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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2018 6:00am-6:28am EDT

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china's rising star eclipses the u.s. people no trust less than. world leaders that's according to new data from a washington based think tank. germany's right wing party pulls out record girl is qualified from a poetry contest for her. in germany. in may the force be with you russian troops are accused of swaying public opinion against the latest film in the star wars franchise the last jet i.
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run the clock across the world this is r t international from the team and myself you know neil alone welcome our top story china is playing a more important role in the world today than the united states that is according to a recent poll by the washington based think tank the pew research center it also shows that the chinese leader is more trusted globally than his american counterpart. what gets in donald trump obsessive his image sure but what else diana has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election i've done a lot of this is for china china's market distortions china china china sea route china talking about china for and he has good reason to be fixated the rise of china is showing no signs of stopping with a nation poised to overtake america as the next world superpower polls conducted
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across twenty five countries show why the spread recognition that china is the emerging power within might to more than rival uncle sam to china overtake the u.s. as the globe in the arm when i think china will overtake the u.s. china's goal good chance of doing that their way above everybody else people underestimate i am actually the most powerful country now is certainly the united states but i think china will definitely surpass it in the future but here's the thing china may well become the most powerful in economic terms the people are not so keen on beijing taking the reigns as the globe's moral compass and think the u.s. is still the best option is the world voice of reason trying to place us would be in the heart of this scary. i lean more towards the usa for their democratic system and human rights so i don't think it would be better if china became more powerful
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however ranking leaders on doing the right thing and trump is well down the list lower than china's xi jinping. so you know sure. they lose. but that's not to say that trump and doesn't have. of those who hang on his every word taser huge in the philippines it seems most people there love nothing more than an outspoken well to mention provocative man in control and you don't even have to be able to hold a chill. the. movie you can.
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play live is the minute you leave and in israel forget about it trump is the man pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and moving the us embassy to jerusalem has earned him serious brownie points and alienated a whole bunch of people to we have i would say probably the best relationships right now with israel that we have or had a vigorous close now is maybe ever before that. with the term say on netanyahu on his side trun past his supports but it's with china's when a song is coupled with america's decline does trump really have what it takes to remain at the top of the world pedestal how likely to think you he's to succeed so i want to. work. i don't think it's possible to be three
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zero the scale be made between one and five you know you his influence around three come on let's be honest donald trump is trying. ok to know the story generating a lot of interest today and it's in germany where they daughter of a right wing politician there has been disqualified from a poetry contest after reading a. migrant poem here's the verse. all. the little guys. even say. what you just heard was part of a poetry competition that was organized in southwest germany by a council as part of an anti racism initiative the entry you heard was by.
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the fourteen year old daughter of a right wing german politician her controversial entry provoked this reaction in the hall was way on the right was well despite that reaction she was disqualified from the competition in fact there were boos when it different when it was announced there has been backlash though her mother the alternative for germany m.p. nicola has said that their house had been dogged in spray painted with nazi slurs this type of reaction to a teenager's poetry isn't surprising in germany right now the political divide in the country hasn't been this prominent in recent times in fact we've seen a number of right wing demonstrations across the country that were really sparked into existence following the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old german man in the city of camden it's the two main suspects in custody a two asylum applications one from iraq and one from syria was
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of. was and all of this has played into the hands of the anti migrant alternative for germany party when they entered parliament just over a year ago and twenty seventeen with just less than thirteen percent of the vote they weren't really expected to build on not too much sense that we just had. tectonic shifts and earthquake it looks like the c.d.u. will be electing a chance at the last dramatically is it a bit or not know their country it's a broken our democracy for the first time in seventy years we have a nationalistic right wing populist party partially reflecting metsi ideology in parliament it is no surprise that anybody has grown stronger the shock for everyone is how much stronger it has become fast forward to now when the polls show that
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almost one in five germans is on thyroid with alternative for germany the most recent poll showing that they would take over eighteen percent of the vote if an election with held today coming only second to the union of the c.d.u. and c.s.u. headed up by angela merkel dissatisfaction with angola merkel's government is reasonably high here in germany but what these recent polls show is that if an election was to be held tomorrow well the chancellor wouldn't have enough votes to put together the current coalition government at a considerable minority among the german population there's a lost its trust into the christian democratic union into the social democratic party end of the established politics and media system voting for that if d. is mostly or even completely an emotionally driven voting those who vote for the a of d. simply want to be clear we have lost trust in the its political parties for want to punish them of the most severe punishment for the political establishment is
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looking for the f.t. and this is how the things are going on in germany right now. all right we have some breaking news to bring in our on the program the international court of justice has ordered the united states to lift some of its sanctions on iran the ruling covers restrictions linked to humanitarian goods and civil aviation there to run filed a complaint in july saying that by. pulling out of the uranium nuclear deal the u.s. had breached another accord struck back in one thousand nine hundred fifty five it is not clear at this stage whether the administration of donald trump will comply it opens up a lot of other issues we'll be looking for some analysis on this as the hour progresses here on r.t. . not first it was the presidential elections alleged assault on american democracy now those russian
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trolls are up to something even more sinister they've hit a galaxy not so far far away apparently targeting hollywood on the star wars franchise. hey america they stole your election hey britain they stole your dream of a united europe democracy will never be the same because of russian memes thralls boughts well surely there is something still sacred in western culture off limits to the russians. oh no the kremlin folks even got their hands on star wars russian trolls weaponized style was criticism as an instrument for information warfare with the purpose of pushing for political change this was from a real study by
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a brave jet i call or i mean who claims there's been a force that was fighting to make the last jet i fail wow thirty seven pages remember how the movie got booed at when those need fans couldn't forgive the director for spoiler alert killing luke skywalker and forgive him for going against all the tropes so dearly cherished by the fandom remember how the star wars lovers army even campaign to fund a remake well now you know who did it the sith sorry the russians had a great disturbance in the force as millions of voices suddenly cried out into the sun his son just to prove it the guy behind the research analyzed almost a thousand online messages for the director and his result was more than half of the hate tweets came from trolls some of them were russian.
