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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it's going strong it's. just. a tragic chain of events or intentional provocation after the downing of a russian military plane in syria israel russia and syria look for the guilty party . relocate thousands of asylum seekers from an overcrowded refugee camp after an outcry from human rights groups of the child suicides and multiple rape cases. plus landmines and the struggle for survival we travel to mosul in northern iraq year after it was liberated to see how people are building their lives. as well as.
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my live my life down. in moscow this thursday the twentieth of september my name caller brought out here to the region coast and the latest twist in the syrian president's written a letter to president bush and blaming what he called israeli arrogance for the tragedy our senior correspondent breaks down the conflicting reactions to the incident it's a bad really bad situation there's the tragedy fifteen people dead the friendly fire and then there's the fallout everyone's blaming everyone i meet in the jets deliberately created a dangerous situation for the warships and located in that area while it may have been a syrian missile that down the plane it was israel that set the stage says russia
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israel bomb syria again the syrians defend themselves and the russian jet gets caught in the crossfire the israeli military though blames iran and hizbollah. israel holds the sod regime whose military shut down the russian plane fully responsible for this incident. it was their fault israel had the bomb syria you see iran was transferring lethal technology to hizbollah lie the syrian military apparently so israel had to stop them the syrians panicked and started launching missiles everywhere israel is blameless says israel as for the united states can you comment at all on the shoot down of the. russian jet yesterday and whether or not us had any visibility in it over a de confliction mine or any other means as far as the tractor we did the coalition
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was not involved with this did you have any visibility into it as it was happening through either your own radar or through the confliction line we did not that i'm tracking and see what happened usually what one doesn't see what happened one doesn't blame anyone unless one can get in a cheap shot against iran i would like to express sorrow to our council partners russia for the tragic loss of life. when the russian plane was downed yesterday if russia was interested in bringing peace to syria it should make sure that it's militias leave syria once and for all the risk of a broader conflict and leave with them. ariana's responsible for creating the syria we see today it's an interesting argument israel's being bombing syria monthly sometimes weekly order to prevent iran from launching an attack on israel to date there have been zero irradiated attacks and
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a whole lot of israeli ones would you know be ninety to one that we condemn this new active israeli aggression against my country the un security council must bring israel to account for its violation of international law israel attacked syria twice this week but apparently some are unaware of that straight. isn't that how selective people are about international law and bombing but others seeing this as a warning wake up call the risk of conflict escalation a huge risk of miscalculation a misunderstanding that led to the downing of aggression and catch late on a small scale the match an even more frightening ways of a warning to miscalculation we call all parties especially when we are getting the positive news regarding what could have been a dramatic military escalation to refrain from military action israel has expressed
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its condolences and even offered to send the head of its air force to russia to report on the incident putin's urging calm saying this was a tragic fluke. this situation is different from the one when a turkish jet shot down our plane but then turkey intentionally shot down the aircraft but now it looks like a chain of accidental events fortunately it appears a military escalation has been prevented verbal one is in full swing of course but there's a lesson here five nuclear powers fighting in syria on different sides and the tiniest spark there could cause the biggest inferno the world's ever seen to recap serious air defenses shot down a russian military plane killing all fifteen people on board as a response to an air strike by israeli f. sixteen fighter jets the tragic incident happened thirty five kilometers off the
