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balanced relations with each other recently i can't say that we're always provided with stable international conditions but problems exist in order for us to fight them and i think we succeed in that and i want to thank you for all the work we're doing together but just a few days ago the european parliament has already backed punishing hungry for its international behavior but the final decision on the end to hungary sanctions will be made later this week at an informal e.u. summit and definitely the things that are being said here in the kremlin will be brought up at that european get together and have the top level meeting r.t. sophie shevardnadze spoke to hungry foreign minister p. to see ya who says that a unity doesn't exclude questioning and t.v. russian sanctions you can watch the full version on friday here on r.t. for now though here's a quick preview. we are always
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honest we are we are in favor of straightforward speech we hate each other we have even told openly here in the russia that that we will never break the unity of the european union because unity of the e.u. it is a value on the other hand we made it very clear that there must be a dialogue there must be a discussion an honest discussion a straightforward discussion about further sanctions have been successful or not and then let's see things factually but there are european economies but the retell the russian economy over the retell to implement the music agreements and so on and so forth so they're very straightforward questions and they're very easy answers yes or no and then after giving gone as time serves to on us questions we should make a decision about the future of the current italian government. seems to represent the same position that nor automatic rollover and the discussion must be made and see if they are a strong country a big country a g seven country it would be much easier for the smaller e.u. member states to represent this position together with the big.
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picture budget today the latest news headlines in half an hour. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that. god would have barely spoken of a quote but the most such and the most go float of could him. as long ago as
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eighteen zero for sevastopol the naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore the naval base in crimea has a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were soviet missiles put into cuba how frightened americans were and how angry and how we almost went to a nuclear confrontation over having weapons of that kind of destruction placed that close to the united states. just so if the united states considers cuba to be in
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its backyard. then crimea lays at russia's doorstep. the consequences of a u.s. seizure of the face or a nato base which internationally. but almost some of us india was and ensuring his election. you had taught me to. put you on with that. was today and you know unless. you know it's not this book with practical. opinions. so it's not just another thing you use ocean to elicit but if there was. no willingness that ended up with the old me only leader on the. if you will or. it was a piece of wood. just i'm opposed to what i. see on the phone fixed amongst the windows and it would be seem easy to make. the national system. unless i'm. supposed to in the beginning
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if. we would so to respond. to me because you knew seemed up and you know from the look of linux you just know and i guess those. years that you play in the in the lead you disappear you know the same so send them. up in the back of the limb a. little in those and when you pay for advice in your life and your. concerned about the expansion of nato nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries at the time what was going up. in the ship way not. in early spring of two thousand and fourteen eastern ukraine was also buzzing with
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protests against the new authorities in kiev this region with a population close to russia geographically and culturally feared that the ultra right leanings of the newly formed government would bring meal nationalism to their lands. and they had their reasons. the status of the russian language in ukraine has been a stumbling block for many years implementing russian as a second state language was one of the main campaign promises of president bush in a full day in two thousand and twelve the government passed a law making it the second official language in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine the areas where the russian speaking. elation makes up a majority ukrainian nationalist groups initiated massive protests opposing the law and observing viewer might see some familiar faces there but look on. one of our last. on february twenty third two thousand and fourteen the very next day
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after the regime change the new government voted for an a no meant of the official status of the russian language and even though later this decision was vetoed by the acting president alexander turchynov it still sent a message and a powerful one this alarms that complicate the situation. this rebellion had to be extinguished immediately and at any cost and that cost was high. on may second two thousand and fourteen soccer fans flocked to the center of odessa city for the ukrainian championship match surprisingly a great number of these fans who descended into odessa just the night before also turned out to be fighters from the my don self-defense units along with members of radical organizations from all parts of ukraine that these. law. these families asked armed and shouting nationalist mottos began
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disturbances in the center of the city as they marched to the end time i don tent in camp where they attacked. the end time mind on protesters sought shelter in the trade union house but it was a track down supporters started throwing molotov cocktails into the building until it was engulfed in flames. people burned to death inside for trying to escape jumped from this. fire station was less than a mile away it took almost half an hour for firefighters to arrive when they finally did the damage had been done. but here's an intriguing fact just a few days before those dreadful events a messenger from my don andriy pair o. b. made a visit to odessa it's an interesting coincidence that some of the people he met with in odessa were seen at the scene that fateful day.
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but not everyone was mourning on the popular political talk show schuster live the news about the people burned alive in odessa was welcomed with a long round of applause for you trick or thought he would this it but lots of see just put it. on its facebook page the right sector announced the events of may second a proud moment in national history an official investigation into this sad event has been going on now for nearly two years and it's yet to reach a conclusion but it seems the experts and all the information they needed from the very beginning. to just get really cute. it looks like a desa really is
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a very important piece of real estate as it was on earth with a very special new governor appointed on may thirtieth of two thousand and fifteen . really an old friend of the united states and born and raised in ukraine's neighboring country georgia. there in georgia a quick look at his biography gives one an understanding that he's been groomed for a special mission i mean she did you know as i did when i was honored to go to. mr saakashvili received a u.s. state department scholarship and he worked for a new york law firm which represented the organization commodity a group that appeared earlier when we learned about the color. evolution's we're dealing with democratic blood blister aleutian this is the revolution of roses and this is me kyle saakashvili with camara busy overthrowing the legitimately elected president eduard shevardnadze. but. was.
