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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 31, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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all the time look. but there was the story yesterday of. china that china might have packed you'll receive emails and have the thirty thousand that she deleted nobody went after that i did do a story in fact to you about that but that the mainstream media and in new york and in them in the united states they couldn't care less what you think that's a coincidence no it wasn't russia and it was hillary so they all said we don't care about this so it happens that way all the time but as far as a reporter or so i've been claiming they wouldn't let me do it that's very rare because you lose your job and nobody wants to have that happen steve malzberg t.v. host and political commentator that you for your time and your comments. yellow ribbons used as a symbol of support for jailed politicians and spain's catalonia have been stripped down overnight in the city of to run a video broadcast across spanish t.v. show groups of separatists dressed head to toe in white boiler suits and masks
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taking down ribbons across three towns a spokesperson for them stressed their aim is to keep public spaces neutral. when the white suit is our way of putting forward our demands we put on the suits to draw attention we also consider it to be a form of protest first of all we went there to get rid of those yellow ribbons and to deliver the message that public places are neutral that they should be neutral our opponents should respect public places everything depends on the camp you belong to we believe that their freedom of speech ends where ours begins it's that simple that one members from a pro unionist group also joined in across catalonia with its leader of high profile activists out in front of cameras removing the ribbons. enough public places belong to all catalonians defend them every day. today a move to yellow ribbons from the expat will continue to defend the streets beaches
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and squares of catalonia meanwhile in response there's been a move by pro independent supporters to go around and put the ribbons back up they say the symbol is misunderstood and those are moving them or restricting democracy and freedom that's a global news update for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your so favorite social media sites for up to the minute reports if you're tuning out. four men are sitting in a car when the feds get shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did
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not share around a corner. camera . roughly once they showed some look for the. own cool videos and someone with a rope to string it. down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. . hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things considered i'm teetotal of a parting of ways european leaders talk of a future without the us what is in store for the transatlantic alliance and much
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much more on this edition of crossfire. cross talking some global trends i'm joined by my guest here in moscow marc sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst we spoke nick international and in cyprus we cross to alex was four zero he is the director and writer for the duran dot com are a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate alex let me go to you first then in cyprus interesting trend going on we have european leaders speaking out about a future without the united states and turn. the security arrangements specifically nato and with the impending sanctions visa v the iran situation some europeans were thinking out of the box for a janes for example we have president mccrone of france talking about aggressive isolationism what's your take go ahead. no chance that they'll be able
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to do anything without the united states i think it's all talk by opinion i think that you're up to intertwined to all and by the united states and to me this is just this is all about trump you know these these leaders. these guys these neo liberals what's been left of the obama crew so to speak they just don't like trump they don't like to deal with trump they don't like his rhetoric and so you know they've got a little bit of trouble derangement syndrome in europe but i don't think there's any chance in the near to medium term that europe can do much without the united states i think we saw that with younger i think you are went to washington and pretty much capitulated to whatever trump wanted yeah but mark i mean i agree with alex broadly speaking but there are very specific things like energy where the germans and the austrians in the italians etc are going to go down their own path
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when it comes to energy security they cannot rely upon an outside power here this is what the brass tacks of it all you know european leaders can say yeah we'll spend more money on nato but they probably won't do ok so there are important rhetorical areas but there are certain policy areas that are very real yeah i agree with alex i think that what we're hearing right now is a lot of impotent whining and hand-wringing coming from the e.u. leaders it is personal every other week they're begging the united states to resume the mantle of global military gemini and trans. take leadership as they don't have to do they don't have but they intend to wait trump out they think they can wait him out whether it's another year or two years however many years they think they can wait him out they're going to continue of course with nord stream the germans are not going to back down to that project has gone ahead too far and their energy
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security is a risk there is going to be no e.u. army that's a lot of hot air they can't even if it was a vision when it comes to the words yeah when it sanctions when it comes to nordstrom is there as tested and i think they do not expect that to be carried through sanctions on e.u. companies when it comes to we run that they're having to deal with right now this blocking statue went from one thousand nine hundred six with cuba that reviving they know very well it will have no effect whatsoever of the big european majors told tall mayors. alliance. danielle steel they're already pulling out and they're going to replace them i could be that we could get russia and china russia and i they're going to blame it is this really all when we look at how the european leaders are reacting to trump because i would agree with you but really at the center of this i guess is the paris climate accord and
