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so ways. russia views any further tightening of u.s. sanctions as the precursor of an economic war after washington announced new penalties over the poisoning of russian double agents surrogate's crippled and his daughter in the u.k. . in the headlines two for the week just gone as a new batch of u.s. sanctions against iran take effect the e.u. scrambles to protect european businesses working with. the saudi airstrike on a school bus in war torn you have been killed twenty nine children and injured dozens more in washington reaffirmed its strategic military partnership with the saudis. plus we've all your series of special reports in the last seven days since one we met a russian woman who faced imprisonment for terrorism after following her husband to
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syria where he joined islamic state i told my husband that i want to go back but i couldn't leave them at the moment i started talking about it we had fights he told me if you want to leave leave but i will not let you take the kids away. just admit day here in moscow this sunday very good afternoon for me kevin oh and then welcome to the weekly an r.t. around to proceed with the biggest stories that shape the week just go on starting with this washington announced it will impose new sanctions against russia over the poisoning of former russian double agents sergei scruple and his daughter back in march moscow strenuously denied any involvement in the incident russia's prime minister says further tightening of u.s. sanctions on russia will be viewed as the start of an economic war and moscow will have to react both economically and politically their structures are said to come in two rounds the first places limits on financing and export especially on
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a number of national security goods and then the second wave in around three months time will hit diplomatic relations as well as banking and imports and. takes up the story. when it comes to global disagreement sanctions that the u.s. weapon of choice as russia's number two at the u.n. put it let us welcome the united sanctions of america well russia is been on the receiving end of plenty of them they stem from allegations of election meddling military aggression human rights abuses all cyber crimes take your pick and the latest well that's of the souls where poisonings washington says it has determined that russia used a military nerve agent to attack form a double agent say script paul and his daughter where are you getting the conclusion that russia is behind the screen poisoning i will leave it to others to characterize the current state of our understanding of the screen but others
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haven't given any evidence either just various grades of highly likely it's highly likely that russia was responsible the two poles russia culpable culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder and this been uncertainty from specialists investigating the case. as analysis of the p.c. w.'s report i did to find the country. of origin of the agent used in this attack and we continue to see a sort of a super cool view of insinuation that russia is involved which basically is a music which isn't feeding the population in the west with the idea yes it is the russians despite the evidence just a constant constant stream of this means that people just accept oh yes it must be the russians therefore that's ok we have asked him point more sanctions it's time that we get all the evidence but my suspicion is that as i'm going to happen although that seems of little interest to washington which is found guilty slapped
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it with new sanctions and strangely given it's ninety days to prove it wasn't involved or it will ratchet up the penalties to a whole new level with even talk of branding russia a state sponsor of terrorism that regardless of trump. wanting russia as a partner in his fight against terror and the torso doesn't seem to matter that the u.s. itself has a long history of consorting with groups branded as terrorists for instance america's support for the girl in movement which techie label to terror group organizing an attempted k o u sooner or later the united states will make a choice either to. either the. country of democracy. or how about the american officials who backed they are a in extremist group then wish i had been a coward who bombs the headquarters of the islamic republic party there is a viable opposition to the rule of the. now an opposition is centered in this room
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. and let's not forget how america stood alongside the afghan wish i had been in its battle against the soviet union only to see that group later form into al-qaeda the people we are fighting today we funded twenty years ago. america dealing with a spike in groups amount to sponsoring terrorism while the state department has a good answer for that i will leave it to others to characterize the current state of our and standing well meantime in other news about this the used to the american sanctions on iran which washington reimposed up to donald trump unilaterally withdrew from the twenty fifty nuclear deal in a statement brussels said that it's determined to protect european businesses legitimately working with to run so what's on the cards here while the prohibition is meant to damage iran's economy on several levels first off let's bring them in
