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tv   News  RT  August 20, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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months ago accuses u.n. chief of secretly blocking its own agencies from helping repair a serious conflict economy. also this hour a teenage girl who escaped her enslavement from iceland iraq claims she then came face to face with her captor in germany where she fled for safety we've spoken to her. my boss called the police i told them i'd never imagined possible for an idol fighter to be in germany however the police were unable to trace his name. an american defense manufacturers photo publicity stunt backfires as twitter users sent in some home truths about the company's bombs and yemen.
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you're watching r t international coming to you live from the russian capital with your global news update welcome to the bolt the un is being accused of secretly blocking its own agencies from getting syria's economy back on track the claim comes from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov. because. it's turned out that the political department if the u.n. secretary it produced and distributed a secret guideline within the whole u.n. system in october last year it restricted the organizations within that system to take part in any projects on the reconstruction of the syrian economy our newly humanitarian aid nothing else well first of all we don't hear this kind of criticism for. directed specifically at the u.n. that often but if you really read into what he said you will realize that actually he is upset with what he called attempts by other countries to manipulate the u.n. secretary it and this is absolutely unacceptable says the russian foreign minister
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the russian foreign ministry has already been touch with the secretary general they sent a former complaint about the alleged behind the scenes than the secretary to take part in this syria restoration program picks so the question i think you a number of other russian colleagues about this reported quote unquote secret directive is always with this secret directive it takes me a while to try to find it's actually there is a secret directive but i expect to have an update we've asked some guidance and expect an update a bit later on this afternoon and i nothing new was on the letter then there was also a question by our correspondent who asked sergey lavrov what he makes of the u.s. involvement or rather lack of involvement when it comes to restoring syria says it's too early to talk about reconstruction efforts until
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a political settlement is agreed on what do you make of that. some countries are trying to hinder the return of refugees by refusing to help reconstruction efforts it's counterproductive to set sufficient conditions for the syrian people to return to their homes why. so much concern from moscow about this area well first of all russia has been a key player in syria and moscow is proud of its role of being in charge of the many reconciliation first that we have seen and also moscow's really been helping with rebuilding the economy and the refugees will not come back if the economy doesn't get restored the process has already begun the syrian government has just announced that as many as twenty five thousand syrians have just returned from lebanon and that is within four months and the devastated cities and towns are slowly getting back to normal which correspondent has seen with his own eyes.
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two years ago during the war we couldn't even open our shops the shelling snipers were everywhere you couldn't live under such circumstances we cover the roof of the building back then so that we could take cover it was unbearable we took shelter for about half an hour whenever the shelling started we just locked ourselves in here thank god now we can work peacefully day and night we just hang around smoking just like the good old days under joe you know the atmosphere is really good around here the weather is nice everybody is feeling safe and it's only getting better you can see getting better day by day. i was lucky enough not to leave my home high and this is the district the rebels couldn't get to at the time there was a blockade once but it was firmly defeated now saying god things are better despite all the things we've been through we're no better well things are getting better and moscow is looking forward to other countries getting on board to russia says
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it's in their biggest interest as well and obviously they are counting on the united nations too and perhaps that explains the resentment of sergei lavrov. after escaping i saw imprisonment and fleeing to germany a girl from iraq says he the minority it says she has met her islamic state captor face to face not once but twice and the european nation we spoke to who told us she still lives in fear. can't have more we were saudi seven girls captured by fighters and taken to syria the worst time in my life was moment when i still separated me from my family they took us away from our mothers fathers brothers they even of adopted eight year old girls they tortured us raped test sold us into slavery who were looking for gasland anything sharp knife scissors when we couldn't find anything to cure selves with we were trying to escape but they handcuffed our hands and lax covered our heads and raped us they turned us into human shields when they
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went anywhere they took us with them so that the strikes didn't kill them a large number of you see the women have been enslaved by eisel and sexually abused with many still in captivity. has them in the medical profession and they're going to get pleasure bush children by that i say. without an invaluable push for what i know boring press on but i can add though that the woman is that my flesh. no not is not that i love out of my lower level in the alpha would love to follow.
