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mission one. ship that will send it up. our information was correct. yes. the priest is here at the end of the corridor. i know so you know who can imagine the thought of articles on the move to power almost as well it will be good on the middle east avon heavens what a school for one of the best and that's the only the story told in the west on a new route on the basis of luck i was just off on full body the rhythm wanted to fit there is was extra. in the groove really about what happened or the need to get through biscuit so before you have elevated to struggle with about. sleep and another member in months you will know it's going to it's going on do not
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use good week so what you could wish was a. trick or are waiting to hear peter could hear you should take him. to the tsunami was a really good this was. we sure the photo of the young into it maryse time to lick commercial just from sharing. in the winters is another love as in the soup and c.c.'s i've also got actually to say about this is you did those even though you don't feel the same maybe i felt it was expected as you really didn't want to do good so he says there is room. to be relinquished there's no room. in the method you said it was it's written there then i don't want to die and you know it was it's no use at all to falsely nasiri which community was needed the rush job or its lack of the disinterest in place some sort of scoop. was
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a bit out of his it shimmers off the label caught me papa our school is a comical prison for saying that a very they were not able for the grace isn't hostility with me for. how can a priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors change countries and homes and stay out of the. which is the police and justice for almost twenty years. is it leads to. one man may have an explanation. back in the united states or former american priest patrick moore. since the one nine hundred ninety s. has been a close up witness of pedophile scandal. with
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a post. from the. last time we chased. each one of the carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense. or that they just stepped right. into the very real i mean i'm a little boy there this is the this is for me. even if. i don't know maybe they don't make or. break. the ground war.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. i'm show business i'll see you then. joined the monastery as a very idealistic twenty year old and thought i was going to be a monk a priest and unfortunately it didn't work out that way because so many sex abuse cases came forward that i ended up actually being ordained early to go work on and
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follow sex abusers who were being withdrawn and at that point at the age of thirty two i had to make a moral decision am i going to support this institution you know in my part of this or do i have to find a different path and that's when i chose to take it take a different path and to help survivors well you know since then patrick was become a whistle blower an expert called on to testify in over two thousand cases of priests accused of sexual abuse according to him the catholic church has developed a system to exfiltrate pedophile priests. that's the same pattern we've seen in australia it's the same pattern we've seen in the united states it's the same pattern we've seen in canada it's the same pattern in ireland in england in italy it's honestly it's in the d.n.a. of the roman catholic system and i like to call this the geographic solution so
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what the bishop needs to do that he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator and then at that point he simply moves him to a different spot where the previous scandal is not known and it is not enough to move him outside the country that's that's a geographic solution you can move in from continent to continent as long as you can speak the language that is needed it looks legitimate and so he's going to be accepted without question that's where the danger comes. an anonymous source will provide us with proof of the geographical solution described by patrick wall. one evening we received dozens of internal documents from the community of st john five hundred brothers present throughout the world. this french community is highly controversial. it has the highest number of priests found guilty of pedophilia in recent years three since two thousand and twelve. and there are thought to have
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been more cases of sexual abuse it's all there in black and white. as we turn the pages we get a strange feeling the community seems to have become a master in the art of the international displacement of priests suspected of sexually abusing children. among the pile of documents from the. city of st john one recent letter draws our attention. and sends us rushing to the airport. here's the letter signed by a high ranking church official this archbishop from cameroon. he wrote to the head of the community of st john having decided to exclude from the jusice several st
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john priests he explained himself. reverend brother some brothers of st john got themselves into situations of extreme gravity the brothers in question were about to be hauled in front of the courts at a risk of dirtying the damage of our church i used all my weight to make sure this did not happen. what have these french priest done to incur the wrath of an archbishop. in cameroon a mostly catholic country the community of st john is an institution. the brothers run one of the biggest high schools in your own day the capital. but invert to uk and east of the country the brothers of state john have left town. until two thousand and fourteen they oversaw this cathedral the biggest in the region. and. we go to see the archbishop the
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one who asked the same john priest to leave. months and you're a tango one of the african representatives of the vatican. doesn't it. michel even though. let's say looking about us you close in on the most of what i came to know about either the pharaoh on the. city you know this just from the next time god he did it. because it is sort of on the train it wanted to be new he's going to die and then he mustn't think he's presented to him topical and i found out as confused as he seemed to guess she lived. back look he said i'm here really matters of tone was an occasion really for new yankee margin the cashier is a major part of we did do. this one point and it wanted to be new it was it my.
