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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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agency which spent eight hundred million dollars and twenty fifteen has no information on its effect of this in determining a tax wow. look at arguing those got a result. only eight hundred million dollars for a veritable lot of no information. could all agree that's a bargain. according to the government's own department of justice standards there is no cause to be conducting these secret missions well at the conclusion of that c.n.n. segment that i just heard after bringing on the former inspector general for the department of transportation who seemed downright excited about the whole thing i'm sure the c.n.n. anchor will point out this is a horrific abuse of law enforcement it makes a mockery of our freedom and it puts us firmly in the category of military surveillance state take us home so you know i will say that any time anyone talks about rapid eye rapid blinking arrival and i feel if i find myself blinking quite
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a bit more it's just lovely in response mary thank you so much i appreciate it if. i'm having a problem loving response right now blinking segments like this which is pretty that's i mean pretty similar to all the mainstream coverage of this new revelation this week or more insidious than they seem it appears as if they're asking the right questions is this an invasion of privacy why weren't we told about this sooner but by acting like this is just a little thing to be discussed it makes average americans believe it's no big deal it's the same as discussing if you want on your pizza all right. kind of like the other person. this is the mushrooms all right. these are the telltale signs of a fascist surveillance state and the only. thing the only thing i
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hate more than a march. ok to sum it up as edward snowden says that these programs were never about terrorism they're about economic spying social control and diplomatic manipulation they're about power how do you want to be. a welcome welcome mommy can tell us take the news from behind lead start with good news palestinian protest i head to mimi was finally released after eight months ha ha. she was locked up at the age of sixteen for the crime of having
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a viral video basically she slapped an israeli soldier after the i.d.f. had shot her fifteen year old cousin in the head nearly killing him and apparently the israeli military were jealous of how many heart of logies her video was getting so they arrested her and her mother always good to throw the mother in you know just just in case so i'm pretty sure the israeli military were sitting there at their laptops. i don't get it sushi didn't even have that many followers i spend all day on the twitter and the book face and i'm interacting and. i do a mix of politics with poppy dog videos to. the algorithm know i am good guy i'm good guys we'll soon see is p.d.f. so rockstar. i don't know why that accent ended up being my grandfather. to go to prison here's some more hopeful news a massive nationwide prison strike is set to start aug twenty first the prisoners
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will be demanding more humane living conditions access to rehabilitation sentencing reform and the end of modern day slavery. i can come on prisoners always with a me me me and made me want to not pay a dollar a minute for a phone call to your loved ones and you want to not be a modern day slave. seriously though we have millions of people locked up in this country we have the most prisoners per capital and the most prisoners total meaning by dictionary definition undeniably you can be right wing it doesn't matter this is an undeniable fact the united states of america is the largest prison state to have ever existed in the history of the planet ever and the best thing we've found to do with these people is force them to sell made in america labels on victoria's secret clothing that was made in guatemala really. seriously
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that's the kind of thing they're forced to do and now there's going to be a massive strike to fight back against this the actions will take the form of the worst strikes sit ins boycotts and hunger strikes yeah which which might. be although that could that could make it difficult for us to continue our endless wars since these federal prison industry produces a hundred percent of all military helmets and many of the war supplies and other equipment in california inmates are also serving as firefighters but who cares if they go on a work strike wildfires are only all over california. and for those of you who don't live in california is there like a half. sucked for all those surfers opponents to. wait until all the all the condos go up in flames all right not so funny anymore is it now
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a confluence of prison industrial complex inmate abuse with climate change has created a perfect storm that will ruin your biannual holy moley guacamole night. who's laughing now to learn more about this at incarcerated workers dot org we have to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in denver and boulder colorado you get tickets and so appreciative of god for god also you can see right here the r.c.c. . comes right down the road. you
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. know it's a very rough road that's right so it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to the islamists. it was gunshots going tell them and so many friends it would happen again next week i mean. you do not. lie i don't think anything will back up. you know i don't want to see a better body in the truth when it's needed to participate in the good. old to me good to me that. you don't think about this leave this soldier on you that's three