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soon after the rose revolution blossom foley georgia announced its intentions to join nato and plant fresh nato military bases in the fertile soil right on russia's border never ever will give our freedom and independence never never will give any piece of our territory saakashvili is mission was accomplished at least with his friends and nato the georgian populace wasn't quite as happy though in two thousand and seven they took to the streets to voice discontent and mr saakashvili responded with force. the people's discontent. saakashvili party lost parliamentary elections and the opposition took control he said this means that the parliamentary majority and new government the president. decided not to wait for the results of the president's election and fled the country in october two thousand and thirteen.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to. i'm sure i'll see you then. in the age of trump winning is all that matters the phrase by any means necessary has truly been weaponized now politics has little to do with policy front and center i perceive cultural grievances and resentments. redcap. in two thousand and fourteen saakashvili refused summons to appear in court as
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a witness in several criminal cases later that same year he was accused of misuse of power and embezzle meant. saakashvili wound up in the u.s. and soon his friends in washington found him a new assignment. mikail actively supported my down and very soon was rewarded with a high position in the new ukrainian government first as the president's counselor and then as the governor of odessa the day before taking this position he renounced his citizenship to georgia the country of the birth and became a ukrainian citizen. and the suggest otherwise gordon would have died in the way exhorted. gordon would have done in the way exhorting that road. as they say the battle is worth the blood both literally and figuratively. by the. last thought on. the chest
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about iraq. geoffrey pyatt the u.s. ambassador to ukraine paid a visit to saakashvili just a month after he took office in odessa it is law and the old last administration is delivering results for a you're going to see a steady flow of embassy and washington visitors coming here the meeting was fruitful and didn't take into consideration was the paranoid overreaction of the soviets. a recently declassified u.s. intelligence report shows that for the first time since the cuban missile crisis the world was that close to new cool. just like in one nine hundred eighty three the malaysian boeing crash was leveraged against the enemy. a new wave of sanctions hit russia mediately after the tragedy.
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the united states is imposing new sanctions in key sectors of the russian economy almost a year and three months later the dutch safety board published a report this is jeff toobin plats m.h. seventy crashed because of and i have three well four or i have the today just outside of the airplane and the best the left side of the cockpit the report didn't blame any specific group or person and estimated a very wide area of three hundred twenty kilometers as a zone from which the missiles fired at the same time the russian producer of boog missiles today conducted its own independent investigation. he said that they speeded me up the fullest. lou of the delegates i mean the nist is up a school during the experiment they blew up a retired airliner with a bouquet missile and came to the conclusion that the malaysian plane was brought down by the older type of missiles not used by russia anymore but still in the
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possession of ukraine the company claims that the missile was launched from the territory controlled by the ukrainian military. one would expect that these controversial results would again stir up public interest in the investigation but the tragedy of malaysian flight m h seventeen at already played its role in the big geopolitical game therefore it was soon forgotten the goal was achieved after the third wave of sanctions hit russia the tensions between the two countries skyrocketed so the question presents itself are we truly witnessing the beginning of cold war two point zero and if so what are chances to survive at this time.
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in one thousand nine hundred seven the bulletin of atomic scientists introduced the doomsday clock. it represents a countdown to global nuclear annihilation. in one nine hundred fifty three during the height of the cold war it came its closest to midnight as the superpowers were creating massive nuclear arsenal spent most our of america's ever expanding atomic weapons program as the world began to grasp the insane danger of nuclear warfare and took measures to control the arms race the situation steadily improved. in one thousand nine hundred one the doomsday clock was at its furthest from midnight seventeen minutes. the time of hope was short lived though as the world has become more and more unstable. but in two thousand and fifteen the bulletin of atomic scientists moved the clock to just three minutes to midnight
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stay on check to climate change in a nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge ourselves pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity. the united states and russia have embarked on massive programs to modernize their nuclear arsenals. undermining existing nuclear weapons treaties. the clock ticks now at just three minutes to midnight because international leaders are failing to perform their most important duty ensuring and preserving the health and vitality of human civilization.
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just like the junk food companies that all sound like a pub is mall or other u.s. and iran so they get you to give you diarrhea and then they only care for barack so the side of our family they get you know got heroin get to try to give me the cure for our cat never bad not a care for them but they also add a bad bounce and that account cannot and i have a at the ability to keep you locked into a perpetual all life long dystopian heroine slash that
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dubuis wall childhood life. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active. rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company grown untold developed so the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering they're. not only want the money i want the revenge.
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the russian military plane he shot down off the coast of syria killing fifteen people in defense ministry says israeli fighter jets are to blame for intentionally drawing the fire of syrian air defenses directly towards the doomed. pretty jets deliberately creating the dangerous situation of the warships and located in that area. israel confirms strikes on syrian territory but insists syria iran and the armed group hezbollah are responsible for the downing of the russian jet. is really on.


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