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i don't know there's a thousand troops in niger. perhaps is not the most reliable so. look this military for the average is a stance of late a fight extremist groups but it's really another clear instance of us empire perpetuating endless war for profit for money we at least deserve to know about these things. i mean. agree oh that's that's probably why ninety's all rock band weezer recently covered the song average by toyo i mean everybody thought it was a weird choice for them to do that but they're actually trying to let the world know about the u.s. military's asian of average is there nothing in those aging if there is. i think you might run a little much and that's one of those. corporations
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want to claim everything is their own intellectual property and can't be touched by anyone else even when it could cost the lives of millions for more on this raging controversy we go to redacted correspondent only care of. d.n.a. testing it's not just for finding out which races you can make jokes about with impunity anymore it has a medical application to it's extremely useful in identifying and venting reading tarry illnesses. but i'm obviously more interested in the jokes. around. fifty percent caucasian twenty percent some kind of brown and ten percent how miss. it could have looked in the
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mirror that d.n.a. testing is a lucrative and your prize for money get in the way of medical benefits the largest genetics company in the us and biggest shareholder in your spit myriad genetics has been keeping d.n.a. data secret to evan of sino tibet and blood to tell this joe i mean it says here i have zero point zero zero six percent. you know how sino to ben's are always crazy about that yac mail app for almost twenty five years myriad genetics had a patent on the b.r.c.a. one and two genes which cause a variant of breast cancers some would say patenting these genes is controversial but according to myriad genetics founder mark skolnick there's no. very very easy to understand if you take time scientists who have taken some time such as their lifetimes to study cancer causing genes have called the patenting of
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these genes the wrong counterproductive non-sensical after myriad obtained the gene patent in one nine hundred ninety eight it attempted to eliminate b.r.c.a. testing at competing laboratories by sending them cease and desist letters dear do good dear we have reason to suspect you are trying to find a cure for cancer conley returned to medical school and obtain a dental degree or we will pursue all available legal and or criminal remedies that may be a political nerd in twenty or thirty nine supreme court justices meaning all of them ruled that it was illegal to pass and something in nature breaking marion's monopoly on testing and researching the b.r.c.a. genes well i guess that means i'm going to have to throw out my i pad and for my family specific brand of depression and fury triggered by my name. as music my
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family has passed down this miserable gene from the times of being annoyed by baroque music of the times of being in know it by one direction. to turn it down. why do i have to be next to the scattering. after that supreme court decision the other research facilities started to offer testing for the cancer causing gene for much cheaper than the four thousand dollars marriott charge but myriads database the single best source of data about the connection between b.r.c.a. mutations and breast cancer remains a trade secret to this day so now if you want to cure cancer you should be a hacker deliver your spit samples to this web address by midnight twenty seven eight twenty eighteen or all your data will be wiped also seven thousand records
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this information should be made public because it could present some free and save lives just like you did for angelina jolie who could afford the four thousand dollars charge and she also got a double mastectomy and remove her ovaries after receiving her myriad results now i is assigned to bet and i am a terrible driver but. it is a cease and desist letter from the sino tibet and anti-defamation league. reporting from washington this is naomi cara bonnie redacted tonight. you know your headline from the future into wigs jewelry the. board air marshal swears that if someone doesn't try to kill everyone soon he's going to blow up this
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goddamn plane. and coming up in september u.s. soldier pretty sure he'll be able to bring democracy and freedom to djibouti or somalia or wherever he is. that's our show but to get more follow us average back to the night on twitter you can also check out my new podcast common censured. and five to five times. what politicians to. put themselves on. they did except that which are. so when you're the president. wanted. to go right. it's like the. people. interested in the news.
