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tv   Documentary  RT  September 20, 2018 12:30am-12:58am EDT

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no but i had a house i thought. that. would do a battle so it. got me i had to stop the bad guys. you know. but the how to move forward to push it out in the shell side and i saw them. we had to. be an issue for i mean isn't oceana sitting down in the open and then wanted to. show off that i'm going to be on the most and up and if you see i'm still without signal but what did you have to do about that come up with a. system and. the. show and have put it in with the women aside the nice thing is that as it was what i. had to do this would. be and. you know. so out of another. idea about that how i would
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assume though i suppose some of them the beneath me. focused on. just the opposite but i will i will not stop i mean a lot of other things you do i look well now that i really enjoy usually in the. long haul if you. might lead to something i don't know and i did try to do it the study was pretty small do what i did you got to go about it because you know it was you know who was. it is sort of like. i wanted a. little boy oh it's a should i ship a little bit of it i got oh i saw it well you can watch the way we. can look up at him a couple how many i mean you know i've been watching the behind but the name. you can then if not stop. in the motto that you have to be no more than the money
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because it was the what the shoe from what about jail on that when i beat the shit that is a sob. over most of us i mean the showdowns as if that's been the whole story where they say well i've. done she would know. what they are so i would not come up oh. yeah how did after i know what it would feel jackie had a moment about it i'm doing it. my job that i'd be sure that they would not let it go up on the shuffle feel sixty two percent because if you don't you'll quickly doesn't account. for those who does not come up. that love to live up.
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to how they should show the docs. on earth it was you know it's good you got it minute he wanted to go. to the other job so much. also plus. you know how it was that he knew. that the woman on the shoot out the woman who got him a counter no. i'm afraid the moment. i think i. know what hell i've been. through a wildness i have them are. about .
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models here. l. love. some. livestock . l m. m m m.
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m oh goodie honestly. i got i got it on the shelf there as well but if i love it. and not the stuff i'm also and the only one that the only thing. and chime in and then about as a child of say. saddam sounds like. your mother on the economic on the show. so are. no no no no no. it was a. number of those russia tell us about the. well
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we just. got off of. our own. way of so going to north and in the mideast down there with the lower level. i will if i hear every now you know oh my they are not in that they. are now. i'm in a short. move follows. in with the thought. of their own in the dollar janice i thought the government should have been more nuts. and had gone with my i will die if i don't know what i want to monitor that i want. osho to play
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a little home show by man an idea. i meant dab in the home. but that they've been the only no without a. lot of us so many problems which on their own never has come a photo or so common a shoulder to lie down with the shabab not a show or something dosh and you barack obama sent in. she left and that's you can tell the whole yama not to do it. on your own ended. but if it out i did though i share in the middle of our show there so much to show that it doesn't you. know just in the face of ads that i thought because i knew but i know a whole lot in the not so i stick idea well what happened. once it had been with the room or said to anyone on the dish out there with small i know my mouth shut on even this but it had that on the comedy thought of them saw how things in
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a martian a can with more of the whole of the show on you betcha. you know it's not because people often. assume not to see no focus on what kind of noble so classy i thought of jamaat i'm a full hollow don't want to let off a lot. of them one on one. for what it's. like to see all on him go on which was thought to have an issue with what i would was such a close ally on the on that you know me it on it's at the someone was so. fudge it i'll be k.c. it. well known pot and. shot almost. nothing can shock and awe as you know well enough that the show or hardly an honor and the i wash enough of my eye is the out of r.c. enough to die on and on the unit going with found the live in no other for them at
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the level would be de on the door what i do know soon i. thought. i. was. not. there to get good out of me. i'm straight. we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want a europe which sticks with christian heritage so number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want the member states to stay as member
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states we don't want you know give up our nationality we don't want to give up our culture of we don't want to give you up for every three gentlemen for four. decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. the german company developed through the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said she's just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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for what the larger enough to live on the wash you know bashar. the war the new show. an emotional. know how they and. there are no woman. my social. oh. my god. do you saw that in this i will lead them in the us on the. cone in the. middle we will hunt and i will be.
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a shell that. much of the earth for a lawful charm of that i said and it will in my lineage in the third and then jock also show the love i wouldn't have been done i shall be shot but i don't know that all we might be worth it either. or enough how question i've asked you how. my white house. model my wife. i love it it's still a dog's dog so they're a little built to last almost all my last month i was going to put we had to be had by law they don't. look good in. the future because there's. a.
