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info wars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies the uses sites like facebook can use you to tear a nation the parts these companies must do more than take down one website the survival of our democracy depends on it the world is getting older and a bit more author a tarion only lately a top u.s. intelligence committee democrat has come up with twenty legislative proposals for keeping online platforms under a close watch brace yourself as you might soon have to say goodbye to things like anonymous posts or accounts that can be tracked down yeah that covers just two of the twenty. amid all the accusations twitter is silencing debate it was actually one of the few platforms not to ban alex jones who is a report just mentioned was banned by a whole host of social media giants this is led to twitter though being criticized for being too tolerant in response to it to see tweeted jones hadn't actually
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violated any of the platforms rules meanwhile donald trump has also fallen victim to census which threatens his place on the hollywood walk of fame. the city council or the council can ask for anything they want they have no jurisdiction it's the hollywood chamber of commerce they're the ones who decide how
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they want itself is failed fouled and stories that people have been convicted of crimes and murder when mayhem and abuse and they've said no this becomes a part of history if they really wanted seriously to make a statement about donald trump do that but that involves reading and understanding issue you know this is easy it goes to show you their trump. syndrome has completely hit critical mass and they have all gone completely off the rails. to a missed internationalism in the u.s. led coalition in syria to launch an investigation into civilian deaths from its strikes on iraq on the and took on recently acknowledged seventy seven civilians were killed in its offensive but the rights group said that figures should be far
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higher. this is only the tip of the iceberg or details still investigations covered just four cases but the many survivors and witnesses who spoke to on the ground pointed to civilian death toll in the high hundreds throughout our air and ground campaigns we've used deliberate targeting and strike processes to minimize the impact of our peroration on civilian populations and infrastructure we hold ourselves accountable through regularly published strike press releases and civilian casualty reports. international debates the official number of civilian casualties in twenty seventeen eva polyphony international committee of the red cross in damascus told us that the streets of rack are still pose a danger to civilians the duration of the ground especially electricity is very complex the situation of people who are displaced not coming back to change that in day. one of the biggest risks in condemnation meaning like mines and booby traps people
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don't want to return to their houses obviously and this is a big danger and we can speak about twenty cases of incidents where they've been caught in the nation cannot give you any concrete numbers on the civilian this in this regard we have a letter a confidential that i am not we have just a conflict where we of course raise the issue and now also had a problem in in our case that a couple of the masquerades have been found there were the last weeks one was just discovered going to actually the red cross like when we were visiting two or three weeks ago that eleven bodies was it was this comment that this is a major issue at the problem is to identify the people in these mass graves connected to the problem of missing people because many relatives they won't get an answer whether they and i go abroad or in syria. time now for the second in
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a series of reports on the fate of russian families who moved to syria to join islamic state artie's medina cochon of a travel to southern russia to talk to a woman who was sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of terrorism after she followed her husband to syria. the clock is ticking on zagat uts current life sentenced to eight years behind bars for being part of an illegal armed group she won't actually go to jail until her youngest child turns fourteen and she's only one right now less than twelve months ago her life was old very different i was twenty nine when i left i went to turkey first with my husband i never thought i would end up there. within seven months as i did that was living in syria and pregnant with her child she said as her husband had been drawn to islam and
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a better life. he told me it was safe to go there he said it wasn't how it was being shown that was no bonding he said no war but the reality turned out to be far more spin anything on t.v. they lived for two years in the city of topic which at the times was under isolates control than they moved to rocca and she spent every day living in phoenix. even my girl knew she was only eighteen years old but she could tell the difference what was coming and american her kids explain a fighter jet drone she could tell by the sound of it. what are they hiding yes well they either went downstairs or just simply stayed at home they took them out into the hole and we laid on the floor so that any shrapnel wouldn't hit us zagat had struggles to share her story she tries to stay emotionally distant from the past speaks quietly rarely looking into the camera she says she wanted to return
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home right from the start i told my husband that i want to go back but i couldn't live at the moment i started talking about it we had fights he told me if you want to leave leave but i will not let you take the kids away. i knew he was able to do that he had that sort of character and i was afraid later on when they were living in iraq and her husband was killed in a drone strike leaving that he died all alone with three children i started looking for ways to get out but it's not that easy you can't just leave that place it all has to be done in secret there are people that can sell you out trick i only talk to those who i knew well and one day i was told that there was this wrote that there was a way out. that claims she had no way dia the life she was leading would leave her on the wrong side of russia's anti terror laws. i stayed at home all the time i had my children i had no time for anything else i was at home taking care of my kids.
