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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 22, 2018 12:00am-12:27am EDT

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was that an average. or a. the british prime minister urges brussels to put forward an alternative to her brags a plan after it is rejected by the rest of the e.u. . china issues a warning to the u.s. over sanctions imposed on beijing for buying russian weaponry. and the u.k. tabloid we're tracking a story about a russian model who claims president putin tried to have assassinated in the. latest on these stories you can head to our. colleague you know neal be here in
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about an hour's time with the news coming up now debates of the rape allegations against. nominee for the u.s. supreme court. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle in the age of trump political gridlock has been taken to the next level there's a lot at stake a supreme court seat and presidential prerogatives in the end it's all about the rule of law and equal application of the law we are gazing into the abyss with compromise unlikely.
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political gridlock i'm joined by my guest lionel in new york he's a legal analyst on the news decoder and lionel media dot com in las vegas we have jen kearns she's a g.o.p. strategist and contributor to the hill and we cross to don de bar he's an anti-war activist and a host of a daily radio program in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it jan let me go to you first and last big. you're there you got up early is for this program and it's much appreciated and looking at the calvin confirmation process ironically for a seat on the highest court of the land we're just as admitted out this has been a mockery of justice i'm not going to chip toe around like everybody else i think this is a mockery it's a disgrace and it's purely political and i've been saying on this program with the donald trump that we have the left destroying institutions and credibility in institutions so you've got my take i'm very interested in yours go ahead well i
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would agree with you peter and not only have they made a mockery of the justice system i think were entering into very dangerous waters here i can speak as the woman on the panel i find in particular the weaponization of sexual assault allegations to be turned into political weapons to be very dangerous territory i think it's offensive to women in particular and i think it's offensive to anyone who actually was sexually assaulted we don't know yet if this particular accuser if her account which she doesn't remember much about it. doesn't remember let's point out how she actually got to the party that night some nearly forty years ago doesn't remember whose house it was yet she she certain that it was judge kavanagh that was in the room with her so i think there are a lot of questions about this but i think that the big question here really is are
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we in these new unchartered waters and here's how i know if it walks like a duck and talks like a deck it probably is a death i think this is a political hit job how do we know i've seen this twice before with my own eyes we saw this in the royal more case in the alabama senate race we saw gloria all read come out and say there was this year book inscription that they were certain was judge roy are from some. forty years ago again very similar circumstance well it turned out in the end just a couple of days before the election some handwriting and ink experts came forward and said that most of that inscription was a forgery that had recently been written and that his signature was accurate and likely from forty years ago but the inscription of like me to down at the restaurant was actually a forgery you never heard about that case again no if i cannot tell judge more restrictive about what exactly i mean you well it's it will it will get to talk
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about russia russia russia in the second half of the program once something is proved it just disappears oh it never really happened here lionel let me go to you in new york i mean this is the weaponization of the me too movement and it's because cavanagh is obviously a conservative but when i talked about the destruction of institutions the senate committee that confirms him is to judge if he is competent to be a judge and everything we all through the three days it was proven that he's more than competent and and in the eleventh hour extra procedurally we get this nonsense being thrown at him the maid can't even defend himself go ahead lionel. look at you know when you called the well but ization a me too that makes it sound like there's some there's some rhyme or reason to it i'm a former prosecutor try picking up the phone right now calling anybody police your local da and say listen i might have been attempted orde and attempted rape may
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have occurred thirty six years ago which i want to bring up now which is fine and by the way i've had the chance to talk to or this particular person that i'm going to report on has appeared six times during sex differences f.b.i. investigations and this person who was the subject of my complaint met with dianne feinstein just happened to be as a brain board justice for all. no a thousand questions ed never came up oh and by the way this thing that i bring up now they've known since july i would be summarily removed from any consideration not because of me to not because women are not believe but as say this case is old it is stale there is a problem and it is fraught with evidence re problems now if you can't even get a police department to pay attention to you not because of the me too well but now because a woman but because the case is just weak and there are real serious pending cases
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of rape where women remember everything about it you're telling me that yet this holds water holds a weight for a supreme court nominee this is a now i don't die and all hell marry i pathetic attempt on fight in it's a poem it's a political hail mary is what this is all about here you know don again i look at principles and core ideas and the the whole presumption of innocence is being destroyed this is a precedent no matter who your political enemies no matter it particularly if they're over forty or in their fifty's you just go back to someone when they were seventeen the end you have no recourse this is a dangerous dangerous precedent to set because it can be used against anyone go ahead joe. first of all let's remember of the fact that we live in an irony free
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zone and start with this irony much of the slope that's being given to christine bluesy ford's case is being organized through places where a drop they did move on and that tells you right there that's a political going to lionel before we go to before we go to the phrasing you know lionel as a former prosecutor when someone accuses someone else what kind of responsibilities must they take on to make that accusation in public because it seems like it's only cavanagh that has to take responsibility for somebody else's word go ahead lionel. well one of the things is that if they do involve the f.b.i. in this and she has to give answer questions there's this wonderful statue called eighteen u.s.c. one thousand one which says if you lie to the f.b.i. which is what they got martha stewart on you're subject to criminal prosecution but let me just get something and this is just conjecture on my part something tells me that somehow i don't know why we can go through the the her or her background in pedigree and provent ons but somebody said here's one because it's now eleven or
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political move and they're going to pull her into this and now she's claiming she was threatened and that's awful and we should all stand against that but let me tell you something when her attempt to win she's been pulled out exposed and she is no longer needed watch how the democratic party justice cards or you'll never hear anything about her again you will never see any follow up how are you doing thanks for nothing because this is if the big message is to the next person you know decides that you're going to come forward watch what happened to anita hill and watch what happens here this is when they do this is how do you again and put your the system clearly or and then you're just trying to take away when we have we have people in the in the g.o.p. saying what you really need doesn't need to speak to the authorities ok all right we're going to i'm going to jump in here after a short break we'll continue our discussion our political gridlock stays with our thing.
