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tv   News  RT  October 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:29pm EDT

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civil war in africa's newest a country claims that close to four hundred thousand lives according to a u.s. funded report prompting the question aware has the initial support for south sudan gone also ahead. america's nato ambassadors scrambles to clarify herself after she threatened washington that would take russia's missile stockpile accusing moscow of violating a major cold war era treaty. a struggle between empathy and law unfolds in italy as a pro refugee mayor is placed under house arrest for allegedly helping illegal immigrants. in the people's republic of jenin jar
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a prominent conservative party politician in the u.k. is under fire after making that insensitive quip about libya. by casting love director of this is archie international and sean tons. of the number of deaths from the civil war in the central african nation of south sudan has reached almost four hundred thousand that was revealed in a damning new report that says the figure is almost eight times higher than previously thought and is also a long way away from the hope that surrounded the country's declaration of independence in two thousand and eleven u.s. was quick to support africa's newest nation then but how long did that help continue. south sudan is the youngest country in the world and according to a new report from the u.s. . state department it's off to
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a pretty bleak start almost four hundred thousand people killed half of them killed in the conflict the other half dying of hunger and disease now previously prior to this report the estimates had only been in the tens of thousands but now it looks like the numbers of deaths in south sudan are approaching the number that have died in the conflict in syria pretty bleak but it wasn't always like this now in the one nine hundred ninety s. there was no south sudan sudan was one country and it was embroiled in the longest running civil war in the continent. however there were some perks at that point sudan had lots of oil to sell and china was pouring in investments and that is when the sanctions rolled in sudan was declared to be a state sponsor of terror bill clinton bombed a factory in one nine hundred ninety eight that he said was making chemical weapons our forces also attacked a factory in sudan associated with. the factory was involved in the production of
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materials for chemical weapons but actually the factory was just making medicine no evidence of chemical weapons has ever been produced now the usa pushed for south sudan's independence in two thousand and eleven the usa hailed south sudan for breaking away and becoming a new country we may only have to go in the republic of south sudan and to think you have sovereign nations but the euphoria did not last long it breaks my heart to see what south sudan has become today country fell into a civil war between rival clans the president turned against the vice president and mass killings in a hunger ensued and all this killing was a headache for the united nations so with a new administration now in the white house the u.s. role in south sudan is being reassessed. the united states government will not
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continue in a partnership with leaders who are only interested in perpetuating an endless war characterized by ethnically motivated atrocities the government of south sudan has lost credibility and the united states is losing patience yes south sudan is yet another example of the u.s. state department telling us that they're going to go rescue some or all press people on the other side of the planet and then they're left spending money to analyze results showing that the conditions overall are getting a lot worse to an extent the world seem to have forgotten about south sudan not too long ago it was the world that was running together to form this new nation then at the expense of northern sudan which was run by bashir and it would appear that petty politics between the chinese and the us in terms of the respective influences on those countries meant that for now at least the world seems to have forgotten
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about the sudan crisis some saw forgotten about displacement of people women and children under spent of children across the nation and it is very much an impoverished states. and of course we know that a lot of things do not work effectively in south sudan. for all intensive purposes the the west and the international community seems to of when the blind eye. us ambassador to nato is denying she suggested carrying out a preemptive strike against russia she had earlier told a news conference in brussels about taking out missiles in development by russia claiming that they are in breach of a cold war era treaty. the kunar me as yours would be to take out the missiles that are in development by russia in violation of the treaty so that would be the counter measure and eventually. all right commenting on the ambassador's statement of the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said that public officials
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should be more careful when it comes to aggressive rhetoric more details now from our nick here. what is essentially a warning from moscow the u.s. envoy to nato kay bailey hutchinson has said if russia does not put a stop to its covert development of a banned cruise missile system then the u.s. will seek to destroy it before it's operational the u.s. believes that russia is working on a ground launch system that would have the ability to launch a nuclear strike on europe on short notice now the development of such a system would be in breach of a cold war treaty this is the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty it was signed by president reagan and macao gorbachev in one nine hundred eighty seven and now while ambassador hutchinson said that the u.s. favors a diplomatic solution should any situation arise she also added that america is not against moving forward with developments not allowed by the treaty right now we can hear more of what he had to say getting them to withdraw would be our choice of
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course but i think the question was what would you do. if this continues to a point where we know that they are capable of delivering and there we would be looking at the capability to take a missile that could hit any of our countries in europe and america in alaska it's not the first times that accusations have been made and moscow has consistently denied any such violations meanwhile nato secretary-general un stoltenberg has also weighed in he's spoken of concerns for what he calls russia's lack of respect for its international commitments but such finger pointing we should point out is nothing new when it comes to violations of this treaty reports in the telegraph almost a year ago claim that the u.s. has already developing its own ground based cruise missile in breach of the historic accord. a prominent m.p.
