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tv   News  RT  July 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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five hundred meters away they could. round a few minutes later they began bombing the area and people. killed fourteen people including children are speaks to witnesses at the scene. investigative journalist shines a light on germany's arms trade claiming that not everything is above board. and western powers welcome the evacuation of the white house from syria to jordan
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look at the controversy. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our g international thomas really glad to have you with us. and fourteen people including children have been killed in an airstrike in afghanistan in what was meant to be a military operation against the taliban it's not yet clear whether it was carried out by afghan or u.s. aircraft or he spoke to witnesses at the scene and a bit of warning may find some of the following images disturbing. line is not i'm going to be the monkeys on the car no one near one of them because no one would see them let's get ready but you don't want to look here don't want you're here don't want to look at this and we're not going to afghan officials say most of the victims are women and children the u.s. military has admitted that it did conduct airstrikes in the area but it claims
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there was no or were no civilian casualties not as bad as commentary. seventeen years the nile is propaganda by the enemy foreign troops are our friends and we don't target civilians u.s. forces did conduct strikes and on the ground assessments of those strikes reveals no indications they caused civilian casualties. taliban propaganda they claimed with an on the ground assessment to prove it who can argue with that almost sounds like the results of a scientific experiment would have helped of course of that actually visited the place. the americans never visited this area and i'm witness to this national defense forces visited the area to check and first they wouldn't let us drink out the dead and injured. foreigners didn't visit this area.
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they are lying a delegation came here from the local governments and security officials ok so if you take the locals all of them at their word it's the afghan army that lied to the american troops it wasn't until the neighbors relatives erupted in outrage that authorities admitted to potential civilian deaths even the un is on the case so what actually happened. standing five hundred meters away they could easily see that civilians were around a few minutes later they began bombing the area killing people. i saw the bombardment with my own eyes the americans first used artillery they bombarded my home and my aunt's home without giving us a chance to flee. then they used a big bomb and we felt like we were in hell all around us was covered by gunpowder and. my sister and all my family members were unconscious. on the first shell
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the area where there was an aircraft bombarded it with three bombs. and one wounded with the victims from the rubble with one missing were found the hand and shoulders and you other parts of one march and buried him. the victims the house owner's wife and daughter in law so. three daughters four grandchildren two sons and more difficult to spin them as enemy fighters even with the pentagon's notorious guilty until proven innocent casualty counting mechanism and locals survivors don't have a lot of faith in justice. my expectations are that they would tell us it was an arson so and no proof that they were taliban fighters this is not the first time . they always kill civilians and never give us
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a chance to speak up so that they can say that they killed the taliban. no no no i've seen no one help the family i've lived here for a long time during which time some and i've never seen anyone give an eight. province which is partly controlled by the taliban has a history of strikes go in astray in two thousand and fifteen when the us had the doctors without borders ospel killing forty two the pentagon denied that at first until eventually barack obama himself had to apologize in the last year when the u.n. investigation found that the u.s. had killed ten civilians in a different airstrike again denied that even offered a investigation and again eventually ended up apologizing i did response to a request from our teenagers said no civilian casualties resulted from u.s. airstrikes and afghan investigators will release their findings in the next few
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days and i were acting as richard becker it was denial has become second nature for the american military. well i think that there's been hundreds and hundreds of such incidents in afghanistan every single time we hear of one of these incidents like this latest one it can do is we hear oh they were all terrorists at first and then someone goes out media go out in the interview the villagers and they say no they were just villagers and then the military says well will conduct an investigation and then it's off into the ether and very little ever happens no matter how terrible the atrocities are but this pattern happens over and over again and no matter what kind of apologies or excuses are given then it's repeated and it's repeated and repeated over and over again. germany is one of the world's largest arms makers and exporters but an investigative reporting group has claimed that not
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all german arms are being sold legally here is part of the report from red fish which can be found in full on the groups you tube page. in open the mentor to understand of understand that to to as some of them as a long call had tired. of playing element. germany gets a lot of praise for its reasonable approach to politics but the german government has a dirty secret while germany prides itself on having some of the toughest arms export laws on the planet it's actually the fourth biggest arms exporter in the world lawyer holder wrought by hour has taken one of the country's major on as manufacturers and one of the world's biggest small arms producers the infamous heckler and koch to court they stand accused of illegally shipping weapons to
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conflicts a heckler and koch trial. is not using that too often it's historic it's a really historic because it shows the i would call it blasphemy this sinking of etiquettes of the german government because the german people eagle on shipments they're accused of include sixteen batches of g thirty six assault rifles some of which ended up being used in a tragedy which shook the world. in two thousand and fourteen forty three students became collateral in mexico's bloody war on drugs when they were kidnapped by corrupt police who handed them over to the new tory is guerrero sunita was drug cartel at least several of the students were killed by the heckler and koch rifles the company is incredibly hostile the media interest in public attention it didn't take long for the police to arrive to stop us from filming in the town's residents were particularly enthusiastic to speak to
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a seal we approached heckler and koch multiple times to discuss the allegations cited in this report unfortunately despite all our efforts. we're very happy to see us. because. you don't want to say something. to get an export license german arms manufacturers have to go through several government ministries who will check that the shipment destination isn't subject to any sort of ban by german law if it is in the arms company's application fails then they have another option they can appeal to the federal security council and here's where things get interesting this council is made up of a handful of senior ministers who sit down with the german chancellor angela merkel in a secret meeting where they review the application and decide whether to approve it or not the details of this meeting are never made public there is no media presence
