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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 3, 2018 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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oh man here is a round up of what's been happening and i. was how. this murder has affected us too even though we had nothing to do with it we're still having to pay the price even though we did nothing. for how utterly. utterly. if you seen this place you're behind me so a lot of crime. and so on to steal everything and so on and it's too much and i think we must help people but now it's too much.
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to be honest i'm ashamed of this city when these right wing extremists spread hate like that we should leave and piece together with the refugees. what we have seen in common it is something that has no place in a constitutional spades it's become a witch mom spewing hate treats these has no place in our country. the way you want stream is tough capitalized on this terrible heinous crime is tasteless under poland and we reject it there's not acceptable when people who look for and are being attacked in the course of a spontaneous rally. and to my grandpa have also been displaying photos of people who they claim have been assaulted by asylum seekers claiming flaws in germany's
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own legal and enforcement systems with more details on our europe correspondent peter all over. migration policy in germany is firmly in focus right now but what to do when it's been decided that the person doesn't have the right to be here and should be deported well at the bizarre end of the spectrum is the case of one man in frankfurt who the city's office of public order confirm to r.t. has had a whopping five hundred and forty two criminal investigations against him the man who doesn't have a passport can't be deported because the authorities can't prove which nation he originally comes from oh and by the way this has been going on since ninety ninety eight over the last twenty years most of his offenses have involved drug charges driving offenses driving without a license and violations of the residency act but who year is remains
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a mystery we have a loose biography that suggests that he was born in one nine hundred fifty nine in north africa in the past he said that he was from morocco and also from his from algeria it could be that he is from one of those two countries or he could be from somewhere entirely different opposition figures say that this case shows the flaws in the current system in germany but i'm not surprised this is the most extraordinary case the most ridiculous case so to speak it's a failure of system it's a failure of the government i think if the government really wanted to extradite people they could do it but they don't dare to do it because they're afraid of the left wing media. would protest and their. so-called human rights organisations they protest against of even try to prevent physically the extradition of people the most recent statistics for this year show that more than
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half of deportation orders were carried out the most common reason for this is that when authorities turn up at the door address where somebody was supposed to live. if they're not there and they can't be found however this year we've seen a sharp rise in the number of people who've avoided deportation after they physically resisted reaper tree ation of people that don't have the right to be here in germany is on the list for angle of merkel to around africa we have a situation now where not all problems have been solved especially deporting are still a big problem the security system also the traditional system has to make clear that there is an effective system of crime prevention. and there is also an effective system in place of punishing committed crimes and not just coloring the situation beautiful lead by presenting statistics that was done by the interior
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minister. for claims that the security situation was better than ever since nine hundred ninety two but it just took some statistics which did not really reflect the situation on the streets he left out all those cases that were reported to the police but were never really taken further because of lack of capacity on behalf of the police. next sunday sweden goes to the polls and it could prove to be a big electoral upset with rightwing support on the rise in the country has seen a wave of cars set on fire by youth gangs making crime a big factor in the campaign almost two thousand vehicles have been targeted since january but the motive behind the attacks has still not been officially established sweden's prime minister has denounced the use of being blamed for arson. program or study custom have of the question has to be asked of those people who want to hack
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where you're doing what it forgot who do you think you are born or you destroyed the whole area of the neighborhood for the children on their way to preschool you have to see the burnt out cars that are going to cause them awfully hard response from society any other social art is more of an ocean i visited one trouble district with local journalist chang frick who witnessed multiple arson attacks himself. or. was. there something that. the hollowness well of this noble source where we go. right now we're driving to the southern part of stockholm the swedish capital to one of the areas called by police as found the rebel area or especially vulnerable area or risk area how the prefer to lead but in the media very often they call these neighborhoods right now around sixty one of them officially stood by police
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as no go so he waved me to a swedish journalist tang free thank you so much for being my knight. no go zone in sweden seriously of course you can go dar. you will have problem if you go to with the camera or if you're. from here is swedish vulnerable areas have been grabbing headlines over she teen in car burnings the latter has nearly doubled every ten years why do they burn the cards i think it's like to show police that there were called for all of the area not the police to go . lots of people angry and all because you know if you could walk if you have a parking lot with what the cause of or anybody what a coral fire of course it will spread to the next guy or a next car. just
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a common thing that people leave those areas they are there to sue the state makes them more money they move away immediately from the good old water kids to go with the school here for others for. a spot the discussion is a true about if it's a little girl saw it as a. stop over to chicago so you give up for example a social. he called it no it's a go go also you know so he went to holland i used to live there are over he said with the police never figure out why they got out the day out of course. after the police car so they had to call for what you call the. truck to get their way the police got when he was start to prove it's a go go so known for high criminality rate theories have a reputation for drug trade. terrorists place where there's a lot of drugs obviously people are kill it there are just go out there are.
