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and raise their prices on theirs to put it on is just naive if nothing is that important anymore so i don't think that could be further from the truth now as far as what the judge might have overlooked here they claim that he did not allow them to call the expert witnesses and also that they ignored that the judge ignored an eighteen t. f.c.c. filing with its subsidiary direct t.v. where they once expressed fears of a vertical merger of this kind and what it might mean going forward for for the industry so but i don't think this appeal is going to hold water i really don't know all right and margot where do we see this going and what's the timing we talked about the september deadline for eighty and i assume then that there will be a reese response from the government after that how long is this going to take to play out you're looking at months i think really and that's perhaps being conservative i don't see anything happening by the new year but this is going to be a months long process and however it goes it is certainly going to shake up the media industry and it's going to be fascinating to see what happens in its way i
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mean this is i think surprised surprised everyone this summer what's been happening what it what a summer for mergers and acquisitions really is just fascinating it has been we preach both both of you helping us out and learn about it and understand what it's going forward conservative t.v. and radio commentator steve walz berger. and professor oriel lecturer at american university margot our thanks to both of you thank you thank sport. and it's time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return our tease peter all of reports from berlin on the latest developments late into the on line the lodging marketplace air b.n. b. which is in some hot water over inaccurate pricing in the european union as many member states are also pushing for a digital tax plus artes alex to hyla which gives us the latest from toronto on how the u.s. aluminum company alan kohler is faring in the trade war for that not so well. plus
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our team is actually banks take a look at the potential winners in the highly competitive electric car space as we go to break trading on tesla stock was halted around two pm today east coast time after c.e.o. elon musk tweeted that he suggested he might take the company private in the stock rose more than seven percent trading resumes work early before he went to air and we'll have more on this tomorrow we'll be right back.
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just a simple they want to take on most. of the last but many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities money. bank. was you know no i didn't have my son i got i mean a lot less than the one that. they have that was the options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house. beat up to the. wall. deal with the put simply the impulse response holds more thump thump you up as opposed to the whole of the. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics small business
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i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back it's deja vu all over again as a new regulatory filing by bad boy bank wells fargo real deal that six hundred twenty five families families were kicked out of their home due to an apparent software glitch in a quarterly report to the u.s. securities and exchange commission wells says that between twenty ten and twenty fifteen the six hundred twenty five families were improperly denied a modification of their mortgage due to a quote quote unquote calculation error the bank says they eventually foreclosed on
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four hundred of those same families now in their most recent s.e.c. filing wells says that they have set aside eight million dollars to compensate the families for the loss of their homes while fargo has paid a total of twelve point five billion dollars to the federal government for various and sundry nefarious acts that so far in this short century in just last week the u.s. attorney for the northern district california forced wells fargo to agree to pay over two billion dollars to atone for their alleged role in originating in selling misleading mortgage loans with inaccurate income information that later defaulted jeez louise i mean it's not hard to see how folks get a bad name in the banking business. and now we head to berlin where our teams peter oliver looks at some regulatory troubles of the online lodging marketplace air b.n. b. and how some e.u. members are seeking to impose a digital tax here's peter. the us room booking platform air b.n. b. has received a slap on the wrist from the e.u.
