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i don't know the mylar. story happening right now russia's anti doping agency said to hear its fate as the international body in charge of stamping out drugs and prepares to vote on moscow's reinstatement to say the meeting right now come out as well and explosives leaked memos circulating in the british press reveals plans for the prime minister's own article and in the running to fill his shoes. but to the confirmation hearing for president trump supreme court pick stagnates in his agent
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brett kavanaugh proving to be one of america's most divisive nominees ever. get afternoon kevin owen in the hot seat here at r.t. international this three pm moscow time could have long so the fate of russian sports and he drugs body is going to be decided later on thursday by all accounts the world anti-doping agency is juda vote on whether or not to lift a suspension over a scandal in twenty fifty meetings just about the when shortly so we could get some new shortly the international olympic committee athletes commission has backed russia's admission what is president is also for the move but there are rifts as well quite deep rifts within the anti doping governing body will show some upcoming appear the organizations vice president and anti doping agencies from various countries. against it they accuse wilder of moving the goal post by easing some of
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the conditions placed on russia for the head of america's agency went as far as to suggest the sacking of the water chief our sports correspondent jeff ski picks up the story. for the last three years russian sport has been firmly sidelined as accusations mounted over state sponsored doping. the media has been and meltdown. the b.b.c. sports editor dan ronan tweeted out what he claimed was a letter from waters compliance review committee saying recitals prolonged
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suspension was already a done deal let's take a look at the whole picture just hours after rome's report what are published an official statement rubbishing these notions the world anti-doping agency this independent compliance review committee to deliberate a recommendation for the reins teeth ment of the russian antidoping agency what are also admitted it does not reveal information like that too often but it did so this time to put any speculation to bad it also openly said that the thirty one conditions it had put forward to reside in two years ago for reinstatement have been met conditions which included allowing u.k. anti-doping experts into russian labs to provide training replacing the personnel monthly orders by wada among others with the two most contentious ones knowledge of the findings of the mclaren report and granting unconditional access to your in samples in russia laboratories which have been under federal investigation though those remained in limbo up until last week rolling forward a bit and the b.b.c.
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then publishes a letter from the russian sports minister to wada where he agreed to all the demands and hoped that the world body would reinstate rosado so if that's the case and russia has ticked off. all the criteria why is everyone so mad i want to make sure that this attached of the last three years sticks even the russian will be allowed back into sport they want to make sure that every time any commentator anywhere in the world mentions a russian athlete they say. three years in exile because of go ping violations and they want to emphasize that point to advertise to the rest of the world how tough was it is and how difficult it can be to get round kind of the doping regulations in reality of course every sporting nation on the planet is engaged in some kind of doping violation it's just that they've been
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a bit cleverer about it the russia although russia's simply been saying singled out as a kind of scapegoat and people are quitting their jobs because of it namely becky scott are retired olympic champion and cross-country skiing who stepped down from the review panel after its recommendation to wada the possibility of russia coming in from the cold is dividing the world anti-doping agency it's a vice president says she will vote against their reinstatement and she's being backed by australia canada the united kingdom the usa and new zealand who are all urging the agency's president to reconsider if you choose to reinstate trash or you defy the very wish of the atthis communities and organisations around the world have very clearly stated that they will not accept reinstatement now the sporting community around the world has spoken and the message is consistent and clear recite it cannot be declared compliant until all outstanding conditions set out in the road map have been satisfied we believe that any compromises to the road map
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will tarnish what is reputation and bring global sport into disrepute essential to restart his revival is not set in stone and it could mean thousands of clean athletes in russia will be hit. the first hurdle when it comes to entering competitions all over again with their respective federations hands tied until restarted resumes its normal operations so will those this decision by water be influenced by sport politics or commonsense. else where they will britain's promise of treason may try to lay down some bricks at lorton informal e.u. summit nostra british press is pouring interruptions over an explosive league memo the dossier not only reveals plans in may's own party to ouster but also list possible successes straight to a woman caused by a bully boy her to go to war with her this has been rumbled for a while though but now some names coming forward to year yeah the big question is who comes next that appears to be the question that the conservative party is
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mulling over privately and rather actively on whatsapp conversations that seems to be where all the political party takes place nowadays and the list has been leaked to the press and it goes through all the potential candidates to succeed to reason may and their chances i believe we can go through some of the candidates now let's take a look at the first ones which boris johnson. book is fruit after a jury could breathe smoke but the front runner never wins that's really interesting because as you had boris johnson is the bookmakers favorite but he's controversial within the party but he's got sort of this strangely ceaseless. heal but as you saw there they're saying the favorite never wins so let's take a look at the next person on the list to such a job that once it trying to recover from referendum positioning.