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syrian coast the aircraft was returning to a russian run air base a criminal investigations been opened by russia's intelligence committee and a delegation from the israeli army will arrive in moscow on thursday to provide information from their side. meanwhile president trump on tuesday once again claimed it's the united states that deserves most of the credit for fighting terrorists in syria we have done a tremendous job in syria and in that region eradicating isis which is why we're there. we're very close to being finished with. and then we're going to make a determination as to what we're going to do but we have a rather kate it isis it a very large area of the middle east the vainglorious claim that the united states has defeated isis is of course enough to make a horse laugh because every sente and being knows that it was syria and russia and its allies in syria that defeated isis in almost all of the country
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and if the americans are trying to stop an assault on it lip which they clearly are then by definition means that isis and particularly our qaida ironically are going to stay in libya if no one attacks them and no one crushes them indefinitely which i suppose by trumps logic means the us will be remaining indefinitely they hope. the greek government has to move around two thousand migrants from an overcrowded refugee camp called moria on the island of lesbos it's after human rights organizations condemned conditions in the camp saying it's leading to child suicides and exposing people to high levels of violence according to the latest report from doctors without borders it's children who are suffering the most. we are witnessing people who are trying to suicide that's happened often discontent in policy affecting people's lives people and they're destroying their future
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yes i kind of what a lot of the our you would up there out of many many. also said well violence of course we consequently thought mental issues since the time when i was you are we. when we or. six years. ago in your speech there are. so swallowed by the mahdi army twenty two thousand refugees have come to greece since the start of the year and this month alone fifteen hundred of arrived at camp aid worker michael raper who spent time at the site describes the conditions that force. you have like one toilet for those seventy two people there is one show with four people so the sanitation is the belief that people are suffering from bad conditions and they're
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also running into health problem into mental health problem because they are kept there for so long time and they have no perspective don't know how the case will go on when they will ever be able to leave this is a place that is no rule of law the police is just protecting the infrastructure of to camp but look doing policing in the camps so this is a very unsafe place for sure not a place that you should put children and women families that's flee from the war human rights activists are now calling on the european union to help migrants stranded in the greek camps. we had a moment a collaboration on after him to find out we are not of them and these people can we're not there another like given them again all who needs a moment not all of them but also. the greek government responded to the criticism
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saying they're doing their best to make quick decisions about the asylum status of migrants but it's not easy they're also calling on the rest of europe to accept a proportionate number of migrants however the un refugee agency in lesbos says europe's doing all it can to help out and. greece today is receiving support from durbin go research and you need to share supporting to go in and all that is a post for example and we are urging. we have six places for six hundred seventy s. . and neither of us. are going to be did you know bar ends and we provided also gets just in this. position did i start at six in migrants only days suppose we are also supporting to go home and getting their capacity regarding. the working crew was going to restart some chart with the extension and the section tender be buried hundreds of. reconstructing war torn mosul in iraq could cost one hundred
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billion dollars according to a spokesman for the u.s. led coalition he also called on nations to contribute to rebuilding the city now earlier u.s. officials stated that they were not planning to provide financial assistance that a year after mosul is liberation from i so we went to see how people there are coping today. out of that money i have a house i thought. it would look after them a couple hundred and i mean you know i've been lucky and behind that the knee and. the other half that i'm going to have to you know are not going to trial usually are not going to be entirely usual there's no. no no why do you. want to leave look i mean i don't know nothing i. just.
