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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 27, 2018 3:30pm-3:57pm EDT

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backscatter this is the kaiser report high colonic for your mind. max you know one thing we have been talking about quite often over the past few years is the fact that we have these all got police and monopolies in the u.s. for example advertising online something like ninety five percent of all new advertising online advertising went to either facebook or google so that competition is not there's not much competition in the u.s. now a lot of the new all the golf police and you know monopolies online are tend to be silicon valley base california democrat so under the obama administration
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there was definitely no pushback against. many argue that there were you know antitrust legislation could be used against some of the situation emerging there certainly amazon is something to look at but the louisiana attorney general is now saying he wants to break up google and facebook wow so this comes from astore who of course we often refer to his tweets here because he covers this sort of antitrust and a competitive my novelistic behavior louisiana attorney general jeff landry would like to see google facebook and other major social media behave broken up like the federal government did to standard oil more than a century ago landry says the internet giants are suppressing conservative agendas stifling competition and infringing on anti trust laws also let's take a look at the breaking up of ma bell in the early one nine hundred eighty s.
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and to the constituent seven baby bell yes now one thing about the baby bells spinoff from ma bell is that the stocks if you put them back and reconstruct them i think they've double triple quadruple so if they break up these companies look for the stock prices to double and triple i would say because right now they are probably trying to get a discount to some kind of break up but having said that so the idea that there stifling conservative voices or conservative jenna's they have too much power in the public marketplace of ideas is certainly worth considering i think probably what would be better is to encourage more competition and you would encourage more competition by getting rid of net neutrality or the net neutrality below however they position that bill by trying to swart competition or they can get rid of that law that brought money into politics in a big way just a few years ago during the last election citizens united citizens united like those
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types of laws that stifled free speech and for stifled. competition in a huge way get rid of those laws first and you bring in more competition that's an easier way than trying to doing something here which is impossible because the managers of these companies own too many politicians breaking up ma bell did increase the market cap of all the seven same with standard oil by the way standard oil was broken up and that is exxon chevron amoco which then became part of british petroleum so as you can see there are huge monopolistic sort of you know certainly. multinationals still to this day but in terms of having some choice and competition online it seems quite clear that our public square as we have said is twitter and facebook everybody goes to those dominate the whole sector and you know if if the likes of rachel maddow demand that
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all right wing voices that those are fascist those are illegitimate their concerns about what their conservative agenda is something that should be banned then twitter is obviously banning those people i mean i myself. don't believe much of the conservative agenda certainly not on the social issues and i would particularly i mute them myself sometimes but you know i don't think a corporation should be assigned the right to block anybody from accessing this but nevertheless mass solar when he posted this tweet saying yeah a louisiana attorney general a republican going just met with jeff sessions the attorney general the united states just a few days ago there they're talking about looking into these social media companies for an antitrust legislation he said a lot of angry liberals saying he's doing this for the wrong reasons ok fine but democratic a.g.'s aren't presenting the alternatives on how to do this correctly
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they're just supporting the status quo one of the issues that i really like to point out as we head into a midterm and of course the twenty twenty elections is that. so many democrats hillary clinton the chief amongst them member she talked about single payer health care as the pony that bernie sanders once is that everybody wants a pony everybody would love a pony but how do you feed the pony how do you take care of the pony you can't you can't deliver these things well that's what happened in the twenty sixteen election is she said you know we can't get we can't modify these trade deals we can't change t.t. ip or t p p and we can't listen to the concerns of those who are about to lose their job in the auto sector or the manufacturing sector because we have to move forward we have to keep on moving forward and everybody can't keep their job well here you know it should be a democratic platform that's progressive is to break up monopolies and you know trust bust these things right but point out the democrats are not socially
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liberal they are pro war and so are the republicans and the problem people have with trump is that he's pro peace and that's not acceptable in america today that runs except for against iran. well you know the talk talk is the walking the walk and you know you have to do it you have to do but he's actively going down the path that hillary clinton clearly was going down i think that's why people voted against her and now that you bring up the war i want to turn to a headline that skipped forward to a headline because there is that. in the past week. despite after the basically congress passed the new budget so as deadline nears senate approved six hundred seventy four billion dollars defense budget bill with the fiscal year winding down senate lawmakers on tuesday advanced a multi-agency appropriations deal that would prevent a government shutdown and give the defense department its full year budget on
