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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 10, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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oh i'll come to him sophie shevardnadze as bright minds gather here at the european house congress at a forum at italy's komo here it is faced with a number of pressing issues the looming trade war with the united states michael crisis and the reform democratic system face up to today's challenges well i ask the former prime minister of italy and recollect that. the european union is on the brink of major change but plans of reform are being jeopardized by an ever growing which driven between member states over the ongoing refugee crisis how can a common vision be hammered out in a climate of distrust while the union managed to keep up the momentum of integration while balancing the demands and wishes of the blog and will that be
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enough to ensure the longevity of the e.u. . and u.k. letter thank you very much for being with us today it's great having as our guest lots to talk about since so many changes are taking place in europe so europe's look pretty of transatlantic trade may be in jeopardy and trump right now is saying that you know what the u.s. will outlast europe and it's straight standoff and we're going to negotiate hard to make this on american terms what's going to happen is europe just going to capitulate what does this mean. i think trump is becoming the best ally of the european union as united more humans it goes from is pushing to peons to understand that we we have to be together because the only way to be together means reacting to these threats i think the trade threats of trump is a mortal threat for europe is a mortal threat because. of your. an economy is based on
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export is based on producing more than we consumption and that is crucial for the future of european union if we have a word of protectionist if we are obliged to produce only for the internal consumption that is the end of the european economic model this is why trade is becoming the big gap between european union and us to trump is also threatening to pull america out of the w t l if everything doesn't go the american way what would that mean for here a plan for a condition i think for w two it would be a mortal threat to. buy that the same time i don't see possible to have a trade multilateral level without an organization and multilateral organizations we can have only bilateral agreements between countries we need to have and then to
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mentor national multilateral organizations w two a was this organization it's worked in some period of our history even recent history so i think trump attacked. multilateralism and europe at the same time and i think it's a double attack that is for us the big signal we have to react we were always allied of us and we are still alive of the u.s. trump is another thing from his release that's for us so let's talk in more details in terms of what you're a pain reaction should be because like completely right now trump threatens to slap him for a taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods right and he then sat at that here opinion is almost as bad as china always smaller that's a quote. what do you make of it like what does this mean and do. i feel like europe
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should be prepared for import taxes from washington as well i think reactions can be considered the swing this term but at the end of the name of the day you know trans protectionism is affecting today more european union than china. decisions that to continue now where the season's first against the prince the lies because the friends the allies like european you know or like canada or like mexico where countries without any damn petty any customs any protectionism with the us we were really in a very good relationships in terms of trade china already. has many many barriers with us so the decisions of trump are affecting today more european union canada mexico than china so this is why we are so angry with him and
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we would this is why our reaction is in terms of counter reactions to the u.s. but also in terms of turning to east what i would think could hear a pin slapping terrorists in retaliation to add hostile action is maybe a strong thing to do but that does not put an end to the trade war itself so is there anything else other than new trade taxes then you can do and turning to the east we can hope. the democrats can defeat trump in the next election system that says no one hears that he would be elected the first time but at the end of the day . i think you know trump is doing what he said in the electoral campaign i'm not surprised by the direction he took the point is that the direction is a wrong one because is that the election say by saying american first and american industry first is to the most racial that we can start with with trade wars and
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trade was among western countries among w two countries among west and east are the way to waste opportunities to do. destroyed jobs to destroy. the recovery in our part of the word this is why i think the retaliation reaction and the global trade. acts from all of you did european union this is why i mentioned. the eastern countries but i can mention also for instance mexico we have to. have a new deal with mexico because it's it's for the most russians that we want to be proactive and positive towards north america but we can't accept the seti to
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deflect from so you have like you've said in the beginning of the interview that whatever is happening is a mortal threat to you or a but i've also heard djinn in to say that trans hostile attitude towards europe is actually going to help you or grow up that's funny because that's what we russians say about the sanctions the sanctions will help them grow up but are you guys actually when i say you the europeans ready to defy america like serious issues for instance iran sanctions i think iran is is. is really next and acceptable what happens on iran so i think we have to think how to avoid the bad consequences of this huge and so on on iran it depends on the next elections depends whether we'd be reelected or not because one scenario is from a sort of identities one two and then the sort of nightmare
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that's can end up and we can start again with this. strong alliance and strong. working together between the u.s. and europe trying to. get. reelection in print. very is profoundly different and this is why i think the next months will be important to settle for two to four movies deservedly ok so let's talk a little bit about italy europe relations with russia because he were up and russia have separate relations i mean they're much more tied historically and economically than pressure in america because russia america is more strategic partnership more than anything else so. practically all the political forces in italy that you know i have come across. they are for close cooperation with moscow i don't know any
