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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 6, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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ruled it out entirely. now it has been one year since we first reported on russian speaking children found in an orphanage in iraq following the brutal military operation there against islamic state after the report was dead we launched a campaign to to find any relatives of those children and several people came forward saying that they had recognized some of them well this led to those orphans being reunited with their families is after their parents had left russia to join i saw our correspondent medina cotton of spoke to those families to find out whether they've managed to move on after the tragic experience. so. if.
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a year ago two small sisters had caesar and fights hemo were brought back to their grandparents who at the time lost all hope of africa seeing them again they see they feel safe here in this house the sister salue can behave like any other child of their age despite their traumatic experience their playground as now the two rooms upstairs that were once home for their parents their grandfather on of our hasn't changed a thing since they left and now the girls play surrounded by things that once belonged to that if a black cop only while the oldest sister who is open and active fight scene is quite close to often seeking the confort of her grandfather. which she doesn't let me go anywhere she says had dad also left in the morning and never came back in the evening she tells me how the gas station where he worked. tells me how
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the plane has arrived and then let. anybody to. unbar often speaks about the day in august twenty seventeen when they discovered their beloved granddaughter sources in my life more than i could i thirty. three. thirty. in may twenty fifteen both of fund our son secretly left russia to join i sell his al destroy took his wife and two young daughters and never revealed his true intentions. that it's actually is what about a week off to bail. i received a message from my son saying they are in turkey i replied what do you mean in turkey instantly i understood everything and felt terrible this sort of thing happened a lot of the time a lot of young people left some went to join militant groups others went to iraq or syria it's not. often called his father but the last time he got in touch was when
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the fierce fighting began in moscow a short time after he and his wife were killed in a drone strike leaving her and all alone weeks later they turned up in an orphanage in baghdad scared and traumatized they were among the group of children who could speak russian args he reported from that orphanage the story spread and the children were recognized. i remember when the film crew arrived and they showed me the footage i could not believe it i could not believe that it was possible that my girls could come back home. despite the joy of the long awaited reunion this past year has been difficult for the family of our sas it's only now that some of the girls fear is being left behind i do you just keep their visa remembers how difficult and dangerous it was to go to get water so when they arrive he was and they were always thirsty they
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drank like five liters of water a day only in these past two weeks has not stopped and they no longer wake up at night wanting to drink there are hundreds of families across russia's north caucuses just like and ours searching for grandchildren mainly fear they will never see them again. if there is anything one message one sign that they are alive you have to grab it run around fake ask for help there are good people in the world. my dear no question reporting from russia's republic of dagestan well that was the first in the series of reports on the fate of the russian citizens who left the country along with their families to join i still throughout the week to will bring you the stories of how where to sing to life back at home.
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and it's not just in iraq either where families of the four and i still fighters have ended up stranded either in syria there are still refugee camps there housing thousands of wives and children whose fate remains on clay. i was so afraid of islamic state because they could have executed me if i try to escape so i had no other option but to stay.
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because he's my husband was threatening me that if i returned home he would apply me to the muslim religious police i stayed in iraq are a few and i had nothing to do except wait for the kurds. if i am charged i have nothing to be charged for because i have done nothing wrong . and i'm about to start a yani i would like to see our cases not drag on and i hope that the local authorities will be able to handle our problems concerning our patrick to our home countries. but this one person is being killed and fifty five injured in a major explosion near bologna airport in italy images captured by passers by show a situation of chaos the incident occurred around lunch time after a gas tanker was involved in a traffic accident and burst into flames as you can see here on a busy highway police have closed off the area while firefighters are still trying
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to bring the situation under control of course we'll stay across the story and bring you any updates as we get from. you watching r.t. we're going to take a quick break now we'll be back though intimidates. you know world big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. the final merry go round be the one percent. nor middle of the room. welcome back now a british man who works as an inspector at an american military base in germany is suing the u.s. army david paterson and his colleagues were unwittingly exposed to a toxic form of cadmium with the u.s. army sending a warning letter only