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well the current home secretary now of course is sajid javid does the post that to reason may have for six years before she became prime minister so it is seen as a doorway to the premiership he's young he's made some welcome changes in the home office he's kind of emerged as a real possibility to succeed although he has one thing going against him and that is that he is a lever that someone who voted to remain but is now committed to leaving which doesn't sometimes doesn't convince the hardcore leavers so let's go to the next politician that is the current foreign secretary take a look at what the list said about him. jeremy hunt course near the front of the park coming up on the roof. so that's the current foreign secretary but he was formally the health secretary and he's seen as a bit of
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a political survivor despite the fact that he presided over the junior doctors scandal here so he's not likely to have many fans amongst the medical profession but as the list goes on to point out he is a real dark horse in this potential race to succeed to resume a there's a reminder next term as well saying that actually when john major won the conservative leadership back in one thousand nine hundred ninety he wasn't the favorite or even the second favorite so jeremy hunt is one to watch out for it looks like and then last but not least we have the current defense secretary take a look at what the list says about him. going to move. in full campaign mode but very reliant on controlling her own departure point. so yet gavin williamson is very much three's mates favorite but the likelihood of her having a say in who succeeds succeeds isn't seen as very big to me i have to
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say this all reads a bit like i'm from the movie mean girls but the list is important because it appears to confirm that regardless of the mechanics of it and how it happens britain is leaving the e.u. in march twenty nineteen added it it appears that once this quite frankly task is over once the poison chalice of bragg's it can at least be pushed a little bit to the side the party is going to want a fresh face to take it forward now downing street in the conservative party never normally comment on leaks we've approached them about it we've asked them about it downing street have said us the conservative party the conservative party have said speak to downing street about it so it doesn't look like there's much desire to talk about it and i think the list pretty much speaks for itself you know right there from london polly boyd part of our team over there or a token of political maneuverings eccentric cetera over in the states the senate
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confirmation hearing for donald trump supremes court nominees been postponed amid sexual assault allegations brought cover the noise the positions well the president's been uncharacteristically careful when speaking about the case no trump did though insist that the alleged victim should testify before the senate ahead of any judgement being made. when i first decided to run everybody said the single most important thing you do is the supreme court judge ok we've all heard that billy jones is out of breath and i would say this i think he's that extraordinary man i think he's a man of great is elect as i've been telling you if you showed just that would be wonderful if she doesn't show up. that would be our fortunes. more next on the interim contentious. spic for the lifetime political position the hearings surrounding the appointment of a new supreme court justice by the president has turned into arguably the most burgeoning political issue in the united states at this time as the nomination
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process continues for brett kavanaugh we're seeing a circus of anger and accusations. rid of it all mr chairman. mr chairman. we cannot possibly move forward mr chairman your very warm welcome not they are given their meeting. for here. we cannot be recognized i move to adjourn. now here's why the issue is so diverse the u.s. supreme court has the final legal say on crucial issues and justices are appointed for life no wonder both sides want to put the balance in their favor so the gloves come off the accusations are now flying first
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a woman who is sitting behind kavanagh was accused of giving secret fascist hand signals it turns out she is the descendant of holocaust survivors then some misattributed quotes about birth control started flying around the internet hillary clinton herself was spreading this false information here for to birth control pills as abortion inducing drunks the set off a lot of harm both for me an issue for you too i want to be sure will clear this didn't happen you were spanked chicks to prove this false then cavanagh's habit of buying baseball tickets became breaking news investigative reporters scoured his financial disclosures. and learned that he and his friends bought tickets to a baseball game so as you can see there's still plenty of silliness to go around but then things got serious accusations of attempted rape which is career ending stuff in the age of me two came up christine blasi forward accuses brett kavanaugh
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the tempting to rape her back in the one nine hundred eighty s. when they were both teenagers at a party now she wants an f.b.i. investigation if the senators who have come forward and said they want to treat the seriously mean that then they'll they'll have an investigation of these allegations so that we all go into this more informed so twenty four women who went to high school with brett kavanaugh signed a letter saying that they support the accuser then sixty five women signed another letter saying that they defend brett kavanaugh as character now those who support the democrats generally believe the accuser those is the republicans think she is lying and i've been calling her names not surprisingly the media is now taking sides this was intended. and i believe. offensive forward judge cabinet has lied multiple times she's not sure when it happened where it happened who else was present she never reported it to anybody this is nothing if they get away with this there is then you have c.n.n.
