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tv   News  RT  September 13, 2018 7:00am-7:27am EDT

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yes. mr need just. thrown. out of. there and the other will win the war and you know. there's a lot of the. two men named by the u.k. as suspects in the script poisoning deny any involvement in the incident they been speaking exclusively to us. executive order to counter foreign interference in america's elections while insisting this never beat any in the past. russian friends ministry claims militants in syria said live province of filmed a staged chemical attack and said to the un i'm sick elated it online. and
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russia's largest military drills in decades. in the country's far east. this is a. dramatic sight thousands of times. gary is. international with me kevin i mean how this thursday breaking news for this hour is used to the two suspects in the u.k. named in the poisoning of the russian double agent sergei script his daughter back in march in seoul very good an exclusive interview to our tease editor in chief john hawkins joins me now is big news this came in last hour didn't it you've watched this interview at the moment just let the viewers know it's on the russian speaking site it's being translated. you think it'll be on r.t.
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dot com imminently the next hour or so but you have seen that you speak russian tell us more what was in it and interview course the full version as you say is in russian right now will get the english version up the whole interview was an edited it's filmed on two cameras one on the two alleged suspects one margarita simonyan we're only showing it from the one angle just to give the full picture of what it even how. well should of alexander petroff these are two main two faces which have been all over the printed media t.v. . discussed in public discourse over the last couple of weeks there's been a lot of digging a lot of speculation with journalists both in russia both in the u.k. where the two men certainly look similar certainly appear to be the men from the c.c.t.v. images released by u.k. authorities they say or margarita says they approached her themselves the two men called her voluntarily asked to do this interview in a margarita asked some of the key question i'm sure have been very much on the
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viewers on the public's minds about this incident over the last couple of weeks let's look without further ado at the first part of this interview. we. even you know my been to live one you called me on my cell phone and tell me that your response to sheriff and alexander betroth. we don't really like going to the pictures shown to us by the u.k. doesn't mean that if. and. when the someone who are you. and we are those who were shown to you in the pictures respond. and i would say under petrova with of us are those your real names national yes they are our real names and i would have to trust even now when you're talking about it to tell the truth you look very nervous and put it on them it. could move and what would you look like your because that's when your life is turned upside down in a moment and just want to dean changed our lives is one mother.
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exactly so on this is the t.v. footage from london you welcome those now famous because the sneakers since hold our. souls are this people hear you yes they're still with them what are you doing there. our friends had been suggesting for a long time they will visit this wonderful town we're so algeria and wonder about the town yes the tourist town or. i mean there's the ramus salisbury cathedral famous not only in europe but in the whole world and i mean you. know it's famous for its one hundred twenty three meter spire. and i mean it's you know it's famous for its clock go to one of the first ever created in the world that's still working we just sent me some. time in the thought of going to a big meeting comes out of it of a built. this looks ok which is holes where you take
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a look at the cotton and then you have some on the shell some will we plan to visit london and have fun there are lots of global go at it at the ball and to this play yes. it wasn't a business trip this time. and to go to london and then to salzburg he had some sort of those number where we can you know when we were almost clear and then blame would land on the first trying. but the most bizarre it was a heavy snow storm will prosper clasp and collapse the for them but i spoke on more . of a new park well that's their side of the story where they say they're there except what britain says that this poor intelligence offices that you know they say they are you know i mean there's no surprises there prizes for guessing what they said of course they denied that they worked for the intelligence have any links to intelligence they say they work in the sport supplement industry buying and selling protein vitamins amino acids etc in the didn't reveal too much about their business
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they say they didn't want to give more material because of what journalistic. greed or ask a bit more about what what they were together why they were together in the a business or something going to not that. everyone be able to see in the fall and over to the twenty five minute interview the questions put to them the questions that the public view was wanted out soaring who they were what their real jobs were about their travels to europe etc they did give a limited insight but they said they didn't want to reveal more for fear of it affecting their business getting their family involved etc they said in the interview they came to margarita to the channel for protection as they simply didn't know what to do or word to turn anymore as their lives had been turned upside down yeah exactly i mean the whole of these states affected them they wanted a bit of detail about that you're absolutely what they say is they said that their lives had been to completely changed overnight they didn't know what to do work to turn whether to go to the police the media they said they can't leave their homes
