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tv   News  RT  August 4, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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well welcome mommy can now let's take the news from a hind leg start with good news palestinian protest icon head to mimi was finally released after eight months. she was locked up at the age of sixteen for the crime of having the viral video basically she slapped an israeli soldier after the i.d.f. had shot her fifteen year old cousin in the head nearly killing him and apparently the israeli military were jealous of how many heart of her video was getting so they arrested her and her mother always good to throw the mother in you know just just in case so i'm pretty sure the israeli military were sitting there at their laptops lug. i don't get it sushi didn't even have that many followers i spend all day on the twitter and the book face and i'm interacting and. i do a mix of politics with poppy dog videos to. the algorithm know i am good guy and
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good guys will still see is beating i saw rock star. i don't know why that accent ended up being my grandfather. to go to prison and here's some more hopeful news a massive nationwide prison strike is set to start aug twenty first the prisoners will be demanding more humane living conditions access to rehabilitation sentencing reform and the end of modern day slavery. i am i am on prisoners always with the me me me me me you want to not pay a dollar a minute for a phone call to your loved ones and you want to not be a modern day slave. seriously though we have millions of people locked up in this country we have the most prisoners per capital and the most prisoners
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total meaning by the dictionary definition undeniably you can be right wing it doesn't matter this is an undeniable fact the united states of america is the largest prison state to have ever existed in the history of the planet ever and the best thing we've found to do with these people is force them to so made in america labels on victoria's secret clothing that was made in guatemala really. seriously that's the kind of thing they're forced to do and now there's going to be a massive strike to fight back against this the actions will take the form of the worst strikes sit ins boycotts and a hunger strikes yeah which which might be although that could that could make it difficult for us to continue our endless wars since the federal prison industry produces a hundred percent of all military helmets and many of the war supplies and other equipment in california inmates are also serving as firefighters but who cares if
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they go on a work strike wildfires are only all over california. and for those who don't live in california is there like ask. sucks for all those surfers opponents to. wait until all the all the condos go up in flames all right not so funny anymore is it now a confluence of prison industrial complex inmate abuse with climate change has created a perfect storm that will ruin your biannual holy moley guacamole night. who's laughing now to learn more about this at incarcerated workers dot org we have to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in denver and boulder colorado you get a ticket and go for sure to get back your guy because also you could be right here to watch c.b.c. yard thank you thank god all right i thank you.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics school doesn't this i'm show business i'll see you then. disinflation very little inflation for decades interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets have rallied for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neo inflation then we have trouble.
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disease says harlan kentucky. we've all moved the boys to go grocery run using. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was showed. that it was a love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that end it's how many it's happened. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy loon foundation let it be an arms race to move his arms off and spearing dramatic
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development only personally i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of god i'm time to sit down and talk. to. take a camera. with me once the show and some leave for the. video this summer with the real story. down on string i don't roughly don't t.v. . a while so that was not my turn now to africa the cradle of civilization and if you look at how america treats
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africa it's pretty clear that we hate cradle so. we can't stand of god for a second thinks if we see a cradle we need to exploit its natural resources immediately our country's most recent assault on africa involves perpetuating and engaging in secret wars here now to explain is our senior dude with secrets john of a. was was was yeah what's the latest from the u.s. covert war front in africa well which country talking about somalia kenya yeah there you go chad morocco tunisia. nigeria senegal tanzania because we got an active military presence and all of. the others. i'm not really sure why you're getting about hands to us military
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adventurism on yet another continent leave the obvious that on in its. hen's. military spokespeople have made it clear that the american special ops role in africa is limited to advising and assisting and who among us who can use some good advice in this crazy crazy were hurled. maybe if i got some i never would have invested all my money into the failed product launch of extras slutty olive oil. who are of beds of all apparently everybody prefers their olive oil. well i know my oil sleeping with other people is gross but the notion that the u.s. military is just advising in africa is. why do you say that because for more than five years green berets navy seals and other commandos have been operating under an
