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before him minister of germany and the foreign secretary of the united kingdom they've come out and said that they will put in place what's called the e.u. blocking mechanism what that means is that originally came about in one thousand nine hundred six that it was written but it's had quite a substantial rewrite in twenty eighteen particularly to deal with this rainy an issue what it will mean is that all european companies that do business with the ron won't have to comply with u.s. sanctions also that rulings made in foreign courts basically meanings rulings made in u.s. courts in this case would not have any effect we don't know what the reaction to you to this from the united states will be what it may well see is some quite punitive fines based on companies and european companies that do business with iran that also have business in the united states what does that then come down to his the united european union going to have to end up paying those fines these are all things we're going to have to wait to see what happens as it is it's
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a step from the e.u. saying in no uncertain terms we do not agree with the sanctions that the united states is going to place on iran sure ok thanks plays that was artie's peter over there in berlin. well the u.s. president told trump has reiterated his plan to create a military force in space stressing that this new wing of the american military would have both defensive and offensive capabilities. the space force. that's going to be great so much is happening now it's a great defense i'm not just talking about mars and the moon i'm talking about tremendous defense capability offensive capability it's in space so we're going to do the space force. but not everybody is and he asked about the proposed military space program the pentagon's lukewarm response to the president's plans is just one of a number of signs that there is a disconnect at the moment between trump and his military and she goes down off
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explains throughout his short political life donald trump has been taking an unequivocal stand that he is the biggest ally the u.s. military could ever wish for we salute their sacrifice and we salute the flag they fought to protect our great war fighters the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. the women of the united states military these are our finest but just over a year into his presidency the commander in chief has been all but drifting further away from his million strong corps right now the white house and the pentagon are squabbling over donald trump's initiative to create an additional military branch a space force. the pentagon was unimpressed about this
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a year ago the pentagon is unimpressed now is the space force kids for soldiers should we be you know if you're going to require legislation why. of detail play i mean. we've not yet begun in the past eighteen months the pentagon started through trove of public embarrassment because of their want to be biggest fan for instance this march donald trump casually remarked that u.s. troops would be pulling out of syria in the nearest future the bomb shell decision the pentagon was not only unaware of but also disagreed with apparently will become another serial like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon will come and i've heard rumors of people talking about the trial but it's not over what is the announcement this week changing anything in that sense nothing actually has changed fast forward next month trump says he wants to deploy
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the national guard on the mexican border well let's just say the pentagon didn't have too much fun when it had to take the rap for this we're going to be guarding our border with the military members who are likely to be involved this overall expanded operation so that will all be determined by the requirements that are given to us first but i don't have any specific details on what support we could provide they will provide us with the requirements and then from that will determine how many and what's the mission and how many will to play back in twenty seventeen trump went to france where he saw the iconic but still day parade wow that's nice why don't we have something like this you thought some reports suggested no one wanted the parade but trump well he had reluctantly worked on it in a hands off mode the due date is just over three months away now the event is reportedly in the early planning stages and it's still unclear who's going to foot the
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millions of dollars bill some orders trump is giving out of all places on twitter last year he first tweeted that the u.s. would not accept a. allow dot dot dot nine long minutes passed before he resumed. does anyone else in this room have any intelligence coming out of the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the us military. or get rich in coffee this list of when trump the pentagon right under the bus is nowhere near complete so with the space force initiative the us military is well apparently struggling to get its hands back on the steering wheel he says i but he welcomes the advice from the likes of of madison and pompei o. who are all
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considered a war cabinet but he makes the ultimate decisions when it's time for a decision but when it comes to throwing out ideas that doesn't necessarily mean he's consulted with anybody he came up with the idea before consulting with everybody he made it known publicly and then once he began to get briefed on. the space force per se may not be the way to go although i don't think he's ruled it out entirely. now a british man who worked as an inspector at an american military base in germany is suing the u.s. army david patterson and his colleagues were unknowingly exposed to a high concentration of the toxic substance cadmium with the u.s. army sending a warning letter only year after the job was done well back in twenty seventeen he was overseeing the cleaning of contaminated army equipment. a couple of minutes from head to should i was covering this white powdery substance but like
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talking very fine variable or not was show we actually started cleaning these boxes well so any truly information. ily any knowledge of the danger of what we're actually doing with those boxes whatsoever well in its warning letter sent to relate the u.s. army said that skin and eye contact should be avoided it also recommended wearing special protective gear to tuesday's makeup while standing near the contaminated boxes one of the risks was that the cadmium covering the equipment could become airborne and then be breathed in it is a highly toxic substance that can cause cancer that affects the central nervous system and can also cause kidney failure until the inhalation may even cause death when receiving the warning letter david paterson contacted the u.s. on the a reaction was one of the they are treating it as though it was
