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hi i'm master. kaiser this is the kaiser report here with lovely the talented the vicious the intelligent stacey who will now take us through into the next segment of what you're watching here now stacey k.-max well you know the mexicans have provided us with a great solution to corrupt politicians and bad things corruption crime all that sort of stuff because there's a town in mexico called share ron the mexican indigenous community that ran politicians out of town shiran in the violent state of mitchell walk and will stand apart from mexico's electioneering season having tackle corruption and exploitation by banishing political parties police and gangsters this is an article from april back in two thousand and eleven they banned all politicians and political parties from ever operating in their town and you know what happened crime and there used
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to be a lot of kidnappings and torture and things like that and everything crime collapse plummeted once they kicked out the politicians because it was the politicians who were basically enabling and facilitating the criminals and i think you can see that maybe not so violently in much of the other parts of the world but i think you see that. to varying degrees all over but they ended crime completely by not only driving out the politicians but also the policeman they kicked the policeman out of jail you know i saw that story and the very first thing i thought of was just berwick. down there in acapulco he does the dollar vigilante and he's an anarchist and that is anarchy it's anarchy in that there is no centralized authority that is corrupt the ball that leads to all kinds of bad outcomes when you have got to centralization of power you know you have the wherewithal to have
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a more peaceful existence of anarchy is a peaceful kind of philosophy a political philosophy and he's also a nice guy was always on the market buckle where they have a lot of guns to neighboring states and there this is michel walk and he's in guerrero which is where a couple close very violent state of course as well but here these are the indigenous people the indigenous per a pecha town of chair on throughout all political parties after a popular uprising in two thousand and eleven and it does not want them back the only thing the parties have done is divide us so salvador say ha sharansky communal lands commissioner not just here but in the entire country the whole thing when they kick these people out all the politicians and the policeman they kick them out in two thousand and eleven because much of the anticipate can be traced back to the situation in the early part of the decade when the surrounding area was dominated by illegal loggers who clear cut local forests and hauled out dozens of truckloads of logs each week with the protection of
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a local drug cartel in the clue ssion of corrupt police and local politicians so they drove out those the police and the politicians and then the illegal logging stopped because the people wanted their environment their local environment to be nice and not have the illegal loggers there and then for that because there was no politician and police officers basically enabling their illegal activities had to stop a lot of problems with the managing communities of course has to do with managing one's medium of exchange you know the money the trade the gold whatever it might be and you giving some authority and some power. some entity that would have dominion over said money or gold now is trip their currencies again jeff berwick being way ahead of the curve on this you know you eliminate the need for any centralized see or gold exchanging and city as well so add crypto currency to that community and you have a model for global growth based on anarchy and localism and that could be that's
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the entire global crypto community well panned you know fluffy pony you know. charlie louie and. the song and the whole magic crypto circle show you should go i should go down to mexico and this plant the flag of crypto stop squabbling and leave me alone leave me alone to do something productive with your lives. you do something about hopefully and blow out that audio there but you know what so again this was written in april this is obviously in the july first elections we had over it or when but before that why they were saying they're adamant that there nobody is allowed to vote in this town for those parties quote we can't put a project like this at risk in order to participate in the federal election chavez said if we let in an election like this with polling stations and all that
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accompanies that the parties are going to want to get back in here political parties have occasionally attempted to campaign in the town only to be escorted out by the local randa the citizen run security force formed after the uprising there's a great film called the face of the crown i believe. with talking about how a nobody is turned via the media into a political superstar and it creates all kinds of problems are robbery for in the film the candidate all politics is nonsense essentially it's just meant to smooth over some inadequacies in what should be a matriarchy or what should be a paganism or polytheism all monotheism all political parties also actualization should be rejected in favor of a more of a matriarchal polytheistic kind of pagan worship being deities that are what we see in the crypto community there's a whole bunch of great trip those out there there's an arrow me mention fluffy pony there's my point we mentioned charley. penned as no coin and stead we have these