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schedule for the first time and a decade or so is actually an increase they gave them more than the defense department had wanted six hundred seventy four billion dollars only seven senators voted against it. six of those were republicans and bernie sanders voted against it so all the democrats are happy even though they say the commander in chief is. you know insane that there's something wrong with him that he's a threat to national security he just gave him six hundred seventy four billion dollars for his army it depends how you spend the money i mean having in the bank and then spending it are two separate things but the the initiatives that come out of the white house to scale back on the military in the korean peninsula scale back nato and scale back america's involvement in middle east politics suggests to me that they were prepping for a massive defunding of military operations as is inevitable inappropriate because
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the there's no other way to address the dead the two koreas look like they're going to have peace and part of that peace deal is that the u.s. has to get out essentially so that could save a lot of money sure six hundred seventy four billion dollars could be a lot if you target it towards the engineers and and people in silicon valley who pretend that they don't that there are entrepreneurs and they've done it themselves but. you lash will interest curity we're going to rebuild roads and bridges in america from the pentagon budget and can do that and i expect that's what will happen in the second term of here again there's another story he touted right when he became president right around his inauguration jack ma the richest guy in china one of the richest guys in the world he said that he was going to bring one million jobs to america because he was you know it was a new era of you know more trade and globalization well alibaba will no longer bring one million jobs to the u.s. citing tariffs is founder and chairman jack ma says the chinese mega e-commerce
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company no longer has plans to create one million jobs in the u.s. citing the ongoing trade conflict as the reason alibaba is retracting its promise to donald trump a new round of terrorists between the u.s. and china will make mutual trade more difficult. applying another two hundred billion dollars and of course china has retaliated in but they have less and less to retaliate against because the u.s. doesn't. you know they don't import much from the u.s. jack miles loss you know he had a chance to go to a low cost producer in the u.s. but he was obviously pressured from above and going to pay more. for amazon. well jack ma told chinese state run news outlet that the promise was based on the assumption that the u.s. and china would have rational trade relations which is no longer the case this promise was based on friendly us china partnership and rational trade relations the current situation has already ruined that there is no way to complete the promise now but we won't stop working hard to promote the house the development of china
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u.s. trade i think apple was exempt from a lot of those tariffs even though all their products are made in china when i was talking about the u.s. defense budget and that six hundred seventy four billion dollars it made me think of how national priorities work and how you decide to spend as a nation your your tax collection the government decides to spend their tax collection and i thought of about because six hundred seventy four billion dollars is more than medicare is about medicare and medicaid combined a little bit less but i looked at the u.k. and the n.h.s. budget there is one hundred and twenty four point seven billion pounds their defense budget is thirty five billion so what i'm saying is that in the u.s. imagine if they did the same as the u.k. three and a half times their defense budget they spend on their n.h.s. so here in the u.s. that would be two point two trillion dollars that we would have medicare for all essentially medicaid if we decided to use the same sort of metrics as how the u.k.
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and the citizens there decide how to allocate their their funds but here in the us there is a huge resistance to having single payer most people if you go online if you look at the you tube comments below here they will fight you they will shout until they're blue in the face that. system is communism is socialism we don't want it but they don't shout and so they're blue in the face about the socialism that is a massive defense department spend most of that is welfare it's welfare for raytheon is welfare for lockheed martin as welfare for thousands of people who live in mansions in virginia as welfare for facebook it's welfare for google it's welfare for silicon valley and but they don't see it that way because those are a different class of people that they never get to see right because in the u.k. there's an entrenched and very hardened class war and so it becomes
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a subject for class war. debates in the u.s. you don't have that similar class war it's more of an ideological war and if you if you could make apples to apples comparison you could see clearly and you'd make a good intelligent rational choice but because the people in the u.k. are every single night on the b.b.c. they're like little a carrot they're pulled along to engage in class war and every single night america their carriage called guns and god and they're moved along like little lemmings toward the cliff in their own particular way so that i want to say you know it's like i said it's choices that you make europe is breaking out google and all these monopolies these online monopolies the u.s. has decided not to except for maybe this louisiana attorney general thank for louisiana go louisiana take a break when we come back much more coming your way. saying
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you know we need to go back and buy more foreign forces that's. the source of the position of the gun that. goes in the ninety's even though there is a number of contingency to go back one. it to the to the country. and that it to this guy like he. had to get that i will. go and visit and add to the money at one of my leaving to get there.
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if it. didn't get them i think that is out the will it is how much of the island i think afghan government and that a lot of us have the now brawling so i am somewhat but i don't get to. see been out of them out so out of town a lot of a model people got. out of my depth and i could see that as i asked by the way to really. get that they did things about the site up on after several. days of. deep deep in the last and all of them when the little siad.