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love. god. i don't know why aha. this shit i don't like you i like young i don't think the level of what was stationed ashit. it was illegal. it was i was really honestly done doctor on my idea you aren't trying to be sure there are going to be by law you. are the enemy for down south off your money on the economy car at the thought are. some emotional say that i saw was initially welcomed into the city because they promised a better life well now the families of the terrorists and those who suffered at the
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hands of living side by side so political event you only know without a morsel. for the birth of my new. or her child there are near enough to have come a photo or so common i'm on the shore and will go on with the shabab and not the shore. and if they are show off a sentence of. actually look our next to. the door. i said to my wife does for the money please let me know this time and you know you. are going to set up a really good day on the album you wanted. to live in no other for the little girl would be a day on the little haile do what i do you know see the. other side she. was with him when. i got in the. army and that's been our families that
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they know that this is someone some are some are almost opposite and i want to tell me that there was something in it robin why is it that when nothing a month go into i want to go on and to many david lewis and the archbishop and or whatever and. while i'm there for portal into a market that i do i would be if they're not how mark follow my home or plane the answer to what do you do that. is a good. issue for. them and the other let's not have it's not so it's twenty's or is it we. are all. so it's not that the full amount. those are excerpts from a new documentary called mosul between war and peace and you can watch it in full next hour here on out the international. china is calling on washington not to politicize the media open up barriers to reporting it's after indications that the
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justice department plans to make some chinese state media agencies register as foreign agents beijing also denies claims that it's interfering in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections. anyone who is familiar with china's diplomatic policy should know that china pursues the principle and position of not interfering in other countries domestic affairs we don't want others to interfere in our domestic politics and we will not interfere in the domestic politics of washington apparently wants to enforce the foreign agents registration act known as far up on to state owned chinese media groups the news agency in the chinese global television network is top of their strong ties to the chinese government and fears of a possible meddling in the november midterms were behind washington's decision and we've asked the u.s. justice department for reaction but it's refusing to comment. was created in one hundred thirty eight to counter covert influence by nazi germany within the us those required to register as foreign agents have to submit disclosure forms about
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their activities on u.s. soil they can also be stripped of their congressional press credentials which limits access to certain u.s. officials grabbed headlines over the past year of course with two russian news agencies including this channel being forced to register under that act. and china in the us are also in the midst of a tit for tat trade war which shows no sign of slowing down the u.s. will impose a ten percent tax on chinese goods worth around two hundred billion dollars next week around ninety five percent of chinese exports to the u.s. will be affected beijing's retaliating tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of american imports economics professor and lee sees washington's move as a political gambit ahead of the midterm elections. often those other opinions said don't get heard on the left and right american media can be heard on foreign media and by shutting out foreign media potentially limit the ability for americans to have the full spectrum of opinions trump and the republicans basically worry about
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losing their base and. the momentum they have and so here they want to clearly show that they are doing everything they can to fight a perceived enemy which is china at the moment. so this would be another easy thing to point to as something concrete they're doing to punish china was never a target before because simply they never had to worry about it there was nothing threatening coming from these channels you had a very small audience anyway that's probably just one or two percent of the entire audience and and so it really posed zero threat but now they need to just. have something to point to. for. the term elections and the script one of those easy to check off the box sort of
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things that that they're doing to fight against the chinese. for the very first time an international cargo ship has used the arctic circle to connect europe and asia potentially saving two weeks of transit times then to ship left russia's eastern port city of lot of all stock over three weeks ago bound for some petersburg but it's had a number of stops on the way the first was in south korea to pick up some electronics it's already crossed the arctic ocean and it's currently navigating its way down the side of scandinavia towards germany that's going to be its last stop before finally returning to russia this northern route considerably quicker than the current one through the suez canal through africa and the middle east but let me be feasible in the summer saying about the effects of climate change in the arctic could see operations increase in the future. i spoke to a maritime economics expert who says the northern sea route should greatly enhanced trade despite environmental concerns. it is a clear economic benefit from the study that we have conducted. that is
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demonstrating that and that by saying through the north sea route people can save a lot of my supporters can save a lot of money in the supply chains are going to be sorter and because of that the fact that they haven't going to have sort of supply chains are going to sort of better the economy some of the environmentally second sand that if an accident is going to happen up there in the north sea route then if it's heavy fuel load then it's going to cause a lot of the most in the environment of course as you know and that's what has been used for many years and not many accidents have been reported and is running smoothly of course if you're going to have the escort from the icebreakers that's going to benefit even better. sailing in the navigation of food through the region as you probably know the seeping sector is a six more polluted sector in the region i think by finding novel solutions as the use of the n.s.a. that could probably help us to reduce the c o two emissions and reduce the environmental impact or there sipping sector. leaders of north and south korea
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hailing a new era in their relations during talks significant progress towards the demilitarized action of the peninsula was said to have been made six years we have signed a military agreement to enter the history of tragic conflicts and to still a city that has existed for decades we have also promised to make the korean peninsula the land of peace without nuclear weapons and threats. buke up on north korea has agreed to permanently dismantle the don't generally missile and enticed site to launch pads in the presence of international experts also north korea has agreed to take additional measures such as the permanent dismantling of new young young nuclear facility if the rock corresponding measures from the u.s. . of the agreement includes a roadmap for denuclearization and a military cooperation. pact north and south korea also plan to eliminate quote war
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dangers from the peninsula and to set up a peace and on their shared border the leaders pledge to connect road between the two countries and help reunite families separated by the korean war and in addition they also agreed to pursue a joint bid to host the summer olympic games in twenty thirty two and apart from official business the two leaders also put their differences behind them in a public display of friendship. lots of reaction on this of course including from donald trump who praised the leaders on their apparently successful talks and the u.s. secretary of state my pump says the u.s.
