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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 22, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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financially attacking americans in real time with acts of war acts of financial terrorism so it's very simple that. i mean i don't know how to make it any simpler than this i mean these people are well again remember everybody in the world is angry and nobody in the elite media understands why they think it's a conspiracy theory and they prefer that because it's simple that they don't want to look at their friends because look at our pos sr this is let me give you a quote and tell you who this is because you are a banker max i'm going to read you from this article the bank's chief credit officer so pretty senior right member eric holder who now wants to run for president in two thousand and twenty he was the u.s. attorney general at the time he said there was nothing you could really you couldn't really prove they did anything wrong nothing was technically illegal obama himself said that nothing was technically illegal the bank's chief credit officer in the us referred to selling investors products backed by total garbage
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loans with fraud that was so rampant and all random those are quotes from him he knew that there was fraudulent loans in these packages that he then sold they included the article of the department of justice in the united states so they they for example sold this cheap credit officer sold this package of garbage to some nuns who lost ninety six percent of their investment well this is so messed up to you so if someone quotes from the bankers then the bankers can sue you for libel for quoting them yeah verbatim but the but they also like they litter all of their crimes and their confessions to crimes and these internal e-mails with swear words that you can't say on the airwaves so you don't even know what they're saying about your product like what they've done to you why remember the first article i said that the u.s. fed themselves their own research shows the. every american household with seventy
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thousand dollars or so usually an article you see that r.b.s. the chief credit officer for the united states was mocking that they were destroying the u.s. housing market when is america going to get smart i mean in a country they don't have and then get this is that the voters voted in trying to tear down the system the voters voted and breaks it to tear to destroy the system as if these people are the system this chief credit officer for the united states is friends with obama is friends with eric holder maybe not personally but they are the same ilk so they you have to take down the whole system and perhaps you know this is one analysis we're offering you can tune into rachel maddow dot connecting you know she has some wacky conspiracy theories that might you know glenn beck elaborate other stuff but rather than the stuff happening on the ground and the e-mails that they're they're saying ha ha ha we i mean one of the e-mails talks about specifically the guy says well i wouldn't say i'm destroying the u.s.
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housing market but maybe just like damaging it quite a bit but he says that like he's doing us well you know ok well you know that banker mentality is what the story of greece they took it down for a profit is what they they are attacking italy other nations for the same reason they attack iran ok iran is a sweetheart compared to the royal bank of scotland yeah so anyway you know this is a many americans promise to come here to toronto they never did all the elites the sort of people that are on saturday night live or m s n b c they promised to come here because they couldn't understand why people voted for trump they still don't understand but now they have a comforting conspiracy theory just like you know after nine eleven many americans tuned in to comforting conspiracy theories then well now the elites have a comforting conspiracy theories and that's why they're not living here in toronto . oh my god well much more coming your way right after the
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break so don't go away. seems wrong. just don't. get to shape out these days to educate and in. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and i finally ended up going also this weekend at atlanta now has
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a buddy and on thousand people point. line and if he would be who would it be that he's leaving the party can get out and me. plus is that going to get to the city people are. getting. bored i've done my duty by my little bit of a wonderful enough that i little bit that we are shut out of money could be no doubt much of the way for the mob not to get a grip on any. business blunders like lose. some for the. receipt. you can be no problem.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to anthony oreo is the c.e.o. and founder of the central and jacks and the cofounder of a theory i'm anthony walker thanks for having me on the history of decline. january third two thousand and nine the protocol was launched by twenty eleven you had individuals in different countries got the message and they become the pillars of those countries the titans of those countries in this space and part of that first wave of ten or fifteen adopters who really defined the space and i think it's fair to say that when he talked canada anthony diorio is big going canada and you have a very. esteemed place in this community that's really remarkable and when people say that you are the co-founder of a theory and use many people claim to be co founder but there are you actually are
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a co-founder of it there and you were here in toronto with metallic and just kind of walk us through how that all happened sure so i in two thousand and twelve. changed my life right away i've been a technology guy all my life and i put together a few recent years of studying economics and learning how things are really working and learning about what money was and really digging into that and then i but i've had a history of decades of technology so i was eight years old building computers and i went to school for business but just always been a computer guy business guy entrepreneur and then when doing the economics and hearing because i like this is the holy grail and i understood it right away and grasp it so i set up a trial between meet up group in two thousand and twelve that's where i'm at but the first meet up i ever did he was there along with eight other people and through that next year got to know him well and he showed me the white paper right when i was setting up my hub in trial called the central and he showed it to me and i showed it to charles hoskins sin and we started it i funded it initially up until the crowd silex will see myself and you'll salute been. the central became the
