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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 20, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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are right that does it for mel b. back and well. thirty minutes for a look at your news you're watching our international. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings and salutations. the used car sales man and women that make up our
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illustrious congress here in the united states of america put their loyalty to their military industrial paymasters on full display this week as they approved one point eight billion worth of three littoral combat ship holes yes one point eight billion for three three holes not the whole ship just three holes of the ship ships one point eight billion you know you know the real kicker is the pentagon didn't even want them they didn't ask for them they did they didn't want them need them asked for them but yet for some reason our congress gave them these ships anyway and while congress is handing defense contractors like lockheed martin almost two billion of our tax dollars for combat ships our navy doesn't need the water in detroit schools is tainted with lead and copper that's not hyperbole according to the detroit news more than half
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of the hundred six calls inside michigan's largest school district has have high levels of copper and or lead on wednesday this week the school district received test results indicating that the dish an additional thirty three schools in the detroit public schools community districts have elevated levels of lead bringing the entire total up to fifty seven schools now simple math tells us that with more than forty seven thousand kids in the best direct that roughly twenty three thousand of those kids were possibly exposed to lead and copper tainted water. officials from detroit's water department believe that the lead in copper is contaminating the water through the school system's decrepit plumbing which is estimated to cost roughly thirty million dollars to repair and replace just thirty million you know for the cost of the three combat ships i mentioned earlier we could have big detroit schools water issues fifty three times over but if oh we
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have utterly useless needless combat ships to build right i mean no one ever said the children are our future and it's big. but start watching the hawks. what would you treat the city like. this would. be the plot of. what they like you know i got. to. be. pretty. well the one of all the watching the hawks aisles i rolled with them top of the wallace wow so we went from lead now we're finding all copper would say that of people that know you think copper it seems like oh it's not going to it's not not in those kind of doses. short term chronic exposure such as water in
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your drinking water i mean you can have everything from major stomach issues kidney and liver damage and one of the odd things about copper toxicity is that it's often hard to to diagnose because it can mask itself in long term as psychological neurological developmental disorders so again you have another thing that the another thing in children's water that hender is development that causes mental health issues causes physical endocrinology and. and. logic that one. and a crowd knowledge you can cause those problems so you're talking about a lot of long term stuff and for a very small of much money you can save a lot of lives literally save them in the long run to give these kids a better future but you know it's detroit why would we help them my man and i know what i want in this navy ships to build right you know that there are some good seven i mean what i mean where we want to say about are about our priorities as
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a nation when you've got us politicians falling over themselves to fund useless battleships that no one wants and no one me is but we can find thirty million dollars so that's a few kids could drink water out of out of a a bubbler or drinking fountain you know i mean this is sort of like in june the district report actually said so this is how much of a crazy amount of money it was that in order to do all those repairs it would be about five hundred billion dollars five hundred million dollars to repair all of the issues at the school wow you know and look so all right so for the cost of these two three battleships moving them we don't need them that's doing simple tyrrel math in my head that's like for school systems that come to you we've completely done completely brought up to a nice healthy healthy safety standard for children right i mean with the with the school has to go through just to fix this immediate problem but this is look at the
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district has to spend two hundred it's starting this started school of september fourth right they have to spend two hundred thousand dollars on bottled water and water coolers for the next several months is like the band-aid to the problem as the superintendent nikolai beattie has proposed a two million dollars plan to install water high ration stations in each school the claims the hydrogen stations are better because they filter content evidence out of the drinking water and this is like the stopgap we can't afford the thirty so maybe we can get the two million just to get these hydration stations in there because you know hi jerry since you're talking about water coolers like i'm obviously you know it sounds like he is doing. great genius thing or like you ordered water cooler but it's got a bit it's a sick society we would rather spend money. a centrally implements of death and lots of money and implements of debt that our politicians on both sides of the aisle just totally groove but the health of children is not that important i mean hey if they don't get shot in school they'll get boys and we're not talking about
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like a handful of kids i know this isn't just the holes and that's one district when you look around the country you have about there's a july report from the u.s. and u.s. government accountability office and they said that forty three percent of the country school districts had tested positive for lead in two thousand and seventeen and out of those thirty seven percent found elevated levels and fifty and fifty seven percent of school districts serving more than thirty five students nationwide have either not tested for lead in the past two years or get the didn't know if they had at it you know that so many that school systems were covering thirty million kids didn't know i don't know didn't didn't know. i mean we were play sports stadiums in this country faster than we were play school. and yet here is an entire projects between plumbing and everything else that would create jobs that would bring communities together that would give work to small businesses but hey