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for britain's ruling conservative party is under fire after he made a joking reference to libya jacob riis mog called of the african state the people's republic of germany jar or something parties and your conference. both. show their. growth over thirty. years. this is quite a bizarre comment to be heard from a well known politician referencing another nation this was indeed hard line breaks a tear and tory m.p. jacob green small speaking on the sidelines of the annual a conservative party conference and what he was actually referencing was the great socialist people's libyan arab jamahiriya which is roughly translated as state of masses and that's what the north african nation of libby used to be called under more market duffy
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yet he chose those words instead and reaction was very swift to follow deary me jacob reese mogue your first attempt at global diplomacy has failed and a bit of casual racism did you and boris johnson have the same job if you teach at eton college maybe now is the time to learn some respect for other countries little england jacob riis malk shows his disdain for the rest of the world this tawdry tory government has had its time which it deserves better than this inward looking bunch of unworldly has been and never was this sort of remark is becoming too common from the bracks it is coming as it does in the wake of boris's recent. insulting other people is not the way i want my country represented and the public see it for what it is petty politics the reason those boris johnson burka jibes and boris johnson in general get mentioned in a few of those reactions is because a former u.k. foreign secretary has himself come under fire on many occasions for quite
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controversial comments with the burkas he had just recently compared women wearing them to letterbox is causing quite a bit of controversy here in the u.k. but with these latest comments on libya they do seem quiet. strange indeed especially given the role that britain had played and the destiny of libya as a nation arab affairs writer. one believes this kind of language can be heard all through out of british politics and society. politicians should be ashamed of themselves. because actually. the military is destroying the kind. of false accusation. you want and then leave me be that.
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i know this is the problem. to side. with issue this is. actually on their. way out what is happening in the world believe all the talk so you don't see all human lives. hundreds of people gathered earlier in rome in support of the mayor of a small italian town after he was arrested for allegedly helping immigrants remain in the country illegally demonstrators said the mayor had broad support among the population despite the government's charges against him protesters also claimed his arrest endangered the freedom and future of italy and sang anti-fascist songs as our europe correspondent people. know is the mayor of the small town of the out chain saw the italy now he came to prominence after he well opened up his town to
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refugees and migrants taken as many as five hundred into the town of just eighteen hundred for this he was awarded the dressed in peace prize and twenty seventeen he was also in twenty sixteen named as one of the fifty greatest leaders in the world in fact he said that helping refugees in migrants was his calling i have a strong mission to understand the difficulties people face who arrive here and i have to say that those people who have arrived are probably. products of the unfair world well he's now found himself the targets of the god the a different day they are the italian government's federal law enforcement authority when it comes to financial crimes and they've charged him with a number of well of offenses he's charged with having sorted out sham marriages for refugees and migrants with citizens of his village in order to allow people to stay he's also accused of not to tear him to the procedures the correct procedures when
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it comes to handing out routes and contracts for garbage disposal now italy stance when it comes to refugees and migrants has changed in recent times they've moved away from the policies of the said to right government that was operated under mentor renzi and the new coalition government certainly has picked up a populist and more well i'm t. my grid view this coalition between the five star movement and the league headed up by the prime minister just said become take they've really changed tack in put forward a far more well stronger view and stronger politics when it comes to refugees and migrants from italy than we've seen in the past. palestinian university students have clashed with israeli forces in the west bank city of ramallah the soldiers are used to tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.
