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they often are the problem with the new york times essentially saying shooting her behavior is that they are signaling to the rest of the world that racism actually is ok as long as you pick the right race this was candice owens first statement to her followers after the ban twitter not only reinstated her account but actually apologized and said that it was a mistake for her to be banned now immediately there was a firestorm with people pointing to what they see as a double standard one of the words you go. tweets i'm replace the wants with blank i'm in tweets of bones that i was double standard every time i see one of these i can't help substitute black for white can do so in stupid i will never understand the double standard to why it's acceptable to so many now the wikipedia page of the new york times journalist is also in question now the page simply describes her as a journalist and has minimal content regarding the controversy surrounding her
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tweets it appears that there has now been added a small reference to it but these tweets the controversy surrounding them seems to be quite a big issue we could pedia seems to make efforts to minimize that so it seems that many people are looking at this case and looking at the statements that sarah john has made regarding white people and saying that this is a double standard so a lot of debate yet another example of how in the united states when it comes to issues of race and free speech and americans just don't see eye to eye following news of the suspension was confronted on the street by the fascist approaches the. owens was having breakfast at the time with another conservative activist colleague when protesters approached from nearby the demonstrators can be seen throwing drinks and shouting stop white supremacy as well as school number. will quickly on
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the scene. investigative journalist dave lindorff says twitter's attempts to ban hate speech appear to have backfired they didn't then one thing it banned another that was is just substitution of words and they look really stupid for doing it so . they made a hash of it. trained so all the problem that made it worse they really need to think this through and. jump in when there's a screaming match from one side or the other and they'll jump try to stop it quickly with a stupid decision they need to really. think through policy and then operate according to a policy that is rational coherent and consistent and that hardly what they're doing right now. it's been one year now since we first reported on russian
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speaking children are found in an orphanage in iraq after the military operation against islamic state of the report was we launched the campaign to find anybody to observe those children several people came forward saying they recognized some of those children and this led to those options being reunited with their families years off their parents had left russia to join islamic state ok responded medina question of us spoke to those families to find out whether they've managed to move on after this tragic experience. so. if. a year ago two small sisters had d's and fights hemo were brought back to their grandparents who at the time lost all hope of africa seeing them again they say
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they feel safe here in this house the sisters luke and behave like any other child of their age despite their traumatic experience their playground is now the two rooms upstairs that were once home for their parents their grandfather on of our hasn't changed a thing since they left and now the girls play so rounded by things that once belonged to that if it works perfectly well the oldest sister is open and active fight scene is quite closed off and seeking the confort of her grandfather. doesn't let me go anyway she says had dad also left in the morning and never came back in the evening she tells me how the gas station where he worked with. tells me how the plane has arrived and then left. and are often speaks about the day in august twenty seventeen when they discovered their
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beloved granddaughter source in my life one of them look at us and who's. in may twenty fifteen both of funds are sons to secretly left russia to join i sell his al destroy took his wife and two young daughters and never revealed his true intentions. that it's actually is what's about a week off today lou. i received a message from my son saying they are in turkey i replied what do you mean in turkey instantly i understood everything and felt terrible this sort of thing happened a lot of the time a lot of young people left some went to join militant groups others went to iraq or syria it's not. often called his father but the last time he got in touch was when the fierce fighting began in moscow a short time after he and his wife were killed in
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a drone strike leaving her. all alone weeks later they turned up in an orphanage in baghdad scared and traumatized they were among the group of children who could speak russian he reported from that orphanage the story spread and the children were recognized. yes i remember when the film crew arrived and they showed me the footage i could not believe it i could not believe that it was possible that my girls could come back home. despite the joy of the long awaited reunion this past year has been difficult for the family. as it's only now that some of the girls fear is being left behind i do you just you think these are remembers how difficult and dangerous it was to go to get water so when they arrive it was a they were always thirsty they drink like five liters of water a day only in these past two weeks has that stopped and they no longer wake up at
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night wanting to drink there are hundreds of families across russia's north caucuses just like and ours searching for grandchildren mainly fear they will never see them again. if there is anything one message one sign that they are alive you have to grab it run around fake ask for help there are good people in the world. i do not question r.t. reporting from russia's republic of dagestan that was the first in a series of reports on the fate of those russian citizens who left the country along with their families to join islamic state throughout the week we'll bring you other stories on how tony is adapting to life.