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join me every first week on the all excitement shore and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics all this less i'm sure both of us i'll see of that. ministry as police forces in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my mike was hoping the board doesn't perform on the eyes of god i'm stumped just going to guns going through the. woods as the fever did on him to see it the best possible by being proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments on to cyber threat and not only that to think off message put us in more.
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selflessly listen to this is selling the only one local. to almost like the old mr paul did all of those with. police and all this and i still. don't miss the old vision stopping there was a sting of a fund is up and he's cried some of. the bad.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing political gridlock in washington. well let me go back to don it's finally happening and should have happened a long time ago donald trump is ordering the release of documents related to the carter page if i so warrant and other documents from the intelligence community regarded to regarding russia russia russia which i'm so sick of after two years this document release could clear up a lot of things and tie up a lot of loose ends my humble opinion but of course the intelligence community is fighting back with congressional democrats go ahead. well
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first of all i'm going to state something that has been my position since the church hearings back in the seventy's i hope that somehow trump gets the light and orders the release of all the documents ever created by the cia and that includes releasing the techniques and statecraft and everything that they've used to do all of the nefarious things they've done since harry truman founded them in the forty's so that's what this is my friend work what we're talking about here is an allegation with pretty strong you know first hand evidence in front of everybody more alas that the intelligence agencies have tampered with have meddled in the political process here that they abused a court that is itself an abuse of the constitution the visor a court rewrite over the so-called safeguards exposing that there are known and used that court for political purposes so they could wiretap one of the campaigns
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feed the information to the other campaign use it to discredit the first campaign the subject campaign and then use it to tie up the presidency after that campaign became the administration to me that is a pile of compound and felonies you know including you know the treason word that they've been throwing around unprecedented in american history yet jan let me go back to you mike i'll go back to my favorite mantra here you know donald trump as the elected inaugurated president of the united states has he can release any document he wants that is his presidential prerogative it is written into the constitution and now we have this insurrection going on and watching those clowns over at c.n.n. and m s n b c saying this is a threat to our security you know it's a saying it's a good that to very thick here because the truth will come out they're not
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protecting the united. to the american people or the world they're protecting their lower back in school and in las vegas right and the truth of the matter is the wiretapping threatened every american security look we still don't know the reason why samantha power the u.n. and i certainly. the identity of nearly four hundred americans under her own name she was just one player in the obama administration add to that susan rice and many others in the administration of barack obama that were spying on americans and so i think president did the right thing here you look at someone like carter page a private citizen who was clearly dragged through the mud even some of the mainstream media is admitting to that now that after a year of being under investigation carter page may not have been involved in some of these activities as as the obama administration suggested he was and boy i'm
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glad to see transparency here it's funny when the she was on the other foot you know democrats are always hollering about transparency and accountability in the intelligence agencies when did the roles reverse went when did washington become even swankier than before democrats usually would support this kind of thing but they're not because they don't know you know because their messiah president was the most secretive president in american history lionel jumping right. in one thousand nine hundred seventy one there was a group called the citizens' committee to investigate the f.b.i. and the broken these these are a bunch of real leftists real progressive liberal. who grow up in to the media pennsylvania f.b.i. office stole information and showed the media look what the f.b.i. is doing that later involved or revealed cointelpro which led to the church committee and the last the actual laugh real liberals constitution flag
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waving patriots of the laughed they used to look at the intel state the deep state the police state as the enemy something happened some kind of weird i don't know some type of of a sedative or something was placed intravenously it took the collective conscience of these people and now they're all laughed the people who purport portray these progressives they're the ones arguing for more of this this intel state abuse now carter page is going to be one of the richest people in the world because the american people still don't understand what he did he had a title one fight a war and on him had to look at him in public i don't know if he was if he cut his team going to duped and dismayed and dazed but this is an individual who had the full force the absolute weight of the intel state and the problem is that when you see the rachel maddow and all these people who by the way and interview the other
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admit fashionista who all of a sudden speaking about you know ray performing that's where they but the left these people who fancy themselves as being believers in the constitution now are indeed what the right used to be this is a complete. i don't know who's in charge anymore ok i think i do don here i mean maybe it you know it wasn't until december of two thousand and sixteen i mean in my circles we were purged to the deep state all of the time but you know the new york times would never use the. c.n.n. didn't even know what it meant they don't need they don't even know what much means these days but it is the deep state they don't want their power taken away from them in that sense it's not really so left or right they're there they were deeply embedded in it and they know that once these docu the this documents when they're released grudgingly they're going to expose more and more and more and we're going to see people throwing people under the bus it's going to be