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a year after the job was done back in twenty seventeen he was overseeing the cleaning of contaminated equipment. a couple of minutes from head to i was covering this white powdery substance a bit like talking very fine very about laws we actually not laws we actually started cleaning these boxes were. any truly information. early any knowledge of the danger or what we're actually doing with those boxes whatsoever well in its warning letter sent a year later the u.s. army did say that skin and eye contact should be avoided it also recommended to be wearing special protective gear are standing near the contaminated boxes one of the risks was that the cadmium covering the equipment could become airborne and then be breathed in cadmium is a highly toxic substance known to cause cancer and it affects the central nervous
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system and can also cause kidney failure acute inhalation may even cause death when i'm receiving the warning letter david paterson contacted the u.s. army their reaction was one of the they are treating it as though it was a just not in a. dangerous dust before the inspector arrived from the german authorities they ripped out every case of the fifty cases then what they did they actually got all these fifty cases and then the policeman one era or the sun the wind the rain and it was only three meters from a dream which system unions in germany have reportedly already raised the alarm over the working conditions that the u.s. military base urging the authorities to take action but the army says the equipment was mishandled in june some equipment was cleaned incorrectly this was done by eight employees in one department we get the boxes billions we work on the boxes
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we clean the quitman. we get the believe that we are responsible for everything why the box is not locked dangerous i've been there no or was there working for the same god only sixteen months until i or my mo then asked until i demanded that we have some type of action on these boxes i was sacked from m. an equal resources and i am taking them to court for a legal sakhi and gross misconduct then we shall talk about your s. . and the army or we have requested comment from the us army or some other firms involved in the contract although so far we haven't had a response from. us republican senator rand paul is in moscow at the moment in a bid to boost ties between america and russia with more on this is impractical. rand paul and his team spend about an hour and
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a half in the building behind me which you may call russia's senate speaking to the man who is in charge of international ties there konstantin cossotto such contacts let alone visits by russian or american officials are more than just rare now one u.s. officials who we know is in favor of attempts to bridge the divide between moscow and washington and someone who actually believes that relations between the two countries have to exist is us president donald trump but that's about it another exception was a small group of u.s. senators who came to the russian capital a few weeks ago and had conversations with russian officials including the foreign minister sergey lavrov but these kind of people almost immediately get a massive rebuke back home however this time mr paul was brave enough to even say this we've had diplomacy with russia for
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a long time i think diplomacy in our discussion has gotten worse in the last few years so i've traveled here to say that there are many americans who want to have diplomacy that want to have engagement mr paul went on to invite russian officials to washington then both sides expressed hope that these kind of meetings can happen more often on an official level although given the current talks that climate of ties between russia and america this may well just be wishful thinking. frank reporting that finally this museum dedicated to news is making headlines itself the selling fake nice to see them is however following a backlash she's now withdrawn the merchandise. and you are free to do. the fake it is fake.
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i will not be visiting museum ever again i won't be recommending it to visitors and i will not be taking my family and friends there ever again. to fake these t. shirts funny they make a mockery of the reporters his names you happens quite often you will die for that think amish and i remember commenting to my friend how inappropriate i thought it was to sell this anti press material and it was even that celebrates our industry. the newseum has removed that you are very fake news t. shirts from the gift shop and online we made a mistake and we apologize a free press is an essential part of our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the people. it's iraq onic it's sad the media
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talk about freedom of the press they trash donald trump they say freedom of the press is but this country is built on it's what the microsleep is built on and now they don't like these t. shirts and they register their disapproval and they pressure this news siham into polling it and a fact what they're doing is they're traveling on the very freedom of speech that they claim to champion if what's going on in this country is any indication you're allowed all the freedom of speech you want if you're on the laptop but if you're on the right it seems like freedom of speech when it comes to the right is getting trampled upon on in one way or another you're watching us international thanks for the company tonight we're back again in just over half an.
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join me every thursday on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. on this edition of crossfire as we discuss whether detente is possible even desirable why isn't it a good idea to get along with russia and much much more. same wrong roles just don't call. me old yet to stamp out disdain comes to attitude and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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god after ten time we're going underground seventy three years to the day the united states used weapons of mass destruction against the japanese city of hiroshima to kill tens of thousands mostly civilians coming on the show as fox and disney report results this week is it murdoch disney or donald trump we speak to braveheart and bourne films actor brian cox about exploitation and predatory capitalism in the new series succession and is britain's independent office for police conduct independent we talked collusion with former a metropolitan police chief inspector want charles his great nephew died accidentally after contact with u.k.