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coming up over a short a star wars the u.s. is planning to send some powerful weapons up into space we'll have that story and more just than a few moments. what politicians do you should look to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be upset. that you'd like to be closer to see what it looks like three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. should.
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seem wrong. just don't all. get to shape our just being active. and engaged because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. was international the president trump has reiterated his plan to create a military force in space with both offensive and offensive capabilities. this space for speaking with the well that's going to be great luck so much
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is happening now in space i mean your great defense i'm not just talking about mars and the moon i'm talking about tremendous defense capability authentic capability it's in space so we're going to do the space force well but now the pentagon has given a new call responds to the plans though it's the latest sign of a disconnect between trump and the military as egos donna reports. throughout his short political life donald trump has been taking an unequivocal stand that he is the biggest ally the u.s. military could ever wish for we salute their sacrifice and we salute the flag they fought to protect our great war fighters the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. the women of the united states military these are our finest but just over a year into his presidency the commander in chief has been all but drifting further
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away from his million strong core right now the white house and the pentagon are squabbling over donald trump's initiative to create an additional military branch a space force. the pentagon was unimpressed about this a year ago the pentagon isn't impressed now is the space force get its procedures we just you know if you're going to require legislation a lot of detail play i mean. we have not yet begun in the past eighteen months the pentagon started through trove of public embarrassment because of their want to be biggest fan for instance this march donald trump casually remark that u.s. troops would be pulling out of syria in the nearest future the bomb shell decision the pentagon was not only unaware of but also disagreed with apparently will become
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another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon will come and i've heard rumors of people talking about the trial but it's not over when i think the announcement this week changing anything in that sense nothing actually has changed fast forward next month trump says he wants to deploy the national guard on the mexican border well let's just see. the pentagon didn't have too much fun when it had to take the rap for this we're going to be guarding our border with the military members who are likely to be involved this overall expanded operation so that will all be determined by the requirements that are given to us to but i don't have any specific details on what support we could provide but they will provide us with the requirements and then from that will determine how many and what's the mission and how many want to play back in twenty seventeen trump went to france where he saw the iconic but still day parade wow
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that's nice why don't we have something like this you thought some reports suggested no one wanted the parade but trump probably had reluctantly worked on it in a hands off mode the due date is just over three months away now the event is reportedly in the early planning stages and it's still unclear who's going to foot the millions of dollars bill some orders trump is giving out of all places on twitter last year he first tweeted that the u.s. would not accept or allow dot dot dot nine long minutes passed before he resumed. does anyone else in this room have any intelligence coming out of the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. there are some
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coffee this list of when trump pushed the pentagon right under the bus is nowhere near complete so with the space force initiative the u.s. military's well apparently struggling to get its hands back on the steering wheel he says i but he welcomes the advice from the likes of of medicine and pompei o. and bolton who are all considered your cabinet but he makes the ultimate. decisions when it's time for a decision but when it comes to throwing out ideas it doesn't necessarily mean he's consulted with anybody he came up with the idea before consulting with anybody he made it known publicly and then once he began to get rather briefed on the issue i think he's beginning to understand that the space force per se may not be the way to go although i don't think he's ruled it out entirely. in other headlines two people have been killed and sixty more wounded in a major explosion near bologna airport in italy the moment of the blast was
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captured by an eyewitness. i want. to place when i gas tanker crashed on a busy motorway and then burst into flames a number of vehicles were caught up in that explosion and part of a fly over collapsed as well as a result. of the city of agadez in niger once prospered as a transit city for those heading to europe a migration deal with the e.u. that has now radically changed situation.