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it's like you know the another patient. welcome back welcome back we turn now to africa the cradle of civilization and if you look at how america treats africa it's pretty clear that we hate cradles we can't stand of god forsaken things and we see a cradle we need to exploit its natural resources immediately our country's most recent assault on africa involves perpetuating and engaging in secret wars here now to explain is our senior do. with secrets john of a. was was was yeah that's
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the latest from the u.s. covert war front in africa well which country talking about somalia can you share uganda chad morocco tunisia. nigeria senegal tanzania because we got an active military presence and all of on. the others. i'm not really sure why you're getting about hands to us military adventurism on yet another continent leave the obvious that i'm on in just it's. hinged. military spokespeople have made it clear that the american special ops role in africa is limited to advising and assisting and who among us couldn't use some good advice in this crazy crazy war her old. maybe if i got some i never would have invested all my money into the failed product launch of extra slutty olive oil. salvor
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of beds of all apparently everybody prefers their olive oil. well i know my oil sleeping with other people is gross but john the notion that the u.s. military is just advising in africa is. what why do you say that because for more than five years green berets navy seals and other commandos have been operating under an obscure authorization that allows them to both plan and control missions an average joe or because quote it's less we are helping you and more you are doing our bidding said one active duty green beret officer with a recent experience in west africa as he described the programs carried out under a legal authority known as section one twenty seven eight. yes. yes to all of the things you just what the hell is section one twenty seven it's
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a perfectly benign super her. authorization their funds classified programs were averaging government alone how units of their militaries for american special ops teams to use as surrogates to hunt and kill our enemy combatants for us now. you know how the saying goes better to have your hand of the puppet than for the puppet to come to life in the middle of the night while you're sleeping and strangle you know that. what what saying is that well i i don't know or a squirrel whispered into my ear underneath the bridge one time. these cover wars are an abomination it is anybody being held accountable what is congress doing well maybe a foreign policy expert senator lindsey graham again. shed some light on this
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situation i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger. perhaps is not but most. of you know. look this military for the average is a stance of late a fight extremist groups but really another clear instance of us empire perpetuating endless war for profit for money. at least deserve to know about these things. i made during agreed oh that's that's probably why ninety's all rock band weezer recently covered the song africa by it's no no i mean everybody thought it was a weird choice for them to do that but they're actually trying to let the world know of. the u.s. military is a shill that is there nothing goes aging good thursday and. i
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think you might have run a little much and that's on a vote. for the right going to claim everything is their own intellectual property and can't be touched by anyone else even when it could cost the lives of millions for more on this raging controversy we go to redacted correspondent naomi. d.n.a. testing it's not just for finding out which races you can make jokes about with impunity anymore it has a medical application to it's extremely useful in identifying and preventing reading terry illnesses. but i'm obviously more interested in the jokes.
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fifty percent caucasian twenty percent some kind of brown and ten percent home this . could have looked in the mirror that d.n.a. testing is a lucrative enterprise where money get in the way of medical benefits the largest genetics company in the u.s. and the biggest shareholder in your spit is myriad genetics has been keeping d.n.a. data secret joevan of sino to bet and blood to tell this joe i mean it says here i have zero point zero zero six percent. you know how sign on to benzo is crazy about that yac mail app for almost twenty five years myriad genetics had a patent on the b.r.c.a. one and two genes which cause a variant of breast cancers some would say panting these genes is controversial but according to myriad genetics founder mark skolnick. there is no. very very easy to understand it takes time scientists who have taken some time such as
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their lifetimes to study cancer causing genes have called the patenting of these genes the wrong counterproductive nonsensical after myriad obtains the gene patent in one nine hundred ninety eight it attempted to eliminate b.r.c.a. testing at competing laboratories by sending them cease and desist letters dear do good dear we have reason to suspect you are trying to find a cure for cancer conley return to medical school and obtain a dental degree or we will pursue all available legal and or criminal remedies that may be a political nerd in twenty or thirty nine supreme court justices meaning all of them ruled that it was illegal to pass and something in nature breaking marion's monopoly on testing and researching the b.r.c.a. genes well i guess that means i'm going to have to throw out my patent for my