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italian politician whether it's from conservative or democratic or the alternative parties that would say we need to make war with russia all of them are saying we need to cooperate with moscow that's the only way but then when it comes to lifting the sanctions the only thing italy can do is just you know vote against it automatic extension of sanctions why do you think rome can't be. stronger and saying maybe we should get rid of the sanctions if we understand that this doesn't benefit italy politically or economically. italy's the country as you know with the best i think relationship with russia in terms in economy terms in political terms so it is clear it is not hidden nothing need an agenda for italy to overcome this situation the same time we are within the european union and with india opinion and. there's a mixed feeling and
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a very. why there and complex scenario on this topic i think it's necessary to work well together to try to overcome the situation is the interests of europe of all euro is the interest of italy i think that in today's interest of russia to choice necessary to work all together to have an evolution you mentioned the u.s. and europe it is clear the different interest is different is the interest is because geo politics is forward by two words geography and full effects. and for joe griffin europe and russia we are neighboring countries so we have to co-exist we have to work together we have to cooperate that is not the case for us so this is why the key point for ours is that. the
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consideration of in the next future a path away a road map on how to overcome sanctions is in our interest is in the interest of for the european union i think it is indeed interest of russia to this is why we. we we hope russia surely is trying to lay the sanctions are helping. that i can tell you but. i don't want to get your personal view on this what is this about like michael costa russia or chancellor merkel comes to russia and every time they speak out of russia it's all about bridging the gaps not about the gaps ok they talk about importance of being together and moving forward together and the men in their home facing their audiences it's all about you know super anti-rational rhetoric is this for the audiences is this for the voters or what is this thing goes once where in russia talking to put in we say one thing and as soon as we go
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back home we need to pursue the usual rhetoric or else will be seen as what because it is necessary to understand that this diplomatic situation means a diplomatic it was a private and very wise approach meaning that we have maybe to separate we have to cooperate for many things and we have to freeze at the beach the problems that we are having without raising these problems as. the french see questions cooperating another issue on other issues and knowing that the european union is composed by today twenty eight countries among these countries we have to respect the fact that some of them have a different approach than the one we having as italians and if i may say is the demonstration of the fact that on foreign policy the european union has to.
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to make steps and to have more steps in terms of unification of the position and saying that maybe we need to have an institutional framework to take decisions majority to without finding always the consensus rule but you know it's an internal problem of the european union in term of program because the difference is that russia is one country with one president and one parliament european your new means twenty eight countries one european parliament plus twenty eight and national government national parliament on commission so there's a clear and balanced institutional situation and i think it's necessary for russia that would nor also will this this difference russia knows where it will president putin knows you will very will and he knows the complexity of the european. institutional let's stick to him and this difference is
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a big difference and take a short break right now while we're back we'll continue talking to you and they collect that italy's former prime minister and we're discussing what's going on inside the european union right now stay with us. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on spilling dramatic develop into only going to desist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical.
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usage. twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous. is it always a pretty mean you are let's put it that you are dreaming the neighborly is that i'm here let me go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took. this to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these another call that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. and
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we're back with and we call that dayton is former prime minister mr lads and let's talk about the differences within europe because you're probably one of the best speakers to speak for the european union as a whole so the refugee crisis which is hitting europe really hard right now italy hungary are creating a united front against migration is it actually six support of austria and
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a vicious group. there saying. the european parliament elections of twenty nine thousand it's going to be a referendum of europe without borders that and then ian mccall has proposed against europe that protects itself this is the vision i mean can this be something fail i think you're right the european elections next year will be maybe the most important european elections ever in the european history european parliament elections were always elections in which it seems a joke but it is reality europe was not the matter was not the core of the discussion. each country was having european elections to discuss the massacre for years to try to check the popularity of the government and so on and so forth it is the first time. that the european elections will change in any way the european
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path because you know for twenty years until now the european parliament was formed around two big people political peelers center left center right all the political decisions even on russian sanctions or trade issues are the outcome of an agreement between these two political families so the european parliament political landscape it's an easy. landscape because you have two groups you have to do you need the agreement between two groups and that's it that will change next year or next year you will have fragmentation probably it would be necessary to have the agreement among four groups to me to have a majority that means i completely different. decision making process for the repeal of i think next year in this very period we will say oh the old good
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times of twenty seventeen or twenty sixteen because european parliament would be completely different and in this european parliament. the other main point would be are the populists parties running together in a unique group in a unique front or are them divide it. because of course if they are united and if they get not twenty twenty five thirty percent of the votes that change a lot of european life and this is why next year it would be a turning point of the european political life you mentioned migrations you not migrations is the typical topic where the inter-governmental role. doesn't work because if you have twenty eight head of state and