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a really traumatic event of course they want to focus on everything else except for what's going really going on if you're watching c.n.n. and m s n b c you barely have an idea this stuff is going on and it's so lopsided right now go ahead. you know it's kind of frightening to because the objective context is this thing that's now called deep state has been around long enough for it to have had previous names the one i remember in the period that lionel's talking about was the permanent government right and it's the same kept sort of i and i assume that the label on the paycheck that goes out to them got changed at some point the last few years from permanent government to deep state in korea well c. or whatever what the rallying cry as i mean certainly the position of people who are held out to be leftists who claim to be leftists you know with public visa vi the intelligence agency says done a one hundred eighty degree shift from calling for the dismantling back in the
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church committee times. viewing them as the enemy of the you know talk to professor churchill for example to you know holding them out as the saviors of our democratic society which is that not assess that we hear now but the larger narrative is even more frightening because the these intelligence agencies are claiming to protect us the american public from getting too friendly with russia when essentially we should be preparing for war and that to me this essential policy that's being sold in the public and that means that somewhere if somebody is intended policy going forward and it's a very dangerous policy obviously you know i intend the thing is i'm glad they're yeah i'm glad that don brought up the church committee because maybe a lot of our viewers weren't even born by then but it really was a scathing review of the behavior of the intelligence community but the press was
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genuinely interested the media was genuinely interested and put their feet to the fire look at we have today now they're just a continuation of this deep state in the way they report on this they i mean john brennan for goodness sake it's an honor good contributor on m s n b c i was can't wait to see that guy swept go ahead jen in las vegas. right well to lionel's point that something changed along the way it's funny you mention john brennan i was just about to say the thing that changed is that the democrats finally realized that all they needed was a vein to get into the intelligence community of the united states and the person who injected that g.p.s. document which by the way was paid for by hillary clinton and the d.n.c. all they needed was a vein a way to get it into the intel community and they did so through john brennan and if you look at granite and i'd love to present trump revoked his security clearance
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and his right to rifle through all the intelligence briefings guess what you notice you guys notice the leaks have stopped since that happened and what does that tell you that tells you that john brennan was indeed the leaker he did have a political ax to grind and by the way you're not supposed to be allowed to be a paid network contributor and also have access to highly classified intelligence briefings that in my opinion as someone who went through journalism one o one in college knows better than that but unfortunately the lines in washington these days are so mixed that that was allowed to happen and it's a real shame you know lionel we haven't heard much from james oh lordy komi lately i wonder why it didn't connect to the back to get a little whose name was going to get back in the news again in a big big way that's why he wrote the book and sold it before it happened my words
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he's going to be the lead money for legal fees go headline oh well if you want to see what's interesting go to of course social media and look at the at the image he's portraying he's at mount rushmore and he's a feeding. a reading to the blinded he's doing everything he can because he realizes that the that the hammer is about the drought let me explain something this might be one of the greatest presidents in my line. time if all he does is something that well two things number one destroy what was left of the fascist sock puppet cad baxter media and expose the people that the intel state the f.b.i. the cia and by the by let me member there are many many white hats as they're called good people out there have to be i.e. agents investigating real bank robberies and cia people doing really good job it's this upper echelon we're not talking about the entire institutional aspects of it being corrupt and and being feculent and rotten by this but just just this certain
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levels of this but and also i want to go back if you thought j. edgar hoover was bad if you thought ok watergate right and i don't run out of time they will run out of time but mentioning j. edgar hoover is a very appropriate at this point here many thanks to my gets in new york boston and in las vegas and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r t c you next time and remember ross tough rules. what politicians do sometimes. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject . so when you want to be president. some want.
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to go right for us this is what. you do that. i'm interested in the war. the last time you. i meant to say that i said come on i dusted one minute and. talked so there was a building also up. the end and then him and i dashed in efficient and how then i knew. what was on the hood of the little guy could declare the box was going out of the money i don't know i don't want to open up about. something that really nothing or no one of the our machine just. a phone company does when i don't
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have a shuttle stem and we have been dashed on the way there and you know the little ones and you know what. i'm up and set up but i had a wobble. shall i do you so i don't know what this i don't know that. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar
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a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. it's become.


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