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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 25, 2018 2:30am-2:53am EDT

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it's all about speed look at goldman sachs to figure out a way to go backwards in time and still money from trades in the history they would do it but the second best option is to just increase the speed in the here and now to steal at a much rapid pace. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront cation let it be an arms race in case on offense experience dramatic development only mostly i'm going to desist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. greetings and sell you. as i come to you today live from the ventura compound hawk
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watchers i am shocked shocked to see yet another actor has had the audacity the audacity to try and influence an election yes why bombs are falling in yemen communities are under water in the carolinas and us russian iranian turkish syrian and israeli forces ratcheting up tensions and possibly putting us all at the brink of world war three in syria social media giant twitter thankfully decided that the most important move to make in these extraordinary times is to censor seventy one year old actor james woods. yeah apparently the social media company has locked james woods out of his twitter page for posting a mean back on july twentieth the according to twitter has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election and just what was this offending tweet with the capability to warp our fragile little minds so close to the twenty eight hundred
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midterms that we would listen that anything james woods has to say well according to the associated press it was a hoax mean that said it came from democrats and encouraged men not to vote in the midterm elections and the post included mr wood's own commentary on the offending me in which he tweeted pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real not likely but in this day and age of absolute liberal insanity it is at least possible. yes the simple minded tweet my friends according to the purveyors of truth justice and the american way of twitter could bring down the very fabric of our democratic processes here in the united states you know i think it's time we show twitter facebook congress the democrats the republicans and all the rest who claim to know what's best for us that we can make decisions for ourselves and that starts by watching the hawks.
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get the. real deal it's like. as if it. were the day like you that i got. this. i. welcome everybody to watching i am down the wall has been joining me from minutes out there to my fairly as co-host ty relevant welcome all the way through from minnesota so james woods now his response the actor told the a.p. that quote free speech is free speech ok it's not jag dorothy's version of free
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speech and he's referencing the twitter c.e.o. so woods now says the story is now that he can use his twitter account but only if he deletes the tweet. i got to ask you. what is a pretty standard conservative it seems to me that he should know that a private company has every right to shut down his speech on their private private platform so i'm not sure what he wants here but there you think it's odd that someone who claims to be a conservative or is pretty much calling for private companies to be told booked him to. despite what i know you know a bit about what they meant get well and it's one of those things words like i understand it's prostration you know nobody wants to be the center nobody son certain nobody wants to have their speech taken away or their ability to use social media taken away but it's not like james hasn't you know outlandish things so to me it's kind of one of those things where it's like you know come on twitter like
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james woods saying something outrageous and you guys are suddenly now like going crazy over it and james yeah like you know like you said it's like james it's a private company if they don't want you to have access to your twitter because you posted some meme and made a comment. studio that's that's their choice james you got to live with it but i do think it's pretty ridiculous that they think james woods putting out a meme saying that like that looks like it's from democrats telling men to stay home is somehow going to influence the midterms coming i mean that's ridiculous but then and you know to look at this story what i don't understand is that he's being you know he's given this this slam via twitter saying it is the tweet that could influence an election well despite what we may think james woods as an american citizen we do have free speech in this country in me has every right first of all he doesn't say this is true don't go vote and even if he did if someone especially
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a democrat is that. kind of dense to sit there and go well i saw this tweet that said i should stay home i mean at some point who is allowed to have an impact on this election because twitter says american citizens aren't allowed to twitter facebook everybody else says you know well if you're from another country if you don't fit into this one little particular place you know what is it to a how do you have to have a million dollar check to have a political opinion in this country. that's a great point and you know this also raises another interesting question too is that you know our social media companies now so intertwined they're so huge and everybody uses them facebook twitter all that to communicate it raises that question are they to in twined in our daily lives to be treated and play by the same rules as you would say a private company like you said it's there you know they're a private company they can take them off but you know we're so ingrained like they're so ingrained with how we communicate with each other maybe it's time to rethink that that idea with you know with social media companies in particular that
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maybe they do have to follow more of a public rule system of saying hey you got to you know you've got allow people to say what they're going to say i mean let's remember james has i think something like one point seven million twitter followers at this point. so if there's a sega being like ari if the more popular you are then your speech can be restraint because you might affect an election but this is the problem though isn't it because right now it's james woods and it's really easy as a liberal it would be really easy as you know hard core liberal so liberal the democrats don't like me kind of person that i'm looking at him and going you know what i've seen this happen to activist friends who are on the far left as well this isn't just that issue but want to ask one more quick question i got a minute left just before we have to move on are we really bad susceptible to fake news that a goofy tweet from james woods with a clearly fake me him is really really going to impact our elections.