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is prepared to engage in talks to transform relations with north korea he also added that a meeting will happen in austria at the earliest possible opportunity christine home from the korea policy institute says the two careers are finally finding common ground. i think that what's happening right now is that the two koreas are going to come together to see what kind of room there is for flexibility and maneuver you have two parties that are absolutely willing to negotiate historic you know reconciliation between their country their two countries and they have the support of their people and the entire world is aware of that democratic desire of the korean people is for peace and so you know i think that this meeting between the two leaders of the korea only further cements that message and they will try to see what kind of room for flexible maneuver there is.
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the u.s. could be about to establish a permanent military base in poland its first in the country after talks at the white house between the leaders of the two nations and how the personal touch for president trump and his property empire. the bush government is prepared to offer significant host nation support to cover the majority of costs required to permanently deplore u.s. armored division into poland the president offered us. much more than two billion dollars to do this. i would very much like for us to set up a permanent american base in poland which we would call for trump.
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if this is. a man who puts his name on everything really touches the sort of like that you know king midas touch everything in it turned to gold trump such as everything and it also turns to gold because for photo gold because he likes the color of gold it's possible it could happen you've got a congress. that goes along with the idea that major should be expanded right up to russia's border because russia is aggressive and threat to europe there is a problem which is that normally bases. are not named after living people. you know in the united states you normally mean military bases after famously dead people i think there'd be a lot of hue and cry about me meeting base after
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a living president but the meeting at the oval office didn't entirely sit well back in poland where the media labeled one photo that appeared online as offensive take a look as you can see published president was smiling but standing somewhat awkwardly at the corner of the desk while signing an agreement how the same time seems to pull a far from friendly face while sitting comfortably in his chair. all right that's the news for now cross talks next debating whether trump a republic takes means diplomacy is pushed aside in favor of bitter rivalry and ruthless trade tactics. banks geysers financial survive until they save money to develop. closer to d.c. this is the central plank support diet goodness kind of problem right now so stop
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to. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want because i'm god i'm just a dumbass coming down through the. woods. on into the sea it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. mole. softness of the sense of this is still the only one of. these two. groups with. things this is. done with the old vision stopping there was a sting of
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a fund is up and his cards on the fine. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution two to quit the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here i mean your list put pretty well through me in the neighbor lose out on you schooling needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took coach invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. leak.
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when you. look at the distance was most of the book but. still it's about six. years. just for the.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle in the age of triumph winning is all that matters the phrase by any means necessary has truly been weaponized now politics has little to do with policy front and center our perceived cultural grievances and resentments. just ask red cow to know .
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the politics of grievance i'm joined by my guest nate lerner in new york he is executive director of build the wave in personal we have ned ryan he is founder and c.e.o. of american majority and we cross to jeff dice he is president of mrs institute are a gentleman cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate jeff let me go to you first in auburn i really wanted to talk about the politics of resentment and grievance and very broad terms and then we had the case of the supreme court nominee kind of blow blow up and it's going to probably obsess us for the next week and then then four former provides president joe biden he has his comment trump supporters are the dregs of society i thought we got over the deplorable mistake here it seems to be repetitive and it does seem to be focused on this politics of grievance and resentment how do you put it all together go ahead jeff.


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