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to be extending an olive branch to all those who seek to do no more damage. reporting from syria or artsy. it's exactly one pm now here in moscow rolling through this with a full news bulletin for your next amnesty international's launch the external investigations into the suicide of two employees the death sparked an internal crisis about working conditions within that human rights organization the case in point here tragically this lady rose mcgregor she was twenty eight years old when she took her life earlier this summer and she was interned amnesty she worked in geneva according to her father she developed health problems because of stress and she committed suicide just a few days after returning home now that happened five weeks after another suicide within the organization which is so rocked it this guy sixty five year old gabe was a veteran research he'd spent over thirty years in west africa he was found dead in amnesty's paris office and he left a suicide note in which he described pressure work and the lack of management
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support a former amnesty employee shared her experience working there with us too. but i was the former researcher for israel and palestine based in jerusalem i resigned in two thousand and eighteen due to security and safety issues as well as a lack of support from management when it came to dealing with the stress i was basically put in danger and my family was put in danger because of the work that i was doing with amnesty because i didn't even take the necessary precautions to protect the staff before having the office opened the program that amnesty had apparently had and i think it's still in place is you receive three phone calls to an external facility just to listen to you and i try to explain to them that for me this doesn't sway and sadly i didn't even get support when it came to health insurance and medical and medical assistance that i needed there due to the stress that i was under. has promised fall and independent inquiries into the it's a mystery over four hundred staff demanded an investigation in an open letter
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pointed to the existence of support programs for employees and promises to learn from the probes assure ramadan again says whatever people working for rights groups deserve to be protected. a lot of the journalists and a lot of human rights workers deal with these issues usually but with support from the organization i think the problem with with amnesty is there was a failure in the system in understanding the importance of mental health and resilience program within the institution itself you're talking about one of the biggest human rights organizations you're sending people to the field you're sending people to document human rights violations the priority is also ensuring that these field workers and human rights activists and personnel are safe themselves before having having them report on the violations. breaking news from the u.k. police they're confirming that treating a car crash earlier at westminster in london. during rush hour this morning or
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about a post seven a vehicle crashed into security barriers at the houses of parliament in london injuring two ended up on security barriers laws have been put out there to stop this kind of thing up in the drive has been detained by police is the latest. wow i am. on. was. on the correspondence to situate has been covering this all morning and told to stress that it looks like for anyone just joining us not shooting in. the attack whatever it was the place got
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a handle on it yeah. indeed kevin no we are right outside the houses of parliament hill really as close as we can get to it given that this whole area behind me leading up to parliament square has been cordoned off by police and with police cars standing there and police officers on the ground investigating this situation and it is our understanding that this area is going to remain closed for the time being it has to be said that when this incident unraveled these days the parliament is not in session there in summer recess so no m.p.'s were out at the place of the incident however when this car did first. they hit several cyclists and then smash into security barriers earlier today at seven thirty seven am. there were still lots and lots of people in this area this is an area that's traditionally topped with tourists getting to parliament square this is really the heart of london this is also a very busy area on any given morning with lots of people trying to get to work so
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in terms of this latest incident we do know that the counterterrorism unit of the metropolitan police is investigating this incident and they are treating it as an incident linked to terrorism but. to get any kind of more details for the time being but of course it is clear to understand that the metropolitan police will be making some kinds of statements in the hours to come we do know that the armed police did arrest just one man who was in a silver vehicle and that is the vehicle that smashed in the security barriers just outside of the houses of parliament and thankfully there were not so many injuries just two people taken to hospital there are understood to not be impractical conditions so they are fine but of course this is the kind of incidence of that has raised yet again massive concerns here in the heart of london with an unfortunate history of instances like these having taken place very very recently.
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you won't succeed if you want to fight us will be covered by terrorists. you will see over the next few days i mean crease number of. across london. the attempts to divide has met countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. and. they continue to be visible patrols around manchester which include the deployment of armed officers.
