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good food russia sharing goodness. cars crushed into security barriers at the houses of parliament in london injuring a number of people. coming out head to the washington gets the cold shoulder for imposing sanctions on middle east nations with iran saying they'll be no negotiations with the u.s. . condemning its nato allies. latest clashes between the afghan government and the taliban killed over a hundred civilians was washington apparently unsure whether or not it's cooperate in fighting with islamist groups. and on most international launches a probe after two suicides within the organization of pressure of work and a lack of support. i was basically put in danger and my family was put in danger
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because of the work that i was doing with amnesty because i didn't even take the necessary precautions to protect the staff before and having. a very good afternoon from. here in moscow you want to go out international first story from london last few hours a counterterrorism units heading up the investigation after a car crashed into the community barriers of the houses of parliament in london injuring a number of people during rush hour this morning about seven thirty local time the male driver was detained at the scene by armed police. wow i am. was.
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was. was let's go to the scene of course in london as to situation is very close by i see no in the last development is that scotland has counterterrorism units involved they say they keep an open mind are we likely to hear from them anytime soon. will definitely kevin this is a situation that the police here in london at hearts are taking very seriously as they describe it as you said we are indeed very close to the houses of parliament this is as close as we can possibly get there given the area has been cordoned off by police as they investigate what exactly unravels as if you can see behind all of these journalists who have gathered here that whole area there is empty with just police cars and police officers on the ground now the latest that we do know is
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that indeed the counter-terrorism unit of the metropolitan police are now investigating this incident and the latest that we know about what it is exactly that happened is that at seven thirty seven am this morning a car had hit several cyclists and then smashed into security barriers right outside the houses of parliament and armed police had arrested one man there's no information as of yet about the identity of this person we do know that it's said to be understood that two people have been taken to hospital however officials have reassured the public that none of those people are in critical condition so there are ok as we understand it. and of course now the investigation is going to be going on and just like i said this is an incident that's being taken extremely seriously here in london and the u.k. following a really a series of terrorist attacks that we saw take place just recently with several of those of them taking place last year involving cars cramming into the gesture and
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so this is something that two officials look similar to those particular cases and we understand that that would be why they would be treating this incident so seriously but again this is a location that is extremely busy at all times of the day because it's really an area where tourists all are always parking at parliament square right outside the houses of parliament so it is definitely a good thing that so few people who are are hurt by this car driving into those security barriers but anyway we will be here watching what it is exactly that the metropolitan police including the counterterrorism units are going to be seeing throughout the day and surely there will be more information coming out throughout the day as of course all eyes here are on this incident right now we'll let you get back to it not sure thanks for worst bear in mind as well as a footnote to this of course reminding our viewers the parliament currently in the summer recess so no m.p.'s there at the moment by the looks of it or right now in
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london thank you. for the top stories today iran's supreme leader says he won't negotiate with washington after president trump's latest offer to talk about improving ties in is the latest head of a country that to give the u.s. president the brush off amid a sanctions spree mopin is the latest. donald trump not known for his modesty never stops bragging about the fact that he wrote the art of the deal seems that when it comes to his role as commander in chief he sees himself as almost the great negotiator and when it comes to north korea you could argue that his approach kind of worked he is a sick puppy rocket man is on a suicide mission for him so. this make it even worse threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen since taking office donald trump has played up the
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so-called threat of another geo political rival of america threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violent bloodshed and chaos all nations of conscience most worked together to isolate for a minute it started to look like things were cooling off and maybe the talks were on the table but i believe in meeting i would certainly meet with the room if they wanted to meet and ready to meet anytime they want to buddy ron's supreme leader wasn't having it but i mean look there will be no war nor will we negotiate with the u.s. it is impossible but even if someday the government of the islamic republic of iran were to negotiate with the us regime it would never negotiate with the current government of the us. and then there is turkey and its detention of pastor andrew bronson who turkish authorities say was tied to the twenty sixteen coup attempt now
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trump says he wants him released. the united states will impose large sanctions on turkey for the longtime detainments of pastor andrew brunson this innocent man of faith should be released immediately i have just authorized a doubling of terrorists and still and with respect to turkey as the currency the turkish lira slides rapidly downward against a very strong dollar our relations with turkey are not good at this time. but turkey is going at a budge and just like trump era one knows how to talk tough not talk about we are partners in nato and then you stop your strategic partner in the back we will do as the law dictates you cannot simply make sure you can bow down and buy a bus in us around meanwhile russia is not exactly caving in the face of sanctions yes it was possible which the but if some ban on banks operations or on their use of one or another currency it would be possible to clearly call it