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they're recognized everywhere and they say that they hope when the perpetrators if the public traitors will be caught they will get. a policy for the inconvenience caused to them they did look visibly nervous that something that margarita simonyan noticed as well hears them describing their lives over the last couple of weeks in their words. why do you think about the whole scruple case. because it was like we're living in and you can't imagine what it's like we'd like if one day the real perpetrators are found and we're given an apology and then. i don't. know who the perpetrators of. this will play u.k. authorities i'm lost i don't know what day it is we can't go outside we can't go to
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the petrol station you can't imagine what our lives turned into we continue with this of. being recognized on the streets with the muscles of course our functions are going to meet every day the talk about us on the radio every time we turn on the to leave and we see our faces we hear. the traffic we'll be able to live like that. yes but. he's not. here but you know what i just lost to the bush and that is that i try not to watch the news was made over and over and over again every day. so you know maybe. michael jordan controlled michael jordan. because i'm off. to sydney were you going to do next. we just want for this to be over which since the one my sister. well the interview as
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we said is an edited people can see the full twenty five minute version on law and margarita gave some of the media she said it's a lot. her decision whether to believe them or not that's down to the viewer to decide she declined to give any source impressions apart from say the fact the men looked visibly nervous they avoided some questions while giving insights into the key words the people had on their minds to many this interview will really leave more questions than answers as to who. these men are what they were doing others will view this as another piece of the puzzle which this screwball saga has become since march this year or year is poor isn't it right now before viewers want to see that just to remind home at the moment it's already online on our russian site is being translated as we speak in the think it's going to be live on r t dot com main english site if you want to check it out for twenty five minutes worth within the
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posted on my anyway thanks. other news today donald trump signed off a move to tackle foreign interference in u.s. elections which he describes as a national emergency the president issued an executive order that which refers to any attempt by individuals or countries to influence or alter vote results the reason he's so concerned about all this is because a lot rides on the crucial midterm elections of course coming up very shortly down in november now in the event that medley is provan sanctions would be imposed targeting sectors of strategic significance like finance or defense a washington correspondent samir a car has been taking a closer look. the order will authorize sanctions against entities charged with election meddling this applies to a companies organizations and even individuals the term entity means a partnership association trust a joint venture corporation group sub group or other organization now if they impose these sanctions will block assets limit access to the us financial system
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and ban people from entering the country in the order trump admitted that no foreign power has ever successfully influence a us election but he signed the order anyway although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote in any united states election foreign powers have historically sought to exploit america's free and open political system now it's also important to note that the order did not. he said are you russian paratroopers as well as their chinese counterparts assaulting an. enemy position through being wounded and illegal to spare a drop it is now being supported by hillary as well as airstrikes and helicopters doing the rounds.
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during the battle with people to support the. reserves to be pushed in the battle. what is remarkable here is the level of coordination required to keep everything running smoothly with so many military said he called his jets as well as troops from multiple countries china from i'm guilty of from russia in such a confined and small area because the exercises seem related but if they steal. translate it's a real combat experience. well this is an improved seeing if dramatic sight thousands of tags personnel carriers helicopters and aircraft arrayed on
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a vast field chinese and russian joint military parades to end the day's exercises. but here in moscow coming up after the break their head for ninety seconds an alleged staged chemical attack in syria still being told to but seems video of it's being spread online are about to be anyway we'll talk about that in the rest of the news when we come back. what politicians do. we put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. want to be rich. but you going to be
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cross with a white woman for three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first. member dennis kucinich was taken up with obama's plane and he came down and he was a cause hurt to obamacare he was the last man standing course bernie sanders was like oh yeah you know medicare for all be great but we're just going to let this progressive are going to progress to something better at some point they're not progressing at all.
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again the russian military claims that extremists in syria's province of staged and filmed a chemical attack which they say they intend to blame on president assad's forces moscow says the fighters will send some of that footage to the united nations and circulate the rest online. following the filming on the evening of the same d. and a joint meeting between representatives of the white helmets and terrorists. out of the nine videos from the two were approved to be sent to the u.s. and b. or b. c w the rest of the material was suggested for social media because of low quality according to the russian reconciliation center the preparations were made near the syrian town of cologne or an alleged chemical attack took place on the fourth of april last year its claim to this family took place in a village nearby where there's also a chemical stockpile parrot lee washington's ignored warnings from russia that the self-styled syrian rescue group the white helmets are directly involved in staging this attack saying there's no evidence to support their claim there's a battle for looms the u.s.