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why do that when you can buy a wasteful boat send poisoned kids. by us secretary of state my pompei when the trumpet ministration can't seem to get the peace machine moving in north korea south korean president made some pretty big moves this week after a three day visit to the formerly hermit kingdom in a statement a press revealed that kim jong un expressed his wish that he wanted to complete the denuclearization quickly and focus on economic development which is which is actually what those who. as the use of sanctions say is the purpose the goal economic hardship and isolation eventual breaks down the walls and painless as possible without war but many including the brooking institute's human pack think quote there are serious risks of a premature peace declaration or as evan sankey a research analyst at the john hopkins institute who claims and the national interest magazine that while he doesn't believe peace is even possible the process
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is helpful because quote washington has learned that the south korean president if too deeply invested in rip roach meant that's right hogwash experts in foreign policy are claiming that north and south korea and its leaders are far too interested in key economic development of those keys a. piece of economic development when we get out terrible thing when we didn't build more bombs and drop the mother of three a i mean what's wrong with that i do yeah i don't know anybody so you know so pushy about i phones how horrifying i mean just the idea that someone would sit there and say well you know if we can't trust north korea south korean president to do this it's so fowle like it's just the worst is something a guy who he just wants or approach he just wants them to have peace hotel here in . the case some of the korean peninsula grows that's where you are literally are about literally but that's kind of how it see it is it does seem that way and look
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at the list of what they're what they recently agreed to look you know what where rose colored glasses your piece is probably still pretty far away but at least the though you're north and south are driving to it and here's a list of what they've agreed to so far they've they've agreed to do a submit a joint bid to host the twenty thirty two summer olympics they agreed to create railroad links between north and south korea within the next year which is pretty huge they've agreed to stop military drills aimed at each other along the military demarcation line which divides the two countries by november first in one mode they decided they were removed eleven guard post. from the d.m.z. by the end of the year and they want to normalize the k. song industrial complex with the going towards a project as soon as conditions allow that's pretty epic stuff oh yeah. yeah but why are they really do. you know there's a certain really rather camp david accords i mean really well who thought things like the camp david accords or you know the wall going down of him and germany was
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a bad thing are like crazy extremists who think that jesus is coming back to like. north and i don't know where i'm confused on the day i mean these are like the those ideas tab are like those perfect examples when people say like oh you know american empire has to kind of like have its hands in everything and everyone has to like kowtow to it that's a terrible example people raised in that system where they can't believe the countries outside of the u.s. without us know can think to find peace for themselves no and that's why they can't do without us i mean we have to explain and this is whole thing about like every one of these articles really hammers on this idea of two things one what can we exploited literally the words exploits. out of this and we can't do anything unless the united states gets something sizable in return as a oh we're you know democracy and freedom one of the things that was a big sticking point this is of course they're putting it again is the young gun
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which is believed to be where north korea makes opposed to its physical material the actual nuclear material that was the big one so one of the points that they talked about was the promise to close that in full view of national inspectors and to me that can't be ignored if literally they keep doing everything you know just because they're not doing it because the united states because trump told. because my pump aoe didn't come up with the list doesn't mean it's not working and one of the things i find really strange is that they're against the idea of them doing it for themselves and that's why because if these two countries get together and there's a unified south korea or a unified korea that's going to be tough on a lot of western countries but south korean president and reiterated and i want to say this is really like i said there's a time like the camp david accords that was a moment of peace and we said wow this is great and here was something and it just kind of gets booed but what the south korean president had said about unification of the peninsula was i proposed to take the next big leap to completely resolve the
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seventy years of hostility and be together as one chairman chairman kim and i will rebuild our nation with eighty million people of the north and south holding hands and hand standing strong. while why would we be against that you know what's wrong with peace in our time because they think oh well they're going to get together and then they're going to have more nukes and are going to shoot amal it up or they won't we can't push them around and just and stopping military drills is the problem it's not a game you are pointing weapons at people and when that suddenly isn't there what are they going to do we can't keep by boat so we can afford right where them frets and then suddenly the military knows it will cause basically i don't know what it is to build more than oh i don't know they might have to fund the rebuilding of schools and health care. as we go to break a quater is don't forget to let us know where you think of the topics of facebook and twitter see our full shows at r.t.e. dot com coming up author and educator dee walks and joins us to discuss the controversy surrounding us attorney general jeff sessions believe that the a.c.l.u.
