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it was. palestinians clash with israeli soldiers in jerusalem and gaza a journalist working for r.t. is caught up in the on the rest. of. it a dialogue about. the firm behind the notorious trunk russia dustier is summoned to court in the u.s. after a lawsuit was brought by a russian entrepreneur. and ecuador says wiki leaks founder julian assange may soon have to leave their embassy in london where he's been for the past six years.
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i'm kate partridge and you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. two palestinians have been killed and dozens injured in riots on the israel gaza border crowds have been rallying every friday for the past four months demanding the right to reclaim ancestral lands gaza based journalist three was caught up in the turmoil. so this is the theory that ad drone that i steer it does. give me. a feeling. that i'm going to. give it up but what if. we just woke up from inhaling and so fixating tear gas i think it's going to go to you just one
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more time by all of the tear gas canisters of college student protesters going to continue to protest and are still very very close to the fence participating in the great much of returned this is not the first time they have been saying this violence and this excessive force but they have been witnessing this for more than eighteen weeks now most of the injuries today have been injured in the upper part of the body where most of them are in the chest in the stomach and down in that and the had in the but a senior minister of have stated that most of the injuries today are from live ammunition this is a protest that was killed to end his shots then people are saying that he's shot and killed it's very dangerous for us to be here but despite everything we're still here covering all the israeli violence against the palestinians well clashes also erupted between muslim wash post and israeli security forces on temple mount in
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jerusalem. several explosions were heard with smoke covering parts of the holy site israeli police say muslims were throwing stones and fireworks at them they responded with crowd control weapons including stun grenades police also stormed the al aqsa mosque after people barricaded themselves inside several injuries were reported. now the firm behind the infamous trumped russia does here has been summoned to a court hearing in the u.s. a judge ordered the fusion g.p.s. company to give sworn testimony in a lawsuit brought by a russian tech guru and of he filed a defamation suit against the dossier is also along with buzz feed to the media
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company that released it r.t. samir khan has the story. but fusion g.p.s. will now have to answer questions regarding its role in compiling the steel dossier be very dossier that made headlines a world wide for its unverified salacious allegations about donald trump before his inauguration now lawyers will be able to ask a fusion g.p.s. representatives about its clients how they verify their claims and why they hired christopher steele and they also have the opportunity to find out the nature of the firm's interactions with government officials and media outlets now the russian entrepreneur is a lawyer who filed these claims against buzzin still called it a victory this ruling gave us everything that we had hoped for after a year of trying everything they could think of to avoid being deposed fusion is finally going to have to sit down and answer our questions fusion g.p.s. hasn't revealed any information regarding the dossier claiming that it would violate confidentiality clauses and free speech rights but for some background the
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firm was hired in april two thousand and sixteen by the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. to investigate trump's allegedly to russia for a fever about one point eight million dollars then fusion hired former m i six operative christopher steele and then buzz feed to publish the dossier even though it wasn't verified now fusion g.p.s. will have until august thirty first to sit in for the deposition but it's possible that the revelations that will come out of that hearing will be more scandalous than the dossier itself. a growing number of public figures are getting in trouble too to their own tweets. explains. it's become a sport watch someone climb to the top and then knock them off the perch using their own less than savory quotes like t.v. actor roseanne barr who lost her long time job a.b.c. following a very racist tweet it also happened to katie mchugh
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a journalist who used to write for the breitbart website after her tweets came to light the same fate be felled the sisters stars of the go with no job instagram account they used to have a talk show but it was canceled because they were old. and islamophobia tweets resurfaced on top of that left leaning liberal media outlet found out that the sisters have a conservative news pundit for a mother who likes donald trump a lot in fact one thing all those disgraced stars have in common is that they're politically conservative although recently the liberal camp has been hit by a string of very similar scandals james gotten big hollywood film director made guardians of the galaxy turns out ten years ago he was making jokes about rape and paedophilia his bosses at disney had to sack him the creator of reckon movie and of the harmon town podcast dan harmon he had to apologize after an old sketch where he