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she was one of the seven women and fourteen children brought back to russia in the autumn twenty seventeen as part of a companion organized by chechen officials to repaginate the families of men who went to fight with islam it terrorists. i am very grateful to everyone who helped launch this campaign to save many women and children. but while they were lucky to escape from the war in syria upon arrival in grozny she was detained by police three months later she was convicted and sentenced for being part of an illegal armed group. and while the law she broke is designed to help thwarted terror attacks some people argue that family members of radicalized individuals should not be targeted. these people need rehabilitation they need to be close to their
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family members under the care of their mothers they're under huge dress and prison will not help them it will only meet the more harsh i believe it's wrong to put them behind bars for now that good at leaves with her mother in dagestan she has to report. to the police every month and can't leave the region it's difficult for both her and her brother to find work as they're on the official police list it means they will have to get by on their mother a small salary as a post office worker despite all this they could add sas she's just happy to see her children safe little girl i was literally suffering that because i was unable to provide food for my children he told me constantly mom we are hungry they were. and now he says that congress let's go to the merry go round would let's go to the seaside now we go after where i don't now we go everywhere. mommy is hard and
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so my lovely home safe i. was you. r.t. dagestan. with the question of how to treat the wives of eisel fights is proving to be divisive we put this issue up for debate. shouldn't be allowed to return home they have left the safety of this country and gone to fight with. whatever you want to call them should not be allowed back into this country what are they going to do in the compaq area you know we've got enough people in our prisons now radicalized in our yoav if you brick a law especially criminal laws in england. and you break it somewhere you can actually charge but that charge has actually to stand in court they're not responsible for their actions though their husbands or their or their kids or their son in the book. as a terrorist this is not their responsibility their made that decision now to say
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that they went out there didn't know what they were going out there showed didn't know what the door and there is out shot ridiculous there was radicalize they've got out there if the culture that they're in at the moment has a death sentence so be it that shock to them but we cannot just charge anyone because we look we think she what he was she was a wife who she knew about everything she could not make a decision some of them were soldiers some of the were recruited yes we agree on this but let's differentiate between innocent and being who has been a terrorist and who's been a criminal this is very critical because we want to go to the cycle of violence. as our as asian women have all of this there and now you know it's their make their own decisions on life please tell me what they chose men said so their wives where there was going what you went out shopping what you were not. a holiday there much the child i mean i just you know where i am not sure not exactly what was going on are i give an example he tells his wife we go into a trip to turkey ok this is where you this times we're going to
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a trip holiday to turkey to south of turkey in turkey you're stuck we're going to syria why because this is what islam is asking us to this is what we have to fight you are my wife you have to listen to me if not i would divorce you and you have no papers how are you going to turn back home if you take your wife to rock. places like this and the teller take you past what away from you how are you going to turn home so my wife or i not only. the how to do that brant i would not allow that trucking there made that decision not to share that they went out there didn't know what they were going out that show didn't know what the husband was door and it was outshot ridiculous there was radicalized they've got out there if the culture that they're at the moment has a better sense and so be it that's up to them they have made that decision they've gone out there we do not want those people back here. it's been ten years since the war between georgia and russia broke out after georgia or attacked the autonomous region of south back in two thousand and eight the russian army intervened and
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after five days of violence and fourteen hundred civilians being killed a cease fire agreement was reached russian troops remain in the region to this day as peacekeepers but the u.s. sees this as an occupation our position on the russian occupied georgia regions of the and also south as is unwavering that remains unwavering today the regions are part of georgia they are not part of russia and the united states continues to support gesture georgia's sovereignty its independence and also its territorial integrity is by western politicians blaming russia the e.u. fact finding mission established actually that it was georgia who initiated the conflict it also insists both sides violated international law in a new documentary we recall the most tragic moments of that conflict is a quick preview you can watch this in full later today. i'm not trying.