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a hose dust not. dangerous dust before the inspector arrived from the german authorities they ripped out every case of the fifty cases then what they did they actually got all these fifty cases and then the policeman one era or the sub the winds the rain it was only three metres from a drainage system. while unions in germany have reportedly already raised the alarm over the working conditions at the u.s. military base urging the authorities to take action but the army says the equipment was mishandled in june some equipment was cleaned incorrectly this was done by eight employees in one department we get the boxes billions we work on the boxes we clean the quint. we get the believe that we are responsible for everything why the box is not locked dangerous i've been no no or who was there working for the
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same company sixteen months until i ought line most and asked until i demanded that we have some type of action on these boxes i was sacked from m. an equal resources and i am taking them to court for a legal sakhi and gross misconduct then we shall talk about your s. and the army where we have requested comment from the us army and other firms involved in the contract although we haven't received a reply so that the this our the western media have slammed that action movie star steven seagal over his new role as a mediator between russia and the us we'll have a look at the details on that just after the break. i they gave his camera. roughly once they showed some leave for them.
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and welcome back now the action movie star steven seagal has been appointed the russian foreign ministry special representative on humanitarian ties between moscow and washington the move was heavily criticised in the western media here is mr seagal playing a concert in some vast more crimea in two thousand and fourteen just months after the peninsula was annexed by russia. may be his control to carry shouldn't be extreme violence that india is steven seagal so much to the russian authorities but aussies home court it takes a look now at the reaction to see goals new role. you know steven seagal from the action packed films he both played in and directed but he'll soon have
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a very different role to play the russian foreign ministry has named him special representative on the u.s. russia humanitarian ties for ways had a very strong desire to do all i can to help improve russian american relations i have worked tirelessly in this direction for many years an officially and i am now very grateful for the opportunity to do the same thing officially to go over sieved russian citizenship back in two thousand and sixteen when vladimir putin himself sets a goal up with a russian passport since then he's participated in everything from charity concerts to martial arts competitions in order to bring the u.s. and russia closer together and with relations between both countries at an all time low one might think anything to help the situation should be a breath of fresh air but that sentiment hasn't made much headway in the mainstream media and the hysteria hasn't stopped there the former u.s. ambassador to russia even took to twitter slamming circles appointment as an apparently desperate move strange though
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a celebrity from the west saying something positive about russia the whole story seems awfully familiar. western stars are committing what has already become an unforgettable sin associating with russia but despite all the criticism it's put them under many people are questioning why it should negatively impact one's profession donald corder r.t. . the us republican senator rand paul is in moscow at the moment in a bid to boost ties between america and russia with his. rand paul and his team spend about an hour and a half in the building behind me which you may call russia's senate speaking to the
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man who is in charge of international ties there konstantin cossotto such contacts let alone visits by russian or american officials are more than just rare now one u.s. officials who we know is in favor of attempts to bridge the divide between moscow and washington and someone who actually believes that relations between the two countries have to exist is us president donald trump but that's about it another exception was a small group of u.s. senators who came to the russian capital a few weeks ago and had conversations with russian officials including the foreign minister sergey lavrov but these kind of people almost immediately get a massive rebuke back home however this time mr paul was brave enough to even say this we've had diplomacy with russia for a long time i think diplomacy in our discussion has gotten worse in the last few
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years so i've traveled here to say that there are many americans who want to have diplomacy that want to have engagement mr paul went on to invite russian officials to washington and both sides expressed hope that these kind of meetings can happen more often on an official level although given the current talks a climate of ties between russia and america this may well just be wishful thinking . i was finally this a museum dedicated to me is making headlines itself to selling fake nice to. see than is is know they were moved to. a backlash. and you are seeing. it is a fake it is fake. i
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will not be visiting museum ever again i won't be recommending it to visitors and i will not be taking my family and friends there ever again. to fake these key shots on funny they make a mockery of the reporters whose names you have been squad for new rules and who died for that the. member commenting to my friend how inappropriate i thought it was to sell this to press material and it was even that celebrates our industry. the newseum has removed the you are very fake news t. shirts from the gift shop and online we made a mistake and we apologize a free press is an essential part of our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the people. it's iraq onic it's sad the media
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talk about freedom of the press they trash donald trump they say freedom of the press is but this country is built on it's what the microsleep is built on and now they don't like these t. shirts and they register their disapproval and they pressure this news siham into polling it and a fact what they're doing is they're traveling on the very freedom of speech that they claim to champion if what's going on in this country is any indication you're allowed all the freedom of speech you want if you're on the laptop but if you're on the right it seems like freedom of speech when it comes to the right is getting trampled upon on in one way or another. washing out international thanks me company this afternoon are up programs continue after the break.