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a collaboration of economic war and it would be necessary to react to this war economically politically or if indeed by other means that the in our american friends in the need to understand this let's remember that those sanctions on north korea were not unilateral they were actually imposed by the united nations but when it comes to the rest of the world trump is on his own and it seems that his reputation as a great negotiator is on the rocks. r.t. washington d.c. former u.s. ambassador to creation peter galbraith told us it's unclear whether sanctions are going to have the effect that washington wants here than. the case of iran is completely different from that of north korea first these are unilateral u.s. sanctions and they are to the entire international community except the united states thinks they are inappropriate that they're wrong and in the case of iran iran feels that they had a valid agreement and that there's no lawful basis for doing it it's very hard to
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coerce people to do something which they think is in fact unlawful and goes against their their will so i think you sanction the u.s. sanctions which are unilateral opposed by the rest of the world there are unlikely to be sanctions on turkey like the sanctions on iran i think will cause real economic pain. but again as to whether they will accomplish their purpose that's very unclear although in the case of turkey it's a little more complicated because there was a deal to refer to three reverend brunson and turkey simply got it patients so it's quite possible that something will be worked out on that one. ton of militants who've run a military base in northern afghanistan killing seventeen soldiers meantime the u.n. has confirmed that over one hundred civilians have been killed in the latest wave of clashes between the taliban and afghan forces in the city of god's name.
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humanitarian colleagues have reported that heavy fighting in gaza city in the past three days has resulted in more than one hundred civilian casualties communications networks and electricity supply are currently down in the city resulting in water shortages and food is also reportedly running low here fighting there escalated on friday when the taliban attempted to storm what intel you could troll it would allow the group to link already captured areas close to the capital kabul. looks at how almost two decades of american led war in afghanistan has not made the country and he said if. this is what's happening just a little more than one hundred kilometers from the capital kabul there's barely a camera in gaza any available to film this dreadful battle locals say there are stronger descriptions than simply the tele band is back in action and if it wasn't
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for u.s. airstrikes the afghan army could have been in far worse trouble so it makes you wonder do american diplomats and their military keep in touch there is nothing that precludes us from gauging with the taliban we're doing everything we can to ensure that our actions help the taliban and the afghan government does the same table everything they can only a few weeks ago the state department said talking with the taliban was a good idea and regardless of how hostile their actions the extremists say they're forward to this is what we wanted and were waiting for to sit with the us directly and discuss the withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan. the rumor is there's already been some direct contact at least we know for sure alice wells went to qatar last month where the taliban's got a political office i'm confused the armed group has all but regained its might
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which not so long ago earned them a reputation of outright islamist barbarians in america and pretty much all over the world we acted and the taliban no longer is in power in afghanistan which is not only good for the security of the free world it is incredibly good for the people who suffered in afghanistan on the barbaric rule time flies us administrations come and go fair enough but the things the people in charge say about insurgents today could be totally different tomorrow taliban this taliban that the taliban are fighting isis and we encourage that because isis needs to be destroyed. oh so they're good for something at least if it's about knocking out islamic state yet just a few months earlier general nicholson said the taliban's fight against dyess was a piece of russian propaganda we see here
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a narrative that's being used that grossly exaggerates the number of isis fighters here this narrative then is used as a justification for the russians to legitimize the actions of the taliban and provide some degree of support complicated hol of ghana's stan business as usual and the american strategy for afghanistan see above the american strategy a strategy from the beginning of the so-called war on terror which was launched after the september eleventh attacks as this war has turned out to be an utter failure. you know i was we all know it was in a stronger position than it ever was in two thousand and one. so hence i think it's proof that the u.s. has been pursuing a wrong strategy in defeating terrorism on the contrary i think that the u.s. involvement up until now when the focus on military force in the region has the growth of terrorism the taliban is not just pulling out
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a gun it's firing it it could be time for the pentagon and the state department to hunt for ideas together and be more precise. cut out pay or help for the help was stuff working for amnesty international say the stress of the job leading to suicides with two dead in a five week period former employees tell us the problem systematic to throw out the organization just one of the stories after this break.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm sure i'll see you then.
