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tv   News  RT  September 11, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the fun is up in these crowds and the fun. of the suburbs. several days ago landed in front of my house my mom wife and three children. i remember how i called home and there will be nine civilians are killed including three children when al nusra terrorists shelled a christian village in syria and it's. also in the program a suicide bombing kills thirty two people are rarely enough against the local police chief while the twin blasts in the same province targets schoolboys during morning rush hour. there are some international missions
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the tens of thousands of my going to me. and i think the citizens of pay my salary in order for me to control who is entering my country. top level insights into europe's migrant crisis as italy's hardline interior minister talks exclusively to r.t. . twenty four seven news live from moscow this is r t international pleasure to have your company i mean an only our top story the syrian government appears on the verge of taking over the last remaining terrorist stronghold in the country but the situation in several parts of the country remains on stable one of those being province.
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heard a roar and there was dust everywhere and i grabbed my daughter is trying to cover them with my body who lost part of our eye when told to find him and saw he was in the corridor there was a pool of blood coming from his head. out of the cinema and several days ago a rocket landed in front of my house my mom wife and three children died i remember how i called home no one picked up. the album some people a young lady and little girl and two teenagers also a day. well besides her province al-qaeda affiliates are also active in it live right where tensions
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continue to rise russia's murder tree sales terrorists there have started their final preparations for a possible false flag attack artie's daniel hawkins join kevin on earlier in the studio to discuss the developments you're upset about accusations and counter-accusations the russian of modi has been warning about this for quite some time today we've got news coming in from the russian reconsideration center in syria that things are actually on the move according to them camera crews are on site in the libyan the town of jews that i was sure good of there filming this alleged incident a false flag operation according to the russians at least based on intelligence from residents from locals tell itself well they say this footage that they're filming will include what helmets treating alleged victim. of a false chemical weapons attack by the syrian government from barrel bombs from helicopters this footage will be sent to various news channels across the middle
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east and the us as well within the next twenty four hours or by the end of today at least we have requested a comment from the us department of defense to see if they know anything about this if they can comment on this somehow we haven't heard back but the u.s. has previously denied all of this they've said this is just the destruction it is just propaganda and the threat of chemical weapons use by damascus is very real tensions on all sides these accusations flying around it does look like something is finally coming to a head there doesn't it you know i mean tensions have been rising that the u.s. has made their position very clear multiple times they've said that chemical weapon use by damascus will trigger retaliation like a military retaliation would strikes by the u.s. and its allies on syrian government forces they've also made clear that any chemical weapon use will be blamed was printed really on the damascus government so that position is very clear that's led to clashes between russian and u.s. officials previously things getting quite heated let's take a look just so there's no confusion here if the syrian regime uses chemical weapons
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we will respond very strongly. forces have no chemical weapons and no plans to use them there is no military necessity for it we urge the international community to support. and syria's use of chemical weapons and we remain resolved to act. uses chemical weapons again. people will not use militarily useless means to draw before three powerful countries upon themselves we have all seen what the syrian regime backed by the russian government has done in the past that should not be a surprise to anyone that that would be a concern of ours once again. we have the impression that u.s. threats against damascus aimed at preventing terrorist from being. it's not the first time the us no matter which administration has prioritised the telescope changing dissident regimes above the common goals of eradicating terrorism and
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extremism. i think it's clear it's shocking that chemical weapons use is even being predicted from any side here as we've said in the past but russia as we say has warned about such provocations what they describe as provocation is we all agree that the moscow has no weapons and even if they did using them would be suicidal triggering a military intervention from the west potentially any such chemical weapons use or even threat to allegation of such chemical weapon use could be the scope of the spark triggering some very serious incident. well according to the un envoy to syria stuff. there are ten thousand al qaeda linked fighters in. tuesday marks seventeen years since al-qaeda cari died the most devastating atrocity in modern american history almost three thousand people were killed in four coordinated attacks after nine eleven in washington launched its so named war
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on terror however before the attack the u.s. treated the extremist group rather differently for example washington called its founder bin ladin a freedom fighter during the afghan war in the one nine hundred eighty s. the american cia even gave him weapons with western media healing him a hero we discussed earlier with an list. officially of course the united states has not changed. its altitude again so tired of the the united states government and the basic media do not mention at all but the connections between al qaeda and the rebels. the so-called rebels of the syrian war that of them in the past seven years which allows them then to criticize anyone who dares make that connection it didn't matter to the united states who won so long as assad lost that's the key point and just as they left iraq in
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a mess it doesn't matter to them that syria will be left in the mess as well. to another ever headline stories this hour a suicide bombing has hit their protest in eastern afghanistan killing at least thirty two people authorities say dozens more were injured the demonstration there was calling for the resignation of a local police commander afghan based journalist sunny brings us more. today afternoon exactly just a few minutes after. as you said when we're actually told it is a group of sue williams who gathered in eastern province of afghanistan in one go to protest against a local police commander. in action districts often call it which is. the taliban group and also isis group at this problem. hole is
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counted as one of the insecure problems of which this group. parentally in this province and mostly launching such trying to of the attacks on civilian government civil and fifty's government into situations more likely that this attack also. contacted by the isis group. into plastic also conduct such kind of attacks on civil gatherings in different parts of. a twin blast also hit the same province in afghanistan this week reports say a child was killed four others injured a word of warning you may find the following images disturbing video after piers to show one of those injured in the attack the first bomb went off during the morning rush hour i signed a girl's school students from a neighboring boy's school then gathered near the scene when a second explosion occurred witnesses say it was the secondary attack that caused
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the casualties it's a tactic known as double top no group has claimed responsibility as yet but the taleban states have previously targeted the region all schools have been closed in jalalabad for the time being. to council only at where separatists are right in force today in the spanish region these are some of the latest pictures we have from the rally. people write to markets alone is national day almost one year on from when the region's government declared independence from spain at the station in twenty seven being propelled the country into a constitutional crisis and was the third illegal by miter.