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up is now nineteen years old when she was captured by i saw four years ago she was sold as a sex slave to one of their fighters after being abused for three months she managed to escape and flee to germany but once there she claims she was again horrified by two separate encounters with the same man who hadn't slaved her. germany was willing to take in one thousand women who had excused from i went there to forget what i'd been through i saw a boo as i was going home after school i couldn't believe my torture could have found out where i lived the next time i saw he was two years later a car pulled up beside me he asked me if i was and i said i didn't know he were schlock how is it possible that my rapist is living here and has the same rights as me my boss called the police and told them what he looked like and they scratched his face and it looked the same i told them there had been no other witnesses i told them i'd never imagined possible for an fight or to be in germany however the
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police were unable to trace his name. german prosecutors claim the information provided by a shark isn't enough to identify the man fearing for her safety in germany she decided to move back to iraq thinking i told my dad that the person who raped me was in germany that i didn't want to leave there no matter what my dignity is more important than being in germany i put my life in danger to escape from i still retain my dignity and he wanted me to stay in germany knowing that the one who was responsible for my misery is free in that country all i wanted was to be somewhere safe but after meeting him i was afraid the whole time that he heard me again so i couldn't stay there anymore. we contacted several german government agencies and the police on friday to ask what actions they've taken if any we've yet to hear back but when we do we'll let you know. u.s. defense contractor lockheed martin has felt the rough of the internet when a marketing stunt on world photo day backfired and explains what made twitter users
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snap. the giant corporation known as lockheed martin had a plan for world photo day the idea was that they would encourage people on social media to tweet back at them what they called amazing photos of their products now keep in mind lockheed martin is one of the top defense contractors it works with the u.s. military as well as nato countries it produces weapons military equipment aerospace and other products used in military activities when requests are made for amazing photos of their products there was quite a response on social media dear lockheed martin you asked people to tweet amazing photos of my new products here it is this is a fragment of your bomb a laser guided m k eighty two which saudi arabia used to kill forty children in yemen last week here is the product of your products the fact that look he'd monson
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has a generic happy to cool pretty is one way to me now on its website lockheed martin brags about its relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia donald trump was able to arrange new weapons deals between saudi arabia and lockheed martin now many people on social media appear to be aware of the fact that a lot of the weapons and bombs being used by saudi arabia for its war in yemen seem to be supplied by lockheed martin now it's being reported that in a recent deadly strike in which civilians were killed including children it was actually lockheed martin that supplied the bomb to saudi arabia to carry out this strike.
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i. following the response lockheed martin removed to tweet calling for photographs of its products now those observing the situation will wonder if lockheed martin will attempt to have this kind of social media stunt ever again in the future. an israeli border guard has had his prison sentence doubled to eighteen months or the death of an unarmed seventeen year old palestinian protester the incident happened four years ago and video released subsequently showed that the teenager posed no immediate threat.
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they originally charge of manslaughter was reduced to death through negligence after a plea deal in which the israeli guard admitted to accidently using live rounds four months ago he was jailed for nine months which is at the lower end of the punishment term for such a script for such a crime excuse me he was also ordered to pay fourteen thousand dollars to the victim's family israel insisted that the boy and others had thrown rocks at the border guards four minutes before he was shot dead the officer claimed he thought he had loaded his rifle with rebel rubber bullets but it was actually a live ammunition the palestine liberation organization described the initial sutton's as unjust and part of a pattern of discrimination. such a conviction represents israel's deliberate dehumanization of its palestinian victims primarily children israel employs an unremitting and lethal shoot to kill
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policy against palestinians when it comes down to the courts they always find ways to pass more lenient sentences they find gaping the circumstances and of course one can always find such circumstances the accumulated effect of all of these incidents is that there is no good terence against the next shooter the next soldier who either in a centrally or not so innocently will charge his weapon at a demonstrator staying with palestine for the first time in eight years the palestinian postal service is back in full swing after mail had previously been halted by israel ten tons of underage packages and letters have been handed over that's despite an agreement not to intervene with deliveries going to palestine.