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first hub for a serial here we ended up selling things up and switzer. but yeah there's those planes we've been talking about yeah that's fantastic so. far it's very key names in the space. and and joe lubin and you know you talk about is there still a lot of chat between you and metallik on these guys and trying to shepherding this industry going forward because now that you've all become you know successful and if you look at the forbes list of crypto folks you know certainly not the same mega successful but is there still a lot of like chatter amongst you guys and you have a certain responsibility to say this industry oh definitely definitely industry yeah i talked to a number of those guys still and my focus turned away from syria in two thousand and fifteen to continue building while that's which is what my company does we build a wall called jacks and we support the coin assyria all the seventy different ones right now so i win more of your theory and to try to support the entire ecosystem and i don't want to just put all my eggs in one thing so it's still
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a big fan of big big fan of theory and trying to bring everybody together and unite this whole legal system and really bring it forward so so during this recent price dip you know is the adoption right continuing what are we seeing during this period typically in the past when we've had price declines that the work continues is that a fair characterization and we're still seeing development going on yeah we're still seeing things happening but it does make it difficult for a lot of companies when when things go down to you know a fraction of what it was when when you're down you know some something like ninety percent eighty percent it's a lot it's a lot for companies to be dealing with and it really changes their plans of what they do with people still plugging away there's a lot of institutional money coming in space right now and it really shakes up people don't grasp what's really coming here and just did it only for the market pricing only once all right so since you're in if their income fatter and it makes it behooves me to ask you about. you know it is a coin that folks are caught saying they're not necessarily encouraged by scaling possibilities you have the crip the case seems to be
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a fair application on it but is it worth the what's the road. on the theory i'm going forward how do you see that i i'm not so sure i'm not so sure i haven't been following it very much recently and because i support so many of the products that we do it's very difficult for me to be keeping track of what's going on with the many different ones i kind of leave that up to those guys doing that there's definite scaling problems right now and there's other projects that are trying to solve that and syrians are trying to solve it itself but. i think over the next couple years scaling problems will be will be figured out and i think right now it's holding back a lot of the benefits that we're going to see from these technologies because there are scalable right now but i think these problems will be solved there's tons of projects working on scaling and working on different types of platforms and infrastructures and i think that probably solves all right i heard you speak recently and he said something that stuck in my mind you said that essentially crypto is all about wallets and wallets are like browsers are the internet ok that struck me as being an awfully smart thing to say and since you're in the wild as a jacks and as jacks i o.
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write j x x and that's kind of like the best the gateway onto this whole market is through the wallet and you have got this fantastic product that jack but talk a little bit about that what you mean by that is how that's the processor for the space so the age of information it was the browser that really unlocked it for the masses that's what everybody uses to navigate the age of information to move information and that's that's the tool the interface for the age of value for what we're seeing now with the block chain space the wall it's how you manage to move value so it's an interface to the technology that the masses need in order to interact and be able to send and move value so that's why i say the waltz into into what the internet was the browser was for the internet it's what enables you to manage and move value and that's that's why the wall is crucial to all the different projects right and it also suggests that people who are buying crypto on exchanges they keep a minimum of their crypto on an exchange and move to a wall in a walled solution either you know cold storage or a paper wall that's the way to move forward we're just to hear about this lawsuit
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with michael turpin after eighteen nineteen because they. for a sim card hack if you probably know the story what's your view on that lawsuits so i had same thing happen to me that michael had michael's a good friend of mine i think that there are there in the past has been very difficult too easy for people to get access to people's accounts through the phone companies it's happened pretty much with every company here in canada i've seen it happen to friends of mine and i think it's an issue i think it's good that michael is trying to do something about it was a lot of money that happened with that and twenty five million yeah it's a lot i'm hoping this does cause some changes because they have a person for mission these these phone companies and i think that's a bad model but it's the way it works things work right now and i think that they need to be put on notice that they need to protect our identities they need to do a better job of things i think i've seen movements with some of the companies here in canada where they've added things they voice print signatures and things like that to help improve those security systems but it's something that should be