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daughter said let's come in. and. we try to dig deeper but not all of what she needed to yesterday did reality see a lot of your grandma department it was out of your going to want it back and this christmas it comes a. moment. if you want to go to the river but i was at let's sort of as i said. that you let go of it ourselves. yes thanks for your precious comments are great but they were exactly helpful. at the cathedral but too i will discover the reasons why the st john brothers hurriedly left town another alleged case of paraphilia. the sexual abuse of a number of boys. for three days we try to find these presumed victims. in this city where the catholic church is omnipresent it's hard to broach
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the subject. finally we find one of the kids who supposedly abused by the priest. today he's fifteen. caliber said yes. cyrano digital media p.c.'s. she is seen by the city. under disappears and. by the google. showing one of the community's internal documents that we managed to procure the mug shots of all the st john brothers across the globe five hundred eight of. these real. you would see this priest had indeed been posted in part two of you have the video really coming from and he's into your car too small. it's
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impossible to do more than many think you see and. this is. and it is in your food is a c.p.a. the only. basis that is down to the yes and in fact in that it gives. and as you know it's. after a few weeks the boy finally admitted everything to his parents they immediately went together to the bar to a law courts to file a complaint. but here nobody touches the church i lent this and i said you know the fool could do a lot of things it on up as if you do know it then this o.c.d. just so she did you. know so is that. she says yeah it's over your own. illegal about to see that simple sentence though the. same for the
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simple pentacle and only got to eat. in virtue of the justice of man seems to serve men of god. we have an appointment with a civil servant inside the ministry of justice. we filmed discreetly. she confirms the closeness between the church and one of the top judges. in the letters mob with me in it when are they going to. let you do that but don't call us to expose them i just ask you to get out of there as you have just got it doesn't mean they're going to do that then you got to go then that's probably. the no question that should. come to them but you know. i'm a little middle of brazilian oh my oh my what will be. a civil servant gives us an excerpt from the victim's testimony. the name of father emmanuel appears nowhere instead he's really doesn't need
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a das look quite the priest. all together to bring about the market. well good not on our part but what you want to. have a very good thing. before leaving for two are we need another presumed victim. the two pics are father emanuel from the mug shots. where his father emanuel now the french priest accused of sexually abusing at least two boy it's one among the community's internal documents are the postings made in two thousand and sixteen. since being expelled from her to join cameroon father emmanuel appears to be in bologna in italy when.
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it comes. to the interests of trust such. of them we wait for the father outside the priory i'm after a few hours mostly positive he finally shows up. we film discreetly. tell me where the most. you know there was in the mud just when the owner of the. an f.a.q. is available over to the tories on an east and other but that isn't false as far as the children all the little what i see. here volcanism up into tiff with that if possible committal swan i guess or. to work for show interest in oscars of course is because a fictional guys could organise is if you know. a little sickle but before
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i just took it to the political politics of s.c. my go. full for luck and reach for. a good one those are the months here. in the city since it is official to fix the example through her sources he says so it's a fool. county just that it's and you've got a little justice is there to do that for the good i think it was if i'm that of them. i feel cause it is one upon the to the white people know what he's going to done as surely more yes surely but she proceeded to move up the whole night but of course at the option of age the goody was actually a lot as able to stop us as was just work of advisory is required. see this is rooted in very subtle indeed children are manipulated by the archbishop but father
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emanuel offers another explanation. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront a shooting let it be an arms race in this on offense spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. first. of all the. ga shows don't google so dodgy mentalist first thanks.
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to. cut the first. nearly. eight hundred eighty rarely into most digit does. some of the sheen you know well. i was on. a new. move with a very. good fortune you know what. i mean for. those emotional highs will last.
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you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i. i believe this.
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all for. the children to take. on the program we speak to their relatives i remember when the film crew and they showed me the footage i could not believe it i could not believe that it was possible that might come back home she doesn't let me go anyway. again. to create a military force in the space of the pentagon less than enthusiastic about a possible program or indeed about some of his other of the military. british citizen takes us. over exposure to deadly chemicals while working at an
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american military base in germany. monday august the sixth and eight o one in the morning here in moscow international welcome to your latest headlines well it has been one year now since we first reported on a russian speaking children found in iraq following the brutal military campaign there against the islamic state after the report was aired several people reached out to us saying they recognize some of the kids and this allowed some of those orphans to reconnect with their families years after their parents left with them to join i still a correspondent with in a question of i spoke to those families to find out whether they've managed to move on after the tragic experience.