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rapes a baby doll caught the attention of the twitter sphere the host of the daily show travel no recently faced criticism when his old sketch poking fun at aboriginal women in australia cropped up online who dug all this up the conservatives to find some politically incorrect skeletons in the liberals closets might you know of it all right blog keen to get revenge on the left was the one who found the james gun tweet he's loving the fact that the lefties are getting a taste of their own outraged medicine. i enjoyed just the wrong human visceral reaction of jumping into the arena and just swinging the hammer and seeing what is left over afterwards twitter is just modern day gladiatorial combat but there is a slight difference in how the conservatives online misdemeanors and the left wing liberals offensive jokes are playing out trevor noah and dan harmon have managed to
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hold on to their jobs james gunn did get fired but a lot of the so-called liberal elite standing up for him james gunn is one of the most loving caring good natured people i have ever met he's made mistakes we all have i'm not ok with what's happening to him james gunn i think you for your tile and your decency and your evolution as a man i'm posing myself to take everything in the forest because of term i just want everyone to know i love all members of my geo t.g. family some have even started a petition to rehire him the twitter sphere wasn't quite as forgiving when it came to roseanne barr's hateful language shame on you the real roseanne and a.b.c. network not a single apology can get me to respect your despicable racist character and racism
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in mainstream media now i'm hurt embarrassed and disappointed the racist and distasteful comments from rosie are inexcusable a.b.c. and disney do the right thing there is still boned reason the age of trump that cannot be crossed thank you for putting values above money roseanne herself has picked up on it i'm disgusted to read all the support for james guns paedophile jokes as the same people supported blackly sue me for a joke they didn't even understand digging up dirt is one thing but it looks like it's more likely to stick if you're on the right side of the political spectrum. wiki leaks founder julian assange may soon have to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been holed up for more than six years the president of ecuador lenin moreno said the stalemate has gone on for too long. but this situation cannot go on forever and santa will eventually have to go all right it will keep yes
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indeed yes but his departure should come about through dialogue this isn't the first time we've heard speculation of a sergeant six year tenure at the ecuadorian embassy coming to an end it is the first time such hints have come from such a high official the president of ecuador himself. of course has been a asylum seeker effectively at the embassy since two thousand and twelve he fled there six years one month ago afraid that he would be extradited to the united states where he's wanted of course for publicly leaking those military and diplomatic cables which celebs war crimes and human rights violations now of course all this comes in the light of those reports about negotiations between the ecuadorian government and the british government to come to some sort of conclusion to bring this matter to an end the u.k. government has denied that this issue specifically was discussed during president rose recent visit to the u.k.
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but they have confirmed that negotiations have generally taken place and are continuing to take place to resolve the matter lamoriello himself it has to be said it's not a big fan of assad she's criticized him describing him as a stone in the shoe. while you labeled as an inherited problem inherited because of course it was granted asylum under the presidency of rafael air now though from with this administration it has been far from smooth sailing for the whistleblower for a person to stay confined like that for so long is tantamount to a human rights violation the only concern i have is that i have never agreed with the sundries activity i don't agree with hacking private e-mails to be able to obtain information no matter how valuable it is to expose certain undesirable acts of governments all people of course six years of confinement have taken their. toll on a song to have been concerns about his welfare just last month in fact foreign office
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minister alan duncan expressed those concerns to parliament stating assurances would be sought about his welfare should he leave the embassy. internet access was recently cut off and the visits available to him by third parties have also been limited leaving very much questions both from the public and the media about just how and when this six year saga will finally come to an end.
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the government loyalty tradition. ever written so i want to be diplomatic mission decided to give the site. where. our. position was planted on the phone to send. it with your income is empowered to grand national. because of great regret that julian assange remains in the ecuador embassy it's about this miserable world the embassy gave himself up to british justice.
