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welcome to. the rift between hungary and wrestles widening the gap but a best resist pressure from the establishment warning shots already fired well i talked to hungary's foreign minister. about the challenges that lay ahead. the european consensus is under threat as the migraine traces threatens to split the e.u. with eastern european members refusing to follow brussels line over newcomers the bloc is already threatening action against troublemakers so can countries like hungary and poland resist the pressure from leaders in the euro establishment to
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actually do anything to really harm descend to states and will the conflict grow into an irreparable rift in the. sense really great to have you once again on our program always a pleasure thank you a lot has happened since the last time we spoke so the european parliament has given an official warning of some sort to your country over your prime minister's new policies domestic policies do you feel like it's just a little parliamentary schooling or can sanctions with that. that was a that was a political decision that was made by cheating. as the votes for abstention vary not counted so if the vote had taken place like two days later than maybe the no votes would have been wouldn't have been counted either. there is a basic debate between us and the majority of the european parliament and this
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debate is about migration as the majority of the european parliament is absolutely . and very clearly an anti migration government they made it very clear that we want to preserve our right to make our own decision whom we would like to let. our own country and who we do not want to let and thirty or and the european union would like to take away destroy it. and they want brussels to impose or be got three photos on the member states to you know distribute the migrants among you member states and that's that's a clash between the pro migration majority of the european parliament and the hunger in government we're going to get to the migration part obviously because it's a huge topic dividing europe literally but i think. they also many other domestic policy when they're threatening sanctions against hungary's that they don't like or they think and democratic do you think congress voting rights in the
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could be suspended and if yes then what can we do in return no surely not it cannot be taken away because it requires a unanimous decision and poland has already expressed that they would veto all kinds of decisions like that as there is an article seven procedure going on against poland as well and they made it very clear that we are going to veto all kinds of sanctions against poland and the prime minister czech republic made it very clear that he's standing besides our prime minister so definitely such a political intention will be unsuccessful. up in union to take away voting rights but you know this report contains the sixty nine points sixty nine accuse a sions against hungary out of each for thirteen has already been the result between the government and the european commission nineteen are under discussion by the government and the european commission as it has to happen in the european union and there are ferdie seven qualified lives no more than
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a lie based on opinion of n.g.o.s which are clearly anti-government which took part in the last election campaigns had open goal at the publicized go to fro out the government but they became unsuccessful they are frustrated and they are spreading lies about my country and this report is based on these lies this is a lie or report ok so let's think logically what can brussels achieve by isolating but a path and if you find yourself isolated do you do you think you can really invoke the article five and maybe a movie all together no definitely a lot leave the european union because our interest is to have a strong european union under it can be strong in a strong european union and this is the this is the focal point of the debate how to make european union strong again and there's a big clash between some western european and to this let's prove this straight war pushing for a european union which should be stepping into the dimension of post christianity.
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and post nations and our goal is for two different we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want a europe which sticks to its christian heritage so we're number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want member states to stay as member states we don't want you know give up our nationality we don't want to give up our culture of we don't want to give up our heritage and so on and so so forth. this is a big clash between those who want to see european union as post christian asbos national and us who want to see europe as a christian continent based on strong member states european commission's also undertaking legal action against hungary for its law targets those who help asylum seekers do you think this goes to all the way to the european court of justice could could could actually hungary given scrap the law look the thing is the
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following we are a country we are a state and the state does have an obligation does have an obligation to protect its citizens by protecting its own national border and if there is an organization which helps other people while late the border of that even a country that is again the interest of the national interest of security so it must have a consequence so yes we'll publish those organizations in the future as well who try to encourage people to while later our own border we try to promote the opportunity of border while lation towards hungary or would try to encourage people to ask for asylum without a legal basis so it's obvious that there are organizations act against your national security then you have to protect yourself so i asked to sebastian course has always been in favor of most of your policies backing you clothing migration this time he says you know what a strain m.p.'s will actually vote against hungary do you feel betrayed. well you
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know. although politics is not a personal profession but i have to tell you that personally we enjoy or we have enjoyed a good friendship as we have always fought together in the council of the european foreign ministers for dissolution of the true found preferrable so that was absolutely i got the surprise what he made as a statement i called him because we are friends so. i mean i do i even if it's on the phone he gave me an explanation. i was not very happy because regardless of any kind of pressure putting on me i would never say such kind of things about friends but different personalities and i guess there is no friendship in politics do you think he was pressured into saying i'm taking a decision like that well i think this is a question that should be raised to him so he you in your interview to b.b.c. said that policy and migration can be seen as invitation for people to come to
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european union and that sparked quite a debate because i mean obviously people who come migrants who come to europe they come from war torn countries countries with family and stability and you know they're dreaming of all this like european social packages it's only normal that those people are seeking a better life. you know. i think we have to start from the basis of international law and international law says that everybody has. to have a safe and secure life so it means that if you have to escape from your home then in the first safe country you must be treated it means that we should help those countries which are located the round of war torn areas to have them to be able to treat refugees instead of encouraging them to come to europe because my question is what is the legal basis for anyone to cross five six seven