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obscure authorization that allows them to both plan and control missions an average joe or because quote it's less we are helping you and more you are doing our bidding said one active duty green beret officer with reason experience in west africa as he described the program is carried out under a legal authority known as section one twenty seventy. yes. yes to all of the things you just know what the hell is section one thousand and seventy. five perfectly for nine super her. authorization their funds classified programs were averaging government alone how units of their militaries for american special ops teams to use as surrogates to hunt and kill our enemy combatants for us now. you know how the saying goes better to have your hand up the of the puppet than for the puppet to come to life in the
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middle of the night while you're sleeping and strangle you know that. what like saying is that what i i don't know or a squirrel whispered into my ear underneath the bridge one time. these cover wars are an abomination it is anybody being held accountable what is congress doing well maybe a foreign policy expert senator lindsey graham again. shed some light on the situation i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger. perhaps is not the most. maybe you know. look this military for the average guy is a stance of late a fight extremist groups but it's really another clear instance of us empire
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perpetuating endless war for profit for money we at least deserve to know about these things. i made during the agreed oh that's that's probably why ninety's all rock band weezer recently covered the song africa by it's no no i mean everybody thought it was a weird choice for them to do that but they're actually trying to let the world know of. the u.s. military is a shill that is there nothing goes aging good thursday and. i think you might have run a little much and that's one of those. who have the right to want to claim everything is their own intellectual property and can't be touched by anyone else even when it could cost the lives of millions for more on this raging controversy we go to redacted correspondent naomi.
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d.n.a. testing it's not just for finding out which races you can make jokes about with impunity anymore it has a medical application to it's extremely useful in identifying and preventing rutted terry illnesses. but i'm obviously more interested in the jokes. around. fifty percent caucasian twenty percent some kind of brown and ten percent home this. could have looked in the mirror that d.n.a. testing is a lucrative enterprise where money get in the way of medical benefits the largest genetics company in the u.s. and the biggest shareholder in your spit is myriad genetics has been keeping d.n.a. data secret. weapon of sino tibet and blood to tell this show i mean it says here i
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have zero point zero zero six percent. you know how sino to bend they're always crazy about that yak mel ad for almost twenty five years myriad genetics had a patent on the b.r.c.a. one and two genes which cause a variant of breast cancers some would say panting these genes is controversial but according to myriad genetics founder mark skolnick. there's no. very very easy to understand if you take time scientists who have taken some time such as their lifetimes to study cancer causing genes have called the patenting of these genes wrong counterproductive nonsensical after myriad obtained the gene patent in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it attempted to eliminate b.r.c.a. testing at competing laboratories by sending them cease and desist letters dear do good dear we have reason to suspect you are trying to find
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a cure for cancer conley returned to medical school and obtained a dental degree or we will pursue all available legal and or criminal remedies that may be a political nerd in twenty nine supreme court justices meaning all of them ruled that it was illegal to pass and something in nature breaking marion's monopoly on testing and researching the b.r.c.a. genes well i guess that means i'm going to have to throw out my i pad and for my family specific brand of depression and fury triggered by my neighbor's music my family has passed on this miserable gene from the times of being annoyed by baroque music of the times of you know it by one direction. turned it down. why do i have to be next to the scattering. book.
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after that supreme court decision the other research facilities started to offer testing for the cancer causing gene for much cheaper than the four thousand dollars marriott charge but myriads database the single best source of data about the connection between b.r.c.a. mutations and breast cancer remains a trade secret to this. today so now if you want to cure cancer you should be a happier delivery or spit eight twenty eighteen or all your data will be wiped also seven thousand bit ones this information should be made public because it can present something and st line just like it did for angelina jolie who could afford the four thousand dollars charge and she also got a double mastectomy and remove her ovaries after receiving her marriage results now i is assigned to ben i am a terrible driver but. it was. a cease and desist letter
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from the sino tibet and anti-defamation league. reporting from washington this is naomi cara bonnie redacting tonight. here are your headlines from the future in two weeks she'll read the board air marshal swears that if someone doesn't try to kill everyone soon is going to blow up this goddamn plane. and coming up in september you're a soldier pretty sure we'll be able to bring democracy and freedom to djibouti or somalia or wherever and yes. that's our show but to get more followers average actors a night on twitter you can also check out my new podcast common sense or to rise to bonafide.