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to those in charge in the council and government who are the protagonist in this challenge to our coexistence i ask them to cease illegal activities they should abandon their objectives. we are now applying article one five five because no government at all in a democratic country can accept that the law will be ignored violated or changed
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and this has all happened under false criteria and they impose their criteria on everybody else. a russian protest artist notorious for staging some watering stunts has fallen not fleeing to france to claim asylum also quite worked out according to plan that's after his latest piece when it's a bit too far. russia
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it's sometimes difficult to be an artist yes especially when makes a political declaration out of his art that's the case of that probably and for who we already know and this is just you know arrested for setting the door of the former k.g.b. building on fire. to publish the price of his own actions is the loss of his freedom. we filmmakers sponsors actors in the world of culture and citizens are outraged about the situation. opposition illegal incarcerated and russian.
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daily life in french prison is like every day a prison guard names incarcerated person and reason arrest warrant out loud the prisoner then grabs his things and matches from the so says his goodbyes his prison mace and leaves in florida for example five to ten prison guards go on a convict and slam them to the floor choked. twist his hand and then lead him out while squeezing his neck. obviously the administration here is just torturing me. to rushes far east now we're running three hundred thousand soldiers on thirty six thousand military vehicles are rumbling through the largest military drill seen in decades.
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staying in that region after the break a power brokers business decision makers in asia pacific influencers they are old and love evil stock for the eastern economic forum we'll get you up to speed. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic to follow only
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i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. face for the next actual threat like china becoming a superpower and get its act together and like we did during the cold war or after russia put up sputnik the u.s. landed on the moon that's why mention the moon and look if we have an existential crisis coming down the path guys like trump and other entrepreneurial you know leaders will mobilize the country and i want them to challenge because right now america doesn't have anybody else out there to play with you know.
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we're back with our to international the european parliament is debating whether hungry should be stripped of its voting rights in the institution supporters of the proposal claim the hungary and government's policies quote breach the values of the union let's go directly to our key to europe correspondent peter all over at peter you've been following today's debate what's your impression of where it's going to lead. well the plenary session was essentially a debate on whether the european parliament and european commission will enforce article seven procedures against hungary what that means is well it's the ultimate political naughty step it essentially strips and suspends a would suspend hungary's right to be able to to vote in the in the situations to essentially have a part in the decision making process of the repeal in union now. there
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were a lot of allegations put before put before hungry and put before viktor orban who was actually in the room in in the plenary session in strasburg listen to the charges that were leveled against hungary or to defend my country and this is a matter of sadly the commission shares the concerns expressed in the report in particular as regards fundamental rights corruption the treatment of roma and the independence of the judiciary individuals into government m.v.s. themselves their family members deference from public funding from european taxpayers' money less alexian is this that we cannot close our eyes to the problems in hungary the elections this year were held in an atmosphere of aggression and intimidation and then at. home gary in prime minister was in the room to hear those accusations he was bullish in his response he said it didn't matter what was being said the decisions as far as he saw had already been made he also said that the
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allegations made against him and his government were an insult to hungary and the hungarian people. ready made up your mind i stand here to defend my country and this is a matter of honor this insults the honor of hungary this uses double standards and violates the treaties it says in our polls you want to make a moral decision based on numbers the nation be damned. the vote on whether to put in place article seven on hungry will take place on wednesday afternoon after the european state of the union address is made by john claude young in strasburg could be a very tight vote on wednesday a lot could come down to exactly how the european peoples party group how they have members vote no mr or bands own party is a member of that group this expected to be lots of discussions going on through the
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night behind closed doors in stroudsburg another nation another nation's leader whose party is a member of that group though it's of us the and the chancellor of austria he said he fully expected the m.e. piece from his side well to vote in favor of article seven books mr obama did have some supporters in the plenary session even if they did use their speech and attempt to push their own agenda somewhat. but it's not just your country that's been insulted you've been insulted. to be able logical covered enjoyed the break up you love it. well wednesday is said to be a busy day in strasbourg we're going to have that state of the union address by from junk road young and then vote on hungary where the sanctions will be put in place on budapest so keep an eye on that of course yeah however this one plays are big ramifications peter peter all of our air europe correspondent live in poland thank you. key leaders and business executives from across the asia
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pacific region have gathered in russia's port city of la voz stock for the eastern economic forum one of the most interesting events so far was a meeting between blubber putin and chinese leader xi jinping the two leaders visited a far east themed exhibition giving their cooking skills paying off some pancakes together and then eating them which of course caviar and the meaning didn't pass. it's a light hearted exchange over who is going to pay. for that or. is it. going to lose you it. was to us it was. only if you're just really wanted. yeah the vendor did get paid i can confirm there was