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it's borrowed from buying american dollars and also from trading metals including precious ones furthermore besides that it limits the overall flow of iranian currency and targets the countries automobile industry or the countries in the west to go to finger him up by washington trying to present it as widely supported by its western allies but then to rome was quick to point out the contradictions there . we've got to be a good normal country that's the ask is pretty simple we think that most other countries everyone with whom i spoke understand that they need to behave normally and they understand that this is a country that threatens them today the entire world has shown it disagrees with the u.s. policies against iran talk to anyone anywhere in the world and they will tell you that netanyahu trump and been so manner isolated not to run its interest in europe hasn't fallen in line behind the u.s. on this and i think that's a reflection of the fact that the e.u. realizes this is a war against them as well they're the ones invested in iran they're the ones who
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are losing billions and billions of dollars of investment this is it's french oil companies like to tile and so on french aircraft makers and so on who are losing these multibillion dollar investments as a result of these sanctions not the u.s. companies and so heavily involved themselves so the e.u. understand this is an attack on then this is a ramping up of beggar thy neighbor policies of the type that we saw in the thirty's as in the run up to power blocs actually going to war militarily and we're now seeing this the early stages of this manifesting on the economic battleground which at the moment is in iran but this is a battle between the u.s. and e.u. . you know that is the we've just gone u.s. senators accused the government of contributing to the deadly saudi led coalition strike that hit a school bus in yemen on thursday the red cross said twenty nine children were killed and thirty others injured all of the age of fifteen the u.s. state department calling on the coalition to investigate but it underlined to the
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saudi arabia is a key regional partner for the united states. we call on the saudi led coalition to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident you also supply the tremendous amount of weaponry then the data for targeting to the saudis so that. sorry no lie wrong is that wrong sorry of these ladies over here laughing. and that i would refer you to the department of defense that is involved in that but you know as you know citing arabia is an important strategic partner in the region to the united states video of the aftermath of the attack shows the extent of the children's injuries split of almost coming up is upsetting to watch strike in the north of the country which is under the control of who the rebels saudi arabia launched an intervention against them started back in twenty fifteen it's gone on ever since the latest u.n. data says that the majority of people killed in the conflict died as a result of coalition air strikes that's around tel and
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a half thousand casualties so far in a week we spoke to really from the international red cross committee who called the situation in yemen catastrophic. we have received twenty nine identified these are children up to fourteen years old and forty eight injured among them thirty children but for the overall top. this needs to be referred to the ministry of health and population of yemen humanitarian situation in the country is catastrophic it's a book relation that has been brought to the brink of collapse the system is decimated the movement of population is growing because of. conflicts and hostilities going on so we really do think that. more hostilities and you know the expansion of those hostilities with
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will exacerbate an already dire humanitarian situation even more we see violations cross the country and it's nice to. issue or speak about civilian casualties in a matter of less than a week so for us this is painful and whenever restricted in casualties we i mean. this is just horrific. so none the less defended the attack in a statement blaming the insurgents the targeting today is a legitimate military action conducted in conformity with the international humanitarian law to target the militants responsible for planning and targeting civilians which resulted in killing and injuring them united states is by far the largest supplier of weaponry to the saudis it also provides targeting assistance
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for riyadh's airstrikes and military drills last year saudi arabia spent seven hundred fifty million dollars on training by american specialists which the play was to reduce civilian casualties and the arms trade activist sam walton told us that washington and london should be shouldering more responsibility here. what's happened is a massacre and it can never be legitimate to kill children it's that simple questions must be asked we've seen over the course of this war on cells from washington and london to saudi arabia go up and up and up when i talk to people in yemen they are absolutely livid yes so angry with our governments for arming. arming saudi arabia and for providing the planes the bombs the missiles military training and diplomatic cover for the bombardment which they are living under yes it killed children but it happened in a civilian marketplace as well which is another big question why were they
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targeting a civilian market place the weapons that we are selling to saudi arabia are bombing schools they're bombing hospitals you know we're seeing the world's largest ever cholera outbreak in yemen and that cholera outbreak is happening because the sewage the sanitation systems have been systematically targeted by british and american bombs and planes dropped by saudi arabia in u.a.e. so you know we really have to ask yourself some questions and start putting pressure to stop this war on saudi arabia. for the last we know your series of special reports highlighting the fate of potential future of russians and their families who went to fight for islamic state in this episode are about to show you we didn't have a travels to southern russia to talk to a woman sentenced to eight years in prison on terrorism charges after she followed her husband to syria.