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commission this week it's over the way prices displayed on its website they say things like cleaning fees weren't display properly or whether the person you were renting from was a private landlord or a professional landlord were also not made clear essentially it boils down to how much a person is going to pay for renting the room and what rights they have while they're renting that room and this is the first time that the e.u. consumer rights bodies got involved with a company like air b.n. b. but this isn't the first time that air b.n. b. fall and fall in the european union they were strongly criticized for the way they operated here in berlin and in fact in barcelona they were slapped with a six hundred thousand euro fine back in twenty sixteen that's after they broke the city's rules on short term rentals in fact tech giants are firmly in the e.u. crosshairs at the moment fact have been becoming at the smaller end of the list when he concludes companies like facebook and google they're potentially going to
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be targets for a short term digital tax that's looking to be pushed through the european parliament now in order for that to go through it would require the backing of all twenty eight member states and it just doesn't have that at the moment you look at countries that are supporting it france spain and austria saying yes the short term tax would work but for every france spain and austria you've got an island luxembourg and netherlands who are very highly unlikely to support anything with the word tax anywhere near it but for air b. and b. side they say that their prices are currently clearly labeled on the website but do say that they'll work with the authorities to improve in the future now they've got until the end of this month otherwise they could potentially face legal action in each of the individual twenty eight member stay. that's because there's currently no unified e.u. consumer rights body that could do the suing as it were but one of the reasons we
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may be hearing and be saying they'll do whatever they can to help is because what the e.u. is looking to do is in the wake of volkswagens diesel gate scandal the emissions scandal that they're looking to make it easier for a consumer to directly bring a lawsuit against a major company and of course that's could result in many many lawsuits that could end up costing many many euro. we think peter oliver the british pound fell earlier today to its lowest level since september of two thousand and seventeen trading as low as one dollar twenty nine cents yesterday the currency has been taking a bit of a pounding sorry for the bumpy brecht's negotiation process the latest came on sunday when u.k. trade secretary liam fox a brixton mused to reporters that there was a sixty percent chance of a no deal brecht's scenario when the u.k. exits the european union the governor of the bank of england mark carney had made
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similar comments two days prior even worse an attempt to boost the pound sterling or at least slow it slide with an interest rate increase seems to a failed deal or no deal the u.k. is set to exit the european union in march of twenty nine thousand. instead of protecting america's aluminum industry the trump tariffs are negatively impacting many u.s. producers including the country's largest alcoa with profits being eaten away alcoa is asking the government for a waiver on canadian aluminum so that it can continue to meet demand for its products artie's alex joins us from toronto alex thanks for being with us again as always we know that the trumpet ministration imposed ten percent tariffs on foreign aluminum including that would come from your arm up there from canada for what the president called national security reasons i'm not so sure about that but why is oco asking for an exemption from the move. look at we we talk about
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a thousand times canada in the states especially if you look at world wide the way their systems work but canada the states were pretty integrated so alcoa like the whole aluminum industry in the steel industries are integrated between canada and the states now a coal is a co is a hundred thirty year old company in some would think you know they're going to benefit by the borders being closed down and alcoa feeding aluminum to the american people but that's kind of a tough one to how thorough i should say much of the aluminum that alcoa house in the states is actually imported from canada from its smelters rights all cocoa has three in quebec and that's a thirty three hundred people employed there working for alcoa and there's three in the states so that's what makes things really difficult for companies like alcoa when much of your aluminum is on the other side of the border and now you have to pay a ten percent tariff on it i'll call it saying that this could cost it one hundred million dollars in a year and that's a lot of money obviously
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a big problem for that company and we're also looking at the fact that when you pass tariffs up not only are the american people paying for the tariffs when the aluminum comes into canada or into the into the states i should say it goes the other way around so export it becomes a lot more difficult as well because there's tariffs on the other side of the border there's tariffs now in europe there's tariffs in china and obviously there's terrorists in canada as well against american aluminum and steel so this is the issue that we're looking at while the coal wants to do it's going to get a little technical here it's asking that section to thirty two to thirty two of terraces removed from canada and other fair trading partners so they're saying if we have two partners that we've traded fairly with not china because everybody's saying that china is the big bad guy here but obviously canada it plays a different part in this and as well as other trading partners now the documents alcoa posted on its web site they are there are showing us exactly what alcoa's do and here's a quote from the alko. site itself although a co is both a u.s.