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family specific brand of depression and fury triggered by my neighbor's music my family has passed on this miserable gene from the times of being annoyed by baroque music of the times of know it by one direction. turn it down. why do i have to be next to the scattering. scooby doo but. after that supreme court decision the other research facilities started to offer testing for the cancer causing gene for much cheaper than the four thousand dollars marriott charge but myriads database the single best source of data about the connection between b.r.c.a. mutations and breast cancer remains a trade secret to this. today so now if you want to cure cancer you should be
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a happy or deliver your spit samples to this web address by midnight twenty seven eight twenty eighteen or all your data will be wiped also seven thousand bit ones this information should be made public because it could present something and save lives like it did for angelina jolie who could afford the four thousand dollars charge and she also got a double mastectomy and remove her ovaries after receiving her marriage results now i as a sign out to ben am a terrible driver but. it was. a cease and desist letter. from the sino tibet and anti-defamation league. reporting from washington this is naomi caravan e redacted tonight. here are your headlines from the future in two weeks you'll read the board air marshal
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swears that if someone doesn't try to kill everyone soon it's going to blow up this goddamn point and. i am coming up in september you are a soldier pretty sure it will be able to bring democracy and freedom to djibouti or somalia or wherever it is. that's our show but to get more followers average actors a night on twitter you can also check out my new podcast common sense or. bonafide right. crazy conspiracy there is that they're all worthless there are all money the boss forgot about the back of the bus just run them over the fuss because we want rush limbaugh wonder bread and fake news to you die that's america.
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when a loved one is murdered it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it means to live the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying news just knew it was present and that we were even many victims' families want the death penalty to be a mole or at least we have to keep to get tell here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this and this isn't the way.
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to. coming up with a special report from syria on how the country slowly rising from the ruins off the seven years of conflicts. oh my god let me just you know if you got cut up big time on the pot it didn't come out that well says come a protest in the gaza strip continues with palestinians attempting to break through the border fence israeli soldiers respond with tear gas meanwhile as more protests erupt on the border we speak to a rap artists who took the face off to filming a video out the demonstration. hillary clinton baxi young girl who nelson class during the national anthem in
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protest against social injustice we put the issue up for debates blow girl needs to spend more time in a constructive manner trying to get what she wants it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all. hello and welcome to the program on r t international i'm in a society with york label news we starts with syria where years of war have left the country in ruins huge amounts of came from structure were destroyed including factories and hospitals we visited some of the main sites as rebuilding starts and people try to get their lives back on track. if damascus is serious about welcoming back millions of its refugees well it has a lot to do first and foremost most of the country has been reduced to rubble by
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the war so a lot of people just don't have a place they can call home anymore secondly infrastructure is a big issue because major transportation arteries have been cut and thirdly electricity so skies that anyone who has a power generator well is a very lucky person. that's why factories like this one are crucial most syrian cities have to survive amid a chaotic and unstable power supply we've been told that when anti assad fighters captured this facility they looted it clean for equipment and left it badly damaged it's fully operational now but lack of power force isn't the worst that syrians have had to endure lie i swear we were dying of hunger one kilo of bread for one
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thousand lire you have to eat otherwise you starve to death in paradise a truly rice and vulgar nothing that. we were living in hunger and poverty we would wake up in the morning not knowing how to manage to get our daily food children suffered malnutrition the ten year old girl looked like a two year old. throughout the war some parts of syria have seen well reflects famine but it would have been much much worse if it wasn't for the incredibly fertile soil and that's why here some branches of the trees are actually broken under the weight of peaches advanced agriculture and international aid is helping to put food back on people's flate so now with the fighting contained to small pot. syrians can treat themselves to something nice this ice cream plant has even had a go with its own interpretation of the oreo recipe yet all of this is great on
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paper but doesn't help much if delivery trucks have no roots to drive on. this just over forty kilometers between the cities of holmes and hama a trip that should have taken somewhat thirty minutes would stretch up to six hours with this bridge destroyed of commuters had to gamble with their lives taking long detours through jihads territories this newly paved highway has brought the drive back to well under an hour this market in homes is more than two thousand years old it has seen many things in this civil war is not the worst of those it has survived through and it is hoped that the rest of the country will follow its model and because john of reporting from syria forty.