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you're going to need to i'm going to agadez economy was a files in time stronger before the migrants came in large numbers and bought a lot of things in the city they were paying taxes even vehicles now they don't even contribute ten percent of what they used to the economy. that is frankly a negative as we don't understand the e.u. the whole of the agadez population doesn't understand the politics of the european union newbold of the european union is not on the side of the mediterranean in libya no it's right here at the gates of agadez this is the new border at the european union. tell you. all and. they tell you i say this isn't all lloyd to
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me and you can hear back. in the days before the introduction of the long migration was a money making activity not only for territorial jurisdiction but also for transit cities now with a look at the migrant flow if we compare the number of people passing through agadez to cross into libya we see a reduction. of for myself a team of. see that's it for this so join us again twenty five minutes for the latest global news updates. the americans are still in shock they're still dealing with the psychological
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damage of nine eleven they still need enemies they still unjustified they still are having troubles walking through it meanwhile the rest the world is a leapfrogging ahead. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can afford to miss the one and only boom bust. in
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a world of big partisan movies logs and conspiracy it's time. for ease that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. hello and welcome to cross talk for all things. considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire as we discuss whether detente is possible even desirable
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why isn't it a good idea to get along with russia and much much more. cross talking detente i'm joined by my guest here in moscow erich krauss he's an independent political risk analyst also we have to be a bitch he's a political analyst with an international and in cyprus we have alex christopher oh he's the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to alex first in cyprus we have a new phrase that's popped up in the last latest news cycle and that's criminalizing diplomacy and and esteemed expert probably the greatest living expert on russia in the western world stephen cohen was on c.n.n. with well someone with a very dubious road record when it comes to foreign policy mr max boot before i go
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to you alex let's have a watch at this clip. i've been studying russia for forty five years i've lived in russia and i've lived here and you're going to washington was apologizing for us and we were going to let our viewers sure hasn't read. it excuse me what did you say to me i said you've been consistent in apologies to russia in those last forty five years. i don't do defamation of people i do serious analysis of serious national security problems when people like you call people like me and not only me but people more eminently apologise for russia because we don't agree with your analysis you are criminalizing diplomacy ok alex criminalizing diplomacy i think it really hits the nail on the head here because any kind of rational thought about what kind of foreign policy or bilateral relationship russia in the united states should have is called into question by people like max boot gets
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a lot of air time for reasons that are is a mystery to me go ahead alex. yeah i find it strange that max boot is calling stephen cohen to put an apologist i like to call max boot a war machine apologist he's an apologist for the military industrial complex he's an apologist for criminals has this guy gotten anything right ever in his career he pushed iraq he was wrong he pushed libya he was wrong he pushed syria he was wrong he pushed you krane he was wrong it's absolutely amazing that the the if this guy any air time whatsoever and we can remember i think was three or four of us back to remember that tucker carlson had max boot show and tucker carlson crushed dollar he crushed him and he showed what an idiot max would match who is an apologist for stupid people around the world but he's very popular ok because he says the right things to the right people well. stephen cohen also has to explain to my example of
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that they still called russia mad and it's no of pearl harbor well i think you know i was very impressed when several u.s. senators and other prominent politicians when they compared two thousand and sixteen election and they alleged russian made that into a part of harbor one of the people just drilled hey you you know my father survived but harper he saw what it was police you know stop doing that you know these kind of comparisons are insulting to america in the first not only is that we have a new call for sanctions coming out of the u.s. senate now i they're on they're on vacation right now on their own leave so i don't think they're going to act upon it but it is it's really just virtuous signaling ok and i think we're going to continue to see this in two minutes it's one ups ship basically there is a large part of the american political establishment which is desperate to find
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something to be. trump with and that is the russian card and nobody loses points for beating up on russia now that the fact is goes against american fundamental diplomatic and geopolitical interests which you really to avoid creating a coalition with between russia and china isn't their problem their problem right now is to score quick political gain yes alex let me go back to you in cyprus quick political game and of course they're getting it but the implications in the long term are are fundamental because i think now that it's a generational thing i mean why in the world with russia want to have better relations with the united states it doesn't have much trade ok the issue is that there are the bring them together russia co holds most of the cards here and you have a political establish in the united states that is at war with itself so i mean detente is possible but the americans and the foreign policy blob assume that russia wants
