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tv   News  RT  September 25, 2018 7:00am-7:27am EDT

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i spoke. about the so you have come out it's. about the belief in the us and all of. that with you in. the headlines an r.t. on the sidelines of the un general assembly the iran nuclear deal creates yet more cracks between world leaders is the need says it will continue trading with the country in direct defiance of u.s. sanctions also to come special new safe rooms for drug addicts in paris to turn the daily lives of locals there into a nightmare we hear that concern this. school system. really didn't seem
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to get in the squad while. visiting cards to see all this. and sweden's prime minister is handed his marching orders after losing a no confidence vote does come after the mauling his party received in september's general election. welcome you're watching r.t. international this tuesday afternoon where it's just gone two o'clock in the russian capital. now while the main part of the u.n. general assembly gets underway later on tuesday some key meetings have already taken place on the sidelines like talks between the five signatories of the iran deal as a result of the european union's foreign policy chief said that the bloc will continue to trade with iran and make sure financial links are maintained the move
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comes in defiance of the u.s. which quit the deal with iran and threatened all nations trading with the country. reports now from new york. with the very important people arriving in town it is time to get things sorted just a couple of hours after surrogates of landed in new york he was sitting behind closed doors with the ministers representing the international players who once made the iran nuclear deal possible that's the one donald trump called garbage but top diplomat. a late on monday came out and said that iran is fully complying with all the terms of the deal so everyone besides washington will keep supporting it plus europe will protect its businesses that are keen on dealing with tehran and here's what they came up with for that mindful of the
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urgency and the need for results the participants when it comes practical proposals to month tain and develop payment channels not to believe the initiative to establish a special third of a call to facilitate payments related to the dance exports including oil and imports which will assist and reassure economical preachers they're seeing legitimate business with iran will keep hearing the word iran a loads and loads of times later this week this is how big the issue is at this year's general assembly at a un security council session devoted to the iranian issue donald trump will replace his diplomats at the table to defend his cause we see presidents do that very special ok janelle's to say the least in the mean time america's national
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security adviser and the number one diplomat are trying to make their contribution to sorting out the iranian nuclear issue. by opening a summit called united against nuclear iran.
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perhaps you wouldn't really expect people taking part in these kind of events to really be willing to said at one table with iranian officials however this is what my home bell said not so long ago the president has been pretty clear about that he's happy to talk with folks at any time. so what will happen next to how the administration in washington is treating their rare and will any of the international players be able to effect it we will find out in the next few days.
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now hungry is making a stand against the report that claims the country has breached the key values of the bloc it's launched a campaign video to counter the claims. did you still read you make more yourself. or the move comes after the officially accepted the findings of these argentine report which cites a number of alleged violations by hungary they include migrants abuse corruption and attacks on press freedoms and also the democratic process and it means that the you may now invoke its article seven which can suspend certain rights of member states including voting rights article seven has so far though never been implemented but tensions of late have been ramping up. sadly the commission shares the concerns expressed in the report in particular as regards fundamental rights corruption the treatment of roma and the independence of the judicial
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individuals in the government have envisaged themselves their family members deference from public funding from european taxpayers money the elections this year were held in an atmosphere of aggression and intimidation for the more you are already made up your mind i stand here to defend my country and this is a matter of honor this insults the honor of hungary this uses double standards and violates the treaties it says in our ports. ok well let's cross live now to salt on covert actions or public diplomacy relations minister in the second cabinet of viktor orban and you're very welcome and we appreciate your time this afternoon firstly mr kovacs we've heard reports that your government will challenge the sanctions the new plans to impose is that the case and how could you do that well first of all we our viewers are going to challenge the legal process or rather the political process that has come out as a legal process in the european parliament we believe that after the european
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parliament went against the treaty and while it it's all new rules actually it's about warding on article server but that's the technical side and i truly believe the most important element here is the political revenge reach is be taken by the european parliament and hungary for what we did for the past eight years because special emphasis on our stance against migration illegal migration in general why do you think they've taken such a strong stance against that looking at the wording of their report they claim that your or your government's anti migrant stance is increasing xenophobia attacks on its migrants what you say to those allegations. you see this is one one of the major problems in the here and that is that for the past eight years increasingly especially if it's about hungary but also paul and others in central eastern europe . the european political left and liberals have started to use human rights issues