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amid the massive reconstruction there's also room for artistic work these artists once lived in a refugee camp near damascus but had to flee when it came under attack with peace returning they've now attentive to depict the aftermath of the fighting they say they want to leave a record for future generations of what happened to the camp and what they went very. meanwhile that meanwhile the trump administration has stopped funding for stabilization projects in syria said the same time u.s. officials say they're making preparations for the final battle against eisel. we're remaining in syria the focus is the ensuring defeat of isis we still have not launched the final phase to defeat the physical kind of fight this is actually being prepared now and that will come at a time for choosing but it is coming almost all of syria has now been liberated
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from islamists most of esses back under the control of the legal government in damascus and the reconstruction of many of syria's cities devastated by the conflict is well underway the president trump says the u.s. and its allies as if most of the credit for defeating the terrorists coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory but done a great job with isis we have just absolutely decimated eyes is just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq joshua landis head of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma thinks washington has other goals in syria besides fighting terrorism. the united states does not want assad to become too strong there are hoping to keep leverage in order to try to push iran out of the country to get a better deal for the kurds and and of course they're also worried about what's
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going to happen if they're province where there is very complex negotiations and and russia is at the heart of them so there are many competing agendas in washington and as long as president trump is not spending a lot of money there i think he's happy to keep a few thousand troops if that increases america's leverage the united states does not want to spend a lot of money and that's quite clear and many people have been complaining bitterly about this particularly in iraq and other areas that have been quite badly destroyed they've been pressuring a saudi arabia which just said it would spend another hundred million in syria stabilization they've been pushing france and and european countries to try to get them to spend more money rather than washington this is been one of president trump's constant refrain is that others have to pay for this process. come for i to pentagon on the left was stripped of his security clearance off he
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complained about how lucrative contracts were given out to stephan how a man who tended to be an f.b.i. informant with more details has caleb more. viewers will recall stefan helper at the university of cambridge helper met with an individual from the campaign carter page and this meeting took place roughly three weeks before the f.b.i. launched its investigation into alleged collusion between trump and russia it was later revealed that stefan helper has a long history as an f.b.i. informant he's worked with the cia what we're also learning is that an individual named adam a lot of injure has been stripped of his security clearance now adam levin sure is a twelve year pentagon strategist he has worked with the pentagon he raised why it was that stefan helper was receiving over a million dollars over the course of six years and different contracts and it wasn't exactly clear what work he was carrying out now adam levin juror raised this complaint and he was then stripped of his security clearance now he filed
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a whistleblower retaliation complaint and his attorneys are pointing out kind of an interesting chain of events this is what his attorney has to say. rick that kept hope was contracts very close to the vest and nobody seems to have any idea what he was doing the time he. did a good chunk of it. he'd composed them and then collect the burmans as he's. is it possible that adam a lot of injure was fired simply for asking about the money that was going to step on help or in these contracts these allegations are being raised there's a lot of talk about when is it proper to strip someone of their security clearance and when is it not it indicates that there seems to be quite a bit of disagreement within the halls of power in the united states as we head up to the midterm congressional elections. respect to any form and my five intelligence officer who says whistle but i was in the u.s.
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and not receiving fact treatment. i think we have to await the outcome of his trial of his case just to see what the actual facts might be however it does raise some interesting concerns one of course the over reliance of the u.s. intelligence agencies on contracting out their work and the huge amounts of money that are there by paid to contractors usually friends of whatever administration is in power secondly of course we have to think about what actually happens to whistleblowers in the u.s. because they've had a really rough time those coming out of the intelligence agencies over the last decade and the americans say they have this procedure where whistleblowers can conveys their concerns and they will be properly addressed and yet we see time and time again that they're not so i think we need also to consider what might be the best path for whistleblowers to have confidence that if they have concerns about crime or about corruption they will be heard. the investigation will occur those who might be needed to be held to account will be held to account but.


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