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and the batter is responsible for all the violence in chicago stay tuned to watch in the fall. and what politicians do you should see that. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go right to the press this is like the full story of the people. i'm interested always in the why. should. we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want a europe which sticks to its christian heritage so we're number one we don't want
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europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want a member states to stay as member states we don't want you know give up our nationality you don't want to give up or called sure we don't blow you up or everybody's arms. and so for. with us president donald trump nipping at his heels like a chihuahua with rabies united states attorney general john sessions went back to his comfort zone on wednesday standing before the podium at the valor survive and thrive conference and waukegan illinois sessions drop this little nugget of insight into what's behind the recent violence seen on the streets of chicago declaring quote there's a clear lesson here if you want more shootings more deaths listen to the a.c.l.u. black lives matter and groups who do not know the reality of policing sessions went on squeaking if you want public safety then listen to the police professionals
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who've been studying this for thirty five years sessions that backed up his claims by referencing a recent university of utah study that controversially claims that claims to show a correlation between chicago's rise and homicides and a drop in stop and frisk ticks a.c.l.u. of illinois police practices project director karen shelley responded to sessions comments writing quote attorney general sessions especially argues that police officers are too scared to do their jobs if they have oversight this claim and solves officers and downplays the harms of on lawful policing here to help us we through the red white and blue violent crime blame game as author educator and speaker baltimore's own. thanks for joining us he always a pleasure i want to start though in your experience in baltimore you've traveled the world what do neighborhoods need more do they need more stop and frisk police state tactics or you know actually community policing and relationship building. a
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force of accountability which rich more the problem with jeff sessions. is it makes me extremely upset to hear him say this because i feel. a person his age and with his experience should know better but people need money people need opportunity people who don't go to bit and dream of being criminals these you know people are just in really really tough and messed up situations and that's what it comes from if you say police officers are skilled to do the job we're just coming off the bottom or fairly alone but the focus on bottom or we come out of the trial of the gun trace task force these people stole millions of dollars so drugs caused the murder. and the other types a horrible thing is you going to see here what a straight face and say they don't need oversight it's not about you know it's not about black lives but if you add up the people from black labs matter the a.c.l.u. . if you if you add up the number of guns owned between those populations are
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probably come up with like three like these are all here count people or telling people to kill people that's not the problem that there's a saying the opposite which is what's so strange about it by putting the blame of of the sort of rise of say chicago street violence on police reform and that it's it's the fault of the a.c.l.u. it's a fault of blacks lives matter. to me it just it sounds like more and as a woman believe me i know this sounds like victim shame well your life sucks but it's your fault you should have more notice clothes you should just walk down that street at night you shouldn't have gotten involved with the wrong people it was just more victim blaming to the very people who are being treated poorly who are victims it's victim blaming and it's also easy easy to say that the easy to say that you know people who are out here you know doing these things because something is wrong with them is easy to say that police officers can't do their job because
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you know we're actually trying to hold them accountable for its heart to really pinpoint these problems and when we really come from this years of racism there are years of poor housing poor school. ruling food deserts and all of the different things that make up these neighborhoods is years of people not having an opportunity to live in a country where if you have a name like a dante like kenya you know a certain amount of companies are not going to call you back for a job this is the country that we live in and before he's you know suspect and has to acknowledge that and say that it's easy to do the story back at the people right right at this and that's what truly broke my heart when i heard you know the attorney general would essentially the top law enforcement official you know saying well it's their fault you know it's their fault they shouldn't have raised a ruckus and because they raised a ruckus wow that was then yeah i mean there's a reason that major icons of the civil rights movement would like to not perhaps you know a horrible part of that very good point were more it's interesting because the hill