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manufacturer and purchaser of u.s. aluminum products the slabs that are the subject of this exclusion request or any substitute substitutable product are not available from other u.s. manufacturers and must be imported to meet alcoa's demand for manufacturing in the united states now the slabs we're talking about this is used to make mostly like pop cans beer cans except for a but it's something that's not available in the states and that's where the issue comes into play and that's why all co is saying come on guys let's not fool around with those we won the exemption so we can go back to business as usual do you think the trump administrator going to have an open mind on this i mean they have sort of gone back and forth and talking about waivers with people what what's your take right now with the waivers that looks like has gone through but fifty fifty so really there have been some waivers so far but that has to be proven by all told that this is actually happening and that they need canadian aluminum the problem here is that there's other companies that are in the states that will go to the commerce department there's
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a whole process and they could say. we don't need that so they can cooperate this whole thing and it's actually happening according to the new york times twice with steel already that some companies wanted to do business outside the states they wanted to buy steel and the waivers were been hampered because two of the biggest makers in the state said no we don't want to see that and the government sided with them so that's one part of it these people are saying well you know what this is the reason why we can make this aluminum we can bring some of the old factories back to life and we'll invest more money into the country but bottom line is if that even happens who pays for this and we're already seeing it coca-cola cans are becoming more expensive for coca-cola and who's going to pay for that in the end it's going to be consumers and it's all trickle down that's what tariffs are if the consumers who get hit in the end trickle down or trickle on it depends on your perspective i guess our correspondent alex while it's thanks alex. thank you. and on our last broadcast we spoke about missions standards and the difficulties of
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making money on electric vehicles well despite the rough and rocky road automakers are going ahead with progressive plans for the future of electric vehicles which ones will come out on top artie's ashley banks takes a look. by the year twenty forty experts believe that electric cars will dominate the car market replacing conventional engine cars this may be hard to believe as the demand for traditional passenger cars in the u.s. is lagging quite a bit according to reports ford is looking to abandon passenger cars and the u.s. and focus more on trucks and s.u.v.s g.m. and tesla are estimated to lose thousands of dollars per unit on their electric cars at this time tesla model three's production is taking a major hit yet despite these odds over the next several years tesla general motors folks wagon and toyota motor will unload millions of electric vehicles on a global scale rebecca len land an analyst with kelley blue book says it will be
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very very difficult to make a profit but not impossible at this time the automotive industry is losing money on electric vehicles due to limited consumer appeal and tie cost however experts predict electric vehicles will take up forty to fifty percent of the global auto market and a little more than twenty years general motors plans to sell one million electric vehicles a year by two thousand and twenty six that will include electric trucks and s.u.v.s tesla aims to sell one million cars by two thousand and twenty books wagon will see up to three million a year by two thousand and twenty five and twenty yoda's looking to sell five point five million by twenty thirty experts believe electric vehicles will soon compete with traditional cars and make profits general motors expects its electric vehicles will become profitable by twenty twenty one and analysts for navigant research says
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as a battery capacity and increases the vehicles become more appealing which will all combine to improve demand and profitability experts advise electric car makers so share technology and. cost of developing it with other companies and order to make a profit or else they will continue to see losses and washington national banks art . and that's it for this time thanks for being with us you can catch boom bust on directv channel three twenty one dish network channel two a day or streaming twenty four seven on t.v. the free t.v. channel one thirty two or is always catches that youtube dot com boom bust r.t. so long for now.
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we have no idea what safety is doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september. u.s. senator to interview the head of wiki leaks on alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election you know the song has repeatedly denied that most of had anything to do with the election related documents exposed by killing. elsewhere those concerned social media giants a silencing debate a twitter suspend several prominent libertarian and conservative figures for alleged hate speech. we need to woman who faces a lengthy jail sentence for terrorism after she followed her husband to syria where he joined islamic state i guess debate where the she deserves to be behind bars this is very critical because we're going to go the cycle of our whole. lives of these women have all of their own not built their make their own decisions on well your.
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good evening and welcome this is r.t. internet. wiki leaks legal team says julian assange is considering the u.s. senate's formal request to testify but only if it quote conforms to a high ethical standard the senate intelligence committee wants the wiki leaks chief to answer questions on what it calls russian interference in the twenty sixteen american presidential election see a church has been following the story the us senate intelligence committee has sent a letter to the ecuadorian embassy in london where as we all know their weekly leaks publisher has been holed up for the last six years this letter is addressed to julian assange basically calling upon him to testify in what is being described as a closed interview at a mutually convenient time and location now given we all understand julian assange
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has made it clear he has no plans to be leaving that embassy any time soon out of his own free will but tension lead this is going to be some kind of question and answer session. it is probably going to be taking place via some kind of web link and we have seen no that we can read or julian assange his legal team already react to this letter saying they would be open to this kind of testimony but it must conform to a high ethical standards well of course all of this falls under the existing narrative led by the west that julian assange along with russia had something to do with getting donald trump elected back in twenty sixteen and of course when it comes to the topic of russia and being somehow involved with a country julian assange self has denied any of these allegations over and over again really countless times tell source is not the russian government and it is not a party this is something a fourteen year old kid a fourteen year old kid could have hacked so they have to try to break is that
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russian intelligence services hillary clinton stated multiple times falsely the seventeen u.s. intelligence agencies had assisted. russia was. the source of all publications. that's false and of course the latest that was talked about in washington is twelve russian intelligence officers who were said to have broken into the d.m.c. server and taken sensitive information to be passed on to julian assange and wiki leaks to be later published so hopefully with this kind of testimony that will now apparently be taking place sometime soon with the u.s. intelligence committee more lights can be shed in terms of setting the record straight. human rights activist peter tatchell believes the senate software may be just an excuse to go after a sanch but i suspect that their motives are not purely about this issue of alleged russian interference in the us elections i think it's probably something much
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bigger and relating to the other materials that journalists aren't has published in the past i think they want to snare him into somehow admitting or implying that he got information from russian sources that that seems to be the focus of their attention. and i think it also may well be a way of gathering for the evidence against him for use in any subsequent prosecution in the united states so journalists aren't has to tread very carefully and i'm sure he's quite capable of doing so six years now on the wiki leaks chief's been stuck in the ecuadorian embassy in london over fears that he'd be extradited to the united states if he left the building some u.s. politicians have even called him to be assassinated he said recount why his revelations of angered washington so much.