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lot. i don't really. know that i'm glad you guys had just. given that do the job i was told that some of the oil well they don't know about my mother well off shore up my do with what they do a lot of them but it is more of them are going to shoot each other while much i'm going to end on but. we'll argue i want to. go this far and that is not what i want to. feel i think and if you do. what i want to do why i didn't like to say i didn't want it i don't live what i have now
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live to live in washington. let me die a big split the money out of the money i don't know i don't want to bring it up a lot of jealousy. so i said well so i said it was last. time. the total chop. chop. hesco. well i dropped a couple of the top. dollar to not. allow . you to. touch. from five to.
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five. i know. what you. want sure. yes it. was. supposed to be a good story it was just one scene oh it was too much. the same. as you. well i. was either the. sides of. the horse yes or. so. below jill jill.
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but. what. will it be and yes it'll be a line. it will love you one day as it would only on the night yes and i'll be on and it will be and should go and yes and be. done. from mom and. dad out of the budget for you to have to. want to know much about how it's got stuff like this. and how much. thought. i am will. soften about twenty five zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. this year is.
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still a little. hard on. you . know what to. do was to the fit up. pulled up in the middle of the food was always a. come from the.
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road. below. zero. i said no. not even the women pomalyst not. made it a matter of this have a with her i may do it i'm going to do it on any rigid on any joel power the irish . mike that will get the date going to have a lot of. local misuse you don't add though and though i went to american heritage and i do sure you will but i wasn't actually not of the
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at him but it was exactly. the way i thought of the genesis. rather what. my gosh. they got in. so much in my day to look on these that are on a weekend when that would seem nothing nothing stand up with me to a call but certainly five i'm not that i would routes an hour what i would i miss that i made it. and that affiliates by me there was none of this is. the stuff about us or in the way that she was doing other network that. he made a show that she could get into the. narrative that i know most were in minnesota.
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and then you can watch channel called and i was just going to. show you one of the not milledge do you want to have id gen john as you know when you said what i had no idea. right. that's. the next morning though this time commitment you know you know i'm going to suck it up to you but how these folks on a lot of news about want to comment on that topic are often night old mother look to you you might not but i may add that the whole shock at that initial jeff good look at what we all know you do not have to do and i mean this stuff been the only vehicle to have it out was a bluff it absolutely it was so bad you know how do you not want to live with that
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. arianna is it better than not it's none of these that wouldn't i think trying to work this out and watches that are all aspire to and from what i actually am. but you can't actually discuss and are stuck on my little message that you are. a father and all when it is said that she is imo a marxist some almost classic and i want to tell not let that little spot something in it that by the way i don't want the dentist amped up to be tossed like that is a muscle that he has. only should stay as they are as much as data should be had been it buddy anybody had lunch at the time of the good as again. these are what it would be so he was stuck with the worst of. all school we are going to make me want to. tell you or
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anybody. who study on us about. surgeries or to. anyone that. you can show you. what you believe. and those of which were that you don't wish me to do. something that's not a problem no one problem with the new drug. within the family though these are what we are going to do with the right issues in the or in the. we would welcome the full bottle and sure most of your i would be for a lot of help my fellow man hole up in the horse. race i don't believe you and the most we meet on window or door. come is that
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the. i'm in the apollo but on a. regular on the. garden mobile home or away at home. which you saw. but i. doubt if you leave a job that doesn't hate you since that obviously is not my shyness and i am also an equally but if you want to get with my mama on my father i didn't do it she does by the moment that the new job well makani local animal lover type area doesn't need to be just the local. guys a little more than that in the world no i don't want to. know
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off the hog he wanted to. know about the. new item in general again unless he didn't feel that the and this gave. the energy what do you mean that us here is if you give us a i was shown. is your thinking. them and the other words of my life i would you not like and so it's twenty with. probably less but if you add. that up in the final on a month. that the. u.s. government so badly shot and if we're going to be pushing the elite up live with. the earth should i said be at. my on the set up my medical shit go out of the
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military didn't get one. by a missile. holiday's innovations like the like button is a way to turn one on nearly be productive workers creating wealth for themselves into slave labor creating wealth for mark zuckerberg this is all about male slavery
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and this is all about the robots who are taking all the productivity and passing that on through labor arbitrage to the pockets of the tackling. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to to create the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still here i mean you are liz put me in the neighbor lose out on the school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. of those who took vote has invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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i know nobody on the phone i don't. want anyone. to be. for headline stories this hour rush is being agency is set to hear its fate as the international body in charge of stumping. for. reinstatement of. the confirmation hearing for president supreme court pick stagnates. brett kavanaugh proving to be one of america's most divisive nominees ever.


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