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or independent scrutiny. the heckler and koch company says it is fully cooperating with the investigation their lawyers say the guns were sold legally to a well controlled police department in mexico. germany has agreed to resettle eight members of the controversial rescue group known as the white helmets as well as their families after they were evacuated by israel from syria canada and britain and france have also pledged to receive some of the four hundred twenty two people are to go earlier discuss the story with my colleague jacqueline vogel. well the praise that this massive relocation effort has received in the west from some of the most senior people in charge seems absolutely unanimous it is of course but barely anyone of those joining in the course has actually spoken to civilians on
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the ground and r t how has done that and i'll tell you what there really is a rather strong contrast between what the big names are saying now and the things that we heard when we talked to these syrians that we've been able to get these brave people and their families out of syria after the extraordinary work they've done saving lives this video shows them helping the people but they only help the rebel fighters they really those close to them the last thing they cared about is civilians we complained for the ever creation of the white helmets and i were grateful now that this was successful and that some of these people and their families can be accommodated here in germany where no one did anything out of humanitarian concerns it was all about money the join the white helmets and others only for money no one cared about the syrian people and what was the urgency behind
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this relocation well right now the syrian government troops are making some serious advances in the south of the country and that's where areas have long been held by the militants that are seeking to overthrow the assad government and i can tell you that there have already been attempts successful attempts i should say to move some of these rebels to the country's north where areas are held by some elements of the syrian opposition but now it seems it is turned to relocate the white house although there are being moved abroad and this is perhaps another sign that these people have long had some political connections with the west and after all it is no secret that the group is being kept. afloat with cash from western countries and some cases that's taxpayers' money which means millions of dollars and the white helmets have been working very hard on building and maintaining not just a positive image but an image of heroes their networking their p.r.
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efforts to visualize their rescue activities are really impressive but all of this may backfire if you cheat all that was used in april by those trying desperately to prove that the assad government used chemicals against children and duma was a white house video but later the very same people who featured in it insisted that the entire rescue operation after the chemical attack was staged. we were in the basement and then heard someone outside scream go to hospital we were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this you can easily think of other controversies for instance videos with jihad as holding executions and then suddenly out of nowhere men wearing white helmets showing up or
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videos when people wearing white helmets were waving al qaida flags plus you can just take a look at some of the things our correspondent saw when he tried to trace the footsteps of the notorious group on the ground in syria here's what you'll find in one of the rooms of the former white helmets headquarters here in the aleppo bomb elements. as well as detonate does hundreds and hundreds of empty bullet casings this was by all appearances a weapons factory a ball making factory over here shrapnel. this is what they put in boredom stew cause horrendous casualties over there you'll see an industrial mix again. what they used to mix chemicals and gunpowder so clearly there's a lot of inconsistency is here how these concerns been ignored by western
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governments all together no not in all cases you may remember when the white helmets won an oscar for a documentary about the things they were doing when that's when their leader was invited to the u.s. for the awards ceremony but then he was banned from entering the country and that was something that led to a rather awkward situation at a u.s. state department briefing is the u.s. taxpayer supporting a group whose leader you have banned from coming to the states i mean if you have reason to revoke his visa that he could be a security threat or something like that why would again you just support but again trying to separate this individual from their roots so they go it is saying that basically that he is suspect which is. again i can't say this is a go against us against them and i'm sorry. so it might indeed get complicated when it comes to some elements of the white helmets group and the security back home
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russia's foreign ministry has issued a statement saying that the white helmets fleeing syria shows that they are hypocritical and not there just to tend to civilians middle east analyst ali risk believes not all of the western states will be willing to accept white helmets members. this actually reflects the lemma which the west finds itself in its finds itself supporting terrorists will the west allow these people to settle. in these countries in the us are not sure i don't think that they will allow what i think would really reveal their wish to be true hypocritical but i think that in other countries yes they will be allowed to settle down under this a label with these people are freedom fighters or involved in rescue. operations i also would like to point to the following that yes they're here in beirut i heard information i tribute to to certain sources that amongst those who activated not
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just members of the so-called white helmet space in addition to that intelligence officials from nato from certain gulf arab countries in the gulf like you know saudi arabia etc the chinese a president is touring africa story in much more still to come you want to march international. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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make this manufactured consensus to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round lifts be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. this is our t. international chinese president xi jinping has arrived in rwanda as part of his four nation trip to africa to establish deeper trade ties here earlier visited senegal which is the first west african country to be involved in china's belt and
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road infrastructure project beijing has been expanding its presence in africa in recent years two thousand and sixteen alone china invested thirty nine billion dollars in the continent bringing the total to more than two hundred billion it's roughly twice the amount of that the united states has invested in africa. earlier this year u.s. ties with several african countries were put under strain by some infamous remarks from donald trump the president of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not. for one donald trump isn't their president. johnson founder of viewpoint africa believes the u.s. government's policies on africa have encouraged countries to look to china the united states influence on africa was already doing be well before don't want to
