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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten colored prime tamping each day . eighty five percent of the global wealth he wants to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second mortgage you might say was a rather clunky political leader but you make him into a double he's he's totally corrupt and he's evil when he wants to kill people made in these wonderful white headed demonstrators so you get a black cat versus white hat and then you keep repeating that basic scenario and it works with the american people and got to realize what vladimir putin is he's an old k.g.b. colonel it wants to restore the russian empire you make them into demons and the american people find that the way they can understand the world once that happens it's very difficult for a journalist or anyone else to say you know hold it that guy he's got more of
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a gray hat than a white hat or a black cat and if you say that you somebody or you're young a coach apologist or you're putting apologist and and then the attacks come on to the person saying it the journalist the academic or whoever. any good director will tell you that tempo and rhythm are the most essential components to hold an audience's attention. some are. pretty mean you know with. the news of. at the chest. it can also be called a method of betrayal when the allies and followers are relentlessly thrown into the revolutionary flame. the idea is simple when the preparation work is done the trigger just needs to be pulled the second machine into full motion. the murder of politician rafi courier e led to the cedar revolution. looking back at the mysterious poisoning of
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viktor yuschenko right before the orange revolution of two thousand and four we see now that he became a sacred victim himself. most political analysts believe the compassion of the ukrainian people at that moment tilted the scales giving him the presidency. the number of victims among the protesters during your own my done totaled over one hundred they are called to the heavenly hundred all the sacred victims were immediately mythologized. the beating of students on november thirtieth two thousand and thirteen was the obvious trigger of your own my done those who sent trained provocateurs to the square very well realized that peaceful protesters were the ones who would get hurt the most. it's hard to keep protests
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going for months on end tension subside and people inevitably get tired. holidays are also a big danger for revolutionary masterminds people want to be home with their families and friends and one needs to get inventive to keep people in a cold tent city. on christmas day of two thousand and thirteen tabloid journalist and political want to be taught the on a chart of all was chosen to become the tool to whip the protests on my don back up a civic activist and journalist known for investigating corruption among senior officials was beaten outside ukraine's capital on christmas. deeds as a reporter looked more like petty crimes trespassing on the presidential residence
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of victory on a covert which leading the rioting crowd to seize the key of city administration building breaking into a car of the security service of ukraine it looked like tatyana was more interested in making news than reporting it and gaining name recognition that could be turned into votes for her struggling political career in the opposition party fatherland she gave the world media a christmas present in two thousand and thirteen when she was cruelly beaten by unknown assailants on the road despite the fact that in just three days all the suspects were arrested and confessed to beating tatyana during a road rage incident world media kept insisting upon the political background of the crime instantaneously tatyana became a heroic martyr uniting people around her image the beating coming amid. pushes just said that there are six dead people out there not just a day they say they've been hit by snipers.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see you than. was. on. the list and. my guess is that i said it. so there are other bills go up. and then him mission. blah blah blah do you know the look you got. the money out of the money i don't know i don't want to worry about. something really. miss you
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need to. own. a shuttle stem and we have. more. than you know. there's a lot of the. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. it's hard to imagine decades after the war
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a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company grown untold develops a little mite a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. you know she said is just cut short arms minix of it in mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. we were much a little earlier with. naturalists. he. said what order. to libya where we still are
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but. and here again we meet our old acquaintance from not old in iraq on three part of me who was at the peak of his glorious self proclaimed commandant of my gun. which basically means the leader of the radical opposition. so my dad most of douglas i think you're sending this is when the bus will open under. oath and a host nor. both. the protestors were filmed leading a long line of riot police away it's not clear where they were taking them sixty seven officers are currently reported to be missing fourteen policemen and forty three one hundred four huge shifts in the world social. security and the news three
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million year. old what's the. story naturals. because from inside the protest camp the opposition leader vitali klitschko urged his supporters to stay put each of you here should stay strong in spirit he said because we're not going anywhere. we believe with a video thirty minute video of what it's up as it's. just the. force report at the. top of. and you put in the. water and i think. you can win a social. board. like in two thousand and four during the orange revolution international leaders