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i. i i. i. the touch. you. cut. the total cut does he say any of the millions
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of. our little wiki leaks walks like a hospital told us sort of like a hot cocoa server. they're all concerned social media platforms are policing what's acceptable to say and think after new year's accounts belonging to libertarian and conservative figures were banned over alleged hate speech it takes a look at what's now considered a violation of policies. what matters are all of the stories we hear from all of you about the impact your connections have had on your lives you can choose from an infinite range of topics that interest you and then usually follow that topic in the news countries and cultures are brought together like yesterday.
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that was the online world as we used to know it all fluids to any of those pesky folks trying to set limits and two thousand and eighteen you'll be told to hold up a twitter decides there are spots of your world that shouldn't be discovered what if you're keen to know what someone has to say let it be former u.s. diplomat peter van buren you might as well unfollowing your interests the man's profile is shut down for good because he jokingly wish someone had eaten the face of his opponent in a twitter rant honestly that's by far not the most offensive thing you can find online but what's abusive about showing mr van buren some support to users who did so god bands to it's not about me it's not about the group of us who have band together i think it's a bigger issue and it's an issue that's that's raised its head this week people like us who are not part of the legacy media we're not new york times shapers of
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opinion we're also allowed to have our say so if someone from the new york times or the washington post put something up that we know is false we can refute it almost in real time that's very threatening i think for the powers that be this tendency to want to shut people down if they disagree with you is very dangerous it's going down a very slippery slippery slope toward totalitarianism there's a word for that see and ask. well someone saw it coming when even perhaps the most controversial online talking had alex jones was told get out of here by all major platforms after all they all have to stick to their own rules. keep people safe from hate speech but then even those anti-left who come to hate jones went on alert could be because they thought someone would click on their profiles and see a hold up pop up alex jones a bad guy but the problem is that once you start saying that hate speech is
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a rationale for banning people from social media you get in some very very big territory. i'm no fan of jones so among other things he has a habit of repeatedly slandering my dad by falsely and absurdly accusing him of killing j.f.k. but who the hell made facebook the arbiter of political speech free speech includes views you disagree with but there's no turning back when it comes to the online censorship evolution so i'm not sure it works like that anymore mr cruz plus people on the left are ecstatic bring it on is their call and if it is even a crucial step forward in the fight against fake news and fringe extremism. info was is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies the uses sites like facebook can use you to tear a nation oppose these companies must do more than take down one website the survival of our democracy depends on it the world is getting older and
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a bit more author a tarion only lately a top u.s. intelligence committee democrat has come up with twenty legislative proposals for keeping online platforms under a close watch brace yourself as you might soon have to say goodbye to things like anonymous posts or accounts that can be tracked down yep that covers just two of the twenty. made all the accusations twitter is silencing debate was actually one of the few platforms not to ban alex jones who is in his report just mentioned was banned by a whole host of social media giants this is led to twitter there being criticized for being too tolerant in response to it a c.e.o. tweeted that jones hadn't violated any of the platforms rules the model trump has also fallen victim to the censors which threatens his place on the hollywood walk of fame.


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