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government meeting around the table and the topic here is our many migrants you take on many migrants can give you it doesn't work because the answer would be always zero i want zero i as prime minister of my country upon one magnet's i want zero but if you have refugees coming you need to have a supreme national organisation the european commission taking the responsibility to say these syrian refugees we need to welcome them and so we have to redistribute them within the member states and it is not. goodwill of one country saying that i can take one thousand i can take one hundred but it's it's a different way with the intergovernmental role it would be impossible to solve the migrant problems in the way it was looking right now i don't know what's going to
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be in ears to come right now your new government italy's new government doesn't want migrants in italy and is even threatening not to pay its share on the migration issue into the e.u. budget here but you know it's it's a contradiction this agreement between italy and hungary is a contradiction because italy is the country of first entry in the european union and it is first entry because italy's the mediterranean country like greece so it is almost impossible to block any arrival because of the cost of geography of italy so the first need to futilely is to have solidarity of the rest of the european union when we have refugees or. riving we need the other countries showing solidarity towards us and the
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less giving salute her it is audubon and i'm going to hungary they don't want to have any migrants or the big contradiction is that italy needs exactly the opposite easily needs a european situation and reach you know. we had a crisis in fifteen thirteen that was a very difficult crisis but if you have five hundred thousand refugees arriving and if you are a continent of five hundred million people if you spread all these migrants in all the continent you can at the end of the day welcome them you can leave with this problem but if you are welcome there only in one country italy or in one country germany the problem is absolutely and conceivable and unsolvable this is
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why only a european solution can give some answers to produce migrant flows of course we have to control our works than a border not for open doors of europe to all migrants it's not manageable but for refugees coming from wars that the west. you know iraq afghanistan syria these three countries of origin are the countries of half of the refugees during this crisis and these three countries where the big mistakes of the of the west of the u.s. first of all over the years show it is necessary to give an answer but is a unified answer so what are the chances of really briefly because we're coming to an end of him and then the close proposed to reform to be implemented to come to life with so many obstacles on the way i mean you need
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a german backing you need chancellor merkel to back you she her position at home is weakened germans are very wary of anything pan-european because they hear that and they are unlikely thing they need to pay for everything especially poor countries so she will have to back this reform back you and maybe we can her position at home this and then the germans also. saying that for this reform to undergo all parliament need to agree which is an impossible thing to hear what are the chances of this reform really come into effect how realistic it is and do you still believe that manning mccloy is the big unifier among many bad news in the last period of p.l.o. there was one good news to good news was the agreement between france and germany on some reforms of the euro area they had this agreement at the end of june before summer in mezzeh birth and i think italy has all the interest to shoot poor
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to and to have the possibility to implement part of this agreement this agreement is an agreement on how to create a euro budget a euro budget needs for his and to create an insurance against unemployment into italy needs social measures social measure measures to complete the arch director of the euro because the euro is a financial that's director with a lack of the social people so easily needs and what i would like to see is my government pushing for reform in that direction not for less europe because we have the euro the euro is there so we have to complete the it should take two or so what germans and french agreed in mezzeh burke was a first step that was interesting it is in our own interest as italians there are many difficulties and i'm not i'm not sure that all these reforms can be approved
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because of the differences and also because of the fact that the main problem in the next months will be breaks it if you ask me. what is the biggest warrior you have today it is not. oh all we talked about it is bricks people we are growing towards but exit towards the cliff edge as we say or worse a disaster there's no plan. even no plan b. and there are even no plan c. there's just. approaching march the twenty ninth with the idea then the day after would be a disaster and this disaster we create a big financial instability and we would suffer a lot this is why i am really worried about what exit and this is why breaks it you have to add extra to the old what i said about next year elections the elections
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would be in may breaks it would be end of march we will have i think i fear. i'm very sad at. spring and we would love. to think about the future if you would hope thinking that we have to overcome all these difficulties and next year would be a very complicated well hopefully overcome the difficulties all the past a lot of tears thank you very much for this one too quite you read much. my body told me that i belong with the poor but my thoughts my mine with that
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along with the girls. still be of any particular. person. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully recall that this. problem should have gone away from it by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go all god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders it's impossible. is still luzhin it's a mental illness. this is not one of my bones from flesh or from my flesh she shall be called woman because she was teaching me.
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what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be close it's like that before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. close it. prosecution will need to become almost. a full zone. where you push. the threat of fines somebody do i mean. political pressure on the. security genocide nuns would pull your bundled up business models used by american corporations. he's sold them good mental disease as an abuse. of the scene. the solution.
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in this is he. knew going he saw it is just somebody with deleting. an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. headline news sweden's ruling social democrat suffer the worst election result in a century while the swedish democrats make substantial gains on lancy immigration platform. the israeli defense forces say they're reviewing the fatal shooting of a sixteen year old palestinian boy at a protest and gaza we speak to his family. and despite iraqi authorities declaring the country free of islamic states almost a year ago we reported on how the terror group remains active across a large swathes of the country. open.


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