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unsafe countries why allayed the border of those just in order to get to germany so there is no fundamental human rights saying. that you wake up in the morning you pick germany austria sweden as the destination of yours and in order to get there you while late series of borders that are not a human right so human right is that if you have to escape you're going to be treated in the first safe and secure country and that's why you're absolutely in favor of supporting turkey jordan lebanon and all other countries may see for you to say what if you were awake in the same position as italy were like you can't change geography and like the first arrivals have to be taken and they just can't ship those people or send them back so you know this year we're talking differently he's afraid to say no my gracious because yeah it's so hard to get to you but come on there are four hundred thousand illegal migrants marching from my country to far as interesting and how we ended up was that we built a fence look we spent no i mean very few people in those that what we have spent
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had to spend more than one billion one billion euros so far on protecting our southern border because currently there are dozens dozens of attempts to break into hungary on the wii cubase is still our police is there our military is there our infrastructure is there and we have spent one billion euros in order to stop that. now the other question is whether if it is possible in the land which we have proved whether it is possible on the maritime route as well we have listened to brussels for three years us noise impossible physically legally it's impossible the australians have proved that yes it is possible but now the italian ministry of interior. respect a lot tried to prove that yes it is possible to stop the migratory flow on the merry time as well but those investors in europe all they say that protection of external borders are extremely important attacked him like they have attacked us in the free free and
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a half years so if we make it very clear on behalf of europe that please do not board on those ships of the smugglers the northern shores of africa because you've really been not allowed to disembark ships in europe then these people leave these people leave because they see that regardless of any kind of attempts of certain politicians in europe. brussels and the majority of the western europeans always reach that these people some board those boats and come to europe and then ask for refuge and regardless of the fact that they are they are rejected they cannot be some back and they stay so i actually spoke literally two weeks ago with . on the same topic and asking like how can you be allies with hungary because at the end of the day what you want are two different things because hungary says no migration at all and you're just saying we want european union to help us redistribute then you are ours because we can change our you know geography are you
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as an ally willing to help. we are allies with the finest things i know yet be ok to distribute yeah i'd like to tell you two friends on that number one we are allies because sequencing is very important and number one in the sequencing is to protect and control the borders and do not let my you know this is number one this is about my new ones as well because he he tried to close the maritime border and he tried to make it make though the people understand that there's no way they can do some barbell ships because they are illegal migrants and they're not allowed to come to italy so the number one issue which says that no illegal migration should be allowed no illegal migrants should be allowed to come to europe that is the major issue on which we agree and the very our allies this is number one number two when it comes to funds when it comes to helping those in need you know we have a program which called hungary helps we have already spent around fifteen million
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euros on that as we are reconstructing the torn down halls is in the middle east of christian communities we have them to build their schools we help them to cover a day or medical expenditures in their hospitals we have done to recreate their own communities because the church leaders of the middle east begged us not to encourage the people to leave the middle east to come to europe but to help them to be able to stay very dave communities have been staying for centuries or even the millenium you know so our philosophy is that we have to bring kalpa very is needed instead of importing problems where there are no problems we're going to take a break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to him gary and foreign minister talking about the many.
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in the age of trump political gridlock has been taken to the next level there's a lot at stake a supreme court seat and presidential prerogatives in the end it's all about the law and equal output cation of the law we are gazing into the abyss with compromise on life. just amazing that the america people join
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a group to save nine dollars on sushi with their friends and using the group of fact buying health care but you said you know why group on logic to health care so that you can afford health care at all make you bankrupt the socialism. that they get all that because they've been trained by the professional media ocracy industry and propagandists to bribe the big media outlets for people. to affordable health care equals communism. oh we're back with hank aaron for him. for mr know this is really a popular idea floating in the european capital is that in order to stop migration
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for instance from africa we need to pour money into africa to make life for those words. better would you be ready to pour some money into africa so people don't come to europe because whether you like it or not if you're saying that you want to be part of the european union you're part of one whole entity and that on to this says well maybe we should consider giving some of our money to those countries so that those people don't come to us where this is what we call tackling the root causes and yes there are absolutely on board just recently the foreign minister of uganda with him i made an agreement that hungary pays around fourteen to fifteen million euros. to be able to operate today or a refugee comes with solar energy technologies for solar and there for water treatment with some security measures and he told me the foreign minister of uganda and he said it publicly in the press conference as well that they don't people and
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they don't want people to come to europe because he understands that if people in africa come from one country to another it's the same culture same same heritage same religion so it's not as he expresses not the shock for each other because they are basically the same. same culture and same heritage and same religion if they come to europe then this is not the same situation that's what he said so and i agree with him that that we have to help them in order to keep their people keep their labor force to have them to be able to develop their economy that's why i made an agreement with the german minister of development that if you find the investments together in africa in order to make life of people better there but there's one very important principle which we always want to apply when it comes to funding of african countries for example and this is condition the levy so we have to stick these funds to conditionality meaning that we have to require we have to