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felt it necessary to intervene and bring both sides to the negotiating table. to us than the. obvious. front valter steinmeyer. bratislava sikorsky. and. the would put a union desperation. move through. the ukrainian president and the leaders of the anti-government protests there have agreed on a truce the truth was to give talks between president on the opposition's. just like in two thousand and four the opposition or at least its radical faction the right sector headed by dmitri yarrow she had no intention on fulfilling its part of the bargain. to double what they could but yeah but you made it by the day
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a clash of islamic problem and you. probably said yes the best boys but i always check book they have a couple so obvious that john nichols double look at it but if we cannot play all of the. stoppage of the color chat. up a new. store. since the . one. who needs to be able. at the. you always will be there the opposition leaders left saying they may a found a way to end the bloodshed but they want to take the conclusions from that meeting to the people. it was soon apparent that the people were not happy in
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a solution. i don't believe would have stood on the what if i can cook will you hold it was a quite silly e.u. what is a young. minister out to mr. clinton's a. deal of course so yeah a little. got a lot of mushroom a couple of. hours that we didn't know it when you're going to snow. yes it is a deal. it is the bill of. luxury below. us though in the eyes of the news of what the what is it the. rest. yeah. it is a deal to put. on real media. yeah. that's
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it sure. yup apologetic. at the same time was saying its last goodbyes to the victims of the massacre. it was also welcoming those who came to power at their cost ukraine's parliament has voted for the new speaker of the assembly to become interim president oleksandr turchynov called on lawmakers to form an interim government by tuesday these latest developments out follow the dismissal of president viktor again a call that's on saturday and they removed being a co bitch not following the constitutional procedures for impeachment but. let there were those who would but only because it's all is so if the whole is sort. of
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words for the moment to those fish throughout the. parliament of ukraine consists of four hundred fifty deputies the constitution of ukraine requires at least a three fourths majority to vote in other words three hundred thirty eight votes in favor of the impeachment but only three hundred twenty eight deputies voted yes. the u.s. state department i mean almost immediately said this was a legitimate government and that was part of this effort to get regime change in. trying to find some way to revive the for going twenty first agreement where maybe you can bring back into some titular way that became not a possibility anymore then you had eastern ukraine resisting crimea wanting to break away and things rapidly escalating. voters will decide sunday whether they'll leave ukraine enjoying russia the campaign with the slogan together with russia has the backing of moscow the crimea situation the
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referendum is also happening during this period very quickly. karim. you. know. but it's done that was through it. that the new security it. could see that the. crimean authorities sensing the mood of the populace fully supported victory on a covert his decision to postpone the two thousand and thirteen european union association deal and side deeper ties to russia. as the events in kiev took their course crimean authorities issued a declaration putting into words the fears of its people based on the will of the crimean who elected us we declare that we will not give crimea to extremists and neo nazis seeking to seize power in ukraine at the cost of the blood of the country and its citizens after the regime change in kiev rumors began spreading in crimea
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that the new authorities would be merciless to those that oppose them so i'll tell you. this led to the pro russian demonstrations rejecting the new government in kiev. on february twenty seventh the government buildings in the capital of crimea were seized by pro russian protesters. the current crimean government was dismissed and the new leader surrogate acciona of was assigned as the leader of the crimean. autonomy's republic when you lead the. list. still with you has this should be. on march sixteenth the crimean referendum or so held and the people voted to leave ukraine and enter the russian federation. the situation in crimea is being presented as a russian invasion and again nobody looks at this seriously and looks at the poll numbers and some of the poll numbers done by the u.s.
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government agencies themselves showing that the people of crimea prefer being part of russia in the u.s. news media it's all been presented as the russians invaded they then station sham election with people with guns at their backs somehow they big the ballot boxes to get ninety six percent approval for rejoining russia idea of a referendum in crimea is just quite simply unconstitutional but it does raise questions on whether this vote really is free and fair especially given the heavy military presence in crimea right now errol so that's how it's been sold a few american people the reality is very different the atmosphere has to be emptied electric thousands of people have gathered in the capital crime and sentenced him to rappel all of this funding of a five and to be held last sunday in which the majority of people here overwhelmingly voted in support of being reunited with russia. it was not just down to the leaks last.
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week when you. look at that is to close most of. the but. it's going strong still it's about seeing new yorkers. just for little.
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league. player. league. play come. the russian defense ministry slams the actions of the israeli military blaming it for the downing of a plane in syria last monday all fifteen russian service personnel on board were killed. among the stories that shaped the way the world anti-doping agency read states russia's anti drugs body
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a major step towards seeing many of the country's top athletes back competing on the world stage. looking more like a new deal to.


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