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show came into the play and it will continue to do because of some of his comments he's attitude towards africans and he's position on africa in general he's only interested in is your basis and african so i'm afraid i'm very much interested in partnership and those that take them seriously and i know school is like a liberalized continent it's voting with his return is changing the united states in every sector that i know of in favor of the chinese of course china already had a huge presence and influence and that includes i've just grown to levels for which even if the americans were to try and now like you to ever catch the chinese in my lifetime. u.s. president is considering revoking the security clearances of six former intelligence officials including the former heads of the cia f.b.i. and n.s.a. all of whom are outspoken critics of donald trump the white house press secretary
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gave a statement explaining that. the president is exploring these mechanisms to resist remove security clearance because they've politicized it in some cases actually monetized their private service and their security clearance clearances and making baseless accusations of improper contact with russia or being influenced by russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. this comes of week after former cia chief john brennan accused donald trump of treasonous behavior he was referring to the president's summit with vladimir putin in helsinki went on to accuse trump of being in the pocket of the russian leader or rasmussen vice president of the eurasia center think tank believe some former intelligence officials may have gone too far with their comments to the media it's very it's very disturbing. usually those people. you know take it take it step back and people ask them invites but seldom do you see them taking so much. of
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a role. talking to the media openly lecturing and giving comments like that so does it really matter whether or not they have a clearance or not probably not. doesn't limit maybe some of the discussions they made with former colleagues and stuff perhaps. but. but they should not be receiving access to that information as it is even if they have to clearance so i see very little impact on on them they're still going to make their statements they may be even more. they make new york state. they propose plaque to be added to a statue commemorating a famous merchant involved in the slave trade has divided locals in the english city of bristol edward colston is a prominent figure in the city's history for his philanthropy however much of his wealth was acquired through the royal african company which was involved in the
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slave trade during the seventeenth century now residents say people need to be more aware of colton's past and a second plaque mentioning his role in the slave trade is needed we discussed the story with racial equality campaign earlier jasper and stephen morris from the english democrats. why have we got the statue of a man who sold millions of africans into bondage and slavery ripped african babies from their mother's breast separated families killed maimed and murdered millions of africans but he gave money to charity so we should have a statue of him in our town square we have to look at the full history of the of the slave trade was going on for thousands of years before europeans arrived africans were enslaved africans and selling them to the arabs way before we got there and he actually quite unfair to judge the past by today's standards and today's models so for me eight eight is part of the history but it really got to be
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showing the full history of what was going on at the time and not just to be a scene until your opinion. actually the fifty million people is allowed or not a ransom thing going to go on for what we know and redesign and find here that the historians of the time are all consensual around that figure so i think it is you need to get your facts straight all depends what the plots going to be saying because you've got to put things into context of what was up you know now you're the guest is this man is a racially and all the ground so that's what i. wanted before i moved trying to put forward i'm going to pluck there then you have to make sure that you put it into context of what was happening around the world we shouldn't be imagining and celebrating colton it should be either bristol museum of shame which he can go in and all the order of colonial aspects and really of the past can go in but i don't
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way it should be contextualized as the most horrific period in bristol's history you cannot george historical events by today's standards you have to look at what was going on at the time of the does it for me i'll be back in about thirty five minutes with a full account you know as you're watching our international. join me every thursday on the elec simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. to go on to be press this is what the before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my. question. right we're all set to start in five yes the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about no fly just maybe right after the arse explorers want to do that would have their. record. to say last week oh.
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ok let's throw told them to sophie until i'm seriously shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas this move good luck that. it's almost stock trading. system a consumer is taking his sweet toast to a nearby karaoke bar. open a little. early that will go my way and that last gentleman that. was at the city actually says and it's all. so cool just to see you actually.
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each of the mock up of just on that is a hell of a nation that a good. son could look at all of those how much of a little. boy. in japan with a never people are getting married a month fifty or one in five has never had a family. that's one reason is the country has consistently had an extremely low birth rate. in the next fifty years japan's population may decrease by. mass production of marketing of a new generation of six types of heralded in the era of relationships between dulls
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people. this is my me our japanese production assistant here in tokyo. she is thirty four and single. miamis invited us to visit her. home to this house maybe just a couple of years wilson as an example didn't really. know this is only one. year. these are warm that not helping the farm raised oh no we want to show no sister no grocers no relatives so
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after my parents thought i was you know also if you get cut right like this is not just because it's not fixed versus tidy up. manger home or oh. the pressure it's the you don't make you know money. like why men don't want to be. my interests you know finding out that japanese people having trouble connecting to as a people and then being asked to communicate to. them to cut it got up off his innate goodness get all clear got to focus through my posts constitute a sequel to chelsea and she will tell such a good. little.


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