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there was a wheelchair there were some gifts that people had been waiting for all the things were found like toys in the t.v. . i mean since two thousand and eight many agreements have been signed with the israeli side but it's still a voyage direct shipment from jordan. and . israel says both sides came to an understanding about
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a year ago on postal deliveries but that did not result in a permanent direct transfer of mail. the afghan fundamentalist group the taliban has ambushed three buses and kidnapped more than one hundred fifty passengers in northern afghanistan most have since been freed by afghan forces the raid came shortly after the president offered a ceasefire during the muslim holiday. dinner hearkens has the details cease fires have taken place before the last that notable one. june this year for the end of ramadan when taliban fighters and afghan government forces celebrated the muslim holiday together on the front lines in quite remarkable scenes no such luck this time it seems the president. offered a three month long provisional truce on the condition of course that the taliban also stuck to the side of the pack the taliban mark to their intention not to see that out by kidnapping dozens of people from those buses as you mentioned earlier
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this. of course also comes on the back of a wider offensive launched by the taliban across the country targeting security forces in which both members of the armed forces and civilians hundreds of them have been killed and injured over the past weeks and months. i saw my friend dying and he was among thirteen people including children and women who were killed during an airstrike last night and there is no attention from the government to the new facilities for the residents dead bodies are still on the roads because i've also been injured. taliban commanders have justified their rejection of the ceasefire ceasefire by saying that
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a long truce would fall into the hands of play into the hands of nato and u.s. forces in the country who they of course few as occupiers and seek to remove from afghanistan and indeed who've had a bit of a complex relationship with the militant group since two thousand and one as time has gone on as the dynamics of the conflict have evolved. you have the taliban willing to come to the negotiating table this no talking to tell us when we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish i want to reinforce to the child up in the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement the taliban symbols as a hero to give. up their side of the forest before the call for the taliban come out when their choices are to reconcile to live in a relevance for dar some taliban come on a sub agreed to a limited law in the fighting as well as some prisoner release an exchange program
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is this by no. means is not a ceasefire though the russian foreign ministry has also commented on the situation saying it's regrettable that these talks have broken down that a cease fire will happen and indeed that comes on the back of upcoming talks in moscow coming up in early september which representatives of the taliban will also be present to try and mediate some sort of solution and make some steps forward to resolving what has been a decades long conflict. based political analyst enters our i.d.m. believes there's still scope for afghan taliban relations to change afghan goldman just recently understood the crucial rule by the other superpowers in that region in also in the neighborhood of ghana stanched so russia of course is one of the strongest country enter we can understand or maybe the afghan government can believe that russia can pay it but in mediating between the taliban and the
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afghan government there could be some more progress is in afghanistan because the different the negotiation in the introduction between the afghan government and taliban it just on the very first speech. there's yet another claim that russia is out to meddle in the upcoming midterm elections in the u.s. this time it's the atlantic magazine pointing the finger and its article mentions this channel as one of the tools being used to try and swing the vote one quarter explains the russians are probably at it again according to an article in the atlantic magazine and probably is good enough especially when the unity of the stars and stripes is apparently under threat by big bad russia the russian government has one overriding objective with regard to the united states to weaken america so that it loses its will and ability to counter russian objectives and to accomplish this goal the article says russia has a devious multi-pronged plan. first as allegedly. helping people who
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undermined the democratic party and inviting them as guests on r t the walk away campaign reportedly an organic cum pain of lifelong democrats leaving the party has been amplified by russian social media accounts and featured on the russian propaganda outlet walk away founder brandon stracke did give an interview for r t in which he expressed his disillusion with the democratic party's identity politics and why his movements getting popularity among americans i myself was a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberal so it's not identity politics hurting the party it's walkaway founder's appearance on our t.v. fuelling a russian plot if that's the case then there must be more russian influencers in america's midst because fox news had him on for
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a similar interview discussing the very same walkaway movement and with the attention mainstream newspapers have given his campaign they may be doing an even better job at spreading his message but the buck doesn't stop there. the article says moscow is ready to give its money to russian friendly americans russian businessmen will likely attempt to fund think tanks working on u.s. russia relations to push a narrative favoring cooperation with russia and opposition to sanctions cooperation with russia oh the horror regardless the article doesn't actually provide any evidence as to who or when some russian businessmen will begin giving away free money but it's ok for western businessmen and nato to throw money at anti russian think tanks the articles author evelyn farkas is a senior fellow at one called the atlantic council and it's received millions of dollars from