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so. if. a year ago two small sisters tied jesus and fred's hemo were brought back to their grandparents who at the time lost all hope of africa seeing them again they say they feel safe here in this house the sister salue can behave like any other child of their age despite their traumatic experience their playground is now the two rooms upstairs that were once home for their parents their grandfather on of our hasn't changed a thing since they left and now the girls play surrounded by things that once belonged to that if it works perfectly well the oldest sister is open and active fight scene is quite close to often seeking the confort of her grandfather.
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she doesn't let me go anywhere she says had dad also left in the morning and never came back in the evening she tells me how the gas station where you work. tells me how the plane has arrived and then left. it. on bar often speaks about the day in august twenty seventeen when they discovered their beloved granddaughter source in my life one of them look at us and who's. in may twenty fifteen both of funds are sons secretly left russia to join i sell his al destroy took his wife and two young daughters and never revealed his true intentions. that it's actually is what's about a week off today. i received a message from my son saying they are in turkey i replied what do you mean in
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turkey instantly i understood everything and felt terrible this sort of thing happened a lot of the time a lot of young people left some went to join militant groups others went to iraq or syria it's not. often called his father but the last time he got in touch was when the fierce fighting began in moscow a short time after he and his wife were killed in a drone strike leaving her. all alone weeks later they turned up in an orphanage in baghdad scared and traumatized they were among the group of children who could speak russian he reported from that orphanage the story spread and the children were recognized. that's years ago. i remember when the film crew arrived and they showed me the footage i could not believe it i could not believe that it was possible that my goes could come back home. despite the joyous the long awaited reunion this past year has been difficult
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for the family of our sas it's only now that some of the girls fear is being left behind i do you just you think these are remembers how difficult and dangerous it was to go to get water so when they arrive it was a they were always thirsty i drank like five liters of water a day only in these past two weeks has not stopped and they no longer wake up at night wanting to drink there are hundreds of families across russia's north caucuses just like on mars searching for grandchildren mainly fear that they will never see them again. to know if there is anything one message one sign that they are alive you have to grab it runaround fake ask for help there are good people in the world. i do not question r.t. reporting from russia's republic of dagestan this is the first in our series of
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reports on the fate of the children we found in the iraqi orphanage one year ago and throughout the week here on r.t. will bring you other stories on how they are getting used to life after the trauma they experienced. however not everyone has had the chance to return to the homeland thousands of wives and children of foreign eisold fighters are currently stuck in iraq a refugee camps. i move could put them i was so afraid of islamic state because they could have executed me if i try to escape so i had no other option but to stay.
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because he has been was threatening me that if i returned home he would apply me to the muslim religious police i stayed in iraq are a few and i had nothing to do except wait for the kurds. but. if i am charged i have nothing to be charged for because i have done nothing wrong. and i don't need i would like to see our cases not go too far and i hope that the local authorities will be able to handle problems harden our petition to our home countries to. u.s. president on all trumpeting his latest campaign rally has reiterated his plan to
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create a military force in space stressing that this new wing of the american military would have both defensive and offensive capabilities this face for space thanks thanks going to be great looks so much is happening now in space i mean your great defense i'm not just talking about mars at the moment i'm talking about tremendous defense capability offsets of capability it's in space so we're going to do it the space force. but not everyone is enthusiastic about the possibility of this star wars program the pentagon's a lukewarm response to the president's plans is just one of a number of signs that there is a disconnect between trump and his military as our correspondent in college donald explains throughout his short political life donald trump has been taking an unequivocal stand that he is the biggest ally the u.s. military could ever wish for their sacrifice and we salute the flag they fought to
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protect our great war for the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. the women of the united states military these are our finest but just over a year into his presidency the commander in chief has been all but drifting further away from his million strong core right now the white house and the pentagon are squabbling over donald trump's initiative to create an additional military branch a space force. the pentagon was unimpressed about this a year ago the pentagon isn't impressed now but is the space force get its first two years we will you know if you're going to require legislation a lot of detail play i mean. we have not yet begun in the past eighteen months the
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pentagon started through troves of public embarrassment because of their want to be biggest fan for instance this march donald trump casually remark that u.s. troops would be pulling out of syria in the nearest future the bomb shell decision the pentagon was not only unaware of but also disagreed with apparently will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon with government i've heard rumors people talking about the trial. but it's not over why did the announcement this week change anything in that sense nothing actually has changed fast forward next month trump says he wants to deploy the national guard on the mexican border but let's just say the pentagon didn't have too much fun when it had to take the route for this.


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