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people standing here and for whatever and they will find it for you even if you're blind you will see what they could dealing drugs it's not like they are hiding it. to the few people who have. to live with it which i don't think violent they would have thought of to. know on the route told not to do so you know because of the market giving the money the money. was that they do shoot it down you may know. that but what we've seen across sweden's vulnerable aimee's looked quite tense just like the country's prime minister has described although the authorities never agreed many tend to blame the massive number of any goings on the situation. people think that it's related to his two thousand and fifteen immigration crisis with no this is because of immigration we had twenty years ago
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a lot of these people are criminal the second generation immigrants the parents came through if you want to be a bit from arctic you can say that the worst is still ahead of us. social scientists adrian grug lopo believes that poverty is the root cause of sweden's problems. now you understand that look i let it go at it because it does go. over to. my grounds to get into the labor market so that's that's a big brawl and here we are. in there looking in a. political. party the first standing in a story. from being social democrats and getting into very very unhappy rights new kind of. a situation so sort of course it's a little bit garbled to. watching the weekly more news after
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a short break stay with us. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. think wrong well let's just. get a shape out of this thing. and in detroit. trail.
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one song by themselves walter white we choose to look for common ground. infinitely. from from. from . welcome back this is the weekly on our team international now c.n.n. is under fire after refusing to retract a breaking news story on collusion between donald trump and to russia despite the news channel's source publicly withdrawing a significant claim the whole story was based on our teasingly of jericho comments . a quick look at some of the nuts and bolts of russia collusion storytelling we've gotten rather used to the media running sensational headlines because
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a number of anonymous sources said this or that well what if the anonymous source reveals his identity and says the story's not true or that he's made a mistake perhaps you'd expect the outlet to take a step back consider some skepticism possibly make a correction or take the story down altogether not if you're c.n.n. we stand by our story and are confident in our reporting of it and here's their original bombshell story from a month ago sources with knowledge tell myself and call that michael cohen claims then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june two thousand and sixteen beating a drum tower crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert muller so this in station was that the president's former lawyer would tell investigators mr trauma had known about the infamous tower sit down featuring his son and the russians sure that counts as
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a sensation as many would take it as proof there had been collusion well a few weeks later a man called lanny davis michael cohen's own attorney comes out and says he was the source for c n n a b he's made a mistake and c. is in. side into this complicated matter has been misinterpreted mr davis eventually even appeared on c.n.n. several times to reiterate just that the reporting of this story got mixed up so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the from terror meeting with the russians beforehand or you know. is it your understanding now that the senate has been told no michael cohen stands by his testimony he did not know of the trump tower meeting beforehand that's correct and the reporting was
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a bit garbled but c.n.n. did nothing to warn its audience the story could have been false in fact it even began attacking the man who it once used as a source blaming him for changing his mind as often as the wind however when c.n.n. first broke the news based on a tip off from sources it mentioned that attorney davis declined to comment on the matter now we know that mr davis and the source are the same person like these guys other influential outlets the likes of the washington post came up with follow up reports or included corrections they weren't saying the original story was false for sure but at least cast some doubt this was the time when journalists went to c.n.n. but c.n.n. and only answer to their question was we stand by our story it's still right because we had multiple sources did c.n.n. name many of these sources know this is out sometimes work and there could be
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a much bigger issue behind this kind of news climate one congressman from the republican party has claimed serious people from the likes of the justice department could leak sensitive stuff to the media on purpose he says this could be a tactic to trigger and list rounds of probes we know that some people at the. department of justice and f.b.i. actually gave information to the media then the stories were reported and then they used those reports to justify further investigations could that point to some other form of collusion don't you dare even think that russia gate is the coin of the realm here if you have a story no matter how false you're out with it before anybody pays any attention to the sourcing we have a sleazy bunch of lawyers and i have to ed pundits and reporters
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who now are caught in this web of misinformation. mists speaking at all kinds of euphemisms for lying i would suggest that if they do have another source that to defend what's left of their reputation they need to serve up some information about this sort but as i say they have no imperative to do that because of that c.n.n. on and miss n.b.c. and the cable and also the other outlets this story will kind of peter out and what people will remember is the first impression namely trump lied again about as a for mailbag with more than weekly in about thirty five minutes they would.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see if. when lawmakers manufacture consent to student of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent so. it's time to ignore middle of the room sick. room in the real news room. for maneuver sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all
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four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the oldest did not shoot around a corner. just through. her employer. right. her through her.
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this is the coaxes bizarre neighborhood in bangladesh just recently this land was a rain forest but no there. refugee camps like. elephants are a problem then tank refugees either out of range on feel. they can find then ancient my great tree roots among the sea of tents. in the last twelve months twelve men have been trampled to death by elephants however the elephants will have to retreat outnumbered by about nine hundred thousand refugees in the copses bazaar camps around six hundred thirty people have migrated here from my own ma in the last two years alone.