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a long list of corporations and governments in. nationally who are apparently also very concerned about potential russian election hacking. while there is no way that it is that russia has done so to date at minimum it will likely use its ability to access voter registration databases and election related sites to undermine america's confidence in its own electoral integrity so no evidence the kremlin has done it as the article says but the atlantic is calling on all patriotic americans to protect democracy and the tune of its song continues to sound oh too familiar we know that russia today is regarded as a grave threat to our nation to our freedom the peace of the world you see the reason why we are spending billions of dollars in defense production why your family is saying the highest taxes in our history. but russia's apparently not the only threat on the horizon but the united states midterm elections now just
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a few months away the country's national security adviser has listed china among the threats washington fears when it comes to meddling to sufficient national security concern about chinese meddling iranian meddling in north korean meddling that we're taking steps to try and prevent it looking at the twenty eighteen election those are the four countries that were most concerned. on saturday donald trump also brought up china as a threat stressing the focus shouldn't be solely on russia washington's concerns over beijing's alleged meddling threat comes amid a trade war between the u.s. and china fearing a high trade deficit imposed large tariffs on metal imports coming from china back in april u.s. president then later slumped twenty five percent duties on billions of dollars worth of chinese products hong kong based political scientist joseph chang believes it's just it's about more than just economics. certainly the train rolled into the united states and has to be allowed to go these
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issues are likely to continue quite so low because it is not just a matter of trade war between the two countries it is really a matter of the two countries to suing superiority in the yukon and me in the science and technology. in the coming year to thirty years so it is likely that these two say sure these sensations and come to centers and will continue for quite a while. former cia chief john brennan want to take donald trump to court after having his security clearance revoked brennan is one of trump's harshest critics but it's also been backtracking on some of his stronger accusations against the president.
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donald trump's press conference performance in helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors it was nothing short of treacherous not only were trumps comments imbecilic he is wholly in the pockets of putin republican patriots where are you. has anyone looked at the mistakes that john brennan made while serving as cia director he will go down as easily the worst in history and since getting out he's become nothing less than a loud mouth partisan political hack who cannot be trusted with the secrets to welcome. to protect the nation's classified information fulfilling that responsibility i decided to revoke the security clearance of john brennan.
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i mean this huge military zone but it was a terms i used nothing short of treasonous. they have the president. he just said it's not russia i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. and should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. just to look very with u.s. intelligence that's. russia meddled in the election twenty six though i would say that that is true yeah. that's a recap of the day's top. lines for now but you can always find us on your favorite social media platforms or head to our website or to dot com for the latest on all of those stories and much more thanks for tuning in.
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join me every socially on the all excited i'm sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics for this list i'm sure. i'll see you there.
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the democratic party is in big trouble the party has not come to terms with the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen election they have a leadership out of touch with its base millennia old are fleeing so is their slogan now no party for white man. cross talking the trials and tribulations of the left i'm joined by my guest so i
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color in seattle he's a writer activist and progressive you tube or in west hartford we have julio rivera he is editorial director for reactionary times and the newsmax columnist and here in moscow we have don de bar he's an anti-war activist and host of a daily radio program or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate soccer let me go to you first in seattle because you get up there early as for this program and it's much appreciated i mean i suppose you came . came across this walkaway movement that it is taken in a bit of. a flash on the internet here. i found that to be very curious because i think i instinctively everyone on this panel and a lot of people in the in the in the country already know this and and be the inclusive eighty of the democrats is what they say but in fact they're actually actively excluding people of all kinds of people different stripes and attitudes in
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outlook so how do you reflect upon that zach go ahead i agree it's early because it's great that it's going by your own ballot but you know at least here in america i saw a lot of this everything in twenty six media was. basically that's part of what happened in the twenty sixteen election as lots and lots and lots of democrats who used to be very active voters active in their community completely left the party for a number of reasons now a whole lot has changed sixteen but you know at least this viral video made us open more out of all of those as you know i think it's a very good thing that we're in the democratic party ok i want to go back to why you think it is later in the program who are basically the same thing to you because i mean i've been very very critical of the identity politics but it seems to me that since two thousand it didn't work in two thousand and and sixteen.


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