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protests on the israeli gaza border leave one palestinian dead and scores injured
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as israeli forces again use live rounds. a british newspaper claims it has found a russian spy operating in the u.s. embassy in moscow but washington intel agencies it is really not what it seems also ahead. thousands of yemenis protest in the capital against an alleged saudi led coalition assault on the main port city which resulted in dozens of deaths. the health ministry in gaza says one palestinian has been killed over two hundred injured in the latest great march return protest near the border with israel the ministry added that ninety of the injured were wounded by israeli fire and gaza based journalist he. sent us this report. i'm standing here one hundred meters away
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from the fence a separate gaza strip with israel and as you see thousands of palestinian protesters continue to participate in the great march of return. for more than nineteen weeks as you see the palestinian protesters have been burning tires to blur the vision of days where the snipers. and suzanne intensive intensive need that israeli forces are fine tear gas canisters on the palestinian protesters and it's very very close from where we're standing. and we just heard a lot of ammunition that was targeted the protesters ok that was very loud and very close for us this is the person who was targeted by the live ammunition we heard just right now. the crew. of.
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the crew. thousands of palestinian protesters are suffocating from the tear gas fired by the israeli forces here guys white smoke is filling the place. my god oh my god my dick was shot and the legs just he was like what nature always. will fire from us come out of. this is unbelievable i swear. as you see the policy empowerment it's our trying to rescue all the palestinians injured by the israeli snipers and as you see it the pyre minix successfully had that sound that you got that that light latest injury from the live ammunition from the frontline.
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no i think you know you already have been billboards are going to. despite everything despite the tear gas at jeeps that fire tear gas despite that your guy stones that fight you guys and despite the snipers that shoot live ammunition on the palestinian protesters journalists and paramedics the palestinians continue to protest east gaza strip along the fence in five different locations in the gaza strip meanwhile the israeli defense forces estimate that the number of what they call violent rioters had about eight thousand friday saw the nineteenth great march a return rally since they began in march it comes as hamas and israel reportedly consider a deal brokered by egypt and the protests along the border earlier my colleague union. talked to west bank based political science professor. who accuses
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israel of again using disproportionate force as a matter of fact the israeli are using the life i mission or over the place not only in gaza whenever it's comes to the palestinians a confrontation usually they use the life emotion most of the times sometimes they use their bullets but mainly in gaza they are using the life i was initially to israel say have changed or fires and also people are constantly running up the fences and those kind of protests are organized by hamas that is what israel. well organized by a lot of busting in factions all of palestinian factions are presenting the palestinian whether to go to the borders and go to clean the right of return to their homes which was a land which was taken from them in one hundred forty eight. on the other hand is a better seen as having nothing what do you mean by guides israeli have if sixteen
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and thirty five and they have tanks they have. everything and there seem to have kites this is absolutely on match. in russian mall inside the u.s. embassy in moscow it is stuff and britain's guardian newspaper has been reveling in its scoop but all is not as it seems as you got a. comment everybody loves a spy drama mystery suspense and a russian fan for time. and. the name of the stabling song my name is and then you are a russian spy. this guardian story had every ingredient for a thriller recipe the u.s. secret service as quite clearly stems from the very name is one of the most
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enigmatic agencies of the u.s. government its main function is to protect the lives of u.s. presidents ministers the top political brass and that is where the russians according to the guardian planted a mall the russian spy had been working under texted in the heart of the american embassy in moscow for more than a decade she had plenty of time to gather intelligence without supervision said the guardian's head of investigations claims she was operational for a whole decade in that time through the agency's internet in e-mail systems she had access to all kinds of highly classified stuff including the shared jewels of the president and vice president all of that according to the guardian the woman fed to the physic be russia's the security agency before being let go last year over security concerns they had lying the narrative the details looked spectacular in the scoop which was even projected to link to a spy ploy in washington d.c.
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it self or activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the russians were able to hack the twenty sixteen presidential election office of the d.n.c. except the secret service was. unimpressed by the reporting and no doubt of shame or embarrassment but because of the facts according to the media release within the agency the woman in question held the position of a foreign service national these employees have their duties outlined very strictly as by default the secret service views every one of them surprises as potential spies the woman's responsibilities were limited to things like translation cultural guidance administrative support and i don't mean to offend anybody here but this sounds more like the job description of a tour.


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