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rule of law corruption as a scared letter that is not asked and is trying to put us into a corner from which we have to defend ourselves and we don't believe in that this is one of the good blackmailing it to be charmed. using the kind of arguments and accusations against which to really difficult actually to put up any kind of. so that's why we are not defending. ourselves but rather we go on and charge and that is we stand for our own version and reading of what is happening in europe with a special emphasis that i mention on the league of my cricket and just on that emphasis i say that one of the laws that you intend to implemented threaten jail sentences to anyone who helps illegal migrants some people might think that's quite an extreme measure to take. yes but keep in mind that what you seem for the past three years but it is happening for the past maybe two decades by now is
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is basically a business model at the borders of europe where human traffickers and human rights organizations who are helping illegal migrants reaching the york and continent and be into you the european union are basically going against the existing legal system the legal framework in which the european union should exist and they utilize or rather misuse the existing loopholes in the legal system so what we do here in hungary step by step we are acting on the reality on the ground we are closing doors and then the one hundred three magically would stick and that would not be or you respect this is the usual easy and cheap question to which there is only one answer we are not going to leave neither the european people's party nor the european union for obvious reasons. we are in europe and we are the people spotty. behind
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a hunger in government is probably the most the strongest. political party with the most support coming from the people all the people present during the past consecutive european parliamentary elections so that'll be absurd to be negated that we have no place in new york and beepers party or in europe hunger is always belong to do your be an infinity of state. and we have and you place among european member states we go for it changing the rules and we go for restating what the original meaning of europe is instead of leaving you be ok mr k. that's really appreciate your time today we're going to have to leave it there that was that sultan kovacs secretary of state for public diplomacy and relations in the second cabinet i think to all than thank you. now for the first time in sweden's history the country's parliament voted to kick out the prime minister will have a look at that in more detail.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only really going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to be close which is what. people. are still always at the water's. edge.
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again welcome back prime minister. has been told to pack his bags after losing a no confidence vote to follow september's general election when the ruling social democrats were handed their worst result in history so let's get more details now from washington he's been following the fallout from the election and joins us in the studio mary just tell us then and explain to us what's happened and how we reached this point well this is a historic moment for sweden a first time ever the freshly elected parliament dismisses the sitting prime minister and he lost the confidence of eight earlier on tuesday that is mandatory after general elections he will still be the head of the kerry taker government.
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until the new government is formed but with no actual. power this comes up to again historic parliamentary elections in sweden during which we saw a rise of rising tween sweden democrats while social democrats the than the ruling party the biggest and historically the most powerful party in sweden i mean was shaking dramatically with the of worst results in decades and now as an outcome we have two major groups in the parliament left sent to block including social democrats this is why they call them sometimes essential democratic bloc got one hundred forty four sates in sweden's three hundred forty nine seat parliament less than half then the opposition aligns blog form to four parties with one hundred forty three seats in the palm in just one point less than their major rivals say they are very close one forty four against one forty three the hope for is that it
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will be very hard to for them to vote on any decision because none of them has the majority the only way for them to have that and this majority would be team up with sweden democrats they got sixty two seats in the palm and but the thing is that less than to block says they are not ready to negotiate to cooperate anyhow with sweden democrats and tea parties of the poor parties form in the opposition the lines long also we've used to do that so it's kind of a deadlock right now because nobody has the majority so sure i mean from what you explained. did cause quite a political sort of earthquake didn't it and what caused that well i have to say that the parliament elections came at a very difficult time for sweden and security was the biggest concern with very high criminality rate gang shootings on the rise cars burned in various cities all across the country you remember there was absolutely dramatic pictures from sweden so how did they vote i have to say people felt frustrated scared and of course
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anger they needed a solution they needed to fix those problems and. it happened that. the connection was never officially established socialist sweden democrats somehow manage to convince people that immigrants are to blame for all the problems and closing the borders and sending those people back to the countries where they came for him would be a good solution for sweden and this is the on so sweden right now needs and i have to say that this is what i felt while traveling across sweden we spent fourteen days there and we visited many many cities and this anti immigrant or particularly known european immigrant film was very strong and i wanted to take a look at this piece we filmed this in the city of health in work i mean local journalist was just walking down the street and we bumped into different immigrants and he was very tense let's take a look what happened. is not swedish anymore i mean this is totally change here