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actually knows that you know sessions his own justice department found last year that the reasons behind chicago's increase in violent crimes were broadly debated in the arguably complex not be allowed in. the chicago police department was a less of a fact of due to systems that have allowed c.p.d. officers who violate the law to escape accountability that's the big question in the room how important is officer accountability to citizens whose neighborhoods are victimized by crime to me that's the most important thing is that everything police officers there is police of this of law enforcement officers bill of rights everybody is a part of he has known they different but a lot of them have a lot of the you know have some of the same language like in baltimore if a police officer is involved in a shooting he will she has ten days before they even have to make a statement about it giving them the ample time to be able to come up with whatever the story they're going to come up with you know back out for that story and if
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it's true or not be if you if you god forbid but if you went out and you were in you got involved in the shooting or something like that and you pulled the trigger would they give you ten days to come up with a story out i'll be i'll call you when i get a. because there are going to be a lot of people out but within minutes of the break is that you know you know out of the stand you know policing is a tough job i get it i'm not here to say is easy but if we sit here and we act like every single cop is innocent they should never be held accountable and they are doing a maison job just the problem is not true i mean home aside the clearance rate for homeless as a bottom one city is like under fifty percent so it's like you know you're locking up people who are homeless or you are going to people for you know for petty things but the people who are actually committing crimes you know you're so great just so amazing to get such a hero you know you can't put the bad guys away it's a really good point i said in my where why why should i say they're doing a great job why are you so defensive when you're close numbers are not up like
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you're not closing rapes you're not closing i mean in every city and a major city that's had a police problem there are stacks of untested rape kits there are stacks of unsolved murder because when it's certain people like we said they don't work that hard to find those murders they just want to get those drug dealers off the street as if that's going to do every day because this the culture we live in it's instant hero culture all you have to do is going to me son up past you know i think run like a mile in thirty minutes you know and then you can shoot a service weapon a badge and a blue shirt instantly a hero yeah and what you see that happens a lot in those neighborhoods to put you back where you were saying to them what you're saying is that you also see a lot of the policing for profit you know what ticket everybody let's get everybody let's keep locking up everybody because it's feeds the money machine which then keeps those poor people down even more which is silly because if you want to make money off people go to rich neighborhoods and give them lots and take
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a closer look right we'll go to a poor neighborhood where people can afford it and they're probably just going to go to restaurants us through all of this pay it they have the money that's going to take it easy is easy to oppress poor people is easy to try. contro people are going to easy to do that you know it's easy when you're speaking of oppression and victim blaming and horrible things so the judge cavanagh shero has been going up a lot about his his appointment and the confirmation and all that's going on what jumps out to you. like this whole confirmation mass that the news media is missing what's the part that you feel is just not being talked about in this whole confirmation people saying judge kevin cut them a break because he was a teenager give them a break because he's a kid boys will be boys he grew up and he wasn't the guy he was as a teenager when i had to sit back and watch my whole generation erased for
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selling crack you know even you know these kids got caught up in the streets they sold drugs they didn't get a slap on the wrist didn't get a chance to reenter society they got thirty forty fifty years you know but kavanagh you know he made good he did ok well he got a chance to grow up he didn't go to jail for you know being a very this is a child that had to come up in a system he didn't have to try to reassume to the crimes he committed. it's a whole different story and it's and it's a double standard and it's like it's baffles me that nobody want to hill is saying is like how you going to how we just got to let's just forget that. you know and i hope you know i have i have i don't have the most minutely i don't have the most faith in congress but i know but i will say that our hearts i think i hope that they'll see that people are rallying against hope that they'll listen to these stories i hope that you know the height of the meats the movement that people will step forward and do something and get this one right i hope you think that