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police all the civil coming up at today's going on the ground the first what's the beef between u.s. president donald trump and multi-billionaire politics influence and charles koch when people act in protectionist ways they erect barriers which makes everyone worse off. the urge to protect ourselves from change has doomed many countries throughout history and this protectionist mindset has destroyed countless business as well charles koch there the powerful koch family before being characterized as a joke why donald trump but the koch family with their ninety odd billion dollars isn't the richest in the world com costs the n.b.c. network even made a video guide to this family saudi arabia's brail family that's a big family but for now just focus on. the late king and the current king solomon and proud prince mohamed and some britain of course is selling them weapons to yemen right now but the u.k.
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has also been subject to the whims of a family that owns one of the big four supermarkets. it was near the town of kingfisher the thomas walton a struggling young farmer and his wife nancy lee started their family and it was here that their son samuel moore walton was born the founder of warm up there which has just been awarded the us peyton to eavesdrop on shoppers and employees in stores but while it's been about just released their richest families top ten including chanel's work time a do ma ma. and al brecht's al the it's a media conglomerate families and citizen kane that usually gonna most attention and play fifty three thousand people around the world we are proud and great to go and. distinguish murdoch has come to the mind of a fair few journalists reviewing a new h.b.o. series about rich families currently screening around the world on t.v. and on demand it's called succession it's executive produced and directed by adam
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mcconaughey who won the oscar for the big shorts it was created by the writer of veep in the thick of it show and in the loop everything i've done in my life i've done for my children i know i made mistakes but i've always tried to do the best by because. i love. brian cox then known for his role in the king of family drama as king lear known for churchill the bourne films x.-men two braveheart and rise of the blood of the apes to name but a few brian is an emmy and empire icon went to a nominee for golden globe after and screen actors guild awards he joins me now brian welcome back to going underground so who you're playing dog sumner redstone walt disney what is succession about none of the above you know i'm playing someone who's a self-made man it's kind of curious in a way because i really want to play scottish be interesting to play discuss gotter slogan roy i thought i was very good scholars and said not only he's going to be
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american as he armstrong worked on v yeah well he's a great us and it's his baby in the loop fantastic great wonderful wonderful wonderful writer group of writers the writers room is fantastic so anyway he he he said no no i think it's got to be american adam mckay who is the who directed the big short who's sort of gave it the series its style he said i'm sure of that it's got us maybe and then they came up with this idea that he was canadian which is fine so i was canadian and i was born in quebec and then just after i done the ninth episode the ninth episode of mine peter freedman who plays my number two i keep firing throughout the series he suddenly said you know friday i had to do the sign. in the additional dialogue required when you dump something you said yeah they've changed your birthplace i said yeah i said really said yeah you know it's the only quebec i said so where is it he said it oh i can't hang on
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a minute so he got his device only what i hear is the i'm emailing said oh done the scotland which is where i come from. maybe have a conrad black problem. because media moguls have been the talk of. all the press in reviewing this but you in variety say something about the fact there's nothing wrong even citizen kane like it's king lear that inspired its problem more cleanly and i think there are elements of citizen kane because of the the background which is not revealed about his background so there's a sort of mystery and dissension in mysterious logan but i think king lear is the obvious because. the difference is of course king lear and he spends most of the but he spends the play haven't given his empire away whereas logan roy is in the process of taking his empire back having felt that his children have somehow not
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stepped up to the mark on but the stance of it is the story it's a kind of morality tale in many ways it doesn't fit any particular genre so therefore it's original because it doesn't as soon as you think it's one thing it moves to being something else but with the children it is this per any real problem of children of inherited wealth and their sense of entitlement which comes from nowhere now it's not their fault it's just the way they've been you know they've been. sort of conditions since childhood and that's the problem with these kids and the old man feels a soft and he's right he's not wrong he's absolutely right so in a sense they go through this rebaptised fire in order to find themselves again logan is a really interesting character because we always talk about the games it's the game and they never get the game which is what the business is as far as he's concerned the business is this elaborate game that he protects and loves and enjoys and he
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loves it in all its element and and particularly in its savagery and he likes it when it's more savage but the kids don't quite get that they will have they are savage their vile but they're not they're more vile than savage. because i mean they this is this class war. yeah going on and well you know there's a different war but it's also to do with the current climate you know we we live in really barren political times when there's no there's no more leadership whatsoever so everything's up for grabs and i think that's what the show captures brilliantly that the lack of moral imperative and how people are all juggling for squalid position i think the president of united states would beg to differ there i mean the field free to call him the fetus real moral clarity there and if it was the trumps because trump run a rather big conglomerate is a media conglomerate with and he's not as intelligent as trump is not nearly as