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no no not at all and i firmly believe that you know what we're smart enough to know the difference and if you're going to be influenced by james woods or any other actor out there that's your choice and it's your choice to make them like you said so brilliantly earlier he's an american citizen it's his free speech to tweet about whatever he wants to or can shut him down but ultimately james is can say whatever he wants and puts out whatever mimi wants at the end of the day it says right. in one thousand nine the price per pound of pork was about four dollars and twenty eight cents adjusted for inflation in two thousand and sixteen it was topping out at five dollars and forty nine cents per pound but the prices of bacon are even higher over six dollars a pound in some places this is partially due to the increased demand for pork and bacon since late two thousand is when bacon mini mania hit the states but there's a much bigger culprit affecting the cost of food at the grocery store climate
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change chris hostile or director of animal science on the national pork board told scientific america that we're garbus of which dataset we looked at there was about a ten percent decrease in overall productivity caused by heat stress every year and a twenty fifteen study led by the u.s. department of agriculture and scientists johnson found that he stressed pigs raised in warming climates produce twenty three percent less protein than those raised in more temperate climates with one exception traditionally farms pig breeds tend to be more resilient across generations to changes in climate however the more common industrial bred pigs do not meaning indigenous breeds which are able to adjust to climate change more efficiently or die now due to modernization animal science professor at the university of missouri columbia attempts to france raise the alarm saying quote it is scary because once these breeds are gone they are grown so as with more people to feed and dwindling land in which to produce food on. is our
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desire to perfect nature going to end up taking the bacon. so tough i you know. what do you think yeah. yes yes without a doubt. what are we doing so if you think you know that people and food producers can learn to operate responsibly do you think there's a way to do that or do you think this is one of those things on a on a level that is going to have to be mandated by some sort of some sort of law or some sort of government overreach or do you think people just you know they'll fix it all themselves. you know i wish i could say that people would fix it themselves i wish i could say that you know industrial farming in that you know capitalist mass that is industrial farming could fix itself but we haven't seen the evidence up to this date that it will and given the fact the food is one of the most basic necessities of the society yeah i think it's time that the government as much as
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you know they do a lot wrong we do need some kind of government oversight and that we do need official oversight to say hey maybe we need to step in so that we people can actually continue to be fed because it can start with the pig issue and maybe everyone likes bacon or not everyone says it a but it's going to with climate change and the fact that it's going to start jumping to other aspects of the food industry if we don't get out of it now. we're looking at some dire times you know and this is the thing about you know people say well i'm a vegetarian and i don't eat meat but we've seen study after study has shown that the nutritional content of even vegetables and food that we're getting is lower and lower and lower and these high temperatures caused by climate change they want to believe it or not the temperature is going up that you know it reduces an animal's fertility then that decrease.
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thanks. in october of two hundred forty comedian hannibal burress referred to bill cosby as a rapist in a comedy routine while performing in pennsylvania he even encouraged the audience to google bill cosby rapist the set went viral and the many many many accusers of bill cosby came forward sparking women from all age groups to come forward and tell their stories despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to excuse his behavior or as c.n.n.'s don lemon did blame caused these victims for not biting it off bill because we will be sentenced this week for the drugging and raping of temple university employee andrea can stop it or it is america america's natasha suite has the story. eighty one year old bill cosby who used to be known as
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america's dad could either go to prison or be sent home on probation it all stems from crosbie being found guilty of drugging and molesting woman at his philadelphia home back in two thousand and four now consummates legal team are pointing to his health conditions which includes being legally blind as to why he should stay out of prison the judge's options are brought here which include everything from house arrest probation jail to prison back in april because the show star was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against forty five year old andrea konstanz konstanz says drugged and assaulted her after coming to him for career advice cosby reportedly settled konstanz claim back in two thousand and six for three point four million dollars now there are sixty accusations from women have surfaced since the case began none of them have led to criminal charges but some say because we sentencing make a huge statement about the so-called need to movements so the first time caused he
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was put on trial the jury couldn't reach a verdict after a second time earlier this year because he was found guilty it's a sentence that could possibly put him behind bars for the rest of his life some who stand against the question for more victim impact statements to be read before crosby sentencing cause these attorneys have made it clear that whatever the outcome they plan to appeal in los angeles and sweets. so tire out let me ask you do you think because v. is too old or too sick. to go to jail and be punished. no no not at all because the because nobody nobody asked you know cause. this is about sending a message this is about not only punishing bill cosby for what he did to those women that he's been guilty of doing but it's also about sending a message that it doesn't matter at the end of the day because those women didn't get a break they didn't get