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that is will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days no reason to be. do you feel any. londoners will see an increased number of peaceable police officers. go to david low counterterrorism expert lecture liverpool john walsh university hi david things come on the short notice here we're hearing now say that police are treating this potentially as an act of terrorism the ramifications of that is that a preliminary measure of what they always say they think they know something beyond the scenes here what would. how they managed to mark that out so quickly do you
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think. it may be from some evidence they've already gathered because karen is just at the top and you can scale down if it's not terrorist incident it's very difficult to go your way. what the police will be doing they'll be searching premises that he's going to lose control looking for evidence and we will include not just physical evidence. looking devices he's been talking with what he's been looking at as well as witnesses and. not just witness is seen. to be associates with so you can see you know obviously this investigation as he said he suspected so you have to keep an open mind as the investigator i'm sure that's what the metropolitan police. yeah well you're talking i can see on the screen there that silver car i mean witnesses saying this morning they first they saw eyewitnesses on the ground saying they thought that color deliberately being being driven into that path ironically ending up on the security pollard's the
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bollards put there to try and stop this kind of thing it would seem maybe if it was a highly planned attack and all the venue if you like because parliaments in summer recess. bus rides and you know we have one individual. working on their own what's caused them to do there's no she said there's a summer recess you know how seven in the morning with the maximum impact if you want to carry out of the time the things you know to try and wind up going on in the morning we're. going to for a second there i think ok you just dropped sounds i think it probably with a snap if confirmed this would be the first such attack of the year suppose you could look at that as an improvement then on twenty seventeen thus far we got through most of twenty eighteen without something really bad happening in the u.k. . yeah. the sounds going to david terribly sorry about that all
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right let's leave david plouffe and i'm kind of terrorism expert on the line there very short notice of the pool joe most university but a problem in the sky there but looks. can have some other news today trump rated his former aide morris a month ago and you went after she released that scandalous recording of her being fired by chief of staff john kelly. fashion a couple questions does the president as a prisoner know where it's not go down the road this is unknown to go she will discussion now is the controversy over folds many security experts that were asking now how it was that money go was able to actually make the recording what's supposed to be the most secure room in the white house and get it back out again.
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so the national security experts are indeed denouncing money goes for coding says one a serious breach of ethics but more over a serious breach of security i've never heard of a more serious breach of protocol not only is it not typical something like this is unprecedented no proper employee of the white house brings funds into d.c. to ration room it's totally privet it to someone who's spent a fair amount of time in the situation room i can't even begin to read my head
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around how insane this is if i carried for example a cell phone into the situation room the not only did she record conversations that but so potentially has any country or criminal organization thought to hack a phone as i understand it first off the entire area where the executive office of the president operates is a secure area and the people who are in there are all cleared personnel and are expected to behave ethically as far as taking a device into the situation room that would normally not be done i'm not sure would be any procedure through or specifically checking that unless some highly classified matter were about to be discussed in there and maybe they would take other precautions but normally you would you wouldn't expect you need to do that with people that are supposed to be there in a position of trust this opens up a whole bucket of or worms in terms of water on the procedures what are the protections and what kind of behavior can we expect in the future the scandal surrounding the white house continue to provide those banner headlines to the media
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of course at this quiet tommy is someone usually means a story drug. i'm not trying to pretend. i have not heard that the first tire that i'm proud of click ends. in the situation. that's kind of libelous he never did anything like it it's it's it's i mean it's probably as ever happened.
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we have one of the michael cohen tapes the secret recording of president trump back in twenty sixty made by cohen just weeks before the election about paying hush money to silence a former playmate from had an alleged affair with named karen mcdougal. from russia collusion collusion collusion delusion. and campaign that is now allude to nearly every social. or so often couple years. that these moments of the president an individual who basically portrayed his nation downright scary on them and disturbing.