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mom asked some full complement. of. people as you know we that. paid in. the trees. mostly and says that only behind but we are the kids. all of a sudden the man just ran and pulled be there. i said i will enter it be in there they will not allow and. if they will shoot me.
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i'll come on million million indeed i'm not i'm not the only menominee been thought to be chubby don't particularly feel manana down i got a fake i'm a little kid on me and you got me are you. fredricka. this is. the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do
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graphic solution so what the bush admin's to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the end and then i conclude that it is this out in. this. case that. i thought. that i. was. that i was.
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the british home secretary admits more needs to be done to tackle the forced marriage of women and teenage girls of asian and middle eastern descent in the u.k. there was lots of offers coming over from india that there were people waiting to come over for a visa to use we have to take it. right and tara it was coming in you know the victim we don't want them. as democrats and republicans aggressively campaign and local and congressional midterm elections we look at how both parties are using present trumps image to get their message across and. cut down the. one palestinian is killed and
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over two hundred injured in further unrest over the israeli occupation of palestinian territory. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. the british home secretary has acknowledged that more needs to be done to tackle forced marriages in the u.k. the times newspaper there revealed that women and teenage girls from asian and middle eastern backgrounds are being forced into marriage here the testimonies of some of the victim's. family forced her to marry a cousin in pakistan her husband only married her for a visa purposes eventually they ended up with two daughters and after some miscarriages her husband forced her to go through i.v. after retirement so that they could conceive a boy when she eventually fell pregnant her husband said that if she was having
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a girl then she would be having an abortion the abuse continued and the male child was also subject to abuse after the wedding in afghanistan husband her. and return back in the u.k. she was forced to work full time to support the visa application she fled when her family tried to get her to sign the visa forms but they must have forged her signature as her husband is now in the country now she's a refugee and her rapist is in the u.k. reportedly out of eighty eight requests for visas to be blocked only half or up held with ten decisions still a pending campaigners against forced marriage claim the authorities are turning a blind eye to the issue because they don't want to be accused of racist or religious bias and to see a church and i spoke to one victim. paedophiles rapists murderous terrorist who are saying why are they coming in you know the victims we don't want them here in the troubling number of cases girls raised in the u.k. are being taken abroad by their families and forced to marry their then told they
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can't return without their husbands sometimes they're even forced to get pregnant to make it easier for the father to then join the family back in britain i'm a british citizen i was born in this country and i'm bad a stalker a seventeen and then i was held captive and i was tortured because i was seen as damaged i was then taken to india where i enjoyed an exorcism and then i was brought back to this country where i tried to commit suicide in a homeless shelter and then i was forced into marriage and after a school since march i was very abuse after five months of share how i was then my family's finally took me back and then they were nice in the second course marriageable me and they said nobody in england would have you now so we're going to have to bring someone over from india on a piece and there was lots of offers coming over from india that there were people waiting to come over for a visa to use we had to take it but i actually ran away from home and i was threatening suicide sonny who was disowned by her family as a result considers herself lucky she managed to escape when many others are still
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captive campaigners have called this the equivalent of modern day slavery and they're calling on the authorities to do more to talk of the problem but what is this feeling this must service massive individual charities report thousands of calls a year to their helplines the problem stretches far and wide affecting middle eastern asian afghan kurdish iranian and other communities living in the u.k. . became a criminal offense in britain in twenty four teens in new england we've only had two criminal convictions and yet we see thousands of people reporting that is disproportionate so why all keep all too afraid to prosecute too afraid. to take a stand and ministers our whole titian's and speak out against this part of that reason i fear has everything to do with the fear of offending communities the home office classifies these as reluctant sponsor cases while describing itself as the
