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who are taking all the productivity and passing that on through labor arbitrage to the pockets of the tech elite. that would. be you have them all out the lobby. me in the middle of the week wish me well how about a holiday in the name of the. problem with the enemy bought a plane. who doesn't know what it was
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that i see in our little. snuggle house you know even me got up in my left on me the most of obama how about political interests there are those. who took the. policy. from the need. for this well in this ng with me and because of a whole lot of will close up those to. sort of heart it with all of us cause when they take on an affair that i live in be a. model sort of qualifying and say we're. out of the wall and i'm old
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school. and this little guy with the heart of that. and that the soul of that there will. guy says if. we don't come. up with what i want to hold on to a shell holes down there with the wind. are often. good. looking. to. be. sure.
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the docs. all know that it was you know. one new books that you know the old. ones built the other just such. a little plus. you know it was. near. the bottom a shoot out the window and hope. i'm up with the moment. i got there just down the guy but. i know what i've been. through all wildness i.
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think i'm. not alone. among those you. employ. some. livestock. l m. m.
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m oh good honest and honest try my i mean that i got it on the shelf there as well but if i loved it. and found out the stuff i'm also and the only one that. are you. and chime in and then about as a child i'm so. proud and so that's. your mother on the economic on the show. are. no no no no no. it was a. number of those but i shut the last. one
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was short but we just. got off of. our own. way of so going north and in the middle the lower level. if you will if i hear every now you know oh my they are not in that they. are now. i'm in a short. move follows. in with my skinny i knew. i was out of there and in the dollar janice i thought of the machine that have no remorse not. mother. and
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how to know if i will die if i don't know what i want to monitor the woman. jaish osho to a little home shared by man an idea. i meant dab in the home. but that they've been the only no without it and most of. them out of the so many problems which are now in the. photo or so common a shoulder to lie down with the shabab not a show or something dosh and you know baka sent in. she left and that's you can tell the whole yama not to do it. on your own ended. but if it out i did though i sure miss the whole show there so much to show that it doesn't you. know just in the face of ads that i thought because i knew that i know a whole lot in the not so i stick idea about what happened. once it had been with the room or said the new one on the other dishes out there with small i know my
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mouth shut on even this but it had to shut up calmly thought of them thought of how things in a martian a can with more of the whole of the show on the bishop. no . a lot. of them on. the off. would you like to see all of them go on with your supper and shoot at the wall with was so. that you know me it. would be. well know. that i shot almost. controlled annoys you well enough with the show.
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on and on i'm going to go on with. no other. good got me. i think we can agree that the decision to intervene in libya was perhaps too quickly taken but we also know that the libya crisis today as we see it at least as i see it is a multifaceted crisis because it's a political crisis it's a security crisis and it's an economic crisis so i think the main problem of the
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post twenty eleven transition was to put complete emphasis on the political process and not sufficient thought and strategy into the military dialogue. and completely forget the economic dimension of the crisis. if.
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it. comes to afford what the larger it enough to live on the wash you know bashar the father it's not the incentive. then by my initial folk who are the one on their shoulders them enough for an emotional level forty. and so on a woman. there's a lot of my social. oh. my god shall i do you so i don't fall for this i will lead them. down the. calling in the world and you know that i will hunt and i will be old i shall that so. much of the earth for a law for she i mean that i said and it will unwind the mission and the fight and
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then jock also showed up i would want them and i shall be shot but i don't know little boys well i think i i thought. the nascar question my best to have. my white house. model my wife and i. love it it's still a dog dog so there are a lot of bills a lot on the table my last month i was going to put we had to see how different my life don't. look good in. the future because there's. a.
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lot. out of. this mess i'm ready for the family that i'm glad you guys have just. given that do do it with the most of it some of the want of up on the i don't know of my mother well off shore up my do with what they do a lot of i did none of them are going to shoot each other while much i'm going to end on but. we'll argue i want to. go there someday and that is not what i want to. feel i think and if you do. i would love you. like. i did it a little bit i can live with it i have no life i still live in washington. let me die a big split don't want to add up the money i don't know i don't want to bring it up a lot of jealousy. no it's well i'll say i said it was last.