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importantly the iran deal is they see the united states is not a partner that they can trust because they can the u.s. can change its mind it can pull a lot of internationally agreed treaties and agreements i agree with. you know basically the respond point where i agreed that you will do anything serious to help iran i mean the european commission has just mocked eighteen million dollars in support over a unicorn and this is when you were doing like you need to meet again on a small private enterprise this huge amount of money right. so i don't expect it to be to be a significant all of their. nordstrom to ari kind of a little disagree i think it will always be on the thread because you knew one of the european companies has already just said it would pull out of the project if the united states indeed impose sanctions on any european companies participate in it in general i think if you take
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a broader look at all basically ultra liberalism is that in the european union that i do a widget can make alliances with extremists nationalists they made an alliance with the nationalists in ukraine they met in the lines with the nationalists in point no they're coordinating with them when the nationalism is directed outwards not and i think is largely. yes they're making alliances with nationalists who acted against russia against china against big countries which acted in but which there outre liberal ideology start again and then we can make and i want to with american national interests to my mind you know conservatives the so-called neo cons they are american nationalists and basically you can make an alliance with them again struck me let's say with the you know that's why there was no criticism of the u.s. sanctions against russia from the e.u. that criticism of the iranian sanctions but no breach of them over russia so i can wrap up this point here alex to me but again we are in broad agreement here doesn't
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it just end up being empty rhetoric i mean this is just as egg on its face because you can say one thing they can talk about developing a european wide us with system but if they go and that's why but if they don't do it where's the credibility where's the credibility alex. doesn't have much credibility at this point and i think when the e.u. leaders are talking about moving away from the u.s. i think you're exactly right but i don't think there's much to it and i think even an even more important point is that inside the e.u. they can't reach much consensus so while you can have a market on it or merkel saying one thing you have other countries that are opposed to north stream or are opposed to for. it's germany's policies within the e.u. and that also stretches to migration and other issues so the e.u. just just cannot act as a single unit to muster the strength to move away from the u.s. again because they can't even talk among themselves and with some mark. please put into perspective what is going on surrounding syria right now because depending on
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who you listen to beyond and i don't i'm not talking about the mainstream media as i don't talk about it very much but there seems like a lot of rumblings going on right now go ahead ok so we're heading to a major watershed moment a flashpoint in the syrian conflict which is something we've been talking about the on the show for for well over a year now which is this is this province bordering turkey in the northwest of syria it's a mountainous area that is almost entirely under their control of h.g.'s height to head off which even the u.s. state department recognizes is out or jihadist groups of various sundry alliances that are always fighting amongst each other under the umbrella of all who sues are and the they've they've all recognized the syrian army has as finished the fight in the south and they're now moving to retake good live in libya supplied from turkey
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turkey basically hoped to turn it into another area of turkish occupation on its proxy role it hasn't worked so the syrian military or russian forces are marshalling their breadth of this storm it'll have been this will be the largest battle of the syrian conflict so far there are somewhere between seventy and one hundred thousand jihadi under arms and in the number of people that are close to the situation you're deeming see this as a proxy confrontation because we there are reports that elements of the u.s. navy are moving closer in to the to the coast of syria. the defense department denies it but at the same time says that they're prepared for any things like kind of want to have it both ways but is this a proxy for potential confrontation here i think it's something war basically what we can see in the next few days is a false flag chemical attack in syria which was the russian the ministry of defense
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really russian and russian minister of the kind of defense have been griping about it during the last four or five days it got no traction in europe no traction in the united states pentagon said that we will strike if we if if we care about a chemical attack i kind of comment that may happen but it may come from the rebels and the white star operate in activity on that so this is the first danger that it's not only the u.s. ships operate in there too big russian military vessels have crossed the boss for a straight with. russian naval there already is fifteen so the there will be more calming and this is becoming more and more dangerous situation but there is also another point that i would like to stress the russian foreign minister raised i think a very important issue there are documents in the u.n. security council which basically for bit european and american allies to economically help those areas of syria which are under government control well the
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network sites here document entitle to parent to us and principals or u.n. assistance drawn by the director of political affairs geoffrey that particular affairs over united nations jeffrey feltman this is really cruel because when you are obsessed we didn't destroy syria russia destroyed syria you know i read it in front of mine it's items that putin wants us to pay for something he destroyed well this is just a lie this is this is there are very well that's very orwellian we can have another orwellian story in the second part of the program is about john mccain let me go to alex's fin. shapiro on syria because it does look to me that this is some kind of final temped by the western powers to make a statement to be we still have mattis believe or not the defense secretary talking about a future without assad i thought we got beyond that point but no they keep going
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back to that same point go ahead alex yeah they just they just can't let it go and i agree with mark in the meeting and to the point of going back on europe it's not only the united states that is making claims that they're ready to attack syria you have france and you have the u.k. jumping on board and saying that if there is a chemical weapons strike something that everyone in alternative media is screaming about for us to zero ahead everyone is saying that there is going to be a chemical weapons false flag the mainstream media is not reporting any at all but if there is yeah and if there is that you can france have also said that they will get involved well they found so it'll have to jump in here we're going to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some global trends staying with our team.
