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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2018 5:00am-5:09am EDT

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nothing to do you need to organize no one giant just. a tragic chain of events or intentional provocation after the dawning of a russian military plane in syria israel and russia and syria look for the guilty party we look at how far this many go. ahead on the program this hour greece relocates asylum seekers from an overcrowded refugee camp after an cry from human rights organizations for child suicides and multiple rape cases.
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the recent wave of anti migrant demonstrations across germany reverberates within the country's top ranks costing germany's domestic security chief is job as the country reels from the rioting we speak to the father of a man who brawl with migrants. on the leaders of north korea signed a wide ranging joint declaration on agreed to eliminate the threat of war on the peninsula. in four am in houston four pm in hanoi on midday here in moscow this whedon's they september the nineteenth welcome to r.t. international. after the tragic john. awning of
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a russian military plane on monday nights off the syrian coast the blame game is intensifying between the main parties directly or in directly involved in the incident the of breakstone the aftermath it's a bad really bad situation as the tragedy fifteen people dead to friendly fire and then there's the fallout everyone's blaming everyone i meet on the jets deliberately created a dangerous situation for the war ships and aircraft located in that area while it may have been a syrian missile that down the plane it was israel that set the stage says russia israel bomb syria again the syrians defend themselves and the russian jet gets caught in the crossfire the israeli military though blames iran and hizbollah. israel holds the assad regime whose military shut down the russian plane fully responsible for this incident. it was their fault israel had the bomb syria you
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see iran was transferring lethal technology to hizbollah via the syrian military apparently so israel had to stop them the syrians panicked and started launching missiles everywhere israel is blameless says israel as for the united states can you comment at all on the shoot down of the. russian jet yesterday and whether or not us had any visibility in it over d confliction mine or any other means as far as the tractor we did the coalition was not involved with this did you have any visibility into it as it was happening through either your own radar or through the confliction line we did not that i'm tracking and see what happened usually what one doesn't see what happened one doesn't blame anyone unless one can get in
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a cheap shot against iran i would like to express sorrow to our council partners russia for the tragic loss of life when the russian plane was downed yesterday if russia is interested in bringing peace to syria it should make sure that it's militias leave syria once and for all the risk of a broader conflict and leave with them. iran is responsible for creating the syria we see today it's an interesting argument israel's been bombing syria monthly sometimes weekly order to prevent iran from launching an attack on israel to date they have been zero iranian attacks and a whole lot of israeli ones would you know be ninety to one that we condemn this new active israeli aggression against my country the u.n. security council must bring israel to account for its violation of international law israel attacked syria twice this week but apparently some are unaware of that
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we are. strange isn't it how selective people are about international law and bombing but others seeing this as a warning wake up call the respects of conflict escalation a huge risk of miscalculation a misunderstanding that led to the downing of aggression and catch late on a small scale the match an even more frightening with of a warning to miscalculation we call on all parties especially when we are getting the positive new regarding what could have been a dramatic military escalation to refrain from military action israel has expressed its condolences and even offered to send the head of its air force to russia to report on the incident putin's car saying this was a tragic fluke. this situation is different from the one when
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a turkish jet shot down our plane but then turkey intentionally shot down the aircraft but now it looks like a chain of accidental events fortunately it appears a military escalation has been prevented verbal one is in full swing of course but there's a lesson here five nuclear powers of fighting in syria on different sides and the tiniest spark there could cause the biggest inferno the world's ever seen to recap the incident syrian forces shot down a russian military plane killing all fifteen people on board on monday when responding to an airstrike by israeli f. sixteen fighter jets the tragic incident happened around thirty five kilometers off the syrian coast when the europe raft was returning to a russian run base investigative journalist rick sterling explained how it could have been mistaken for an israeli fighter became in. fired their missiles and then
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came in behind the behind the. the russian aircraft so that the air defense missiles coming from the ground are radar homing devices and so they basically look for a metal reflection in the in the sky that they're directed but then at a certain point they are home in depending on where the reflection is coming from so one can easily see that that the radar home homing sensor could mistake the larger russian aircraft and then could target that and that's apparently what happened yes two hundred air defense missiles are radar homing which suggests there would not be that intelligence. the greek government is to move around to thaw isn't migrants from an overcrowded refugee camp in the city of moria about softer human rights organizations condemning conditions in the camp saying it's
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leading to child suicides and exposing people to high levels of violence indeed according to the latest report by doctors without borders it is children who are suffering the most. we are witnessing people who are trying to suicide that's a pain and discontentment policy affecting people. people and they're destroying their future. i love. you with all that out of many many. also so it's well violence of course we. should since when i was you are we. when we or. i. go in you also be. swallowed by the mahdi army. well twenty two thousand refugees in total have come to greece since the
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start of the year just this month alone fifteen hundred refugees have arrived at the morea camp on the island of his boss michael raper who spent time at that camp describes the situation there.


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