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time. chop. chop house. up a couple. will talk to. the little. boy. it was. i said the other stuff for the money believe. me if you get that is how i am with whom i may do it i'm going to do it on it would you don't need to well. yes. but that would never get the date i mean i thought
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about you know that while i go local. news yet i don't know and though i don't i'm not going to do that dilution either but doesn't that sound nothing of the at him but i don't want either of jackie. to it at the beach and if that's not rather what . my gosh the. sun they got in. so much on monday was that little honey is that on the weekend when that was doing nothing nothing stand up with me to a call but certainly five i'm not that i would routes an hour what i would i miss the i hate it. when the affiliates on the new version of this is. the stuff about us or you know that that actually was doing that well that one most
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knew that. he. needed a show when it actually would get into the. narrative that i know most were in minnesota. and one of them you can watch channel called and i was just getting more. one of the i'm legit do you want to have id gen john as you know when you said what i had no idea. when. it's. the next morning though this time commitment you know you might have to suck it up eat about how they slept on a bottle you need about want to comment on that tiny box of night old mother look to you you might not but i may add that i could show you a whole shot both a very short jeff good outside of it look at. women you do not have to do and i mean that stuff than i do you only get to have it out because of fluff now don't be
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so bad you know how do you not want to lie about it or not. arianna is it better than us none of these that wouldn't i think trying to get it right this second or boxes that are all aspire to and from what i actually am. i see time as does x. and i thought. or my father used to measure that i'm. a father and then it is imagine some will come our set from a list box and i want to tell me a classic there was something in the file that i don't want them to spend on top of the trust like that that isn't a mess what i have i don't wish it to is the way i was much instead of should it be had been it buddy anybody at lunch at the time of the he admitted i said yes. this is what i did you were being silly. but the worst of.
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all school. tell you all get anybody there so there. was no you mission. to study on then ask about. soldiers or to. anyone in the. dealings with. the question. and some of the research that you don't wish me to read. something that's not a problem no one followed up with the need to ask. it within the family the nature i want to be on and going to give a good live there i doubt she dishes in the water then. she would welcome the full bottle into your mouth of your i would be for a lot of help mark for the long haul up and horse as a town where
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a lot of nice fresh i don't believe you and the most we meet on them or. come is about the. theatre minute we are. in the parlor the buffet on the. bus while they figure on the. garden more the more we are. going to be with you he's. right he. would leave the job that doesn't pay tuition so that he is nominations and i am also i think we finally get what i get. on the on the on my father rather dishy done by the moment there was no double knock on but now the middle level type area doesn't maybe just
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. no i don't want to. do i need to look. at the and that's ok with. the engine what do you. listen to because. if you think. them and the other alleged mohammed you know that and. with. that on the phone. oh. yes so the need to shut up if you're going to be pushing the and.
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when. the show i said to be a thought oh she might on the set up a lot of them that you didn't get one. of the. holidays innovations like the like button is a way to turn what would on their lead be productive workers creating wealth for themselves into slave labor creating wealth for mark zuckerberg so this is all
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about male slavery and this is all about the robots who are taking all the productivity and passing it on through labor obert. so the pockets of the tackling . in the age of trump political gridlock has been taken to the next level there's a lot at stake a supreme court seat and presidential prerogatives in the end it's all about the rule of law and equal application of the law we are gazing into the abyss with compromise on life. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know or here i mean you know i live. in the. new school and new to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this
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to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. the world anti-doping agency reinstates russia's anti drugs body giving a fresh start for russian athletics after three years in the. us imposes new sanctions on china for buying a russian military hardware. and at least a memo reveals plans within the u.k. prime minister's party to oust her and who is in the running to fill her shoes.


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