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you know world's big partners. and conspirators it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some global trends. and let me go back to alex in cyprus here aleksey when i few days ago i had a long conversation about what's going on in south africa and then lo and behold again i would say our conversation was about the. reported murder of white farmers . the seizure of land without compensation and how the south african government is dealing with it grappling with it politically and internationally and then a number of sources particularly tucker carlson over at fox news talked about a few other people do you tubers you and i talked about it and lo and behold the south african government seems to be pulling back your thoughts. yeah they they are
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taking notice and you noted in our discussion peter that it's the p.r. part that the south african government is very worried about and president trying to tweak it brought a lot of attention to what's going on in south africa it's a very complicated issue but what we're seeing now is south africa trying to explain how the how the land expropriation what other people are calling theft is going to take place and in their comments they're saying that they're not to be taking all the land from farmers they are going to leave the land that is owned by zulu tribe members intact and then they're just going to be moving on other land they're about to take a very big piece of property with the first land seizure from a guy named yohann steenkamp and the funny thing about his lead is that he bought it twenty years ago at all after the massacre of governments right after apartheid sacked after apartheid they're not going to compensate him whatsoever and he said that he will defend he will defend his lead and well so i think they really heating
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up so much for the rule of law thoughts on this march. it's a complicated issue to say seventy two percent of farmland in south africa is owned by whites and they are ninety percent of the population the land restitution act was originally in the act is to restore land that had been seized from black farmers during the decades long rule by the a part of the u.s. and u.k. backed apartheid regime it seems there have been some excesses towards that and a lot of it is has actually happened a lot of it has simply been political rhetoric from within some of the more extremist members of the african national congress and that is what maybe has been walked back more than anything else trump has blown this all out of proportion in an attempt to rally his the white nationalist part of his base meanwhile. maybe speaking up with the rule of law mark i think that goes
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a bit too far but i think well there is no way that there are so many people that if we just lost exactly and you need to have a conversation about that you can't it's not what how do you start it's complicated demon well i would like to point some of our attention to the police and told the european union to vote because when the end seizures were under way in zimbabwe good point and the e.u. who created mugabe there was a lot of those about it in the media no there is bad anything and what is very important talking about human rights violations you know africa david cameron when he wasn't polish several years ago suggest that stopping any economic aid to those african countries which do not recognize single sex marriage which is a cruel decision because a lot of african countries all mostly him and again africa doesn't have to be on the same standard with the u.k. you know you can't jump to
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a condor three hundred years but came out and did it he enforced it i don't know thirty. that me and i would go america there at the same time tour in africa right now and they don't even mention it they just see that the you know it is very proud of the zero point seven or their budget for help to the developing countries huge amount of money right and then i want to talking about quality a lot of africa and they don't respond to questions the african union was against. what's up but what's your message not least some of them to you know the whole mantra is that you accept western values and you accept. a western tradition when it comes to racism being anti-racist the rule of law eccentric cetera that's the reason why do they don't want to talk about it ok because all these issues in south africa are in play and as mark said it's complicated as well i would say that you have to be a part of a fashionable minority whites insult their anonymous minority but they're not
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fashionable hell they're not victims enough for liberals to care about this is a big topic i'm going to stay on and alex i want to go back to you talking about human rights i'm reading a title. from the from the the washington post by a woman a woman named jennifer rubin the human rights community lost a champion. who is she talking about oh there's a picture of john mccain your thoughts a picture of john mccain standing next to all of. the neo nazi leader of you who form the social nationalist party and then went on to form svoboda and one is one of the three big leaders that mccain who even the ones going mainstream media grudgingly admit ok is a neo nazi alex jump and a picture is worth a thousand words and i mean it's ridiculous to see everyone left and right from