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doowop allee's in the us we had to outplay and i think this this statement if you go to this town share on what you see are a lot of graffiti murals all that sort of stuff and one of the one of the bits of mural says parties sure lon is not a toy shiran is not a toy so there's. i'm sure that you got bleeped there but you know if you go read the article you'll see that. i think these political parties and you see in the united states the hyper partisanship benefits it doesn't benefit the people of benefits the ratings of m s n b c or the ratings of fox benefits. the lobbyist benefits the political parties themselves because of course they get more donations from fanatical supporters so you know this is my story because they have to politically get together and decide to get rid of all politics they had a vote to get rid of voting and then they did it and now there's no more voting and
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they don't want any parties to come back ever again and there's peace and love in the valley because people are by nature communal ok that's the big secret about life on planet earth is that rugged individualism and iran are false all truism is actually the most successful coping strategy we have as a living species on planet earth look at the other organisms the trees for example the flowers even the rocks in the stones have an inert soul that is contingent upon a network effect of. extraterrestrial ism that is imbuing every moment of every breath taken i have established here at this town. in mexico. and the indigenous people decided that politicians merely divide the people not only locally but federally they divide the people and that's what they do they also allow for all this toxic waste and the destruction of the environment in the area
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because of profit and that's what they didn't want them and in fact they found that when they basically banned politicians and they banned the police crime fell so i'm going to turn to this article from the united states where you see similar ingredients pants families failed at gas stations cost taxpayers twenty million dollars plus vice president mike pence. it's turns the style jack when he talks about growing up in small town columbus indiana where his father helped build a midwestern empire of more than two hundred gas stations that provided an upbringing on quote the front row of the american dream the collapse of calle brothers oil company in two thousand and four was widely publicized less well known is that the state of indiana and to a smaller extent kentucky and illinois are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than eighty five contaminated sites across the three
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states including underground tanks that leaked toxic chemicals into soil streams and well that's exactly what i'm saying is a rugged individualism is not i and randy ism in the economy you have mike pence who is spewing propaganda nonsense ignoring the extra nowadays of his business his e.g. business yeah exactly his one family their one jury he and his brother and the father their family got to benefit hugely while the rest of the costs were socializing with well there's no monotheism it gives them the temerity and the narcissism to believe that the garbage of his family spewed is not his garbage if he isn't he doesn't see that he because he's a man of his monotheistic beliefs could ever generate any amount of toxic garbage this family did ok ok but let's talk about us let's get back down to like real world economics and i know i'm not doing the stripes ok ok these are that stripes
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and they're all connected so mike pence was then a third year congressman lost more than six hundred thousand dollars when the company went under he later became indiana governor and now has assets worth five hundred thirty two thousand dollars and one point one three million greg pence who is his brother who is seeking the vice president's old congressional seat now has a total assets worth five. point seven to twenty six million dollars mike pence was head of the company not mike pence but his brother greg pence was head of the company when it went under in two thousand and four he's now running to be congressman in indiana his net worth is between five point seven and twenty six million dollars and he's actually asking the taxpayer well he didn't even ask you just told the taxpayer you're going to pay for my cleanup because i'm not going to pay for the cleanup so somebody so you know if they live with the toxic waste in your environment because i'm not paying for it or you pay for it that's what politics becomes it becomes the last refuge of
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a scoundrel somebody once said so not only to escape being thrown in jail these people they become politicians to change the law ok hillary clinton comes to mind bill clinton comes to mind right well that's what the people of show ron also showed is like you don't want these politicians not get read of the product rights issues and then this will be dealt with in a more you know less violent manner the moxy till they want to drive good to corrupt and just well that is what mike pence and greg pence their family essentially did they deprive the people of oxygen of a current environment that's right. because of monotheism i think if you look at this from the big the biggest possible picture that's the problem well i don't think that but also you know the state governments have to pay indiana's paid over twenty million dollars but the federal government meanwhile plans to clean up a plume of cancer causing solvent discovered beneath a former kill brothers station that threatens drinking water near the pens family's
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home to place president he's the president of vice. this guy is me out you know. vote i guess you have to break. and then when we come back they'll be like so much more than you'll wonder why the state. police. still do. look a still it's. just as. long as it. could still. do it a little too cool war. doesn't go to
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the destroy united you were. all forced once only but they're working on the mountain to. fulfill one of the mighty well collins i. want to. cut. you loose i. close. my eyes some for something for. nothing. i use indigenous people as you know we that. feed in. the trees. mostly fish and say that only the kids.