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focused on and and i think it's as if one good thing that's being brought to attention how is the regulatory environment. unclear it's hard to have a business here in the space to know what you're can and cannot do when you see a lot of companies that are going offshore and doing things in the caribbean countries because they're little they're worried about what might happen here so that's your jurisdiction shopping where companies get up and they move they go the jurisdiction that they want their business that where is the place to go these days it looks more must favorable to. my company i don't do things that require the regulatory issues i don't hold on to customer funds and i don't do i see oh so those are the two main things that are causing people to go elsewhere is when you have to when you're heavily regulated because you can't comment on the ice. period that we had all these clients come about i think it's a great way to raise capital but i think it leads to a lot of projects that don't have much possibility getting off the ground in a lot of people are going to get hurt and i think that happens but i think the ability for someone to put and decide where they want to put their money and should
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be allowed it she should be able to have the right to do that and i think that's without should be but people need to do their own. research and educate themselves and dixon expected that these are highly risky things and you could could lose their money so right ok fair enough let's talk about the central because this is where you really focusing all of your attention the through our it's all happening for you talk a little bit about it sure so the central is my company it started off as a space i'm trying to set up in two thousand and fourteen when we were when we were launching a syria and the central makes jackson would think of decentralized company and jack's our flagship product but there's other pieces of what we're putting together including hardware devices cards these things that help make make. make these technologies or get them in the hands of the masses and make things simpler and easier so essential is really the idea we have to bring people together we support many many different projects it's not about just supporting one or two technologies and our goal is to unite the communities provide the tools of the masses can actually be using and that's where the wallets come into play at this massive decentralisation you know it's kind space and the big point standard by say it's
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about replacing the central bank system with the centralized bank system and that's a decentralized network and this is the way you know you from what i understand you are very interested in the what's called the freedom movement aren't afraid of. media that was prevalent now for fifteen years and a lot of that is the decentralization for people that might be coming to this fresh how would you describe that to them so for me i think individuals are the most important thing i think the personal freedom and liberty should be have something that that everything that that base everything around that's right to is trying to do things that are going to create more liberty and more freedom for people and that's why we create tools and technology that uses decentralized systems and brings that gets in the hands of people my goal is to create a paradigm shift where users can be in control of their lives not having third parties being control anymore and i think technology is emerging that's going to an emerging that's that's enabling not and it's we've had to trust third parties you
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know since the dawn of time since and now these technologies are coming in that are going to help. replace the need for middle costly middle man intermediaries and third parties and it's been my my child my whole suit to bring the tools that are enabling not again not a recent presentation you made you talk about the incentives of decline and how they're balanced and how that creates the magic if you will of this and hard money that's competing with banks and for the first thing that's computed in quite some time and that also could be described in terms of game theory and that you know everyone is trying out game everybody and the something like a greed factor is pushing miners to mind more and and it ends up with everyone benefiting it's so that kind of behavior it seems to be migrating to the state level where states now who are finding their currencies under attack are looking at crackdown and is that was that kind of hard baked into the protocol from day one
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didn't sit toshi kind of invision this is it is it an obvious development given the shortcomings of feel at carnoustie and where where is that headed in your view i think in the sense of sight that's been the basis of every new because you're incentivizing people to put resources into a platform and they're earning something of value in return for doing that putting that computing power in i think it's an amazing model i think game of flying systems and even government and the way that we that we interact i think is a really smart move i'm a big fan of game of acacia we've hired actually the. give efficient group the world to be our chief experience officer and everything that we do is about how do we incentivize people to do good how do we incentivize people to do great things and that's kind of a big part of what i do is give ok so a set of eyes and people to do good versus incentivizing people to be greedy right there's a there's a notion especially in keynesian economics animal spirits that it's all about aggregate demand it's all about getting people to go out there and spend and
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willing to go into debt to spend now here with the hard money substitute like bitcoin it's act. about hotaling or it's about saving it's about individual sovereignty and that does that lead to good in other words what comes first i want to be good and i end up saving and hotlink decline or i save in a hostile bit coin and i end up being good i mean a bit philosophical but when you're for me i think it's a trauma saving that's right i like saving it's not about shuttling me and i think for me it's always been about recognising where i can create value and take what i'm earning it in and give back to the space here and so i take what i have made here and i'm consistently putting back into keep building up my companies and trying to create value it's all about values my ideas it's right and the value creating up here in toronto is incredible and it's great to have you on the show thanks so much for being up has reported me already well that's going to do it for this edition of the guys report with me my guys are thank you everyone thank our guest and oreo he's the c.e.o. and founder of the central and jack's not going to wallet at jack's. if you want to
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catch us on twitter sky's report and so next time. we have new idea what's she's doing on vacation but she will be back here in september.