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i can start international more than twenty five thousand refugees have returned to syria in the past four months authorities say the people have been coming back since victory over the terrorists was announced he goes down off some of them. and the border between syria and lebanon which is literally some two kilometers away from here is expected to become a major flood gate for those whose home sickness has turned into something bigger into the actual return home right now we are at one out of five ports of entry established by the syrian government as they welcome its citizens home there were many things to run from terror. pointless and unspeakable brutality but now there's one homeland i know we suffered from terrorism for three years and eight months all kinds of weapons were used against us but we stood firm and did not give up and kept fighting until we were transferred here the terrorists who are against life itself against peaceful citizens women and children it was very
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difficult for us to live but the terrorists were living in good conditions come to the terrorists left my city so i decided to return because it is safe there now i learned my town in syria is safe and that is why i decided to return with my family the government has promised to restore infrastructure in amman scale from hospitals to schools judging by the walls in this school there's a new subject on the curriculum and it's called survival from different types of landmines to improvised explosive devices and to simply objects that kids should be aware of this is what children in this school will be taught about when it opens this september but not everyone will be welcomed back to revive a peaceful existence here like the white house hailed as a rescue organization by the west damascus isn't looking forward to their return syria's living abroad who have committed nothing against their i mean you know
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citizens should feel nothing at all the government will ensure their safety and those who chose to flee the country should have committed the crimes. which made them very afraid of staying in the country so the white helmets are criminals and they should be treated this way there are many displaced syrians who are being wound against getting ready to come home just yet we think that it's premature to promote returns serious still very insecure there's still a lot of war going on in syria. even though out of the seven million people that escape the conflict almost equals the rule of them to come back to syria but there will be no hope rebuilding the country from the west far to doall that we have western countries should support the return of syrian citizens and lift economic sanctions against syria because people who want to return need schools hospitals
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food and shelter for their families the e.u. and the us have been and when we say the e.u. we must remember is britain is the driving force of the policy towards towards syria but britain and us led you following along in its wake have since twenty eleven made it their policy to destroy syria to destroy the syrian government by any means necessary to facilitate a train and equip a sectarian brutal sectarian insurgency that laid waste to the country their policy has been to make syria uninhabitable and their policy remains to ensure that it stays uninhabitable so syrian refugees in europe absolutely caught between well a rock and a hard place is putting it very very mildly on the one hand they have the e.u. then the us still continuing to enact this policy of making their own country uninhabitable and then in the same time you have this growing fascist street
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movement in. in the e.u. that's actually has even influence over for example the british government whose policy is to basically make europe uninhabitable for their hatred towards the side unites a lot of syrians who chose to flee their country well now at least judging by the promises the syrian government seems to be extending an olive branch to those who seek to do no more damage done of reporting from syria for r.t. . international's launch to external investigations into the sewer. side of two employees the death sparked an internal crisis about working conditions within that human rights organization case in point first lady called rose mcgregor she was twenty eight years old when she took her life earlier this summer she was an interned she worked in geneva now according to her father she developed health problems because of stress work related stress and committed suicide just
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a few days after returning home now that happened five weeks after another suicide within the organization this time a real veteran i guess you could call it sixty five year old gate and motu he was researching for a long time spent over thirty years in west africa he was found dead in amnesty's paris office and he did leave a suicide note in which he described pressure at work and a lack of management support a former amnesty employee shared her experience of working there with us too. as the former researcher for israel and palestine based in jerusalem i resigned in two thousand and eighteen due to security and safety issues as well as lack of support from management when it came to dealing with the stress i was basically put in danger and my family was put in danger because of the work that i was doing with amnesty because i didn't even take the necessary precautions to protect the staff before having the office opened the program that amnesty had apparently had and i think it's still in place is you receive three phone calls to an external facility
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just to listen to you and i try to explain to them that for me this doesn't work and sadly i didn't even get support when it came to health insurance and medical and medical assistance that i needed there due to the stress that i was under. full and independent inquiries into the two deaths. over four hundred staff to mount a new verse to go in an open letter pointed to the existence of support programs for employees and promises to learn from the probes. ramadan again those people working for rights group deserve to be protected to a lot of the journalists and a lot of human rights workers deal with these issues usually but with support from the organization i think the problem with with amnesty is there was a failure in the system in understanding the importance of mental health and resilience program within the institution itself you're talking about one of the biggest human rights organizations you're sending people to the field you're sending people to document human rights violations the priority is also ensuring that these field workers and human rights activists and personnel are safe
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themselves before having having them report on the violations. to go on human after she released those recording of her being followed by chief of staff john kelly. but what about natasha couple questions that the president is but nowhere don't let's not go down the road this is a non to go she will discussion as the controversy unfolds many security experts are asking how money go was able to make that recording what's supposed to be the most secure room in the white house.