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out of a sudden a man just. simple be there to show you with. i said i will enter it in a minute allowance. if those should. indeed on that i'm not ignorant and then i'm in the bin that you could have been killed but it don't feel manana down that i got me to go back a long time in. hello there i'm ask as or welcome back hey you know what we're going to talk to bill abbot of mines dot com because this thing is getting to be a big now bill welcome back thanks sam riley so last time you're on the show you
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said hey i should be an advisor so that i am an advisor because there is the bad mind and then there's the good line the bad mine is the corporate controlled mine where they're trying to feed as means of death the good mind is the global consciousness for a king on a mission of love this is where mines dot com comes in right not the hive mind not the bad guys but the good is now. how's blah chain actually in mines dot com and also lies blocked and even made it so we're using it for the whole token system the twenty token and then we're putting all of the advertising transactions and peer to peer crowdfunding transactions on the box and really for autonomy and transparency. we used to use a point system back in the day which was all internal on our servers but people just wanted it to be opened up really badly right so if the u.s. government or some government comes to headquarters in connecticut and tells you to
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delete a post on mines dot com can you do that we can do that we don't do that because our policy is you know it's long as it's legal in the us it can be on servers we are moving well it depends what the content is so we use web torrent for video so if the seed of the the web torrent links get out there then actually we can't delete it but so we're going to move a web form probably to more types of data but block chain. is it's going to we're looking at it but it's going to take some time to you know put heavy content on the block chain i think that very few people are doing that successfully or not let me meaning video stuff like that what a. controversial controversial same this is interesting because look at the news recently a bank or because bank or it was kind of sold as decentralized and they ran into an interesting little situation where they froze a love
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a million dollars worth of the bank or tokens triggering this debate on decentralization and so it's kind of not all that clear where is the big coin ecosystem you've got a situation where there is no there there it is completely decentralized there's no headquarters there's no executive there's no c.e.o. it's unique in that way every single other coin out there like even if the area despite what joe luban says i mean you've got the talent is kind of a you know centralized entity there so when you think about the i mean yeah that's the utopia is to have a social network that is you know fully decentralized in you know no single lines and since you can take it down so that's why actually our node models are important as anyone can actually take our code start their own social network their own app and plug that into the ecosystem. so even though our so you know we run our servers
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for you know most of the functions on the site other people can set up hubs and so it is decentralized in that sense also all right so now you're making waves in vietnam what happened was this good was happening yes there was this cyber security law passed in vietnam which is essentially censorship and surveillance law so google and facebook are now have this revolving door with the government so when they don't like a poster you know they want information on a certain person they can get that and that is what is allowing vietnam to get access to facebook and google in that country i think that you know maybe there's some other parts of the law which may be valuable. those parts are very bad which kills the whole law so people are seeking more open alternatives where at least we have a policy that we're going to not take the content down i mean facebook's policy is you know still not even halfway there someone to china right china's highly
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controlled and so now this is moving into these other asian countries what about this chinese social score that they're developing again getting back what i said the good mind bad mind we're heading into a global mind reading into actually into a global hive mind and in the case of the chinese government their feeling is that they could assign every one of their billion plus citizens a social score and that if they spit on the sidewalk or they insult the government they get a negative to that score in which case they can buy airline tickets they can't buy train tickets there they get penalized severely so this is the bad hive mind the good hive mind in the case of mines dot com the intentions there are great remember when google launched their tagline was don't be evil and now you know they've kind of become evil is mines dot com what's going to stop you morphing into an evil you know entity yeah the hypocrisy of google up front with saying don't be evil or
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twitter saying free speech we're going to free speech party is that they were never free and open source so their code was always secret from the beginning and they had never had any intention of opening that up for public transparency they were never focused on in christian they were never really looking at decentralization now you know you know you see dorsey is you know interested in because. twitter he's not really implementing these principles of big corn into twitter which is odd and then but he likes it as a because it's square so he also as the c.e.o. they have a nap on which is very popular now people can buy and sell you know quite a very well designed well they seem to be taking the best things about. big corn and you know helping bring big point to be built but the app itself is not abiding by the principles of big point of watching these principles of big blah chain are they impossible to live through in other words it was born in the first few
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years there was this rush of euphoria that this is utopia in a lot of ways and now the reality of banks getting involved money matters getting involved and government getting involved you know is that going to survive like this period a lot of people compare bitcoin to a cult or a religion well if you look at culture religion they go through a similar period of christianity just for example start off sounding great then it became kind of weird because i'm going to go down the same path well yeah i mean. the utopian vision of pure decentralization i think is valuable for a goal but you know the idea that centralization in itself is evil i think is not necessarily true i think there's a little bit more nuance there i mean there are central servers can be valuable for certain functions they can be more efficient for certain functions and if you can you know hybridize and move towards total decentralization i think that's the goal