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aside was granted political asylum back in twenty twelve by ecuador's then president rafael correa he spoke to r.t. about the latest twist in the case. that a songes actions were absolutely unlawful and the state has a right to keep secrets so it was granted asylum not as an apology for his actions it was because there were no guarantees that the investigation would be held in the proper manner and now moronic says dialogue needed ecuadorans know what that means is total hypocrisy. no talks about dialogue or making deals behind the scenes he already has an agreement with us on what will happen to us and now he is just trying to sweeten the pill by talking about dialogue but i'm afraid and i said it's a few months ago that the days of his scientists presence in iran proceed almost over. if you leave the embassy without
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a guarantee of safety or you will end up in u.s. i don't have a legal framework being used to build a case against him alas a capital punishment and even if that was not the case i mean a lot of people such as a sign it and his alleged a different no one says it is a crime to spread confidential information about the sangean manning stole this information but it was the media gets credit why does no one say anything about that because they are part of the system they want to give the impression that the information was stolen without mentioning that it was them who spread it this is just a quote christine. for my m i five intelligence officer and he may show or says this development in the case is a bad sign for the wiki leaks boss. i think it's certainly worrying for a silent yes there's no doubt about it because the incoming president in ecuador seems to see him as a problem he's also under pressure from the americans and from the international monetary fund to raise funding for his country and apparently it's been speculated reporters that been threats that this might be withheld if they don't if he does
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not resolve this our case but i think he's right to be worried about being extradited on with the united states where his organization wiki leaks has already been categorized by michael compare as a hostile intelligence agency where politicians been calling for his assassination for the death penalty for the rest of his life in prison and all for publishing just as any other media organization publishes so i think the concern is what the british will do and of course the british government isn't also very difficult position with brick says they can't afford to annoy their american cousins too much at this juncture of british history so it's a bit of a mess every which way. the un has urged cameroon to investigate allegations of abuse by the country's armed forces it comes after video emerged of what appears to be the extra judicial killing of two women and two children in the central african country news website the intercept obtained the following video and a warning you may find it distressing. remark about
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a moderate idea that the. drug. was it what. it is fair market to make today. now these shocking images show soldiers from cameroon executing women and children now a uniformed demand is narrating their actions he says that the women and children are part of the boko haram terrorist group after the first round of bullets one of the men wearing military fatigues acknowledges that one of the children is still alive so he shoots again first the government claims that the video was fake news but now it's been reported that four soldiers have been detained keep in mind that cameroon is a key ally of the united states in the war on terror cameroon is advice to partner in the fights against boko haram isis west africa and other violent extremist
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organizations in the lake chad basin region a relationship with cameroon is designed to promote stability and security within the region now cameroon host hundreds of u.s. troops and a u.s. drone base and at this point the usa continues to supply cameroon with military planes and other assistance even though it's been pointed out by the ambassador to the country that the military has been involved in targeted killings there is going to start recovering there is a good summary executions the security detaining people. chose to for years to their families even to this is. now the u.s. state department has expressed concerns over the video that seems to show one of its key allies committing a savage act of brutality we call on the government of cameroon to investigate thoroughly and transparently the events depicted in the video make its findings
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public and if cameroonian military personnel were involved in this is city hold them accountable this is hardly the first time that cameroon has raised the concerns of human rights groups and amnesty international report documented over one hundred cases of murder torture and abuse we used witness testimony and photographs from the social media accounts of best soldiers to digitally moto the site and locate incidents within it the legs if they stay taney abound in a stress position known as the position. detainees report being held in this way for days at a time and at first there were reports that the u.s. state department had temporarily suspended aid to the country but the pentagon was quick to dispel those rumors there has been no change the assistance the department of defense provides to cameroon as a direct result of violence in the engle friend regions of cameroon the united states constantly tells us that its foreign policies are about defending freedom it
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accuses geo political rivals of violating human rights but it looks like cameroon past friend of the pentagon has anything but a clean record they would mop and r.t. washington d.c. . research amnesty international and i don't see claims the army of cameroon routinely violates human rights. it is indeed one of the most shocking and despicable videos that i've ever watched in my own entire career we spent a lot of time at amnesty to analyze d.d.r. we have collected on testimony said information for our sources underground and we have compounded these testimonies with the analysis of our experts including military experts in terms of weapons for example you can hardly be mistaken. the video depicts a uniformed personnel from the can literally an army weapon such as in the star and
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twenty one which is a sara being made weapon consistent with those used by the coming army we are very surprised and shocked by the fact that the minister of communication s dismissed the video s. fake news even before launching an investigation on the case and gutlessness recorded systematic torture extrajudicial executions. arbitrary arrests cases of enforced disappearances and all these cases are never been dealt with. we are the cameroonian prime minister's office to confirm whether the government is launching an investigation so far we've had no response. now french president eman your macro has sent twitter into a frenzy after he challenge critics to come and get him he was referring to an incident with his security advisor who struck a protester was dressed as a policeman. do you think this is the phone you get this she said something.