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a lot of this those speaks to d. and that idea of that there's two there's two different americas there's two different united states of america there's the one that light kavanaugh on the politicians and you know the one percenters and all that live in and then there was the other one the view in the rest of us you don't live in an experience every day where you see kids you know not get away with what you get away with them locked up and all that and what i ask you is what can we do to overcome and change this divide that creates two different americas with two different sets of accountability standards and second chances but a first thing we need to do is we need to figure out a way to infiltrate these systems because as long as people like jeff sessions can blame black labs matter for the murder rate we will have a progress as a country ever it will not happen it can happen other than that you know it's not the young people all the time more than just telling them to vote but you know you can you can you can be a public defender you can be a prosecutor you can be
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a politician you can come up you to ranks and you could be a judge like these things are options we had to take we had to take advantage of that stuff and it's urgent because if we don't then we're going to be going to the same thing over and over and over again if we can get some more people there on the inside to push this away from that lead privileged sheriff's office. we're going to. i'll be here. and you guys go off on your. correct it was a good group of room for all those i like doing this i like informing people too much of the you know that's the real key for older series doesn't want to have to serve every one but you know it's tough to be stairs all the way up with what i've been told that that is a real it is a real option and people do need to get politically active and politically involved that's the real message with local make it happen make it happen the workers are going to say thank you as always for coming on it's a great great pleasure and thank you for breaking this down for us today. is it has
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been believed that the beer came as a result of a surplus in agricultural production but a group of scientists from stanford led by professor lew found new evidence that turns the history of brewing on its head and a cave in what is now israel scientists discovered beer brewing tools along with residual remains of starch and microscopic plant particles these are found in the process of turning wheat and barley to make beers and cruel but what makes the discovery of the first manmade booze ever created so special is that it means people were brewing beer thousands of years before they started cultivating grains for cereal in places like the middle east i mean who know it all started with some stone age microbrew i just think without beer we may not have gotten cereal and then what would we eat after we had too much beer that's a great point and i don't regret that specimen a thing that we may have had beer first then your car but my little group of
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thousands of years that they were making beer it was always thought it was this thing much just whatever was left over and it actually got fermented but this says no no it was on purpose that is incredible that's incredible who. people drink but i refer to beer drinkers exactly and my for the better over time the thousand already cut it out as ours so for you to very remember everyone in this world we are not told your love so i tell you all i love you i. tight rope of turf . keep watching those hawks never great fear but oh. i think we can agree that the decision to intervene in libya was perhaps too quickly taken but we also know that the libya crisis today as we see it at least as i see it is a multifaceted crisis because it's a political crisis it's a security crisis and it's an economic crisis so i think the main problem of the
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post twenty eleven transition was to put complete emphasis on the political process and not sufficient thought and strategy into the military dialogue or d.d.r. ceasar and completely forget the economic dimension of the crisis. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that doesn't like will stop on the border doesn't implement the muslim god of this is going to come to. woods as that good you got into the sea it's just a supply problem proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat not only to put more actual nicholas officinalis
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this is an easy sell it was only one of them will think the most of. this you will do. with. these this is the i still. don't miss the old vision stopping them also still owns a front is up and describes on the phone. the world anti-doping agency reinstates russia's anti-drug somebody giving a fresh start for russian athletics after three years in the cold. us imposes new sanctions on china for buying the russian military hardware. a link to a memo reveals plans within the u.k. prime minister's party to her and who is in the running to fill her shoes.


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