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the clock is ticking on zagat uts current life sentenced to eight years behind bars for being part of an illegal armed group she won't actually go to jail until her youngest child turns fourteen and she's only one right now less than twelve months ago her life was old very different i was twenty nine when i left i went to turkey first with my husband i never thought i would end up there. within seven months as i did that was living in syria and pregnant with her child she said as her husband had been drawn to islam and a better life. he told me it was safe to go there he said it wasn't how it was being shown there was no ball mayor he said no war but the reality turned out to be far more spin anything on t.v. they lived for two years in the city of topic which at the times was under isolates control than they moved to rocca and she spent every day living in fear.
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so even my girl knew she was only eight years old but she could tell the difference what was coming and american her kids explain a fighter jet drone she could tell by the sound of it. what are they hiding yes well they either went downstairs or just simply stayed at home they took them out into the hole and we laid on the floor so that any shrapnel wouldn't hit us zagat had struggles to share her story she tries to stay emotionally distant from the past speaks quietly rarely looking into the camera she says she wanted to return home right from the start i told my husband that i want to go back but i couldn't live at the moment i started talking about it we had fights he told me if you want to leave leave but i will not let you take the kids away. i knew he was able to do that he had that sort of character and i was afraid later on when they were living
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in iraq and her husband was killed in a drone strike leaving that he died all alone with three children i started looking for ways to get out but it's not that easy you can't just leave that place it all has to be done in secret there are people that can sell you out trick i only talk to those who i knew well and one day i was told that there was this wrote that there was a way out. that claims she had no way dia the life she was leading would leave her on the wrong side of russia's anti terror laws. i stayed at home all the time i had my children i had no time for anything else i was at home taking care of my kids. she was one of the seven women and fourteen children brought back to russia in the autumn twenty seventeen as part of a companion organized by chechen officials to repaginate the families of men who
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went to fight with islam it terrorists. i am very grateful to everyone who helped launch this campaign to save many women and children. but while they were lucky to escape from the war in syria upon arrival in grozny she was detained by police three months later she was convicted and sentenced for being part of an illegal armed group. and while the law she broke is designed to help thwarted terror attacks some people argue that family members of radicalized individuals should not be targeted. these people need rehabilitation they need to be close to their family members under the care of their mothers they're under huge dress and prison will not help them it will only meet the more harsh i believe it's wrong to put them behind bars for now is that good at leaves with her mother in dagestan she has to report. to the police affray month and can't leave the region it's difficult for
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both her and her brother to find work as they're on the official police list it means they all have to get by on their mother a small salary as a post office worker despite all this they could add sas she's just happy to see her children say. i was literally suffering that because i was unable to provide food for my children he told me constantly mom we are hungry they were close. and now he's absent cause let's go off to the merry go round let's go to the seaside we always go at you know where i don't do it now we go everywhere. money is hard and so my lovely hussein. was you. dagestan. after all he says right coming up here at art's international twenty four hours late eighty nine million miles to go but it's on his way build his mother's closest brush yet with his son parker
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a probe is expected to report by the end of the year with essential info about the sun will show the one who took off for the weekend continues after this break. good politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. considered to be close to see what the full story of the morning can't be good. interest is always in the logs of. course it. again thanks trying to watch international the sa so social media and how it operates has been in the spotlight over the last few days isn't it numerous accounts belonging to libertarian and conservative figures were banned by twitter in the wake excusing them of spreading hate speach. what matters are all of the stories we hear from all of you about the impact your connections have had on your
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lives you can choose from an infinite range of topics that interest you and then easily follow that topic in the news countries and cultures are brought together like never before. that was the online world as we used to know it all flim it's to any of those pesky folks trying to set limits in two thousand and eighteen you'll be told to hold up if twitter decides there are spots of your world that shouldn't be discovered what if you're keen to know what someone has to say let it be former u.s. diplomat peter van buren you might as well unfollowing your interests the man's profile is shut down for good because he jokingly wish someone had eaten the face of his opponent in a twitter rant honestly that's by far not the most offensive thing you can find online but what's abusive about showing mr van buren some support to users who did