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a water tank delivers drinking water to this village once a week. but it's rationed only. some for seven days that's meant to come back household needs as well. there are no other source is open water anywhere
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nearby. chlamydia yet there are not i'm not overdone didn't want to look at my house was not really me if i was out on it i need to find out what. the lawyer that other determined to find out if not i'm going to go on it was i want to leave it up to the to let the matter begin jacket it to tell you if i want a long look at coming home either you're going to get a rerun of the to be now down i got it i got a funny song at the bernabeu niggly is a minute later find out ok i get it about it that he be here you're not about it want to hear it i got out and figured out if i make it understood that and it was new it was somehow me but that's all it was the work i had that of and if they did i doubt they will does disability suddenly either does not mean one when they joined the blue when it was it was a bad compared to. this is one of
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thousands of indian villages where we want to use the most precious commodity. according to scientists in just fifteen years our planet will suffer a global crisis the most devastating one humankind has ever faced everyone will be affected. but. let's. face. it. she is carrying a week's supply of water on her head this is her chef from the tank.
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up. on. i lay out in that room alone the most awkward and the most along the longer luanda . and i finally was the no so great and got up early now but i let the people point to. the result of that when we added i think we are the family. the weirdo could be out in the city now but i believe that the reality can we live the fundraiser amicably at a gathering data savvy i don't know that i'd be. the death party is there any of you it would appear that you're going to find it found that out in long very. people living in india's haunts and arid regions figured out a way of collecting monsoon waters in specially created pools they use them until
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the next rainy season but the monsoon has been late for the past two years on the water was used up a long time ago. by the. way you know that. they used to be a pond here but the local farmers have built mounds around their fields to keep the water for themselves rather than let it run into the common reservoir. and so the reservoir which is used to serve the village around is now only harmful by the time the hot in spring months arrive it's already dried out. she doesn't have anyone to look after her baby at home so she takes him to work with her. with other women she's working on deepening the pond. to collect water
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once it finally run in this. one hundred twenty rupees a day. they need this money to buy water. the villages have been waiting for over a month for the big rains to come and so free water to start flowing from the skies but only in very. bad. nobody. at least. i think it's kind of heat stroke just like. any other yes most of the other people feel that a lot of the water with circulars you can get on it is that because of. the fisa
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look if you get. it you keep it you keep you know you. look closely for the boat. i think about. oh my god that would not allow that i might. lose my job and it. might not. accept it down for that or at least i don't mind that. much. and there are no i'm saying no to as in the end the money. but for it it.
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just a little giggle but do you lost. your purse. your teeth . people. couldn't. find. such earlier there's a new cyclists i'll tell you that the sun did alice out there somebody you can find out like i. don't i know the soviet logo on. its first wife was spending far too much time getting water and she didn't have any energy left to take care of the kids so he decided to take
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a second wife he reasoned that his first wife would be able to mind the children and keep house while the second would be free to fetch water. but his second wife turned out to be a sickly woman unfit for water duty so his plan failed this is how the third wife appeared on the scene. every morning the three wives set out on a water fishing trip and it's a lengthy business the line is long and it's best to be among the first to show up . these days. as quick as they used to be so they have some queuing to do that with. gallo i. gather. oh i've lost. so. i phone felt
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so awful awful on them but. he didn't stop to say. that. we were going to die. and if i missed that little time to tell you deal about it that makes the us on the run for films out the smell of the climate of a poor old boy who had the plan here to mine about i don't know what they are. the biggest political.
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battle to get out of this at the. moment they're. good at it you. know there's water in the house wasn't sure as can be don't twist. the. problem clear your situation a guy you can beat back because when you're going to close off you know though you've got to close off what they mean for ladies we have a little. of you remember maybe you can sure of the man who suffered.


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