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that i don't think that's the case go ahead alex and how can you have detente when just the other day you had this bizarre white house press briefing there were all the guys were there you had christopher rah you had coats you have bolton and once again they're pushing out the narrative of russia election involvement keep in mind they're not saying meddling anymore they're not saying interference now it's involvement and of course you know it's defining what the hell this is they're just sitting there and they're getting to get this is tribes deep state these are the guys are going to trump administration or the deep state and they're pushing this narrative and they're scapegoating russia because if the democrats lose it's going to be russia exactly it's going to be russia's fault so russia is the ultimate scapegoat you know it's the paranoia of not knowing what you don't know who there's going to be some meddling but how when where the assumption that it's going to be a reminder that the election has not yet happened and it's going to be in november
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going to solve them. but then of course is already saying the head of the national intelligence director saying that there is evidence about russian involvement and we have lindsey graham who has just advised president trump to check the so-called ball that putin gave to him and house and get to check it for k.g.b. bugs we have this very same person elaborating with other senators this new draft of all which is called if i'm not mistaken or the translation protecting american security of from the kremlin said gretchen two thousand and eighteen so these guys they can forsee the future they can see how russia is mad and interested every minute i really don't this remind me it's kind of a bad episode of the twilight zone ok this is the we've got a force if we have to take it seriously you are talking about what is russia one from the united states russia wants to be left alone russia has its own problems russia is still undergoing
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a major restructuring and the americans have managed to weaponize finance they can cause a lot of damage by blocking people from the international financial system they block them from the dollar system first but then the european banks are all running scared of the u.s. treasury so they can do substantial damage and yes the political dialogue in here in washington has become a little more surly a sub that means there's the assumption that somehow of your some circumstances russia is going to buckle but that is a wrong assumption russia is most certainly not going to buckle and russia has survived very well everything they've thrown at it for the simple reason that russia has a very conservative fiscal and monetary policy the central bank has done an excellent job of insulating russia from the sharks but it's still very incomplete. this draft all has not yet been published by the n.c.a. gramp has already like that and that's why i think when they they proposed that
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they went on recess they have no intention right now of doing about. it is part of the chorus yes the background go ahead but the things that we know about it are already very very sinister not only for russians any of our own who is suspected of influencing their american elections can be barred from entering the country maybe even then we can be just as i did to really get alexander. we got to the punch line before me is that mean the f.b.i. and the cia and all the rest of them and when the israelis always have an influence in american politics but the interesting thing is to say they're not addressing the real meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and that isn't the d.o.j. in the f.b.i. and the corporate media don't forget. yeah the d.o.j. of the f.b.i. and let's not forget the real election battling was also against bernie sanders right and it was hillary clinton and the d.n.c. that regard bernie sanders from winning winning the democratic nomination and the
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bill that they're proposing right now is very sinister indeed they're even asking my pump secretary of state to examine placing russia on the state list of terrorist sponsors that's how hysterical this is becoming coming out of grand stated here i mean well and i don't expect here but you know putting russia on the list of state sponsors of terror that is that's a little bit more than grandstanding ok and erica you know we got to beam here it's hard to walk these things back and my question to eric earlier is this isn't working under the assumption that russia is going to surrender that is a wrong assumption well it works on a lot of assumptions for example it's not just to penalize russia for the production and use of chemical weapons you know who used chemical weapons ok there is that duma thing you know where people who were shown on the video by the by accountants to be victims of a chemical attack later on these people healthy and alive address the press
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conference in the cake and told how these fake we don't want to make that actually continue to happen but it's not only our tea and a few other outlets reported the back story to this this false flag operation all the others concentrated on the who paid for these people to come from damascus to the cake well keep these people are only they too short to the whole world you're sad they were victims of a kind of go right back why don't you want to listen to them but i really have to really go there are going to alex we're going to go back to cyprus here one more minute before we go to the break here so it looks like russia russia russia is this going to be continued all the way to the midterms or in lieu of the mule the report go ahead alex yeah i think even when the mueller report is is finalized and i think we are coming to an end it's very apparent that the whole russia thing is just going to last until.


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