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to. soften the. you've got to this the past. is not so. natural so you go. you know you're solution this is her little sister this is. the. only seems. this week. all of. them. at double the last. thirty. plus it would seem. to. eat. people to begin or to feel well this is
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a good thing you know i'm going to. look at all that i'm not up to. you in the mainstream media they reported that russia started the conflict and said nothing about soccer surely opening fire on the night of the beginning of the olympics in beijing a couple years after the war i believe that eventually other countries would learn to recognize that georgia was at fault in this war especially after the european commission came out and said that georgia started the war and i was very disappointed that they didn't. send us finally broke out the west the media jumped to conclusions. georgia's president says russia is attacking his country dropping bombs and moving tanks into georgian territory russia's attacks keep coming to surprise georgia saying it's withdrawn from self a city or the georgians can do nothing. moscow's actions illustrate its content to
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meet the condemnation and criticism and. i want you to know to who to blame for all of the uneasiness conflicts that said mr saakashvili who started this war and mr saakashvili who he's going to show and tell cells and people who feel to be on the one day i don't get what i am against i would never tell you that unfortunately a commercial break will take us there in four seconds whether we do i don't know where you're almost i want to hear step. is situated some twenty minutes drive from self a city and the russian troops us t. that only is in southern a city that not crossing i mean history to border. russia's prime minister to me to been further for the country's president at the time looking back at the events of
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two thousand and eight he says that they could have been prevented. my article states appears and i evaluate these events in the same way that i did before there would have been no war if suchness release actions would not be so irresponsible immoral and criminal because when it was not inevitable it was clearly a choice made by cyclist really and his aides goal was to push georgian soldiers back prince involved to restore order and prevent a further escalation of the conflict it was not to destroy georgia or execute cyclists really so and i think i was right in trying not to rush because that gave us the chance to calm the situation in georgia setia and hise here and also to engage in calm dialogue with other countries and the european union we spoke to one woman who survived those horus ten years ago she shared what she went through or down by that we went to a neighbor's house where there were fourteen people when the shelling started the house was have a damaged and the kitchen could fire during pools in the fighting i decided to go
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to my parents' house but on my way i was captured a man called gear took me away to execute me he put a knife to my throat he said he had to kill me but god saved me. i can bring you some breaking news just reached as washington says that it is imposing new sanctions against russia over the poisoning of double agent sergei script and his daughter in the u.k. in april of this year the new penalties are expected to go into effect around august twenty second that's according to the state department two days ago the u.s. determined the russia had used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law no further evidence has as yet been provided we'll bring you more information on that story just in at the top of the hour.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle after three years of conflict it has been estimated that out of a population of twenty seven point four million twenty two point two million people in yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance four point five million children and women are suffering malnutrition while two point nine million people are
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internally displaced this is a humanitarian catastrophe by any measure so why are the u.s. and u.k. so committed to the saudi war on yemen. crosstalk in the tragedy known as yemen i'm joined by my guest well hominum randy into and he's a professor at the university of time in london we have charles bridge he is a security analyst and a former u.k. army and counter terrorism intelligence officer and in brighton we cross to catherine shocked and she is a senior analyst with center all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to charles first. this war has been going on for three years i gave some of the stats encourage our viewers to go to doctors without frontiers and look at their side on yemen much more detailed much more gruesome i would even say what is the u.k. u.s.
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interest in this war against the country the poorest country in the middle east what is the thinking behind british foreign policy supporting saudi arabia and the emirates against yemen. i suspect on the one hand you've got u.k. and the u.s. seeing that to some degree and we can come on to that later on their national interests are aligned with saudi arabia particularly against iran of course in yemen elsewhere and again you have to question and i'm hoping hopefully later in a post we will do that in more detail as to why the u.k. and u.s. always seem to see their interests as being in conflict with iran in most instances but also there's got to be a aspect of this which is based on commercial interests of course britain and america supply vast amounts of weaponry and other equipment to saudi arabia the
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relationship with saudi arabia particularly it's not just saudi arabia involved here is one of course other gulf states as well all of which have very lucrative. commercial contacts with britain and the united states and indeed france and there has been certainly of the last few years a tendency for particularly united kingdom that anything that is saudi arabia supports pretty much britain and america are going to support also we have to remember just really how important this relationship particularly saudi arabia is if we think about trump we think about. other government ministers united states and united kingdom their first port of ports of call when they've been put into office isn't their allies in europe or the states often it's usually going off to see two players both of whom are vitally important to british and particular interests one of those is israel the other one always saudi arabia and so really i think this war is becoming increasingly and embarrassment not just war but the