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about. background admits to being responsible in the bend i love affair else us to come and get saved in the case let's get macro. we arrive together and united more determined than ever. my cross security adviser alexander bell are here to man during a may day rally which was caught on camera with some shocking images the president suspended his aide but many felt micron didn't go far enough and the footage was better lauer's site of the priest investigation resume on friday a number of demonstrators took to the streets of paris to in response to my post
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later statement. that this is on the right the president of the republic said that he's responsible to say it is one thing but in terms of the constitution he's held to answer before the people so normalizations called for us to gather here against macro's behavior he also challenged us to come and get him so we hear it's not that we denounce banality we denounce violence and repression exerted by the state and the president. every single demonstration across france sees police violence when a law was my gran's eight that's the same thing macron is the president of the reach of governance in favor of the rich i mean that. chin is here has released a suspected islamic terrorist who'd been deported from germany two weeks ago authorities claim there's not enough evidence against the man although they added an investigation is still ongoing sunny i duty is an alleged al qaeda member and
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was accused by the german interior minister of being one of osama bin laden's bodyguards he'd been living in germany since one nine hundred ninety seven and applied for asylum there in two thousand and six though his beard was unsuccessful he was arrested and subsequently deported from the country earlier this month when twenty ten adults not all of course prevented i do this deportation it will demand could be exposed to torture and inhumane treatment in tunisia at the time a number of german politicians said the court was in the wrong. what free to wait sammy in tunisia is not a problem of german taxpayers to protect one financially equipped and islamised well less and less true means for our own people is not acceptable but it suits chancellor angela merkel's vision for germany is allegedly a hate preacher he has al qaeda training and is said to have been the bodyguard have been lauded and anyone who thinks that we've done something terrible to sami a has to weigh up how long this man has already been in the country and how long we
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have tolerated this security risk rona's that he. should have been left in germany for ten years and secondly. when he was brought back to tunisia where he was deported there is scattered it caused to question the rule of law in germany no one wants this man enjoyed but it is grossly illegal there cannot be described as legal it anywhere the court ruled and how do you move government is down by court ruling it out just disregard of course yes this man must support one thousand euros. and without a are the way the government responders in a very matter are you now see for a start it's all chaos now. a powerful drug
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cartel in colombia has taken out a hit on a german shepherd dog the canine angered the drug barons after it sniffed out a huge stash of cocaine. well we'll be back in just over half an hour with the latest in the meantime there's a website called. take
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a camera. with me once the show and some will leave for them. to joan cool videos this summer with the eastern us. down on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . her are being. me all right we're going to get back to the night there. were americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents.
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i've recently covered the corruption of the trump administration have done a lot in the past few weeks i've called them disgusting i've called them greedy bastards i've called them all a bucket with an i.q. of have a bucket of. ok very have a read never did i last i've ever and ever did you out of your pocket it. could be i can have a garden. ok. good to get that off my chest so for this segment let's spend some time on the obama administration where are they now rights we're led to believe the obama administration where these wonderful public servants who fought for truth and justice and they say the pledge of allegiance quietly to themselves before masturbating so. so where are they now i mean i mean they tell us trump is a fascist
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a dictator destroying democracy then shouldn't obama and joe biden be like storming the white house on some sort of mad max vehicle with spikes taken out of it should we see hillary and eric holder like bolted it trumps motored without buccaneer knife in their teeth is sex to purge iran. or maybe the obama administration were such wonderful peace loving people that nowadays they're busy volunteer in the fire department. working in homeless shelters it and knitting doilies for the underprivileged who have been married to a week. but no no that's not really what's going down journalist zack harder and paul blumenthal did a little digging and here's what they found is a little where are they now for the obama administration jed johnson obama's head of the department of homeland security and sole proprietor the name jack these days
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. these days xians are received two hundred ninety thousand dollars a year to serve on the board of lockheed martin the largest american defense contractor and the world's biggest weapons manufacturer the world's biggest merchant of death show much more aggressive than the doily thing i. hear ya used to make sure lockheed martin gets government contracts many of which are with the department of homeland security his former office how convenient that susie yeah hey bill could you send us lots of money for guns. judge johnson called trump separating children from their parents immoral and un-american he's involved in however he's involved in these super american activity of selling weapons to kill lots of people so i'm not.


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