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well demonstrators threw stones and set tires on fire the rally was staged in protest against the demolition of a village in the west bank which is home to about one hundred eighty palestinians protesters there are also continuing to make a stand against the israeli nation state law after a general strike on monday the claimed the law makes israeli arabs second class citizens. the scandal surrounding donald trump's supreme court nominee is it not cooling down with the president receiving an avalanche of questions about his nominee brett kavanaugh is facing sexual assault allegations from several women with some people suggesting he may not have told the truth when
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he denied claims at a senate committee hearing trump says he agrees that nobody should give false testimony to congress. going on for years. now. i don't think he should lie to congress and there have been a lot of people over the last year that have lied to congress and to me that would not be acceptable. to judge cabinet is doing pretty well it seems to be over the last twenty four hours a lot is going to depend on what comes back from the f.b.i. in terms of their their. number seven investigation but i think that judge kavanaugh is doing very well right. cavanagh wasn't nominated by trungpa to a seat on the u.s. supreme court in july after an initial round of senate hearings three women came forward in september and accused him of sexual misconduct while in high school and college he strenuously denies these allegations trump though agreed to the request
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of republican senator jeff flake who holds a key vote on the judiciary committee for an investor f.b.i. investigation. the dispute over the credibility of the witnesses is do. inviting the country and now it seems holding the wrong view can cost you your job a dean at the catholic university of america in washington d.c. has been suspended over a tweet that was deemed to have degraded one of the women who accused kavanah. and a professor at georgetown university said cabin on deserved to die which caused an outcry among some students however the university has stated that it was the professor's personal view and doesn't represent the school's opinion we spoke earlier with republican official john graphing who thinks political discourse has sunk to a new low i don't support a society that wants to a women a people's right to express opinions and eliminate due process saying that we
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should kill each other over political disagreements accusing someone of horrific acts just to prevent the political process from happening i'm sorry that's just sad the fact that someone has been able to baselessly destroy a man's family and character simply because they don't want a republican nominee on the supreme court it's shocking to me that the same people on the left that say they care about women and their her in their pain are the same people judging whether or not someone's emotions are real or authentic give me a break. russia has completed the delivery of its as three hundred air defense systems to syria with the intent of protecting russian service personnel stationed there earlier my colleague colum bray got the details from our correspondent. so it took russia just two weeks to ramp up
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syria's air defenses with the s. three hundred system the russian minister of defense has made the official announcement he says that the deliveries are done and dusted and he also shared some technical details of it for the video we have consider reach strengthened electronic warfare capability so we dispatched additional equipment as a result we control a short range zone within a fifty kilometer radius and a long range in the main direction from where incursions were conducted within a two hundred kilometer radius a total of fourteen nine elements of hardware have been handed over to the syrians and most importantly for launchers the ass three hundred is designed to protect the air space it's not the state of the art system but it is still in active use by the russian army so what prompted this delivery well almost immediately after the
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downing of the russian military i l twenty plane in the mediterranean the russian army and also the president made it clear that moscow will come up with a response that everyone in the region would feel the l twenty plane was shot down by a syrian missile that was launched by the s two hundred that's the system of an older generation but the russian generals blamed the israeli air force for the tragedy the i.d.f. jets were conducting air raids in the area at that time and they were the original target of syria's air defenses so the deliveries could be aimed at limiting israel's air space. activity over syria and it has been reported that in the last eighteen months israel has conducted some two hundred air raids targeting iranian targets in syria but today what's the reaction been surprisingly enough when it comes to what the pentagon said their reaction was literally it doesn't
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change anything so they couldn't be bothered when it comes to the reaction from israel for now there's been none but previously when washing now and they were going to deliver the f. three hundred to syria the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned president putin that providing advanced weapons systems to air responsible actors will magnify dangers in the region the u.s. state department has also reacted says russia's air defense deployment in syria could escalate the situation in the region even further. french authorities say that they have frozen the assets of iran's intelligence agency that is after all alleging tehran planned to bomb an iranian opposition group rally near paris u.s. state department has backed that move we've seen what iran has done in syria we've seen right iran has done in other countries we see iran's devastation that it
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causes around the world as the world's top sponsor of terrorism. that comes after iran's ambassador to the u.n. accused saudi arabia of sponsoring terrorism during his address add to the recent u.n. general assembly meeting held in new york. everybody knows very well that saudi arabia supports terrorism and a very blatant and widespread manner in the framework of we keenly in two thousand and nine hillary clinton is said to have stated that saudi arabia is the greatest you know to terrorist groups around the world. and according to those documents obtained by which you leagues. then secretary of state hillary clinton called saudi arabia the most significant source of funding to sunni terrorist groups worldwide which also allegedly names saudi arabia a critical financial support base for al qaeda the taliban and other terrorist groups and political scientist says the u.s.