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so god bands to it's not about me it's not about the group of us who have band together i think it's a bigger issue and it's an issue that's that's raised its head this week people like us who are not part of the legacy media we're not new york times shapers of opinion we're also allowed to have our say so if someone from the new york times or the washington post put something up that we know is false we can refute it almost in real time that's very threatening i think for the powers that be this tendency to want to shut people down if they disagree with you is very dangerous it's going down a very slippery slippery slope toward totalitarianism there's a word for that see and ask. well someone saw it coming when even perhaps the most controversial online talking head alex jones was told get outta here by all major platforms we remove hate speech to. keep people safe after all they all have to stick to their own rules and keep people safe from hate speech
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but then even those anti-left to the hate jones went on alert could be because they thought someone would click on their profiles and see a hold up pop up alex jones a bad guy but the problem is that once you start saying that hate speech is a rationale for banning people from social media you get in some very very big territory. i'm no fan of jones so among other things he has a habit of repeatedly slandering my dad by falsely and absurdly accusing him of killing j.f.k. but who the hell made facebook the arbiter of political speech free speech includes views you disagree with but there's no turning back when it comes to the online censorship evolution so i'm not sure it works like that anymore mr cruz plus people on the left are ecstatic bring it on is there a call that if it is even a crucial step forward in the fight against fake news and fringe extremism. info
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was is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies the uses sites like facebook can use you to tear a nation of posts these companies must do more than take down one website the survival of our democracy depends on it the world is getting older and a bit more author a tarion only lately a top u.s. intelligence committee democrat has come up with twenty legislative proposals for keeping online platforms under a close watch brace yourself as you might soon have to say goodbye to things like anonymous posts or accounts that can be tracked down yeah that covers just two of the twenty. spike throughout the week in the israeli palestinian conflict the sides exchange heavy fire at least three people were killed including a pregnant palestinian woman and eighteen month old child eighteen were also injured in a strike on a cultural center in gaza city to bear on. the arm of the.
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israeli defense forces reported that around a hundred eighty rockets have been fired from the gaza strip the i.d.f. added that its for toiletry shelling targeted over one hundred fifty terrorist sides back most of the palestinian strikes in open spaces at least two landed in an israeli town injuring seven and damaging property there's also been violence on the israeli gaza border again in own going demonstrations against the occupation of palestinian territory.
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all right let's go back to cape canaveral designed to take humanity closer to the sun than ever before is being billed as been launched by nasa from florida take. yesterday but it was aborted because of a last minute alarm but anyway in the day all went well. seven six five. three two one zero. lift off. for good it all
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went well the park is solar probe is set to be the fastest object ever constructed by humankind supposed to get speeds more than seven hundred kilometers per hour it's going to have to withstand temperatures up there of nearly forty two hundred degrees at times the probe seventy emission will hopefully see it all with the sun twenty four times and send back invaluable information the scientists think it's crossed over it will travel through the sun's atmosphere closer to service than any other spacecraft before but first dates are expected back down on earth later this year. it's coming up to twenty seven minutes past with day moscow times kevin i would here in moscow at r.t. h.q. saying thanks for watching the weekly our roundup of the big stories of the last seven days and enjoy the rest of you we can.
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mood. plays. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each dish. eighty five percent of the global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building
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a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. the biggest national camera. run through once they showed some lame for them. uncool videos and someone with a broken string apps. down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. previously on the great american pilgrimage so much as james and that was rather a bad day i bought a step on your final imam blanket and like an futurama go oh i think they're dumb dumbs in their wake up and i look to him in the head with. a loaf of bread you know
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. hey everybody i'm stephen ball. task hollywood gun usual suspects favorite movie proud american first of all i'm just as george washington and r.v.'s to see just uncle steve to join the big board this is my buddy max the famous financial guru and we'll she's a little bit different i'm honest abraham lincoln hall i know there were no windows up last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have spun. me every day americans who knows. what's america our ancestors suffered to see how things got too crazy i was naked completely naked the right thing to do to please start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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our heroes make their way through mexico max is fascinated with the landscape along the way. actually leaving the country. and getting caught choked up you know the landscape was so incredible and the mountain ranges and you see those images and then you say them you know for years and. it's. it's so beautiful. vistas of the mountain tops and you know those images but so you really live it and say it you know really feel it and just gone back to that store back there i heard some local folks talking now i guess and i mean this is this is their country literally.


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