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hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire as we discuss whether detente is possible even desirable why isn't it a good idea to get along with russia and much much more. cross talking detente i'm joined by my guest here in moscow erich krauss he's an independent political risk analyst also we have to he's a political analyst with international and in cyprus we have alex kristof or oh he's the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to alex first in cyprus we have
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a new phrase that's popped up in the last latest news cycle and that's criminalizing diplomacy and and a steamed expert probably the greatest living expert on russia in the western world stephen cohen was on c.n.n. with well someone with a very dubious road record when it comes to foreign policy mr max boot before i go to you alex let's have a watch at this clip. i've been studying russia for forty five years i've lived in russia and i've lived here and you're going to be actually was it all acting russian we would want our viewers sure hasn't right. excuse me what did you say to me i said you've been consistent in apologies to russia in those last forty five years. i don't do defamation of people i do serious analysis of serious national security problems when people like you call people more like me and not only me but people more eminently apologist for russia because we don't agree with your
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analysis you are criminalizing diplomacy ok alex criminalizing diplomacy i think it really hits the nail on the head here because any kind of rational thought about what kind of foreign policy or bilateral relationship brushing the united states is called into question by people like max boot they gets a lot of air time for reasons that there is a mystery to me go ahead alex. yeah i find it strange that max boot is calling stephen cohen to put an apologist i like to call max boot a war machine apologist he's an apologist for the military industrial complex he's an apologist for war criminals has this guy gotten anything right ever in his career he pushed iraq he was wrong he pushed libya he was wrong he pushed syria he was wrong he pushed ukraine he was wrong it's absolutely amazing that the the if this guy any airtime whatsoever and we can remember i think was three or four of us
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back to remember that tucker carlson had max boot on show and tucker carlson crushed dollar he crushed him and he showed what an idiot max would match who is an apologist for stupid people around the world but he's very popular ok because he says the right things to the right people well. stephen cohen also has to explain to my example that they still called russia madelyne it's not pearl harbor well i think you know i was very impressed when several u.s. senators and other prominent politicians when they compare the two thousand and sixteen election and then ledged russian method into a part of harbor a lot of the people just ruled hey you know my father survived but he's so what it was police you know stop doing that you know these kind of comparisons are insulting to america in the first not only is that we have
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a new call for sanctions coming out of the u.s. senate now i they're on their they're on vacation right now on their own leave so i don't think they're going to act upon it but it is it's really just virtuous signaling ok and i think what you continue to see this in two minutes is one ups ship basically there is a large part of the american political establishment which is desperate to find something to be. trump with and that is the russian card and nobody loses points for beating up on russia now that the fact is this goes against american fundamental diplomatic and geopolitical interests which you really to avoid creating a coalition with between russia and china isn't their problem their problem right now is to score quick political gain yes alex let me go back to you in cyprus a quick political game and of course they're getting it but the implications in the long term are our fundamental because i think now that it's
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a generational thing i mean why in the world with russia want to have better relations with the united states it doesn't have much trade ok the issues that there are there's a bring them together russia co holds most of the cards here and you have a political establish in the united states that is at war with itself so i mean detente is possible but the americans and the foreign policy blog assume that russia wants that i don't think that's the case go ahead alex and how can you have detente when just the other day you had this bizarre white house press briefing there were all the guys were there you had christopher rah you had coats you have bolton and once again they're pushing out the narrative of russia election ackley involvement keep in mind they're not saying meddling anymore they're not saying interference now it's involvement and of course you know it's defining what the hell this is they're just sitting there and they're getting to get this is tribes deep state these are the guys are going to trump administration or the deep state and they're pushing this narrative and they're scapegoating russia because if the
