through that last one and that's the latest now on terrorism for us to take a truthful here's the e.u.'s sticking washington with the bill of defending europe well nato members didn't like hearing that said out loud you see they prefer diplomatically considerate criticism which they can diplomatically ignore next the diplomatic headed to britain where trumpeted already did the nation in advance by suggesting that the u.k. was in a spot of bragg's it in joost political turmoil. he politicians crying well the ones on dealing with all the turmoil that is then trump wanted face to face in helsinki and a mainstream america exploded let me see those guys come on it's not the cold war anymore but one was called a traitor and he's just grace who apparently caused doubt on the conclusion by the
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american intelligence services that russia meddled in the us elections. and m.p.'s a disgrace. he said the air was wrong. the day aloft to. he says he actually meant to say the exact opposite donald's desperate backtracking was the first sign of genuine diplomacy he chose so much truth bomb did trump a brawl in the presence of he said he suggested the world's two largest nuclear powers should try to get a long cold mr president do you know nothing. that's a wrap up of the day's top news and that's all for me as well but my colleague you know neil will be here at the top of the hour with your global news update as always thanks for tuning in.
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to. look at. the. door to the if he. goes to the destroy you.
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will for. the mother earth to commit a fool to one of the most well cones. you lou. to prepare the program i had to look at a lot of material listen to a lot of material and also read a lot of material that the is appalling. and not only that when you get these images into your head and of course the images that i was you know fall more graphic than anything i could include enough in a television. yet for the. car i worked in redacted enough to
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show were americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. i've recently covered the corruption of the trump administration done a lot in the past few weeks have called them disgusting i've called them greedy bastards i've called them a bucket with an i.q. of half a bucket of. ok very have ever had ever did i last i've ever had never did you guys your pocket it. could be i can have a garden. ok. good to get that off my chest so for this segment let's spend some time on the obama administration where are they now rights we're led to believe the obama administration where these wonderful public servants who fought for truth and justice and they say the pledge of allegiance quietly to themselves before
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masturbating. so where are they now i mean i mean they tell us trump is a fascist a dictator destroying democracy then shouldn't obama and joe biden be like storming the white house on some sort of mad max vehicle with spikes sticking out of it should or should we see hillary and eric holder like bolt. today trumps motor without buccaneer knife in their teeth as sex aperture iran. or maybe the obama administration were such wonderful peace loving people that nowadays they're busy volunteer ring of fire departments and working in homeless shelters in and knitting doilies for the underprivileged who have been there we are doing. but no no that's not really what's going down journalist zack harder and paul blumenthal did a little digging and here's what they found is a little where are they now from the obama administration janet johnson obama's
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head of the department of homeland security and sole proprietor the name jack these days. these days johnson received two hundred ninety thousand dollars a year to serve on the board of lockheed martin the largest american defense contractor and the world's biggest weapons manufacturer the world's biggest merchant of death show much more aggressive than the doily thing. his job is to make sure lockheed martin gets government contracts many of which are with the department of homeland security his former office how convenient. to say yeah hey bill could you send us lots of money for guns. judge johnson called trump separating children from their parents immoral and un-american
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he's involved in how.


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