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the director didn't just pay attention he shared the link to the study with his twitter followers. looking forward to reading it but what the top line describes is consistent with my experience online well some vendors got even more disgruntled when they said they found their own tweets in the research it was a bad movie highly unlikely that it was a dry run for bots to practice we hated this film too loved rogue one but were totally underwhelmed by the last time so much so that my oldest questioned if it is worth going to the cinema to see any more disney star was solid did nothing to make me change my mind. it wasn't disney not even the director it was the damn skis fighting fake news that's what we've heard from web search giant google right from
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the moment the first false reports then they have to take the problem very very seriously we have to think about what we can do there we have very clear policies in place with her just that some of our policies were moving really really fast with what we can control but now the crusader itself is in the spotlight over a fake miss an investigation by the u.k.'s times newspaper has uncovered the search giant allowing fake websites to buy advertising space on their terms like a fake credit card that works well google offered the service for around a pond to click on even allegedly came up with its own suggestions offering to buy similar search terms to boost of the well many see it as a breach of the company's core values. we value honesty and fairness so we don't allow the promotion of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behavior. well google was quick to respond claiming over three
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billion so-called bad odds were blocked last year alone technology consultant bill muse say's the greatest effort is focused on the most profitable areas on fact checking sometimes comes further down the list. i think it's notable that. we're looking at areas where they generate the most money for their own services and that is in the targeting of they have put a lot of resources into making the algorithms far more sophisticated where they have lacked sophistication such as in the identification of insight for materials inappropriate materials and sort of some of the fraudulent activity that we're looking at today those are areas which aren't actually front and center in terms of the right business and therefore there's been less resource put into these areas in terms of making the algorithms more sophisticated what we need to see is google and
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facebook and others stepping up and actually improving those algorithms otherwise they're going to face some fairly draconian regulation. we return to our breaking news this hour the international court of justice has ordered the united states to lift some of its sanctions on iran the ruling covers restrictions linked to humanitarian goods and civil aviation well to run filed a complaint in july seeing by polling of the year really a nuclear deal the u.s. had breached on the i chord struck back in one nine hundred fifty five well let's get some analysis on our breaking news this hour and join side mohammad marandi politics professor from the university of toronto always welcome on the show just put it into context for us if you will this ruling this verdict. well the ruling is binding but the international justice court
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cannot enforce it especially since the united states. exited the international court of justice. took this case because the iranian said that the americans who are not abiding by. their agreement that they've signed with iran including the one hundred fifty five agreement that you spoke of but also there was a boon to the algiers accord that the iranians and the americans signed on to after the revolution where the united states would not interfere in iran's internal affairs and so this ruling does help iran it's a courtier on the cards but the iranians know that they're americans are not going to abide by entrant journal are otherwise. exited the nuclear agreement in the first place that is the u.s. commitment it was. something that was the negotiations were carried out for many
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years from the five plus one. that all the u.n. security council members and it is rare reference to in the u.n. security council resolution did tehran expect this to happen this ruling. iranian expectation is that. the. next. task for the all sanctions that are threatening sanctioning iran is preventing american companies from doing business with iran is basically bullying the whole of the international community and saying we will punish anyone one who does. with iran and therefore the. violating the sovereignty of a country part of the world even their own allies and the european union and the united
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states is trying to strangle iran in order to make ordinary people suffer so that they could for pressure on iran just as what they're doing for example yemen though in their more that would work stream case where they're trying to create starvation . solution to get their way in our line is incredible we will try and keep talking a little bit further if we can side because i want to speak a little about the actual ruling because it is quite limited in what i'd say that talks about humanitarian issues and it only does not mean that the other aspects. are illegal are illegal against iran that iran is doing something wrong. no it basically means that they haven't given a final ruling and that final ruling may take a very long time they're saying in the meantime before they come to any permanent decision the united states must. sanction and of course these sanctions
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mean that the united states should not prevent iran from him or bring medicine to the medical industry they must allow iran to purchase spare parts for their airlines many people in iran have died over the last thirty forty years because the americans preventing iran from obtaining spare parts. so the you know the issues that the demand the issue is of course is president only following a ruling well that's the that's the issue that if trump if his administration decides not to get involved here with the international court of justice then iran stuck in a limbo again. well ron has already come into a meeting with. its partners across the globe with chinese companies that don't deal with the united states they're using alternative currencies such as the yuan such as the ruble the iranian friend c p they're not trading and that. and with