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intelligent as number one is if you have a favorite daughter there in this yeah i have a favorite your anchor is that she's intelligent cordelia she's intelligent yes this is delia but she's the person that's most like him because she's questions everything a political question then it's all about battling with different conglomerates social media firms that kind of stuff there's no element the democratically elected power could impinge on these people well yes but it's also it's also who's in the pay of who you know who you know everybody depends on everybody else. and i think it's shown that you know the administration's special. you know last group you know not just trump i mean trump's kind of some obvious but there's also questionable things that happened before to get the u.s. ambassador and i'm going to counter that you know so we get we you know there's
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a lot of that and a lot of you know you could say clearly that. a-bomb his hands were tied for far too long or he allowed his hands to be tied to long you can actually stand up and the way he should have done right at the beginning because he lost a lot of time and i think that's what happens i think the hedging their bets all the time and and of course somebody like logan or. and all murdoch and that's probably what they have in common they understand that they understand when they hedging their bets so they can they can plow right through that and he fears amongst the cast of you is like me expected just to be disgusted that their media is undoubtedly because of people you know because it's highly entertaining it is out of say is funny it's highly entertaining and that's what keeps it going and that's also you can't believe you know this that this is a character i think it's in the head of goblet when she shoots herself the judge brack says but people don't do such things and that's what you can't believe you cannot believe the profanity that goes on you can't believe the double dealing that
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goes on but it's it's the world it's what it's about you know we see it all the time especially now and we get so obviously on this all the time there's anything marxist about all this class conflict there's also a race that's another elevates in that race and also logan has turns out he has a little bit of exam agenda with these on background which we isn't totally revealed to told in the first season will focus on a second but he's he you know he looks at the house where the wedding is for instance and this is built on slavery is built on loans built on this these values of you know what and also not honoring and thought he talks about not on doing immigrants he said you know they were the you know use of the servants and use them to do the mopping up but they don't actually all of them and it's an logan's right you know and you do see that but then also he's also. venal as well. because we know that meritocracy is something that say rupert murdoch does support
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you know doesn't like the royal family right i mean over here. i don't know what parallels you see here in britain because it's the breaks it is who say the establishment that control the media and the shadowy elites they're stopping the will of the people who voted for bricks you know with the brakes it is just playing on the idea of little england the gist of it it's so futile so obviously futile it's about you know keeping that well in place you know jake we smog michael gove the johnson even david davis it was a sort of working class tory but it's it's those values in which person are all to me it's kind of inverted and yakked yeah all of that how is that i mean you signed first scotland for europe and the campaign what is your view now as i mean big cities are saying it's project fear people are actually talking about food supplies needing to be stalked and so on and it's stockpiled it's the styria you know and
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it's trying to frighten you know they did it before they did it in the you know about them but the about the pound and they'll always do it it's well these are the breaks it is saying. that the remain as are threatening all of this i don't think so and do you think that is definitely to happen rex and i i think i think we'll probably come to some norwegian position i think that's what's going to happen. i think that's where we will go well had i known about the customs union but i feel that it's too complicated and there realizes that and she's put nobody had thought it through i mean and that's that's that's the thing annoys me more than any given the logans of this world because there are all agog oh yeah whatever they would explore it if they would exploit one side of a oh oh. they're not on anybody's side they're exploited for stupidity you know that's what they do they they look at it in terms of it's stupidity and that's what
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that's how logan roy runs his empire because he looks through something is as stupid i haven't seen the end of it so i don't know whether there are any forces there to break up the power of families like this well i think there are and i think that's what we see we see all the threats and in that suite see it throughout and logan's one belief is in the family it's something that you go you know on a hiding to nothing there powell but he's absolutely i mean i said this to jesse actually we were working on the show i says when i was in the there's a whole scene when we do family intervention when we have a psychotherapist who comes in to us was on its and it's and it's because the family is getting such bad press and logan agrees to it because it's a it's a press thing but in the middle of it he does talk about his family and he does say he loves his family and i said to jesse i said no jesse tell me is the.


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