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hillary clinton to john lewis to bernie sanders. cause you know cortez raising job mccain as as a peacemaker as a man of peace. i do people have people god in libya syria ukraine iraq bob bomb iran i mean it's it's comical at this point you know it's you know the demon is you know john mccain was an exemplar of of american foreign interventions military interventions around the world and the interesting thing is that just about every single intervention john mccain supported and it up in failure and misery and what you have is you don't you don't see that in washington both just don't see in the washing fulcher see also david good h.s. who is praising mccain for being against climate change and he quotes that mccain is sane the voice can do is still sell my soul to the devil i will do it to the
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public and him and he well you know because i don't back that statement out of some followers of people killed in vietnam and my can never repent at that and he did not sell his soul to the devil and now i think there is a very interesting story about that i think we should all thank mccain for not inviting missed it. mark has just mentioned down who called for at the exodus jules in their great mccain didn't ask him to carry his question but he asks caro moves up a prominent liberal put an activist who suggested putting all the reach businessmen even on the porch and regime i understand you know in the united states and europe he will be carrying mccain's coffin on mccain's personal way to get to and i saw that it's like about twenty people you know how can they carry all of that i
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thought it would be the way i have it i have it for you ok so. who thought the son of the. bin ladin mentor had this to say twitter he paid tribute to mccain and said that his death is very suspicious cummings right now no i don't consider it the honorable stance he has taken towards the revolution of al-qaeda in syria. yes funeral for several months really and as we all know that donald trump isn't going to go there all right i want to change gears i want to talk about north korea. we've heard from media reports that a belligerent letter came from north korea to the state department about what motives and and questions the administration may have about pursuing this peace process here well it's a very sketchy media reports and interpret ing it seems to be
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a bit murky as well go ahead alex. yeah the meeting the letter was interpreted by reuters who kicked it off by calling it belligerent and i was in their title they have since retracted the word belligerent from their title because the real contents came out and it was anything but the literate basically north korea was just asking the trump administration we have three points that we agreed upon what's going on with these three points how are we moving forward and so this was this was a really poor attempt to frame the narrative that north korea was threatening the united states. and the market it's as if the media and the left don't want a peace process to be put into place and i guess the deep state is that want to lose all those contracts that it's had for decades pouring money into the korean peninsula yeah i think part of this is simply because this is seen as trump's unissued go off and even bucking his own administration that at this point the
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democrats have called so far in bed with the neo cons that you can't even tell certainly even on which side of the bed at this point but what north korea asked is simply we've agreed on three points following the singapore statement and the power that corporation between north korea and south korea that we start improving relations we signed a priest treaty finally ending the north korean or decades later then we start talking about didn't it clear ization of the peninsula the whole putting the whole peninsula and then you know this is predictable the trump administration wants to drop this because you know again i thought this is trump's initiative that his own his own neo con administration wasn't behind but what's important going forward is how south korea and moon. do this do they madison's announce that u.s. military drills will wreak amendes on the peninsula is south korea going to play
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along that's what i want to know. well. major sport it said that the united states ran out of good faith you know and this was. known from. the vice chairman of north korea and that there's billy durant and the u.s. america story the u.s. south korean military exercises every year on the korean peninsula and not been examined trait we've kind of thousands of troops with the most sophisticated weapons tested you know weapons that can destroy pyongyang on the in several minutes this is not but he didn't just to let the from here but i think what's really interesting to finish on this point you i think what's really interesting what we've said on this program from the very beginning really it's what's at the what's most important here is how the two koreas engage each other keep your eye on that that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segments stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember crosstalk groups.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. oh you mean i installed c.m. that's right you. don't have to marry someone else insists. i was.
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new revelations on a controversial murder case that sparked chaos in the german city of cabinets as a prison guard admits healy to the arrest warrant a migrant suspect. ten days ahead of sweden's general election anger flares at a rally for a parliamentary candidate claims he was attacked by a migrant. and the nobel committee says that myanmar's prime minister should keep the peace prize despite if you want to court on the mass killing of the country's were in just minority.


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