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other neighbors as well so that ron is already limiting the usage of the u.s. dollar working increasingly with companies that don't deal with the united states and iran is a very powerful country it has fifteen neighbors so the united states impact on the iranian economy is not as great as the americans would like it to be but i think if nothing comes out of this it is a moral victory for you ron it shows that the united states is violating human rights and that it is trying to make ordinary people suffer in its conflict with the iranians so it is a boost to the iranians yeah just going to some of the lines coming from iran one of the local news stations saying the victory of to run over washington by the hague court so it definitely is being supported in the country side mohammad marandi politics professor from the university of toronto and your take this hour. you. all rights running battles in the chilean capital a students fight back
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against a controversial new law the details coming up after the. what politicians do usually to. put themselves on the lawn they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to. have to go right to beatrice was like that before three of them or i can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of the caller's. question. so small seemed wrong when old roles just don't call. me old
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yet to say proud disdain become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. let's start on the west coast of america california is home to progressive tech giants all over the place up all alphabet facebook to name but a few all those public companies in fact every public company there will have to keep in step because the u.s. state has made it a legal requirement that at least one woman must sit on every board of directors and the law say's it must happen by the end of twenty nine thousand with that
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number increasing to three in the coming years companies could also fine be facing fines of at least one hundred thousand dollars as you can see here in the screen for not complying while long awaited for many however provoked concern with the state's chamber of commerce saying it will prioritize gender over other aspects of diversity. creates discrimination now against other people in favor of women who might not even be qualified i mean you're talking about putting one woman in place there and now we're having to mandate that where there are many women in the workplace that have been working hard so rather than hoping for encouraging in the workplace there to be equal treatment of women who do a good job now we're just regulating than mandating it which is undoubtedly going to cause anarchy in the workplace is going to cause dissension among people perhaps amongst other women who have been working hard wondering why this woman got chosen just to meet a certain quota i think it's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that there is not
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a single woman qualified you know for the board of any public company in california i think we all know them and loads of women who are super well qualified in the question should be why haven't they been appointed to those schools already why have we put up with this outdated you know white male boys' club for so so loam i think there are a lot of people on boards in california and all over the world you want qualified and i'm afraid to say the vast majority of them all men it only causes tension to grow against women against the very party that they're trying to eliminate discrimination over and so that's going to end out only cause backfiring a lot more animosity against women not just from other men in the workplace who have been working very hard but from other women in the workplace who might not be chosen to fit this one woman quota type thing for women who aren't going to be doing that and so you know it's causing dissension it's really going against it and it's going to continue to backfire against that until we change who we are intrinsically as americans in the workplace allowing equal rights because there are
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deserving of it and not because the law mandates absolutely california should and will in the back of the success of this legislation for the legislation that mandates that there be a person of color on board and then to put people of color and so on and so forth i think that's absolutely not conflicting issues it shouldn't be the case that women and people of color who incidentally many women are also people of color but we shouldn't feel like there's a sort of diversity. spot and we all have to fight for it we should feel like we're all part of a movement that's working towards better balance on boards and working towards a future which people where companies like this belong to all of us not to a tiny. island stale corporate elite which i'm fortunate seems to be a sort of you know a cop which no one can break at the moment live from moscow every hour of the day this is r t international we have got some great programs right ahead and remember they're all made available for you later to an r.t. dot com or you tube channel if they want us.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the running plus isn't protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only that one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick. going around anymore you don't even really. come over the stigma do. consider again some civil to getting sick on his back is. broken and puts us off with or the decrepit a quintessential on his own says mr dark and is out to succeed in the quest to do that to pursue deepest so clued up to someplace in the city to visit to even up to when it was modeled such. as cruise of it during. his home says reprise also
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this crew fitted over the pacific and then waited to. the alphabet see some sympathy for him to see.


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