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and. added that i would be much. better denoting abounded about it. but i do. not have gotten out of it again a bit of a film ok if you thought about it or not i. am not going to that i. am i was done i said i'm a little bit of that it would be thinking. god on the other that would also god doesn't want to. know that i. didn't know that the rainy season is coming and the refugees tense will be washed
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away by mudflows unless they're resettled closer to the jungle and back to my own ma. i thought i. wanted one but. not the end of it and i like what i got out of it i thought it would. come out of my day on not a lot one. going to. run on one of those on long island i see it all on the whole i want to talk to. the world now knows about the massacre in russia state in the village of to look totally. but she already feels like an opium and her body is scarred with the sun will escape how she and her daughter the only survivor among three children managed to reach bangladesh even she herself can't understand why would love been located in a book but then did a lot of the take what on earth would it of. put in there wait
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a minute it will lobo to the moon the minute i did would it go to what i then would your model ata bottom of the boy or should out of the bottle what i leave that out on the body no i don't like get one full on it on a photo they love me they let me go along it in the model photos i will google is yes you got a good ear good out of them but i found i was unable to but i knew i would willingly write about and what if i am out of whatever i mean but i'm old and wouldn't let him out when i. bought a boat and those who i would have chanukah the monomer datable that i declare in their heart on a melody while that idea that i had it i bet on that i would have got put to god what about a thousand eight hundred more i don't want turned on and got a plan i got because then i got clipped by them and of my don't like it a lot i got a lot out of town a town and got a fella at. the horrible scar the ira put a lot of those under what i do whatever they want to at the but i will say the washable someone on my shoulder looked out for the one i am. sure she got
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a bottle by did they were the whole of why the well i. will buy them lot of by the auditing with how good a mother has and has a little bit of what i. hear this will not only am i love the hunger how to fill out a hug and all else who got the hell out i didn't. the why did the one of the girl our daughter not would want to bother when i was alone i can love what i am and that on monday i would want to learn i would have when i. thought it would it would you want thought of hubble's a good wash a. completive. that on one of the local my dear a lot about body image and. odd thought of what i'm not that they're not a lot of love and what i am about my job how do you like me part of. what i put a good point of view motherhood in with an inverted. thought of on the line what have i done to. the minute you get off to the.
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likes of me. when i was little the bible did with or without it when they were. on the mountain i think a lot of them not only love the bad side the side of us from a little washed the dishes the dish your son going just scientists you get border and some good but has to hide that they've managed to bury a man before. the drugs the border. she was admitted and the said clinic in could develop the bottom of my case i don't want the. bottom of the white community. to get a photo mother. was a little bored out of a little boy. doesn't recognize the role hinge of genocide
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or even wrote in jest mr t. the word itself is under attack. here simply called muslims or terrorists. trying to arrange an interview with the sun sochi the state council and nobel peace prize laurie. months in replying to our interview request we received an invitation to join the media. and even though we understood we just had the official position of the authorities it was the only way to film at least something in russian state close to journalists spanked then. you know the british you see the law i was with him on the on the countryside where gold of friendship brits so the return of wealth comes from various. well you can bet that.
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the official line is that the attacks against muslim villages were an anti terrorist operation in response to the tank. on. the property. in august twenty seventh teen in just one day killed ninety nine hindus and buddhists in russian state and in retaliate in the mayan ma carried out an ethnic cleansing operation they wiped out roy hinge of villages forcing people to flee to bangladesh. the congress state used to be separate kingdom you had vote for slums and bloodless
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living day that kingdom up for a kind was conquered by the burman think of the boundaries redrawn oddo the rakhine came down became bangladesh and the item became. off the independence the constitution said all people were. boundary of. it is so you could claim that there are two way and yeah mom became citizen. way some of them as far as president it wasn't mine mom back then had to flee the country with his family it was after the military coup and the death of his father in prison under unclear circumstances. before the coup. we were on top of the. presidents family ruling. after the cool people were scared to talk to us in case the military
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came for them as well. and didn't think i would get involved in politics again when he people of burma started demonstrating against the military in one nine hundred eighty eight i decided i should get involved at that time outside the city also rose to prominence i worked with husband to try to free her i support attire for the last twenty that he is. when she was released from. house arrest and i was invited back into the country she. was too busy to meet with me to see if you. have instructed us. on cattle. and to take. you home. and.
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i was the middle man i was trying to bring different groups and the government together we all supporting the. need is on the offices of ten different ami's had may sound funny but in my. at least twenty one different means fighting the government when there is a clash the liaison officers are the ones who will intervene right away to make sure that the unintended tasha's do not become a big battles so in that way we're helping to keep that however in twenty seventeen in the way it wasn't allowed to intervene in the row hinges situation his visa was revoked without any explanations given returning to the mayan ma media on those rare occasions when we were alone.


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