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is pouring troops into syria now saying that if there is a chemical attack or even a staged war maybe they'll be a much stronger response than before jacqueline vogel looks into how washington's approach in syria has evolved over recent years. the deeper the u.s. gets sucked into the syrian conflict the more the continuity of time seems to change when it comes to decision making in washington back in two thousand and thirteen when allegations of chemical attacks arose barack obama was still in the hot seat and time still seemed many are. we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened. obviously in syria right now you've got a war zone we have to make sure that we know exactly what happened what was the nature of the incident what can we document what can we prove. our commonsense review the evidence and attack if justified later the idea that investigations require time those were the good old days but two thousand and seventeen came and
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times changed syrian dictator bashar. launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians less than seventy two hours later the u.s. fired fifty nine cruise missiles at the airbase they suspected chemical weapons were launched from before any investigation took place. only months later did a un report come out placing the blame at the feet of the syrian government something they still do not i thought when the controversial white how much group released a video claiming to be proof of a chemical attack in april this year trope was able to pinpoint the culprit in hours many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria area atrocities in lockdown and encircled by syrian army making it completely inaccessible to outside world president putin russia and iran are responsible for
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backing animal assad big price. so the areas inaccessible and yet those responsible have been found out already no ifs ands or buts how does the guy do it the u.k. and france also joined the ranks of the striking government sites in syria after an investigation you ask well three months later the o.p.c. w did put out a report saying chlorine may have been found but on nerve agents and the case is still open so all proof of the last attack hasn't been found the us is again using its crystal ball to determine what no one else can and is ready to act at least according to wall street journal sources president bush are on the son of syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country's last major rebel stronghold u.s. officials said so if and when a chemical attack takes place during ellipse liberation the guilty party is already known if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to
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use them that russia is warning of stage attacks is irrelevant that it would lead to exactly what the terrorists want also irrelevant but why look at every scenario when you have everyone else and time on your side. a group of european lawmakers are voicing their support for hungary or the european parliament yesterday voted to slap perced with the blocks most severe disciplinary action for breaching the union's core values of the migrants dutch popularly to give ill does called the decision a shame while the outspoken british m.p. nigel farage want of an authoritarian grip authoritarian grip but as peter all of our europe correspondent ports next hungary is not the only country bucking the e.u. rule book right now. the european parliament has voted to put hungary on its official naughty list by starting article seven measures against budapest will you let it happen that a government that violates the values upon which this union was built with out
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consequences or will you ensure that the values of this union are more than just which is this venue for the elections this year were held in an atmosphere of aggression and intimidation article seven of the lisbon treaty is the biggest stick member nations have with which to beat aren't members of the club not upholding e.u. values if seeing through to its fullest and we are still some way away from that happening just yet it could result in a member nation having their voting rights to spend it in the e.u. institutions essentially taking away their right to have a say hungary is charged with breaking a wide array of e.u. laws but when you look at them as a group there are many member states that aren't in breach of some of the same things being levelled at budapest individuals into government have envisaged themselves their family members difference from public funding from utopian
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taxpayers money bulgaria is also down there at the wrong end of the table when it comes to corruption and conflicts of interest transparency international puts them bottom of the list when it comes to e.u. member states but also down there at the wrong end of the table a countries like rumania greece italy and croatia any piece reserved a real tongue lashing for the bonds government when it came to the rights for minorities the council of europe's commissioner for human rights indicated that he was concerned about the deterioration of the situation as regards racism and intolerance in hungary when it comes to discrimination against vulnerable groups let's say for example here muslim i. it's from north africa it's a far worse picture in the netherlands where almost half say they've been the victim of discrimination italy and france don't fare well here either another area where hungry has crossed the line for parliamentarians arguably the biggest issue
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many had with viktor orban is the collision course the garion prime minister has been on with brussels over migrants we need more europe you know. i would like to raise the voice of the people all over in europe that they are full of fear we need more union in our refugee problem is not a european problem we need a fair and just distribution the problem is a german problem it is not a problem you create a new legal situation at the borders for you to be even more strict than it was but now we're hearing similar messages coming out of italy. it's over we welcome those who deserve to be welcomed we see of lives we save women's men and children but italy will no longer be the european refugee camp hungary taked to many of the boxes too many times when it came to breaches of core values and that is why any
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piece of voted to start article seven but what it may also serve as a reminder and a wake up call to some of those nations who also find themselves not exactly whiter than white that they could well be next peter all of our early funny for me briefly about a top story the two men named by the u.k. as suspects in the script poll poisoning deny any involvement in that incident they have been speaking exclusively to us telling us their side of the story we're going to be showing those extracts the full interview on this channel airing at thirteen thirty g.m.t. that's two hours from now thanks for watching r.t. international. when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final
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merry go round be the one percent. making the middle of the room sick. leave. the real news room. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy one sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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greetings and salutation some natural disasters are harder to prepare for than others watchers an earthquake an earthquake for example can strike with little to no warning whatsoever leaving cities and governments very little time to prepare and respond however with the hurricane residents and communities and their proud usually no more. days in advance of its land fall meaning that there actually is ample time to prepare in fact little known apparently hurricanes give you an entire time of year a full season six pole months in which governments know they are more than likely
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to battle one or more hurricanes within that stretch of time and tire season which makes it all the more disturbing to discover that despite mandatory evacuations for the public multiple prisons sitting in the path of hurricane florence a category four major league hurricane set to hit north and south carolina in a day or so will remain fully staffed and operational these prisons mother jones is reporting that as chorus of residents prepare to head for safer ground some prison officials and sheriffs are planning to leave thousands of people in the mandatory evacuation zones behind the prisoners guards and staff at a south carolina state prison as well as three city jails in virginia because you know hey why would we bother saving their lives from potential doom and drowning their their only prisoners after all i mean there is there's only a nationwide prison strike happening all over the country right now over the
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mistreatment and ugly conditions found in most u.s. prisons but you know who thinks about little things like saving all lives not to mention good public relations crazy and tragically this is an old story last year during hurricane harvey prisoners who were forced to ride out that storm confined to their so.


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