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a break having to live their lives after being attacked by this man they didn't they didn't get you know fair treatment after the fact and said oh you know they were taken they had to live with this their whole lives you know i don't care bill cosby is blind and sick he broke the law and attacked these women and he should face the repercussions for his actions one of the interesting things we keep seeing now is that there is this idea that it happened a very long you know with cavanagh or anybody else well he might have done it but who cares he was young it was back then it was all these things. do you think that's hurting women because i want i'm seeing now is this see i told you that me too movement was too aggressive see it's too black and white see you know sean penn oh it's so hard on most men. i wonder what effect that's of ultimately going to have on women and on reporting when we're in the middle of this like save lives as of on believes in a little over a decade by onic organs will outperform their biological counterparts which is good news in the long run as it's no secret robots threaten jobs for the average person
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scientists say the only way people can piece machines it's by directly merging with artificial intelligence it will not only help humans live a longer but experience things that can usually only be manufactured some experts hope we won't only see people living longer but what if things like eighty year olds climbing mount everest and washington actually banks are to hear. all right so i wrote would you be willing to become by amec if it meant you could live a longer life. well as you know i have a massive ego so a part of my brain of course but you know what i also paid attention when i read the and rise vampire chronicles and realize that immortality is not all it's cracked up on and i don't know we want to have that i mean it takes i imagine it takes stamina to want to live one hundred eighty two hundred years plus you know
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this isn't going to be shared with everyone it's really probably going to only go to like the top one percent who's going to be able to afford this kind of technology to begin with so that we really want the top one percent who are controlling things today so to live for five hundred years really you know i'd rather not learn just finally we're finally we're in the last last gasp of already you know a generation of bad decision making and bad choices so i'd rather we move on from that but i can also see how amazing that with it being to be able to have more by onic limbs for people and it started the thing is it's for people with disabilities or with certain things and then to literally live forward and you know maybe down the road giving people that after they've worked a whole life in a factory or a foundry and how bad hips that they can go climb a mountain when they're in their sixtieth and you know certain things like that so i think there's good and bad but you know we already. know you're right and there
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is because it's like i think anybody who's had a parent or a loved one you know suffer through how do you ability to get is when you know you know you lose a limb or a hip goes bad or whatever maybe we all and i love science and i love the innovation of science so you know it's we just have to be as a society ready for that change we can't kind of ignore it and then have it suddenly be upon us and allow it to be abused you know we have to really look at that and i think weigh it because look i don't think anybody wants darth vader's running around you know nobody wants that you know him but nobody wants he's more machine now. man and why then but you know what happens the sports tie i'm a little bit wait i'm confused what happens to sports when suddenly you have people who may get a just a bio next leg because you said it'll be better than the human leg will we then you know the olympics will have by onic olympics i mean there's so many options for the
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future tie what are we going to do i mean the n.f.l. in baseball can barely handle the steroid era do you think they're going to be able to handle the bye i don't care i'm in this is ridiculous but you know we like i said we have a society we have got to be prepared for this because it's coming and and no one's really going to stop it like there's not really big that's good at least i knew we don't want to help people at the end of the day so we just have to be prepared to be mechanisms in place so it's not abused absolutely thank you so much for joining us from the ventura compound in minnesota thank you so much for joining us today. seventy five percent of the earth is covered in water one third of the earth's arable land is his for livestock but with the world population growing by over eighty million people annually will need to figure out ways to produce food without taking up more land which is where the dutch company celadon comes in with its floating farm the world's first floating farm is being constructed and rotterdam's
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merril wavin are and will house forty dairy cows that will produce around eight hundred liters of milk per day the three level facility will be anchored to the ocean floor in the harbor meaning that in the instance of storms and hurricanes it will remain safe from harm in addition there is a nearby grazing feel for the cows so most experts say the cows well actually prefer the floating farm turns out cows so good seed thick one level will grow grass and other crops to feed the cows and another that will process the dairy products for human consumption into yogurt it's an ice cream and all those good things so it's got a whole new wave of farming looks like it's literally going to be on wait. who is excited that's our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we're not told we're loud enough i tell you i love you i'm top of the wall it's keep on watching the hoss and have a great day and night everyone. and
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a lot about how the now growing so aren't i meant that i don't get just a little. sick but now down my so out of town a lot of i'm out of model is full of. yeah yeah without a doubt i would have to say yeah and i could see it as i asked by the two really i'm from out and actually i'm not so. good that they do. things about the truth so yeah i'm after. all if you kill one little. you. know if you think i'm.
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on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly you're wrong nuclear deal creates yet small cracks between world leaders as the e.u. says it will continue trading with the country in direct defiance of u.s. sanctions and the. new details released by russia's defense ministry appear to contradict israel's claim that it's jets has left syrian airspace at the time a russian military plane was mistakenly downed.


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