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what politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to grips with . what you'd like to be press was like before quick story of the morning can't be
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good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first six. national going to full hour this hour to bring the latest coming through from london as well about that crushes on this one house of parliament but next thousands gathered in yemen monday to mourn and bury dozens of children killed in a saudi led coalition air strike that hit a school bus the instant caused outrage it was condemned around the world. women with children gathered outside the u.n. offices in the capital sanaa demanding an end to the conflict they carried banners and chanted slogans against the saudi campaign which is targeted who see held areas of yemen the u.n. has called for an independent investigation into the incident and warning you may
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find some of the pictures coming up next upsetting. is official statement riyadh defended the coalition's actions saying the strike was executed in compliance with international law saudi arabia launched its bombing campaign against toothy rebels in yemen and we consider the terrorist back in twenty fifteen this most recent attack has troubled many across the globe including us to fed sacred james mattis. i have dispatched
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a three star general into riyadh to look into what happened here and if there's anything we can do to preclude this in the future. united states is by far the biggest supplier of weaponry to the saudis it also provides targeting assistance for drugs and military operations last year saudi arabia paid seven hundred fifty million dollars to american specialists for training it said at the time to reduce civilian casualties independent political analyst unglazed pro believes humanitarian concerns are unlikely to change the u.s. position on the conflict now. the war in yemen really is the is the vietnam of this generation reality will force a change but unfortunately morality won't a bus full of under ten's being butchered will not change the stand of the us the resistance on the ground will ultimately change the stand of of the us i mean brutal and disgusting as this latest massacre is the reality is that at least one hundred thirty children. have been being killed by this war every single day that's
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according to save the children not necessarily food direct airstrikes but through famine conditions as a result of the deliberate targeting and this is well documented by the aggressive by the aggressor forces that deliberate targeting of agricultural infrastructure of key transport infrastructure necessary to moving supplies around the country. and of course the block the blockade that arbitrarily stops key supplies going into the country. any time and worse than that that's been ongoing for for over a year this this shocking figure of one hundred thirty children per day dying as a result of the aggression. and supreme leader says he will negotiate with washington after president translators offer to talk about improving ties and at the same time to present edwards announce that turkey will boycott u.s. electronic products that's new in caleb maupin picks up the story. donald trump not
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known for his modesty never stops bragging about the fact that he wrote the art of the deal seems that when it comes to his role as commander in chief he sees himself as almost the great negotiator and when it comes to north korea you could argue that his approach kind of worked he is a sick puppy rocket man is on a suicide mission for him so. this not make it even worse threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen since taking office donald trump has played up the so-called threat of another geo political rival of america threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos all nations of conscience most worked together to isolate for a minute it started to look like things were cooling off and maybe the talks were
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on the table i believe in meeting i would certainly meet with the room if they wanted to meet and ready to meet anytime they want to but he runs the supreme leader wasn't having it but i mean look there will be no war nor will we negotiate with the u.s. it is impossible even if someday the government of the islamic republic of iran were to negotiate with the us regime it would never negotiate with the current government of the us. and then there is turkey and its detention of pastor and brunson who turkish authorities say was tied to the twenty sixteen coup attempt now trump says he wants him released. the united states will impose large sanctions on turkey for the longtime detainments of pastor andrew brunson this innocent man of faith should be released immediately i have just authorized a doubling of terrorists and still and with respect to turkey as the currency the turkish lira slides rapidly downward against
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a very strong dollar our relations with turkey are not good at this time. but turkey is going at a budge and just like trump era one knows how to talk tough not talk about we are partners in nato and then you stop your strategic partner in the back we will do as the law dictates you cannot simply make sure you can bow down or by bus in us around meanwhile russia is not exactly caving in the face of sanctions yes it was possible to put the but if some ban on banks operations or on their use of one or another currency it would be possible to clearly call it a collaboration of economic war and it would be necessary to react to this war economically politically or if indeed by other means in our american friends in that need to understand this let's remember that those sanctions on north korea were not unilateral they were actually imposed by the united nations but when it comes to the rest of the world trump is on his own it seems that his reputation as
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a great negotiator is on the rocks here with r.t. washington d.c. former u.s. ambassador to croatia peter galbraith says it's are unclear whether or not these sanctions now that are going to have the effect that washington actually wants. case of iran is completely different from that of north korea first these are unilateral u.s. sanctions and they are that the entire international community except the united states thinks they are inappropriate that they're wrong and in the case of iran iran feels that they had a valid agreement and that there's no lawful basis for doing it it's very hard to coerce people to do something which they think is in fact lawful and goes against their their will so i think you sanction the u.s. sanctions which are unilateral opposed by the rest of the world there are unlikely to be sanctions on turkey like the sanctions on iran i think will cause real
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economic pain. but again as to whether they will accomplish their purpose that's very unclear although in the case of turkey it's a little more complicated because there was a deal to refer to three reverend fronts and turkey simply got it patients so it's quite possible that something will be worked out on that one. go in this film tell you what we know about that breaking news is coming from from london to the u.k. police now confirming that treating a car crash during rush hour this morning in westminster as a terror attack crucially. crashed into the silver car into a security barrier is just at the houses of parliament in london injuring two the driver has been detained you think is the twenty's seen by a policeman seen being put into one comes a much earlier. wow i am.