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and the. welcome back to the kaiser report imus kaiser time matter of tarnish the guy go to dr michelle block of best dot dot com up the back mash him pleasure to be back on a double segment here today very exciting seles unless it's ten year anniversary of the financial crisis that back in two thousand and eight that the big debate was inflation or deflation you and peter schiff famously debated this bit it was taken the inflation argument you were taking the deflation argument ok looking back now
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ten years back how who was right how did it all happen evolve well i was right i mean certainly he was predicting a crash of the dollar he thought china would do a couple from the u.s. economy neither of those two things happened actually the dollar ended up strengthening prices temporarily. negative but that wasn't my measure or just on fifty billion and it was targeted to just single sets of things trump has widened that. in response to the first part o't china reacted. and it is cut off agricultural imports. soybeans kidney beans things like that. have been punished i think he's going to lose the midterm elections because of tariffs also for political reasons here we have this kavanaugh fair will leave that aside but. trump is now
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threatening tariffs on all of chinese goods we discuss that in the first segment you know we're talking about significant price increases at wal-mart the main fear out of the u.s. might be how china retaliates this time it was a veiled charette that i think if you caught china came out and said where is. supplier of certain things and the u.s. doesn't have an easy manes of getting them where they are talking about max i am positive they are talking about rare earth elements these things are used in weapon systems and extremely powerful magnets they're used in touchscreen phones specialized glass things that goes into airplanes i've got to contact it boeing i asked him to quantify that. his belief was that he thinks that boeing and the airline manufacturer will be affected you can't say how much he
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thinks that boeing keeps these things secret i don't know but we do know that these rare earths they're not actually all that rare max but china is the only producer of them why because they produce a lot of toxic sludge and other unsavory things when you're manufacturing these things so yeah another country could step up but we're talking about you know a mine potentially three years down the road so there's no supply of these now what trump has done. and was suggestion and i agree with is they've driven china and russia to suspicious countries of each other a little bit closer together how much i don't know but russia is it turns out it is the world's major supplier of titanium so if trump gets you know puts really puts pressure on russia we can have
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a supply shortage of time titanium and rare earth elements there is going to be a lot of rubber carson's to that on the top of the ten fifteen twenty percent price increase on all goods coming from china that i great pleasure now despite the fact that democrats believe top is a grave threat to the republic that congress voted ninety three to seven to approve a huge military budget your thoughts one. i'm with that max that's my thought it shows both sides here are warmongers i mean you know i you pressure me over trump i voted for him i would vote for him again they. just happen to be a free trade at good i'm convinced that free trade is the right way regardless of what everybody does but the partisan politics here are such that typical id anything to trump one student or grass or disagree with it and vice versa so it is scary to strange there were ninety seven to three vote hers was i who i should be
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ninety three to seven vote. in favor of increasing. bo warmongering max what's up with that both sides are warmongers they don't want you to believe that but they are yeah let's get into some details on this so a link state department memo reveals a like pump a zero backed continued u.s. involvement in the war on yemen because a cut off would undermine a two billion dollar deal to sell a hundred twenty thousand raytheon percentage of guided missiles to saudi arabia and the a if we so here's some details mess continue here are oh well we we saw the same thing the the us backs allegedly moderate out kind of forces in syria you know what's up with that we have to strain just bedfellows here. all the things the manager one person dies in syria over what i believe are.
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false flag and since. the us mainstream media goes cope only way i hate over there as yet we have u.s. bombings certified killing people with us weapons oh and yemen everyone looks the other way where is there a balanced reporting. there is none max let's talk a kind of go back to china and trade war for a moment the so a lot of people and i talk about that as they discuss currency war and of course what is often cited is china sitting on four trillion dollars of reserves etc so would it how would that play out china would they drop the peg cetera what would a currency war how might that unfold if this trade war gets more heated the most likely thing in a currency war would probably be. china slowly
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devaluing their water and they came out the other day and they made some statement well we're not going to do this well they've already done it x. but the idea that they're going to just say oh all of these treasuries what are they going to do with them it's counterproductive remember one of the ways that they supported the war on during the. capital flight crisis was they they actually sold us treasuries bought want to prop up the price of the watch if they did that again so treasuries and. the price of the water would rise which is counterproductive to what they want to do so i think they've got limited impact here in terms of a currency war or so interest rates also once again. treasury accumulation is a function of math china still runs this surplus with the united states as long as
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they're running a surplus they have to accumulate u.s. assets are accumulating u.s. treasuries so i think. fears of a of this massive wave of sawing of treasuries is overblown ah china very much my slowly talk down the on which is exactly what i expect it. now would trade war if there is an occasion for reciprocal trade tariffs you know the problem is that china doesn't really import much from the u.s. so is that a fair statement and what you think about that absolutely that's a fair statement. given that china is surplus with the u.s. is it is so massive they can actually only respond but i've bought a third as much as what the u.s. can do you know on the truck and in ministration you do even more. china can
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further cut off access to u.s. corporations in china. they can increase their tariffs by a higher percentage than what the u.s. did but the real the real threat here is that cut off rare earth elements and supplies used in u.s. weapons systems still phones and no i i think that's the big retaliatory threat at the moment miche actually and as usual thanks for being on the kaiser report pleasurably back on macs you've got to do this again looking forward to it well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey everett i think i guess miss shedd luckovich talk dot com if you want to catch us on twitter it's guy's report until next time by l. . tell him to imagine decades of to the war
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a nazi don't you it was still active. in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the cheer of its bowed a man convicted of mesmo and slavery and auschwitz the german company good until it developed through the divide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during printing them so you. don't have terrible side effects what happened to my baby anything below. it. just. minutes a little mind victims of to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering. not only want the money i want the revenge.
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look. good. but what. parties video agency ruptly obtains footage of residents in can does province in afghanistan protesting against the constant bombings by coalition and afghan forces
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. in the u.k. it's revealed that the terrorist who killed five people in last year's westminster bridge.


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