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say a big question is raised national security experts are denouncing one of those recordings as a serious breach of ethics but more of a security. i've never heard of a more serious breach of protocol not only is it not typical something like this is unprecedented no proper employee of the white house brings funds into d.c. to ration room it's totally precipitate as someone who spent a fair amount of time in the situation room and can't even begin to wrap my head around how insane this is if i carried for example a cell phone into the situation room the not only did she record conversations
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there but so potentially has any country or criminal organization thought to hack a phone as i understand it first off the entire area where the executive office of the president operates is a secure area and the people who are in there are all cleared personnel and are expected to behave ethically as far as taking a device into the situation room that would normally not be done i'm not sure would be any procedure through or specifically checking that unless some highly classified matter were about to be discussed in there and maybe they would take other precautions but normally you would you wouldn't expect you need to do that with people that are supposed to be there in a position of trust this opens up a whole bucket of or worms in terms of water on the procedures what are the protections and what kind of behavior can we expect in the future well this is so far from or for most of the good check out our site our t. don't call me you can have your say what you see in the comments section then explore so very much more of what we've got to show you the twenty four seven now
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this tuesday moscow it's kevin i've been saying have a good day. he gave his camera. roughly once they showed some leave for the. uncool videos and someone with the broken string abs. going down more on string i don't really don't t.v. imax kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is fun it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable. to the. totally destabilize the global economy
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you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because we're. the ones who the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. to the most. simple they want to. become just about what many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentries sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. bank. policy that more don't cut it up or somehow get them in a lot less than the one that. they can watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house. both of you to be about the. spawn both. of you up with a puppy with multiple. this
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is a poem by broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm barred children thank you for watching coming up a california court has ruled that the german drug maker bears newly acquired one sample company is paid two hundred eighty nine million dollars regarding exposure to the two between killers artie's sara montecito gives us the latest and we have more on crypto isn't blocked chain with christiane the co-founder and managing partner of counterpart x. plus is a market correction around the corner and which stocks might be impacted more or less by the trade wars i sat down with our mo the c.e.o. at the start of the ask and the national retail federation has new optimistic
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projections for the remainder of the year steve most birds help us take a look at that and back to school companies which ones should be doing well this time of year all that directly ahead but first we get to some. european union regulators are taking a closer look at some of the smallest e.u. members cyprus and malta and their findings could have a big impact on the flows of people and capital across europe and the world critics of characterize immigration policies in malta cyprus and six other e.u. nations over citizenship by investment policies that criticize that critics call citizenship for sale now the e.u. commissioner for justice or bust says brussels will examine similar policies and practices across the e.u. especially in relation to money laundering and corruption while residents permits can be purchased in more than half of the e.u. nations brussels is especially concerned about the combination of pay for passport policies with lax transfer policies by natural transfer policies that is mr georgia
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says clearly signaled geo political concerns behind the probe telling the financial times quote it's a big concern when a russian citizen who has worked its whole life in middle or senior management were salaries aren't very high. suddenly has the money to buy citizenship in malta. and speaking of russia finance minister anton still says he has his colleagues are reacting to a growing crusade of u.s. sanctions by quite sensibly reducing their exposure and investments in u.s. dollars and securities last week the trump white house impose new sanctions on russia in retaliation for russia's alleged poison a former russian spy of his daughter which the minister is characterized as quote unpleasant but not fatal the finance minister also rejected calls from some hotter heads in the russian duma for the expulsion of u.s. companies from russia arguing quote our citizens work in these companies.


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