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here for what you say and i love the front of the car was in listening to the correspondents to sit churkin is the site of the instant you've been covering this all morning for us first thing to say please silver sleeve no gold is on the control now they're trying to work out what's happened. exactly. i think we've you know since a long and. has another we're going to still hear i ask you to start again so you started talking we lost the law and it dropped tell us again and so i just pick up
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where we left off the piece of work out what's happened here this morning yeah. indeed kevin lots of satellite trucks here so the connection might not be too great but what we do know so far is that the metropolitan police counterterrorism unit is investigating this car incident and they are treating this as a terrorist related incidents and what we do know that unraveled exactly this morning was that at seven thirty seven am a silver what is being reported as ford fiesta was. cyclist's right outside of houses of parliament to drive into the security barriers also right there outside of houses of parliament where we are now we're pretty close to that area it has been cordoned off since there's a very heavy police president's presence on the ground and it's been reported that some said by officials that a man in his twenty's was arrest. by armed police and taken to a police station in south london and is now being investigated under suspicion of
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a terrorist offense now witnesses that have been speaking to reporters here on the ground have suggested that they interpreted what happened as deliberate as well they have said that this car at some point had been on the wrong side of the streets going out or what some described as fifty miles per hour with the speed limit being here much less because this it is in fact usually a very very busy area of course with lots of tourists walking to parliament square as well as around this time morning rush hour lots of people getting to work their offices so it is indeed a very lucky development to some extent in terms of the numbers of people who were injured we do understand that only two people were taken to hospital and there are not in a critical condition so this is going to obviously continue developing as we expect the police investigating this as a terrorist attack to give out more information hopefully making some kind of statements in the hours to come and of course so all of this is made even so much
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more concerning given the very recent history of similar attacks having taken place in london. you won't succeed are you going to find us will be cowed by terrorists. you will see over the next few days i mean increased number of. offices across london. the attempts to divide has met countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. they continue to be visible patrols around manchester which include the deployment of
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officers. that is will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days no reason to be a lot of folks. need the money. and that is we'll see an increased number of peaceable police officers. let's go back to london pete occur comes in for a metropolitan police officer often a guest on the program hi there peter thanks for coming on to the scene there as i think you have taken the place and this is. what i didn't get round to asking us to church maybe you can answer it first off what's the state of lockdown there now we
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can see the police behind you but this is affecting a fair old chunk of central london that still basically shuts off all the police investigate you're. fairly standard major crime scene tight cordon put them in places where traffic can easily divert and obviously keep the best. to avoid getting under their feet it's more for them because there's any perceived danger i think if there was perceived to be any improvised explosive device we wouldn't be where we are here and we'd be further away. the police within an hour or two but pretty quick to kind of link this does suspicion of some terrorism being perpetrated here what's the difference between investigation this investigated by the terrorism squad as opposed to the ordinary police squads to be investigating this is there a profound difference or not. there's not really a major difference in terms of what.


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