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world leader in tackling the horrendous crime of forced marriage there are a number of reasons why cases are referred to the forced marriage unit not all of which are the result of a reluctant sponsor getting in contact in some cases it will be decided following inquiries that no further action is necessary and a visa will be issued if an individual refuses to act as the sponsor for a visa application then under the immigration rules that visa should not be issued those campaigning to highlight the problem disagree accusing the authorities of knowingly allowing criminals into the country in these cases the victims themselves report said they didn't want this person to come to the country and yet still what the data tells it is under a freedom of information requests by the journalist was that these visas were still allowed so we have these people living in britain now. as
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a result of our victim being forced into marriage the u.k. home secretary has now announced launching an investigation into the handling of these cases but charities have been getting horrific stories of young women forced into abusive marriages for the sake of u.k. visas for years and r.t.e. london. there's more at stake for american voters in the upcoming midterm elections than simply choosing who they want in congress the votes considered to be one of the most important in recent history because it could swing the republican majority that allows donald trump to deliver on his policies there's also the possibility that the democratic majority could make threats of his impeachment much more realistic and that's why politicians from both sides of the of the parties are tapping trump in their campaigns as up and explains. now the midterm elections are months away and across the country it seems pretty clear that the elections will focus on one single issue donald trump that's not an exaggeration check out this
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campaign ad from florida everyone knows my husband ron to santa is indorsed by president trump he's also an amazing dad and ron loves playing the kids build the wall he reads the stories then mr trump said you're right you're right about that part and maybe america. now that this scientist has the blessing of the donald he's rising in the polls trump has actually managed to resurrect a number of republican primary campaigns and for the democrats trump is an easy punching bag and the bogeyman check out how this candidate is marketing his anti trump message i'm rich metal you know i'm running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to donald trump here a few of the things i've done that already in theory i protected planned parenthood from the republicans in congress. and what's to never a one way i will trump of the republicans. take that trump now the ad never really makes clear how offending the president is going to help the people
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in maryland but that doesn't seem to matter the anti trump message is loud and clear and that's the name of the game in u.s. politics are you for trump or against him no other information is required that's not surprising when it comes to voters as they're divided along party lines like never before this is actually spruiking members of congress you cannot just run against donald trump and it is the job of we democrats to put together a strong cohesive economic. group of proposals aimed at the middle class and those struggling to get better we're in a strange place it's almost it's becoming a cultish thing isn't it it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party the democrats are now taking the cult thing to a whole new level there even invoking old uncle joe he has very deliberately set
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up the press as the enemy of the people i. think that he first heard from joseph stalin this is very dangerous it undercuts democracy we decided to ask americans how much of their vote will be influenced by one man's cult of personality do you plan to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. why not. go there. you need to look at the candidate and you need to see what the candidate has to offer and what the whether the kennedy can pull off what they're promising to do what they think of trump not just what they've been trying to do you plan to vote in the midterm election. if you want to try to win again i don't like i don't like alan. views on that but it will. definitely that person that you can see what i believe in and about this now and that it seems like america has already decided what the key issue in the upcoming vote will be and it's not going to be
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perceived or russian influence as some outlets would like you to believe it's going to be the donald but keep in mind he won't actually be anywhere on the ballot these are mid-term congressional elections but regardless the way american politics is developing it seems like the upcoming vote in november will be a referendum on one man he will mop and r.t. new york. one post in has been killed and over two hundred injured and the latest on rests on the israeli border the health ministry in gaza claims that almost a hundred of the injured were wounded by the israeli defense forces a campaign to protest the israel occupation of the palestinian territory has been ongoing for four months now and gaza based journalist who sent us this report. won't get done.


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