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but like when we're trying to build a social network we're not going to be able to have a funk i mean show me a functioning fully decentralized central network running on top of the watching doesn't it doesn't exist and if it does it's probably has some sort of highly centralized architecture or it's a hybrid ok so having said that about declawing because does actually have an issue with mining concentration right so that is a central ization of the protocol and so you've got potentially a group of the asian miners banding together and they would have more than fifty one percent of the passing power and you know then you've got a centralized protocol and in response to that you. that these platforms like being one of them and carved on of being another one i guess talking about how to address that semi centralization issue in another iteration don't you think that a little of the drama going on with the us recently with their launch and the
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constitution and whatnot and i think that look we're all trying to make this happen so i think what you're nodding your head on open source yeah i mean open source is kind of the bottom line litmus test in terms of we can't be any more open than open source i mean this is what we're doing if you don't like it i mean you know tell us but help for it. ok that's a good rallying cry for kit n.l. you know a lot of people like to talk without actually you know spending years developing a product and it's just rant on social media without bringing solutions so you know i think that people who are building products are the people who are doing things and if there are elements of centralization in order to get the job done i think that you know we just have to be on the path ok so let's just review again what minustah com is all about so you know what's the elevator pitch what is this rectum thing minds' dot com again just for people who are just joining us now globally and
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wondering what we're talking about give us the quick and dirty on the. social networking out similar to others but you earn crypto for your contributions and then you can use them use that crypto to boost your post for more reach or send peer to peer to other users on a monthly recurring basis for subscriptions and you know creators consent reward tears and so unlike other social media platforms like facebook that don't give you jack diddly squat for all the work you put into it here's an attempt to actually recapture recycle some of that income that's being generated back to the user and there are now two or three people in this space. right there competing in the space mines dot com has captured some pretty high profile folks that are now migrating to mines dot com was the head can now many people are working over there. so it's still pretty. we have open so we have like fifty open source developers who have
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contributed but i mean that i think is an important point like what if we had thousands of developers and that's why you know our growth of the growth of our open source community is essential because you can leverage global developers with that if you're proprietary you can't do that i think that the reach is what social networks have as value so the news feed is where eyeballs are that is a tension you know you don't want to overcome modify attention but we give away the reach in the news feed that is how the network works so we reward the tokens and then we give people space you know every fifteen post you'll see a boosted post on facebook that's a paid ad and it's this whole conglomeration of you know algorithmically fed surveillance content we one hundred percent chronological. we're never going to mess with it so you're not worried about not reaching your file giving away the reach on the sun other words people are posting and that attracts eyeballs
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and you're not internally monetizing those eyeballs you are you're allowing the users to reap the benefit of the reach of the form and you guys are just focusing on inserting the kaizen all boosted and the anime is or i can buy a boosted spot you can buy or earn the money that we made just by participating you're going to earn the gives you previews in those rights on participating i earn some tuck and i'm like you know what i'm going to spend ten percent of my tokens boosting something because i think it's going to earn me more tokens or because my business suggests i need to do a marketing expense i'm going to buy. some space on the minds dot com so how's it going and what's the growth rate i mean just over the last week we got one hundred fifty thousand users from from vietnam what it was you know thirty thousand a week how do you know that real surge is happening you know i mean you do see
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incremental growth we are you know growing at that steady rate but realistically the way networks grow is just when these media events happen you know maybe some legislation goes gets an acted or some huge just think you know then i agree and then you hit the issue of scaling yeah right so you get one hundred thousand users in a week now so how's the scaling going what did a jam up or did you just fly through that with flying colors it did not even glitch the issue so we translated to be enemies now that was our biggest project in the last week so you know now we offer of enemies and english but i think we're really focused on so the major test you passed yet really test and if we now if we translate never language i think that it's going to be here i mean we have people would you ever use it out there was only in chinese that's is a question i can't answer because we're out of time we've got to say goodbye but i'll answer that next time you're on about that thanks for being on the kaiser report from and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report was the
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max kaiser stacy ever likes i guess bill ottman of mines dot com going away just on twitter it's kaiser report and i stand by. his democratic socialism the future of the democratic party the future of america is moving to the left a winning strategy to take on donald trump's vision of conservative populism one thing is undeniable mainstream politics in both parties for under pressure to evolve and become more accountable. i mean. that's a very rough furthur and you sort of rough climates and you have to fight to be able to them if. it was a gunshot on top them and so many friends they would have been going there may have
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been you don't know. don't like me going well. you know i don't want to see a better body in the truth when it's needed to participate in the good. old to me a good mood and if. you don't think about this leave this soldier or not you got through it like you know i do and other patients. say that it. was.
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the year fifty. two palestinian protesters are killed on the gaza border as clashes also erupted between israeli soldiers and muslim worshippers on temple mount in jerusalem. the firm behind minatory a strong russia dosia is someone to court in the u.s. after a lawsuit is brought by russian entrepreneur. and ecuador says. leaks founder julian assange may soon have to leave their embassy in london where he's been for the past six years. for more on these stories head to r.t. dot com at the top of the hour my colleague will be here with the latest news but coming up crosstalk looks ahead to the u.s. return.


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