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also of course time for business. she been holding closed door talks one of the topics was the support of national currencies our correspondent he's also a fall stock and filed this report. the key messages for a lot of. paying in vladivostok world that there was great trust between beijing and moscow when it comes to politics defense and security business will keep growing stronger and stronger and most important the beijing and moscow are looking to get off the dollar at least when it comes to bilateral trade amid mounting pressure from washington should the to succeed in ditching the dollar as their main currency of trade this could be a clear signal to other countries after all if moscow and beijing could pull it off
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why couldn't others for one of the rounds of talks the leaders of russia and china word joined by the wealthiest businessmen from the two countries and there was also a behind closed door session the russian ambassador before that session began had hinted that syria would be brought up anyway judging by what was said on tuesday there is every sign that russia and china will continue to act as a team players on an international and global scene. the un human rights chief delegations to austria to verify how there are being treated for a reported increase in racist attacks in those countries. it till his decision to close it seaports denying entry to m g o rescue ships had serious consequences for the most vulnerable even though we're seeing a big drop in the numbers coming from libya over the past twelve months the number
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of those who died during the crossing is high in the first six months of twenty eighteen than it was well the flow of arrivals in the european union has decreased overall compared to last year it is a trend that's evident in italy but the country still receives a large number the drop in arrivals comes after a populist government took power in june tightening rome's migration policy. well it cleans interior ministries and across hers over the new rules he's now under investigation for alleged abuse of office kidnapping a legal arrest after he forced the rescue ship one hundred fifty refugees to stay in port for five days r.t. sophie shevardnadze spoke exclusively to matteo silva me about the strain the migrant crisis has placed on europe. there are some international missions that brought tens of thousands of my going to italy alone i think the citizens of pay my salary and in order for me to control who is entering my country other european countries i close the borders and send
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back fifty thousand people and then try to lecture us on. no no no. i don't have enemies i see things very differently from on your microphone and i'm glad merkel on economics immigration the future of europe islam and terrorism we've come a long way there is a historical opportunity next made to finally change the balance in europe and to change our relations with countries beyond europe as i'm thinking of russia because i've been saying it for years now that i'm in government i will work on it because sanctions against russia do not make any konami political social cultural sense. i'm not against europe i'm in favor of a year of that does few things but does and while leaving freedom of choice on other fronts for individual states this government has already built partnerships
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in the united states in russia and china because europe's population and economic power who could minish more and more. unfortunately in brussels and in europe they only understand the language of money therefore they're not talking about principles values solidarity economic issues the e.u. is now discussing the budget for the next seventy years seeking to get it approved we devote all countries and we the italian government from prime minister down have already said that if there is no agreement on the other issues on banking policy policy immigration we won't vote for the budget. very much a food oriented a boom bust ahead with brazil's power play in the us orange juice industry and campbell soup seeking a new head on show then many your business show is. your
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don't. fear into the abyss the syrian arab army is determined to liberate did live and to eliminate the terrorists there essentially ending this international proxy war the us and its regional allies are dead set against the us why is the trumping ministration siding with. you know world big part of
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the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream. media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washing clothes for watches the hawks. prosecution will need to become almost. a full focus on. where you push us the threat of fines. by the number one place you do i mean yeah i'm yasmeen political pressure on that god do i need him on close to security jenna's sure knows where to put your kind of business models he was my american corporations dad one thing called police sold them could be mental disease as an abuse. on the scene
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and into the solution. eyes of the dissociation. i noted when he saw it is just somebody that deleted data an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. this is going bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of finance and business and the impact upon consumers and investors i'm part killed in washington thanks for being on board. coming up the missing ingredient in the growing united states economy has been wage growth worker pay that may be changing
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the c.e.o. of quill intelligence daniel depardieu nobut joins us to consider why it's been low and the future and in a twist to the tasty drink orange juice ortiz nicholas o'donoghue reports from miami on how brazil has overtaken the u.s. in the one point four billion dollars industry plus as les moonves the scene c.e.o. and chairman of c.b.s. prepares to leave amidst a scandal what will become of this story company without its important and influential leader marco sussed up across the room toward a lecture at american university joins that is to discuss and campbell's soup takes a turn away from fresh art he's actually bank reports on the changes afoot at the food companies lots to get to but first we had a few headlines today we lead our global report with a tour of asia as we catch up with regional developments regarding china's economic diplomacy regarding the much discussed belton road initiative or b r i i in fact
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these are the first negative reports we've had related to be our eye we go first to .


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