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running the country because this allegation could be made against anyone at any time now the u.s. department of justice says that it's not a federal case but it seems like proving guilt or innocence isn't exactly the issue here i think the nomination should be withdrawn the bar here is not. whether you have not criminally assaulted someone it's credibility trust integrity so who is brett kavanaugh now to some he is a well respected adjudicator who happens to have some republican ties to others he's a sexual predator now supreme court justice nominations often turn into political confrontations but rarely do they expose such a deeply divided america. art see new york. one of most outspoken opponents to break those nominations the former presidential candidate hillary clinton however it wasn't until many pointed out her husband former president bill clinton also faced allegations of sexual misconduct which didn't stop him from reaching
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america's highest office her husband when he was president faced allegations that were not the same as there certainly but had connections to these kinds of allegations from years ago have we learned anything over the years about due process not just for the accusers but also for the accused when i think that you have to take each of these situations you know sort of on their own merits do you want to bill clinton's alleged victims reacted by asking the f.b.i. to investigate her rape accusations as well. the difference in the double standard that existed back then and still does today i think it's i think this is this donna xing but they can do this to mr cavanaugh it is the absolute definition of hypocritical and that's what's really disheartening especially for the american public to see these democratic leaders that have been elected being absolutely hypocritical and two faced really not only when it comes to the clinton
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trials where all of this wasn't enough what we heard it wasn't enough you can't come against him whereas a woman makes one allegation is refusing to testify there's no other information nobody really has any information there's no evidence but the word of this woman that's not to say that sexual assault allegations are important but the timing is very suspicious of course so we've now shown that the congress the united states of america doesn't care about facts or evidence as mrs it's as about political differences. much toted promote program was supposed to be the biggest woman supported issues to be in afghanistan but according to a report by a washington watchdog now if it is not a failure hundreds of millions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money was spent the goals we hugely didn't have would see only a few dozen women will help. i mean. since two thousand and one the door
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has been reopened for afghan women they joined the police the army and entered politics and together we can help women and girls across afghanistan develop their talents raise their voices and strengthen their communities and their country and. then i didn't know if this money was spent properly there would have been changes in women's lives but we don't know how they spend it or who they gave it some money for these haven't done so much for afghan women there's been a vision howe's in india a man is representing afghan women this program in afghanistan is for women and we still get we placed my mouth why don't we have the counseling. the person we requested to say to support us by providing this machinery
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incompetently to modernize the handclaps section their response was negative they said they were huge to train his after news experience i don't need the training i need the machinery. but as i thought until i filled in forms last year and again six months ago they told us that they would let us know but there was no response even when we called them they never called back hundreds of thousands of women across afghanistan ready for work. but were had thanks being with us this is a first day it out international in one of the stories after the break as the rock faces a real threats to its core values europe's power brokers are in salzburg in austria we talk but are there in fact we're in more detail about what was talked about at that summit as well with our europe correspondent.
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all of these innovations like the like button is a way to turn one on nearly be productive workers creating wealth for themselves into slave labor creating wealth for mark zuckerberg this is all about neo slavery
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and this is all about the robots who are taking all the productivity and passing through labor arbitrage to the pockets of the tackling. is accusing sweden of mistreating chinese to violating their human rights for a router up to between stuff in a stall cobol still on a chinese family check in time. this is.
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just. midnight for police to toss defenseless tourists agree this place is too much. and ministry has made me late to the swedish side of the urgent. case you see because. we have done everything we could do for these girls but at the same time we cannot accept that their staff are exposed to threats and the other guests will suffer from a threatening situation. screen
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here but i can tell you this breaking news comported stuff tell you about the world anti doping agency the organization in charge of stamping out drugs in sport of course as reinstated russia as a member of cording to our sources you want to get some more confirmation on this but it does look as if it's very much gone that way it was suspended twenty fifteen after an alleged state sponsored doping scandal it was much publicized why the governing body here gave russia of mode a roadmap to meet before readmission would be considered to final points in the criteria of the trigger. argument throat athletics must be said one being access to urine samples at the moscow lab in question where they kept the world anti-doping agency now says access for an independent expert would be sufficient formats but looks that come to some agreement on that however the main sticking point has been
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the report by the canadian dr richard mclaren a few years back which in the united kingdom so everybody's talking insults but we still have well no sign of a deal when it comes to break that no sign of a deal when it comes to migration with viktor orbán and hungry sensually standing outside of the main body of the european union on how to police the external frontiers so just recap and if futurist alert you will go to mobile devices from our or from our website the red brake intake of there the world anti doping agency the organization in charge of stamping out drugs in sport has reinstated russia as a member we can report according to our sources we're going to try and get a total clarification on that but look for much is that way that decision hasn't come without pressure from international athletics though after legations a state sponsored doping of has been well publicized while there says russia has met a roadmap for admission stay across that as
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a say if you download or any details any updates on the stories that know your interest you cross the border you'll get straight to your mobile device r.t. dot com is also our site for twenty four seven i'm back with more in thirty two minutes time. twenty four you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going to be rolled up we've peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous. or is it you know lawyer here i mean you know i lived. in the. new school and you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. this is going bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm bart chilton in washington thank you for being on board coming up today as united kingdom continues to be in a pretty precarious place related to brecht's that some are questioning if the u.k.
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its budget coffers are losing out on corporate corporate profits will report which c.e.o. mark joins us for a closer look and we consider the dollars and cents and cents as the n.s.c. up sports betting as formula one racing gets into the multibillion dollar industry .


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