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demand that these countries which are finance must carry out those reforms be legal . be the comic be political democracy which you know kind of the lead those reasons why people have been leaving from those countries so right now the way things are looking is that divide and to have so there's a bloc hungary italy austria. yes against the rest of the you and you guys are defined them on the migration policies do you feel the block is strong enough to resist well i share what i can tell you is the following the cooperation of these the tightest and the most effective alliance within the european union and look for governments belonging to four totally different party families and regardless of this fact we are the strongest allies of each other and we know we can show back to back because we are in solidarity really each other we protect each other and the voice of the four of us it is said unanimously it's much louder
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compared to before war separately so from an effectiveness point of view from an interest for interview from a solidarity point of view from a principle point of view this cooperation is strong enough this cooperation was try to be killed many times many many types so we we have a saying in hungary and that is people speak about you dying then you have a long life so in this regard i can tell you that the cooperation we live for eternity that you know like more than ever before at the unity of the european union is you know threatened not just for the migration issues for many other issues and then many would argue that this bloc they should go out hungary italy austria is actually putting the rest of the further in in this gap that's like getting bigger and bigger and bigger. gee you feel like you could be blamed for that. i think raising here if that's that can be reversed i think that's
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a very very. unfair accusation against us not to speak about the fact that this is a very untidy mcready because as you have said rightly it's not only by duration but that not only migration but a lot of other issues which can be taken into consideration as the story challenges ahead of the european union brax it fred of terror devor in ukraine the cooperation between eurasian economy union the european union transatlantic relationship so there are many many challenges ahead of the european union historic ones and i think that it's obvious that we have a debate in the e.u. how to overcome these challenges and it is a very anti-democratic approach to try to eliminate the right to. debate or to discuss the possible solutions when should we have debates about the future of europe in union if not no and our history challenges ahead of us and i
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think that we have the same rights in the central part of europe to discuss these matters as the sun as the countries in western europe to have many say that these here opinion parliamentary elections in re are going to be nothing like the ones before and they may change europe forever to agree while i agree that this is going to be an extremely important election we really do hope that the composition of the european union and the european commission real change this european commission made a terrible performance if you look at their track record migration freddo if there are brics it's transatlantic relationship so it's very harmful well they have done to the european union so it's time to step down and we hope that the composition of european parliament through a change as well and a parliament will be created based on the will of the people. by migration forces will create the majority. you know since then and surely he's president trumps
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advisors. and he's a great fan of your government and the ideologies the east take with and he's actually working on this thing called the movement which is the euro skeptic alliance and trying to hoping to have an impact in the mal actions would hungary support such a project. well you know since there are a european people and european citizens to vote on the e.u. elections i think we should leave it to do europeans number one number a speech we hate cheating each other we have even told openly here in russia that we will never break the unity of the european union because unity. on the other hand made it very clear that there must be a dialogue there must be a discussion an honest discussion a straightforward discussion about whether sanctions have been successful or not and then let's see things factually but the european economies but the retell the russian economy or of the read help to go down with the russian economy whether it's hard to implement the music agreements and so on and so forth so there are
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very straightforward questions and there are very easy answers yes or no and then after giving honest answers to honest questions we should make a decision about the future now the current italian government. seems to represent the same position nor to mustique roll over and the discussion must be made as these they are a strong country a big country a g seven country it will be much easier for the smaller e.u. member states to represent this position together with a big thank you very much for this interview and good luck with everything. thank you so much has. changed to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject.
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so when you want to present. want. to do like to be pros this is what the local. people. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question and. it's become an international norm to say women's rights are human rights but in a world where women make up the majority of university graduates this may not be true how much more women's empowerment needs to happen before gender face policies become redundant. join me every first week on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see of that.
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ministry is police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping when the board doesn't perform on the rise of god i'm stumped this is going to going to go through the. woods as the three that is up on him to see the must also bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that to think off mr portal said mall that's what we call self-assembly a sense of selling missiles the only one of them will fall through almost like the old mr ward was all of those with. the police and all this in the arsenals of the host i'm done with the old business stopping there was
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a steel mills in front is up and his cards on the fine. either. was. or. were. british prime minister just brussels put forward an alternative plan after it was rejected by the rest of the e.u. . china issues a warning to the us over sanctions imposed on beijing for buying the russian
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weaponry. and a tabloid retracts a story about a russian model who claims president clinton tried to have her assassinated in the u.k. . the latest on the story is going to r.t. dot com stay with us now for the big.


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