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applies a double standards in how it treats iran and saudi arabia. why are the saudis not targeted and all the focus is on is on iran well the answer is very obvious so did the a.b.a. is it a us client state that purchases billions and billions of dollars of arms and you know furnishes oil to the western governments when we tend put take to it and immunize it from criticism we saw a very recent going to report lambaste and so did we are i trust cities in yemen and a humanitarian catastrophe there without anyone including the french diplomats raising and i brought. an unprecedented court case in britain could see historic changes to the rights of transgender parents and if successful it would mean a biological mother may no longer needed to be named on british birth certificates
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at the center of the legal battle is a single parent who became pregnant but who legally became a man when the child was born he wants to be identified as the father or parent and says that not being allowed to do so violates his human right to privacy and family life english law right now states he must appear as the biological mother on the birth certificate and all that is preventing him from receiving welfare and state benefits among other things. this is a unique case in england since two thousand and sixteen the u.s. state of california has given parents the choice to pick between mother father or simply parent according to personal preference we've got the views of political commentator david vance and l g b t q campaigner peter tatchell. the question this case raises is who should be on the birth certificate shouldn't necessarily be a mother or father or could it just be apparent i think that it's not really important
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for legal reasons or any other practical reason why has to be a mother peter just said this let's remove mother from the birth certificate and replace it with something more more nonspecific such as parent but mother's give birth the kids sorry spoiler alert that's how it's been that's how it's always going to be and no one minds of debate are going to change that biological fact why why not just be make a reasonable accommodation in the small number of cases to acknowledge this person of the parents of the child will know that this person is their parent legally as well as in reality this child would become the first child in the history of this country on a bi believe anywhere else who on their birth certificate the word mother is missing so just consider this for a moment can you imagine the cycle on the psychological damage that this would impact that child you know the child will probably find it different and unusual
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but as we have seen with same sex parents children get a handle on things pretty quickly love is about you know a parent's commitment and care for a child. what's on the birth certificate really doesn't affect that love and commitment in those instance that you that you've mentioned are same sex couples regardless of the configure. the child was always born to a woman simple biological fact you know what i mean that's not being judgmental it's being it's being it's a fine dish and the fact that we must not be we must not run away from just because it might hurt some people's feelings there have been some trans men in a similar situation have given birth and they have accepted that they should be named as the mother so this case is unique and it's different but i think the
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number of instances that will be involved in a similar circumstance is so so tiny we should not get hot heads up about us and we should just make the accommodation but i catered. it peter peter the law is not based on on the exceptions the law must apply to all you just can't operate it the way that you'd like to so the fact of the matter is that this child was born to a woman and there for the birth certificate should reasonably reflect that reality and that does it for me i will be back in let's say thirty three and a half minutes with a look at your headlines you are watching our international glad to have you with us. place.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more somehow i want to be. the two i would be for us was like the fourth tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the wives in the house. passed west sydney. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty
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five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade first circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust . cooked additional submersed if so i know what doesn't etc callender some of these isn't this a bullet you're looking it's not enough. simply yes surrender my feet and i will proceed. to look with a showing at the brentwood ship a skeleton is lost when the church. has nickel ship and you have your patients only
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. bolts of shipping. yep and most of the book hit the wall with the books and you will still going.


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