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blockade and everything else that goes with it is becoming embarrassment to western leaders as invariably parts of it creep into media coverage because there's been a lot of all out as yet the last three creep creep but also if they will they will continue to support it catherine let me go to you in brighton ok so we've got a little bit in the background the the reason. if we can use that term for the british and the americans so what does fifty three me. for the saudis in the us a genocide i mean what what do they hope to what is the end goal here go ahead but the end goal was basically this iteration of the have would have cried to two thousand and eleven when the people decided to to rise up against the then you know regime where the us would europe that was in control of yemen and yemen's political future as well as economical future and i think that this is what they're trying to do trying to revert back to you know the situation that we had you know treaties other than f. and that is not going to happen because people have learned that they have
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a right to but it tickles that determination and they understand you know the majority of yemeni understand that's why would you is not there to promote a greater yemen or even to promote a greater future for yemen but rather you know you have yet another country a client state that would remain forever tied up to yemen. i mean just very quickly when we talk about you know british and the u.s. siding with saudi arabia because of the fear and the enemy cities that have to would see iran we need to be very careful here to understand that yemen is a proxy only in the eyes of britain and the u.s. because they reason the iranian influence yemen represent your graphically advantage and it's sitting on very important waterways needed to really and of course because of all routes which is why britain and the u.s. all are interested in yemen in the first place first place it has nothing to do with the fact that you want to have the audio in yemen but rather because of the geography and where yemenis is situated in relation to iran and the rest of the
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gulf countries and i think it's an important point because we need to stop this narrative that iran you know has an interest in trying to promote unrest in yemen that's not the case if anything iran needs stability in the region to be able to itself you know you know stabilize its own borders and everything else like goes with it i think that i'm really glad you brought that up because there is a. and so the terminations issue in yemen that is never brought up in the mainstream media and charles already brought up the issue that is always mentioned i'm going to go to mohammed now into rant it's all iran's fault as usual i mean you pick the day of the week it's russia's fault or rand's fault here now i'm willing to agree that iran may have some kind of involvement on some level now but not in two thousand and eleven that was what how this was sold so to intervention in the first place here but it's always a rand's fold it's a proxy war it's far more than a proxy war as catherine has pointed out go ahead muhammad into around this is one of the excuses that western countries in the western media use in order to justify
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the crimes being committed by their governments the canadian government american and british and french governments are involved in crimes against humanity and they are just as guilty as mohamed been solomon and the saudi regime and all this without them he couldn't be carrying out these crimes americans are providing all sort of source of the just simple support so they need to justify it somehow obviously for anyone who know for who knows anything about what's going on the yemenis do not have the ability to have any meaningful contact with iran there's no way that the iranians can help them in a meaningful way because they're completely surrounded the americans and the saudis and others have laid siege on the country they're preventing food from getting in there and forcing starbase starvation they've been doing this for years now and the western media they call it
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a proxy war or they try to somehow blame the victims in gaza in order to again justify their policies but it's obvious that this country is surrounded the overwhelming majority of the population is living in the areas controlled by. the law and their allies the popular committees and so on after all these years after over three and a half years with all the internal foreign support american support european support mercenaries from from different countries blackwater and an american and french official military presence on the ground sudanese mercenaries after all you know with all the money that the saudis and their marti's are spending if they cannot capture the capital of the country that shows that it is the will of the people of yemen that prevents them from doing so that shows that the resistance against the saudis and the americans is in the gym and popular resistance but
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that's something that they don't want to see because that makes c.n.n. that makes the new york times the guardian the b.b.c. all of them run against their own government if they point these out that humiliates their own government position charles i have noticed that what scant coverage there is on the cable stations the iran card is always almost always played for so ok and there is not the not there isn't a willingness to admit that are serious war crimes are being committed and i'd like to point out the the who these also have been accused of that in all fairness but this is a very tragic conflict. again you know what is the endgame here because i mean what just reading the stats i mean this is a country a humanitarian situation that is winding down very whiney out of control in
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a very serious way i mean cholera i mean something that is virtually wiped out in the world this comeback in the benjamin's there and there seems to be no out cry whatsoever from the media i mean it makes them culpable go ahead charles. or if there is outcry as you've already kind of hinted at it's a humanitarian situation that seems to have risen out of nothing but this is a famine that there are hundreds of thousands of children not in education but there is as you say for the second year running now the danger of a cholera epidemic breaking out as if this is got nothing to do with the fact that this war has been visited upon this people by saudi arabia and its allies but particularly of course what's missing from the western media coverage is that they see a war this assault on this country as you point out one of the poorest countries on earth and facing terrible predicament for its people that this assault on this country is enabled totally by britain america and france particular britain and
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america in supplying the weapons that are being used against the yemeni people and of course study after study from independent organizations from monitoring groups human rights groups as well as the u.n. itself have shown repeatedly that there has been almost no care taken to prevent civilian casualties we're talking about the humanitarian situation that is largely been caused by the blockade that is in place that is preventing medicines and food surviving as we speak even fighting going on of course the assault has been launched on the major held port by the saudis and. again with british and american and french not only material covered by providing the material it's the logistical support the intelligence the refueling and arming capabilities but the weapons themselves but also diplomats and propaganda video not to can pop a gun to her.


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