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democrats lose it's going to be russia exactly it's going to be russia's fault so russia is the ultimate scapegoat you know it's the paranoia of not knowing what you don't know who there's going to be some meddling but how when where and the assumption that it's going to be let me remind you that the election has not yet happened and it's going to be in november. but then of course is already saying the head of the national intelligence director saying that there is evidence about russians involvement and we have lindsey graham who has just advised president trump to check the so-called ball that putin gave him and house and get to check it for k.g.b. bugs we have this very same person elaborating with other senators this new draft of all which is called if i'm not mistaken or the translation protecting american security of from the kremlin said gretchen two thousand and eighteen so these guys they can forsee the future they can see how russia is mad and interested in
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a different i mean i really don't this remind me it's kind of a bad episode of the twilight zone ok this is the. fortunately have to take it seriously you are talking about what is russia one from the united states russia wants to be left alone it has its own problems russia is still undergoing a major restructuring and the americans have managed to weaponize finance they can cause a lot of damage by blocking people from the international financial system they block them from the dollar system first but then the european banks are all running scared of the u.s. treasury so they can do substantial damage and yes the political dialogue in here in washington has become a done for thirty years that means there's the assumption that somehow of your some circumstances russia is going to buckle what is a wrong assumption russia is most certainly not going to buckle and russia has survived very well everything they've thrown at it for the simple reason that
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russia has a very conservative fiscal and monetary policy the central bank has done an excellent job of insulating russia from the sharks but it's still very inconvenient to. this draft all has not yet been published by financing grant has already begun and that's why i think when they they proposed that they went on recess they have no intention right now of doing it on. it is part of the chorus yes the background go ahead but the things that we know about it are already very very sinister not only for russians any of our who is suspected of influencing their american elections can be barred from entering the country maybe even then we can be just as i did to really get alexander. we got to the punch line before me is that mean the f.b.i. and the cia and all the rest of them and when the israelis always have an influence in american politics but the interesting thing is to say they are not addressing
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the real meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and that is in the d.o.j. in the f.b.i. and the corporate media don't forget. yeah the d.o.j. of the f.b.i. and let's not forget the real election battling was also against bernie sanders right and it was hillary clinton and the d.n.c. that regard bernie sanders from winning winning the democratic nomination and the bill that they're proposing right now is very sinister indeed they're even asking my secretary of state to examine placing russia on the state list of terrorist sponsors that's how hysterical this thing is becoming coming out of grand statement here i mean well and i don't expect here but do you know putting pressure on the. state sponsors of terror that is that that's a little bit more than grandstanding ok and erica you know we go to the i'm here it's hard to walk these things back and my question to erica earlier is this isn't working under the assumption that rush is going to surrender that is a wrong assumption but oh it works on
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a lot of assumptions for example it's just to penalize russia for the production and use of chemical weapons you know who used chemical weapons ok there is that duma thing you know where people who were shown to be go by the by comments to be victims of a chemical attack later on these people healthy and alive address the press conference in the cake and told how these fake video was made that actually continue to happen but it's not only r t in a few other outlets reported the backstory to this is of false flag operation all the others concentrated on the who paid for these people to come from damascus to the cape well keep these people are on the view that you showed to the whole world you said they were victims of a chemical attack why don't you want to listen to them you really have to really go there are going to alex we're going to go back to cyprus one more minute before we
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go to the break here so it looks like russia russia russia is was going to be continued.


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