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used to be a small little shop where you could buy drugs now it's sort of a you never find any swedish anymore. now. this. is all the science or you know our big. problem your order is over no no no let me room with you because we do expect actually to be very sad that sweden is swedish country anymore it makes me want to cry i don't regulate my eyes my only like cloyd in the nation and i was a really good way of showing perhaps highlighting social tensions that do exist on the streets what's next them for sweden and vote for a new head of the government has to place no later than two weeks after the speaker of the parliament is announced which happened yesterday and the parties will be
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allowed to vote to choose between the maximum for kenda. and if they fail to do that even if the election. has been ok yet still a lot to come i'm sure maria thank you that was a riff an ocean of air with the latest. now in a bid to try and stop the spread of disease the authorities in paris are increasing the number of special safe houses for drug addicts but those that live close by so it's turning their lives into a nightmare. investigations behind these it gates stands this hour dish shoot the fixer in france's first illegal venue especially for addicts the idea was to give addicts a safe space to get clean needles to prevent the spread of disease as well as to be able to seek help but since it opened almost two years ago people living and working on this street say it's turned their lives into
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a nightmare and despite gang signs about the south to shoot many locals were too afraid to speak directly on camera so that if you see if you see the boy be to see what we. said was the last. opposite of what you have been. giving the city. this is the answer we see the obvious but what. if you've got to. go for the so the locals claim that the shooting gallery as it's been dubbed by the media makes the area for more dangerous and even though hundreds of addicts have made use of the facility many also is still choosing to shoot up right here on the street videos taken in recent weeks show drug deals. taking place in broad daylight the last time r.t.
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visited this street who was a week to witnessed an addict get. their fix. was this is this where that video was shot and if you come with me now i want you to just get a sense of how close that addict was to the drugs room that is being set up by the authorities here it's just over here it's a stone's throw away and instead of using that facility that was available they decided to get high on the. violence and aggressive behavior is now being witnessed he almost daily. police statistics show that since the drugs room was opened more than one thousand eight hundred offenses have been reported for the possession of narcotics their consumption and theft despite the outcry from locals urban significant evidence showing that it isn't having the desired effect and now
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looking up to open up for drug crimes along with a move. i think it would be necessary to have four rooms in paris suburbs including one to do with smoking crack on our balance treatment but needs health needs but if this pilot project is anything to go by these new versions just won't solve the problem in fact it could create even more show that you can ski r.t. paris. now with just over forty days until the us votes in midterm elections politics it seems is dividing not just america but whole families to fact so much so the siblings of one republican nominee called paul have gone on camera to publicly denounce him in favor of a democrat rival so who exactly is going to win this time republicans democrats or family values.
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calls dab simply not working for his district if they care about shops they would hold him to account all those stars my brother my brother and i endorse dr brill dark a barrel full ford and door stock to david for commerce. to. reach my home in wyoming. the siblings if i called mom and said that she was committed. to the six angry democrat girl says see your mom and dad's house. to. my name is james brace i've been a cop for twenty three years when people refer to police officers terrorists that had several polls of all people want to be represented by some official attempts of those more that's one of the many reasons why i voted for bryan style for congress
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. i see i know that you're wearing your trump socks and i mean you know what you think that i'm sorry that you got any socks like that and i know i've been to a tad silly but if they make them feel good then there's nothing i did for a long time. to do so it's make the mix of those contributions to my democrats opponents in my campaign for us senate in wisconsin. national good to have a company with back again at the top. join
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me every day on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business. i'm show business i'll see that. when the lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes how to protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent so. it's time to ignore middle of the room signals. the real news is. the world. medical used to leak was leave because the old.
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sht. kaiser this is the kaiser report natural free range organic news well it goes the other goes with their chicken nuggets. so. i don't know what that means but i do know that you and i talk about markets finance scandal and here is a market story irrational markets crazy markets there's a company called kill ray they have twenty eight million dollars in annual revenue twenty eight million dollars that's like the local cafe practically nevertheless it is worth more than twitter to weigh is now worth more than twitter twitter daily active users three hundred sixty million tiller a daily active users now a tollway is a canadian company and it's one of these marijuana companies the stock companies
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and there is a bit of euphoria people are high on their supply of stock here and they went public in july of twenty eighteen just a few months ago at seventeen dollars and now they were they were up to three hundred ninety four percent in one day for.


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